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A companion discord server for an alternate universe alternate future Dragon Ball RPG site set 400 years after the start of Z.
A fresh, brand-new Dragonball experience! While retaining many of the features fans enjoy, from explosive combat to a power level system that rewards effort and dedication with incredible strength, many things have been altered for a less...generic experience.

-A training system with modifiable boosts based on the work you put in! Never again waste a single letter!

-Balanced forms and abilities to make each race viable

-A mastery system that allows you to specialize your abilities and increase the effectiveness of your skills just by using them

-A small but cozy staff team dedicated to ensuring a safe, legal, and fun experience(Currently looking for active, sensible staff members for moderator positions)

-A storyline entirely influenced by PLAYERS!

-A futuristic setting where technology abounds and the canon is the stuff of ancient history

-Fresh Memez

-Insert Catchphrase Here

So yeah, hope you decide to give us a shot! Please note that we are looking for at least semi-active players with competent writing skills, with one-lining being a big no-no except in the rarest of situations.
Welcome to CRAZYDBS a place were Anime friends from all over the world can come relax have fun and watch all our favourite Anime not only talk but join in on daily games, events, streams and everything in between this is a fun filled server for all ages and a vast colorful community that is active and will keep you coming back for more. So join our server and let us all get a little crazy about the Anime we love.

Join Now And Become A True Pokemon Trainer!
Dragon ball super evolution a age that takes place far in the future... all of our heroes including Goku are gone... However the villains of the past still remains.... Now warrior it is up to you to fight and seal a future for all of us to live in harmony and peace will you fight ? Or will you fall ?
***__Dragon Ball: New Beginnings__*** Is a brand new, unique roleplaying server for Dragon Ball fans and non-fans alike, with a welcoming community, a unique spin on power progression, and an opportunity to experience enthralling stories unfold in the world of Dragon Ball! 👍

Our server features:

🔶 | An easy to understand lore, which leaves much opportunity for character development. 👍

🔷 | A stat system completely unlike the common and tedious grind of power levels, that ensure no godmodding, fair fights, and a fun experience for everyone no matter how strong you are. 👍

🔶 | LITERACY! Our roleplayers are ranging from paragraph to multi-paragraph writers, BUT no matter who you are, whether you're new or have been doing this for 15 years, we offer everyone the opportunity to grow as a writer! 👍

🔷 | A variety of story opportunities, not only for the entire server in arcs, but for YOUR character personally as well. A chance to explore your character's personality and develop an interesting story for them! 👍

🔶 | Custom techniques! With, mod approval of course. Don't worry, as long as it's not unfair for everyone else, and can be reasoned into the world of Dragon Ball, you'll have an easy time getting your techniques through! 👍

🔷 | Every race in Dragonball. And if those don't suit you, you can create your own custom alien race with your own custom transformations and techniques! 👍

🔶 | A great mod team that are more than willing to help you with any questions or problems you might have. 👍

And a welcoming and loving community that are happy to answer any questions you might have and to make friends with!

If you desire a great story and combat experience in the world of Dragon Ball, then this server is the right place for you! ☑
IMMINENT IMPACT - DBZ/DBS ROLEPLAY is a RP based over the DBZ/DBS universe. The RP is happening in a different Timeline where you can be a Saiyan, Human, Demon, Android, Core person, Majin... The only limit is your imagination for your OC.

-We're working with a Dice system. We have a fighting system, training system, etc. We also have an active community, and fair staff members.

What are you waiting for? We can't wait to see you join us!
We made a reset, so be sure to join if you wish to begin fresh!
La Communauté Française de Dokkan Battle se rassemble ! ici on discute, on partage ses avancements, on s'entraide et on échange nos reroll.

- **Notre Staff est actif et à l'écoute**
- **Nous avons des émoji personnalisé**
- **Des events et giveaway !**
- **Un channel pour partager ses drops !**

Gods of Supreme Justice is a panfandom roleplay server centrally premised off of Dragon Ball, but includes characters from various other franchises and OC's. New role-players will be greeted with a warm-hearted welcome from the community.
Welcome! To the amazing world of Dragon Ball! Since we have just started we would be glad if you could join! We Promise you will have a great time here! At first on 08/08/2019 which is today of writing this it will be lonely but after a bit of time as it grows in population! And get more admins on our team! We will add so much more to this server! So Come on down to the Server and get ye free fun time!
Bonjour les mages, j'ai constitué ce discord pour joué ensemble, mais aussi pour parler mangas j'espère que ca va vous plaire plus que la chaîne youtube pour plus tard merci de bien respecter ce discord, ne pas insulter les gens ni de les mettre plus bas qu'à terre merci de votre compréhension.
This is a roleplay server about Dragon Ball,here you can talk about dragon ball and anothers animes too,make friends,see memes and have fun!

We have:

-Various races and transformations.We allows Custom races,transformations and techniques too!

-A lot of Places to roleplay

-Active Staffs

-Lots of Arcs

-Events and Giveaways!

We are open to partners and we would like to have suggestions to make the server better.Thanks for the attention and we hope you have fun on our server!
Welcome to Dragon Ball Neroverse!
This to takes place in our own universe so there will be no canon characters. We have a ranking system that is made for character progression. We have several of ideas such as of forms, of story ideas, our own race, and several more exciting stuff. Please do follow our rules or else you’re very much welcome to leave. Thanks! We hope you help us expand Dragon Ball Neroverse
"Grand Tour" is a Dragon Ball RP based in an alternate future, with a few changes we added. The Omni King was (somehow) replaced, as were the current Gods of Destruction and Angels, Universe 13 and 18 exist, though the roleplay of course, mainly takes place in Universe 7! Come on in, and have a fun experience! We're just lads who are fans of the series and wanted to make our own roleplay! Hopefully, you'll enjoy yourself!
Are you looking for a fun, active roleplaying server, with a great, welcoming community and a good story with thrilling events? Then Dragon Ball Hyper is the place for you! We’ve got many different races to choose from like Saiyans, Humans, Arcosians, Core People and Tuffles and lots of different moves and transformations, even custom ones! Anyone is welcome on the server, no matter who you are. No history with DBZ? That’s no problem, our staff will help you out and the system is simple to understand. Will you become the strongest in the universe?!

Join now!
☆彡 Welcome to Super Dragon Ball Heroes; Ultimate Multiverse~! ミ☆
SDDH: Ultimate Multiverse is a brand-new and unique server, dedicated to character-development, interesting plotlines and offering plenty of opportunity for interaction with all your favorite characters-- and their doubles! Operating on a unique system featuring multiple timelines (and the opportunity to meet your twin from another reality!), SDDH offers a literate and engaging experience in the enthralling world of Dragon Ball, allowing you to choose a canon-character of either the current timeline we’re all used to, or something a little bit different in the form of an alternate from another parallel! Doubles are allowed, as are O.C’s, and we really do hope that you pop on down to see what we can offer~!
ミ★ An engaging, and unique lore which allows for a number of unique events outside of the standard offered by the canon of Dragon Ball Super!
★彡 A system void of power-levels or needless grinding, instead of focusing on the interactions you have with other characters and meaningful plots with enriching development, regardless if you are canon or an original character!
ミ★ A literate background, meaning that the minimum required per-post will be four lines per character! If you’re one that prefers a bit more meat to your responses, to explore how a character is feeling, thinking and responding to a situation, then you’re in for a treat~!
★彡 A wide choice of races and backgrounds for your O.C. A timeline where Frieza didn’t destroy Planet Vegeta? Sure, that could absolutely happen! That’s up to you to decide, and us to approve!
ミ★ A welcoming and considerate Moderation team who will gladly take your questions and respond to any inquiries in the best way they can! We like to consider ourselves an open and caring community, so we hope you feel at home!
If you desire something with a little more intrigue than the average run-through of events, we really do hope you drop on by and give us a chance~!
Decent sized gaming YouTube community, we have gaming,anime/manga, and a large nsfw section
This server is mainly designed for those who want to play Dokkan, and have a fun time. Anyone is welcome. Giveaways, Team-Building assistance, Farming services and much more are available to members. Currently a new growing server and ready to help the community!
Join the Saiyan Race to take part in many Dragon Ball related discussions, events & giveaways!
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Android 21 🤖 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
◻️ Based on DRAGON BALL LEGENDS Mobile game by BANDAI NAMCO.
◻️ Collect iconic characters
◻️ Take on story missions against various enemies found in the Dragon Ball universe
◻️ Battle your friends
◻️ Compete for the top spot on the leaderboards
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Server 💬 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
◻️ Anime & Game discussions
◻️ Weekly Giveaways
◻️ Events held regularly
◻️ Bot & Suggestion channels
◻️ Staff spots open
A place for Dokkan or DBLegends fans or just Dragon Ball
We have trading and selling here
We also do some giveaway

We're a community that is mainly focused on Dragon Ball and Dragon ball xenoverse 2 in general!
We offer:
-A bot dedicated to helping people find xv2 games
-Mobile Gaming
-Level system and earnable roles
-Useful and fun bots
-50 emojis and 50 animated emojis
-Voice channels
-Non-strict rules
-Self roles and active staff
-Gaming channels for each plat-form
An Anime/chill server opened for all anime lovers
Channels include:
and many more!
Join for a fun time!
If you love Dragon Ball and you love Hentai/Rule34, you are going to love this new server! We want to create a friendly community that loves everything Dragon Ball related. NSFW content, so it's 18+ only.