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DB: Requiem is a DBZ RP that is set in Age 490, in an alternative universe to that of the original Dragon Ball world. This version of the universe has an expansive lore that is constantly being enhanced and upgraded in order to give players a chance to really experience something unique. There are no canon characters in this universe, making it a fresh world for your characters to mold into whatever you aim to create. So, come on in, and have fun!
Set in Universe 18, five years have passed since Goku left to train Uub, everyone begins to get used to the peace and quiet. All of the Z Fighters have now either retired or kept up with their training. Of course, the tranquility doesn’t last when new villains make their presence known. Unknown to the Z Fighters on Earth, a mysterious being known as the God of Destruction Komatsu gets freed from a prison landscape, wanting revenge against Zeno and the Grand Priest for their betrayal. This server is canon and OC centered so both are welcome! Given that this server technically takes place during GT times, things will be different than how Dragon Ball GT turned out. With that being said, stay tuned for the next exciting episode of DRAGON BALL: DISSENSION OF POWER!
Arc 1: A New Beginning

Welcome Young Warrior or Traveler To a World of Adventure and Many other Wonderous Things. This World Takes place Many Eons After The First Tournament Of Power And The Unification Wars. Since Zen Oh The First Omni King Retired and Passed away A New Godly Order was Born One with a New Omni King Called "Jenova" Along With A New Grand Priest and many other gods of all variants. Since Then The Heroes and Villains Of Old had died and Gone to The Otherworld And Stayed There for a Long time. As for the dragon Balls Each both sets with the Exception of the Black Star balls were scattered away after a wish was made. what is This Wish you may Ask? Well Allow me to Tell you The wish that was made was to Restore the Galaxy to its Peaceful state. However Lately Heroes and Villains of old seem to be returning The reason Behind this is Unknown however i can tell you this. New Heroes and Villains Have Risen from this and are prepared to brawl it out. Aside from this The Galaxy has birthed New wonders and New Horrors to Explore and Face But what awaits You Is for you to find out. Now As For The Races you are so curious about allow me to fill you in.

Now a New Generation stands and that is you all, The Gods have somewhat disappeared Well some of them Atleast others mysteriously disappeared, Its up to you to defeat these threats, Will you fight for your own survival?

What we offer by you joining us is
-An active and reasonable staff team
-Monthly or every 2 months events and every 2-3 weeks weekly events
-A place for new and veteran role players to thrive
-Most importantly Fun!
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* r/DRAGONBALLSUPER *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

⍟• Official Dragonball Super Community Server


⍟·˚+ What we have to offer ˎˊ-

:: 🌟 :: Everyone is welcome. An old time fan or someone who is just starting dbs; feel free to join!

:: 🌟 :: Share your own art, theories or just chat with each other and make friends.

:: 🌟 :: Official server of the 88.000+ member subreddit;

:: 🌟 :: Looking for Partner Managers, Event Managers & Moderators (for discord and reddit)
Server de Comunidad Gaming, Este server esta iniciando una cominidad, me gustaria que te unieses y ayudes a que este pequeño server valla creciendo de apoco, si tienes sugeriencia para que puedas ayudar a mejorar este server seria bueno que lo dijieras, espero que vengan y nos hagamos Amigos :D
Welcome to GokuT23's server! We have an amazing community and many new friends to meet! We also have roleplay channels and many forms from the Dragon Ball Universe along with some custom forms as well! You can also get alerts when the Youtubers in this server upload, who knows, maybe you will find your new favorite Youtuber. We also have perks for booster and donators. Make sure to join today and make some new friends! Stay safe and have fun Z fans!
A chill server looking for people to join and make friends.😎

We offer:
- 🔥🔥Helpful and active staff.🔥🔥

- 🔥🔥Useful and fun bots.🔥🔥

- 🔥🔥General and gaming voice channels.🔥🔥

- 🔥🔥Cool EMOJIS!!! 🔥🔥

- 🔥🔥NSFW and memes channels.🔥🔥
       彡Dragon Ball Timelines彡


━━━━━━ Important info ━━━━━
✰Dragon Ball Timelines is a roleplay server that takes place in the Future Trunks timeline from super, except in Universe 6.

✰Cabba's grandson, Vegeta, was the King of all saiyans. He was named after Cabba's master from Universe 7, Vegeta. After all his years of ruling, he eventually died to the hands of Frost. Frost died shortly after.

✰Emperor Frost is now dead. He was too weak to battle anyone or even to be considered a threat. However, he had something planned for everyone. His son, the new Emperor, Silver. Silver had destroyed everything in Sadala shortly after Frost’s death...which lead a group of young heroes to fight him and eventually kill him with fusion. It has been 23 years since that event. People still sense danger coming their way.

✰Majin Woo, a Majin created by Cabba's workers, has been created to protect the galaxy...except it split itself multiple times and left more Majins in the world.
★Dragon Ball Timelines is a calm server with great staff. It has a great community and amazing mechanics for the roleplay.★

★Note: We do not have a Power Level system. We have a completely new system that has not been thought of by anyone else. If you join and check it out, you will love it.★

What's next? You decide!

༺Welcome to Dragon Ball Timelines༻


≫ Dragon Ball Beyond is a Dragon Ball Z like Roleplay server, but instead of it being based on Universe 7, where goku and vegeta were, It is based on Universe 11, where Jiren and the pride troopers were

≫ On Sadala And Vegeta, The planets are being took over by an evil acrosian by the name of Lord Freeze, forcing the Tuffle saiyans who are in Sadala for their knowledge and technology, and the Saiyans for their combat.

≫ Namek is currently at peace after luckily fighting off Lord Freeze from attempting to take over

≫ Earth is also luckily at peace, since Lord Freeze hasnt attempted just yet

≫ Frosian is at peace as this is Freezes home planet.

✦ Dragon Ball Beyond is a sort of new Dragon Ball roleplay that has many different features, such as the lore, which is a completely different universe, and we have a system that uses both power levels AND stats, so if you are looking for a place with a unique system, this place is for you. We are a pretty chill place with a bunch of staff you will love

═══ 𝙒𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙬𝙚 𝙤𝙛𝙛𝙚𝙧

≫ A unique system. That uses power levels and stats

≫ Custom moves and transformations!

≫ Fun events and missions sent by you guys!

≫ A hard-working staff

≫ Canon moves and transformations

≫ A unique storyline

Forge your destiny in this alternate dragon ball universe RPG set 400 years after the start of Z. A FORUM BASED ROLEPLAY; We have original characters, a dice and stat based battle system, progression tied to how much you write, and numerous events running. Don't miss out: WORLD MARTIAL ARTS TOURNAMENT COMING SOON, Fall 2020.

Our website:

The official Discord server of Dragon Ball Hyper Blood! Join for know about the updates and chill with the members.
Set in the ever-expansive world of Dragon Ball where threats lurk around every corner, will you succumb to the lure of power to live a life of evil and destruction or will you take up arms and protect those who cannot protect themselves, in the world of Dragon Ball anything is possible.

Create your story with a large choice of 15 different races, show off your creativity by creating many unique techniques, forms as well as unique custom races.

A pretty chilled out server with interesting and fun characters already set to interact with you.

The story is constantly changing due to the discussions of characters so nothing is set in stone, although there are planned events that won't stop you from doing your own thing whenever you want, however you want.

Join Dragon Ball Rising today and pave the way for your legacy, enjoy.

Any And All Are Welcome.

Hey, welcome to Shining Meteor, feel free to introduce yourself in #✨about-you-✨ Grab yourself a role in #self-roles-🙋 . We are a balanced mix of Video Game Players/Content Creators, Artists and Anime/Manga Viewers. Hey, welcome to Shining Meteor, feel free to introduce yourself in #✨about-you-✨ Grab yourself a role in #self-roles-🙋 . Share your content in #content-creator-page-📝
We're a community that is based around Dragon Ball, Xenoverse 2 and all other things Dragon Ball!
Jump in, have some fun with our active members and make some friends.

We offer:
- Helpful and active staff.

- Leveling system and earnable roles.

- Useful and fun bots.

- Giveaways.

- Hundreds of emojis!

- Looking for games channel for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

- General and gaming voice channels.

- Dragon Ball channel and more to talk about the anime and manga.

- Gaming channels for Xenoverse 2, Fighter Z, Dokkan, mobile and more!

- NSFW and memes channels.

- Plat-form self roles and more!

We hope you enjoy the server!
**Multiversal X**
★ **Server Lore** ★
```In a Dark Void, there was a group of people in a circle, each held a staff with a black orb on it, they wore black cloaks to hide their identities and in the center of the circle was a glowing golden egg. The mysterious group of people placed their staff in the air, then flying backwards to keep distance. Around them were screens, the screens showed fighters from different worlds either saving their world or destroying those that came across their path for power. Suddenly one of the people in the circle started flying up, as that person did she chanted the God Language, as she said this, the glowing egg started cracking, until it finally hatched. A white flash happened as a new universe was made. A universe that was a mixture of other universes. As people started arriving, a man told that he is going to bring everybody back home, so he then created an organization, “Multiversal X“.```
★ **What We Offer ** ★
``` What we offer ? You can make a character or also called an OC , that comes from any Anime World ! You can even mix his character traits , but it can’t be that OP ! We are a server that is toxic free and with no God Mod players . For your OC you can make custom Special Attacks , Ultimate Attacks , and Custom Forms ! We allow partnership with any server even if they have less than 10 members , we are always glad to help you ! ```
> **【 Don’t Forget ! 】: ** This is a roleplay server , anime crossover ! We respect what you like and dislike and we will forever do our best to make you feel well in our server , all we ask for you is to follow our rules .
**Owner**: <@!535656968690335744>
**【 Pings 】: ** @everyone @here
**【 Server Link 】:**
**【 Links】: **
un-server-de-rolplay-de-dragon-ball-donde puedes ser un maestro y enseñar tus propias tecnica o transformaciones y puedes entrenar con tus amigos para volverte mas fuerte!
Brave Remnants is a multi-fandom, semi-literate, crossover roleplay server, new and welcoming to all! In this roleplay, we primarily focus on forging relationships between characters, encountering scenarios that would otherwise be highly unlikely, and overall, telling a good story that is fun and engaging for all writers.

☆彡A sudden event has caused the multiverse to shatter, leaving countless worlds lost in corruption as a looming presence takes control. Amidst all the chaos though, there is still one dimension that remains, albeit nearly engulfed by the void. Known only by the name of "Valhalla," this last bastion of creation finds itself housing a host of diverse individuals, mysteriously evading destruction while stranded onto its surface. Do not lose hope however: For deep within the heart of Valhalla lies the faintly beating heart of creation, the Cornerstone, making it still possible to visit the remnants of the worlds. Should the corruption in them be corrected, there may yet be hope to restore everything to what it once was...
☆彡Take charge in this new world by bringing unique and interesting characters, the choice being entirely up to you! Virtually all are welcome, including Canon, Alternate-Universe (AU), and Original (OC) characters!
☆彡Enjoy RPing in the style that best suits YOU! All we ask is that you not use one-liners, and give your rp partners enough to properly respond to while properly responding to their own posts!
☆彡Enjoy our server's unique power scaling system: The Tier system! With this, development opportunities are given for characters to shine (whether in fights or out of combat) without being otherwise overpowered series representatives. Support/social and combat characters are welcomed equally!
☆彡Unlock signature techniques, super-powered transformations, or even take the time to learn trade skills to diversify your character's arsenal! Due to the way our Tier system is structured, all characters have the chance to grow and develop to their hearts content!
☆彡Explore fascinating worlds and scenarios from iconic series so the fun never ends while solving the mystery behind the multiverse's ruin! One such world open now is the slums of Midgar from Final Fantasy VII, now a seemingly Utopian paradise veiling a sinister secret below the surface. And even more worlds are on the way, revived with exhilarating new twists on the classic settings you fell in love with.
A large secure server with tight and loyal members who chat about all things Dragonball, life, games, and more! We've got almost everything here, come join and hang out!
Dragon Ball Test of Will! We are a dragon ball discord RP server that hopes to answer the question "What if Saiyans were the conquerors and not the Acrosians?" We are currently just in our fetus days and in desperate need of admins and active members!
What we have:
- A special and easy training systems!
- An attempt to even out the races!
- Special lore!
- The ability to shape this server's lore and future!
- And many more!

Hope you enjoy!
Dragon Ball Ultimate RP

- Olá! Seja bem vindo ao nosso servidor de Dragon Ball RP! E vim lhe convidar a entrar no nosso lindo Server. Aqui seu personagem terá sua própria vida e destino!


➣ Nós temos;

➠ Todos os lugares importantes da trama de Dragon Ball como chats IN-RP
➠ A equipe staff fica praticamente 24 horas online.
➠ Criação de personagem
➠ Criação de técnicas
➠ Criação de transformações
➠ Várias raças
➠ SIstema de Level Up
➠ Sistema de Status

E muitas outras coisas, ainda estamos apenas no começo, entre no servidor e se divirta!

Nosso servidor ->:

(Observação; O RP ainda não está 100% concluido, porém já podem adentrar e criar seus personagens. E nós não utilizamos sistema porco de roll)
Welcome to The Hyperverse! Here you have the option of joining for chilling with people without feeling bad for being yourself. if you like to roleplay, we also have a lore based story thats ongoing that will expand with each chapter offering more roles and areas. so come on in, pull a seat up, and enjoy yourself!
Welcome to the Z fighters!
This is a DBZ themed server but obviously can house other topics.
We hope you enjoy it here!