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>>>Looking for moderators for a brand new server. We are looking to grow. If interested, DM the owner in Discord to discuss this.<<<

A Dragon Ball RP server unlike any others I've seen. Everyone has a chance to be the center of attention here! Want to be the focus of an upcoming event? Not a problem! DM the owner for details on how to do this! We have an easy-to-use training system, along with PL caps to keep fights fair and even. Plus, this gives new comers a chance to catch up before new events take place. We have plenty of things here for you to enjoy!

>Several different races to choose from
>Custom races
>An large amount of transformations available for each race
>Bots for entertainment (Along with more to come)
>Lots of RP channels
>Dokkan/Legends chats
>Chances to create your own transformations
>And much more!

Along with that, we are trying to get giveaways going, allowing us to give you FREE things such as games and codes. (There is no guarantee we will be able to do this any time soon)
If you are interested in the slightest, I recommend you check us out. We are looking to grow as much as possible, and would love for you to join!

-------This is a WIP! Some multiplier might need re-balancing, and the training system may need to be reworked a bit. We are currently trying to implement a balanced, fair Dragon Ball system along with it. We cannot fix any of these problems without others here to help us determine what might go wrong. Those who help us determine what to change and what to keep will get a bonus for the help.-------
Join this roleplay server set in an alternate universe. Make a charcter by choosing any race and learn teqniques. Train power up and fight.
Join today
If you love Dragon Ball and you love Hentai/Rule34, you are going to love this new server! We want to create a friendly community that loves everything Dragon Ball related. NSFW content, so it's 18+ only.
This server is for players who own dragon ball fusions on their 3DS. Our goal for this server is to keep the dragon ball fusions community alive while having fun at the same time.
A server about anime and games also roleplaying! Peaceful and non toxic chat room with many things to keep you happy like events or karaoke. It is the right place for you to hang out with your friends. It is well protected with experienced staffs and it is mostly active depending on the time zone.
We're a pretty laid back server that has minimal rules, nsfw chats, memes, and other shit. We like dragonball and anime. we play dokkan battle alot. feel free to come and discuss dokkan, hang around, or just shitpost
It's Dragon Ball RP Server that takes place 100 years after Goku's Journey where you create your own story and character the server accepts everyone.
Somewhere in the midst of time, created by the gods, exists a separate era of timespace. This place is far from the normal canonical world you all know. After enjoying the tournament of power so much, these worlds were created by the Zenos as a new source of entertainment. Here they brought in a multitude of strong warriors from all over. Many races, many transformations, and many spaces to explore. But with all the good, there is also bad. What are you? Will you fight alongside good or evil? Welcome to: Dragon Ball: Galactic Warriors

Come join this RP Server and craft your own path in the Tournament Of Salvation Arc! Good luck, Warriors!
This server is home to the youtube channel DBZ Clasher. Join this new awesome server which is related to dbz n AOT. True fans will join!
Yo, welcome to Dragon Ball Hyper! This is a fun DBZ RP server with a very chill community! Come join!
Friendly Dragon Ball RP server looking for new members!
Have you ever wanted to be a battle hungry Saiyan? Or evil killing Frost Demon? Maybe you just want to be a calm friendly Human or Namekian, maybe make the strongest Namekian ever. The choice is yours! You can be a stay at home parent, or saving the world fighter, it's all up to you!!!
The Multiverse has fallen stale before Zeno. Within his time of boredom, the Grand Priest came up with the Idea of creating another set of universes, one with more freedom and unplanned timelines, only to throw millions of sentient beings into it before letting them run free.

The knowledge, like the other universes remain the same, yet many things were different. The mingling of races were more prominent, and space travel was available right off the bat. The question after all of this is what does Zeno expect to come out of this? And will he make any more changes, or will the story you build interest him enough to grant you favors?

This server is:

🔺 Roleplay Literate
🔺 Pretty New
🔺 Has Friendly Staff
🔺 A Growing community
🔺 Power Scaling Friendly
🔺 Player Event friendly
🔹 All around friendly

Why don't you stop by and check stuff out? 🌺 Maybe make a character or two?
Gods of Supreme Justice is a panfandom roleplay server centrally premised off of Dragon Ball, but includes characters from various other franchises and OC's. New role-players will be greeted with a warm-hearted welcome from the community.
The official server for all things Dragon Ball.
- Active Staff.
- Dragon Ball emojis!
- Friendly, non-toxic community.
- We accept partnerships!
A Dragon ball server where you can come chill out and talk and talk about anime and manga, it doesn't even have to be about dragon ball either!! Come chill out with us
All events take place in an alternative dimension of the Dragon Ball Universe. The Saiyan Warrior Race in this dimension have greatly evolved over the course of time, and without a proper recruitment by the Iced Empire, the Saiyans have gone out of control and now are expanding their influence throughout the Cosmos. Namekians are also quite strong in this alternative dimension, their Warriors proving to be remarkable and tactical fighters as their Dragon Balls remain similar to the main dimension in Dragon Ball. Arcosians have been slowly collapsing throughout the years, and with the death of their Emperor Iced, their dominance over the Cosmos shattered.

NOTICE: We are a slow progressing Dragon Ball roleplay! We do not have high absurd Powerlevels and we tend to take it slow here, so if you are a fast roleplayer who wants to be the strongest in one day I recommend you DON'T join. Also, an FYI, there is no Legendary Saiyan there will NEVER be one.
DB Roleplaying Server (Pre-Super. Age: 776) The World has separated into many parts with the King and his entire lineage killed. Fingers are pointed at all sides, but the truth still needs to be dug up. The Time Patrol is also recruiting! Enlist!
It's 5 years after the previous T.o.P (Tournament of Power) where Son Goku showed off his amazing power, the Omni King's were so impressed that they decided to host a T.o.P every 30 years.

Three years ago a mysterious unknown man used the Super Dragon Balls to bring back the universe 7's Planet Vegeta. The 13 - 18th universes were brought back as a side effect of Android 17's wish after he won the T.O.P, bringing other powerful warriors back to life as more possibilities to compete in the Next T.O.P
This is a Dragonball Roleplay Group where you can be anybody you want. A Namekian, a Saiyan, or even a God! In this World, you can be Anybody, You can be an OC Character or a Non-Canon Character or whatever you wanna be. We have multiple Universes with multiple worlds and solar systems. We also have tournaments and events every 2 weeks! So what are you waiting for? Join our fight and protect your Universe!
A large secure server with tight and loyal members who chat about all things Dragonball, life, games, and more! We've got almost everything here, come join and hang out!