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For all who has passed this server before, it's under new management

Dragon Ball RP Universal Anomaly is a DBZ RP server unique in many ways.
We offer many boosts to increase in PL constantly, And allow for many custom things. The RP is laid back, And not much restriction on what u can and cannot do, The goal is for a Fun DBZ experience, And for the entire community to become close. Life can get rough, So what better than to have a bunch of friends that enjoys the same stuff you do to have your back?
Come on in! All are welcome.

Dragon Ball Exile!

It's been at least 500 years since the time of Goku and Vegeta, the world that they once lived in has changed drastically. With the resurrection of the old universes, return of the Saiyans and the disappearance of Zeno and Angels the universe has entered a new state of chaos leaving G.O.D.S to their resources to look after the universe. A rogue Kai by the name of Krome from Universe 9 had built up a hatred towards the G.O.D.S for failing at their job. In doing so he absorbed his G.O.D. Sidra becoming what he calls "The one true god". With conflict all around the universe there's need for a symbol of hope. Whether that be good or bad. It's time to make a change.

-(Moderately detailed rp welcome for both noobs and veterans)
-(New lore with features never before seen in Dragon Ball)
-(35 different races with more to come!)
-(100+ transformations, open to suggestions!)
-(70+ rp channels that are neatly organized so the server isn't cluttered)
-(New universes to explore with a world not seen before)
-(Story arcs for you to insert your villains and ocs in)
-(No back tingle Super Saiyan bullshit here 👀)
-(Chat and hangout for Dragon Ball fans.)
Hello. I started this server to talk with others about Anime and games. If you are interest i would appreciate joining. You can share your opinions with others, talk with other anime fans or just chill in this server. Any suggestions are helpful.Also this server publish new games and mods.
Welcome! We’re An All Accepting Server, Looking For New Members...Well, We Are! Hope You Join Us And Have fun Along The Way!

...Sadala. A Peaceful Planet, Thriving In Every Way, Inhabited What The Universe See’s As The “Warrior Race”. A Race That Was Born To Fight, Live To Fight, And Would Die To Fight. This Race Was Known As The Saiyans. Even Though They Were Powerful, There Was A Greater Fish...Emperor || || Ruled Much Of The Universe, And Still Does. They Eventually Learned Of This Warrior Race, And Thought Of Them To Be Great For Their New Army. After Attacking, The Saiyans Quickly Gave In Out Of Fear And Desperation...Although The Saiyans Were Completely At The Mercy Of This Emperor, One Thing Scared Him. The Legend Of The Super Saiyan.
Fearing The Awakening Of This Super Saiyan, The Emperor Launched A Massive Attack On The Saiyan’s Home, Planet Sadala. It Wasn’t Long Until The Emperor Grew Bored, And Decided To Destroy The Planet Themselves. As They Prepared A Massive Sphere Of Ki Energy, One Person Of Uknown Race And Alliance Fought Back. They Were Able To Eliminate Most Of The Emperor’s Army, But When The Ball Sphere Was Launched...The Planet Was Almost Completely Annihilated, And The Mysterious Person Was Presumed Dead...
It’s Been Seven Years Since This Tragedy Occurred, And It Is Still Unknown Of Their Whereabouts, But It Is Not The Only Thing Unknown...Sadala Is On A Countdown. It’s Core Is About To Implode On Itself From The Seven Year Old Impact. What Will Happen Next? Hero’s Rise, And So Do Their Enemy’s. Only One Things Is Certain.......
This Will Go Down In History!
Join The 👑King Gamers Dragon Ball Server⭐️! Here You Can Talk About Dragon Ball Legends, Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1 & 2, ETC. Chill And Chat. You Can Also Get Tips And Advice. We Have An Active Server With Active Staff And Events Like A Zeni Shop, Giveaways ETC.

🌟Join Now!🌟
Welcome to The Star Club, we're a dragon ball gaming and anime community, we have lots of bots, and a huge leveling system with custom roles you can buy with currency you earn from the bots! You might even able to get access to special channels and earn cool benefits! Our staff is very active and we might need more in the future, so what are you waiting for? Join us in with the fun! We can discuss the latest dragon ball news and more!
The official Discord server of Dragon Ball Hyper Blood! Join for know about the updates and chill with the members.
This server new and me some others are here for dokkan battle, we Talk about legends, dokkan battle and almost everything else! We have the pokecord bot so if any if you want to catch some pokemon just join in!
Hi! This is a DBZ server, that has been here for a while now...
We love seeing new faces and our friendly staff are more than happy to help out those that need it!
If you are planning on joining, please make sure that you’re active daily! We don’t need lurkers.

A hundred years ago, at the summons of the King of All, the realms' most powerful warriors were called to do battle at his whim. But, as they fought, dark energies army of powerful sorcerers, all with their own dark desires. Raising their magic as one, they formed a barrier over the World of Void...trapping our heroes there forevermore. Some say to this day, they still fight for the amusement of the Great King; and the sounds of their battle can be heard among the stars. Today the human race has progressed as normal, never seeing anything amiss with their single planetary world. However the same could not be said for the galactic empires that riddle the 7th Universe. Most of them have been controlled and directed by the underhand of these evil sourceres now that the Supreme Kais are trapped in the World of Void as Well. The Earth being an easily glossed over speck among this has been left to its devices and has remained the same seeing no difference with the absence of it's World's stronger fighters gone, and so our story starts there....
Welcome to DBZ: The Overdrive! We have an excellent community, and a grand storyline! The story takes place in a alternate timeline where all the universes are forged together and it's ruled by the vicious tyrant known as Emperor Null. This server can give you an experience unlike any other, so come on down and give it a shot!
- Alexbobo84, aka Owner~Sama
Welcome to DokkanZTraders
This is a Dokkan Battle server and we provide the following
•Trusted Middle Men
•Farming Services
•Team Building
•Pokecord, Mundae, Discord Ball Z, Android 21
•Dokkan/Legends News

Welcome to Gaming Heroes v2. The incarnation of the original gaming heroes. Here we have fun with events from many different games and platforms We will also have fun rewards that you can win from our events!

🔹 Caterings:
🔸 Pokecord giveaways, Nitro giveaways (occasionally), dank memer memes, multiple music bots.
🔸 A friendly community, with others who just want to have some fun like you.
🔸 we hold events for games like Cod mobile, Dragon Ball Legends, our minecraft realm, and Btd battles.


🔹 we also have the including:
🔸 Multi-server Events
🔸 Our own Minecraft Realm
🔸 Good trustworthy staff
🔸 Our own server shop

So come on in and enjoy Gaming with the Heroes of the server.

If you love Dragon Ball and you love Hentai/Rule34, you are going to love this new server! We want to create a friendly community that loves everything Dragon Ball related. NSFW content, so it's 18+ only.
This is the Dragon Ball server were we talk about gacha games like Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle and Dragon Ball Legends. We also talk about anime and other games, feel free to join and have fun. This server is also for all the anime geeks & nerds. We usually tease and have fun with each other in good spirit.
Dragon Ball Universal Warriors

Hey there and welcome to Dragon ball universal warriors. We are a new Roleplay server looking to grow and expand. We have a cool server where you can make friends and have fun roleplaying.

There are lots of things we can offer our members:

🔥Tons of races from the anime manga and some fan ones
🔥 Active staff always willing to lend a helping hand
🔥 Cool bots like discord ball Z
🔥 Custom arcs and events you can join in on
🔥 Power-levels that’s aren’t completely over powered

What are you waiting for come make your oc and join in on some Roleplay
We want anyone and everyone who likes to roleplay. One lining is acceptable but know that any training or serious fights that are one liners will have a lower star score. No race is capped at the moment.
Server where we discuss and debate Dragon Ball. This server is not biased and there will be no trolling here.

The purpose of this server was to have dragon ball debates that are fair for everyone. However, debating isn’t the only focus here. You can discuss anything you want about Dragon Ball, have regular conversations and use the bots that are set-up (pokecord, dank memes, idle miner, etc) Feel free to make friends if possible.
Dragon Ball: Unknown

Lore Run-Down
10 years after the Tournament of Power, almost everyone involoved in the Dragon Ball series has disappeared. They left no trace, not even a memory. Memories and even their presence in time seemed to have vanished, apart from a sellect few. Whether they are dead or taken hostage, nobody knows. Is it possible for you, or somebody else to find them? Or are they lost for good to an unknown force? It is up to you to decide the fate of yourself, and others.

What we have to offer
In this server, each race has made great strides, giving everyone the choice between the following races!
-Frost Demon
-And Tuffle

If none of the above catch your interest, that fine! We allow you to create your own race, with it's own perks, transformations, location, and much more!

Here is a list of things you can expect from the server.
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Customizable techniques and transformations
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: A great expanse of documented transformations for each race
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: A great expanse of channels, allowing for lots of diverse RP
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Legendary giveaways
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Carefully planned events
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Dokkan/Legends/Xenoverse chats to keep up with others
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: And much more!

NOTE: We have an approval system to prevent bot raids. Just type in the approval chat and one of the mods will give access to the rest of the server. Please be patient.)

(Server link)
You ever want to change something a certain character did in dragon ball, now you can! although you can make OCs aswell.
Hello there - if you are interested in doing both story-driven & sex-driven RPs set in the Dragon Ball universe, then join our server! Created just recently, you can claim one of many characters from the universes to play as - or even create your own character!
•Friendly Staff•
This story would take place after Broly movie

And you join this amazing franchise! You can choose a cannon-character or just make your own OC, you can be from all type of races or make your own custom-race.
•We always think about the people feedback, our systems will be always balanced and should be.

Expect from this server, meeting new people, having fun, discuss and more.

Hope you enjoy staying on our server!
We are a server that is up and coming, and we want to try to build a good Dragon ball fanbase that is relaxed. We aren't harsh mods and we allow you to have fun and not be hardened but harsh rules. Join our server if you want to join in on this experience and we will be glad to have you. If you are wanting a server that is not like a Reddit base server then you'll be great here. We hope to see you soon.
```★ 【Dragon Ball Legacy : Kame Academy】★```

```Lore ```
`Dragon Ball Kame Academy takes place in an Alternate Universe , where in the Tournament Of Power. . . The Grand Priest and the Angels betrayed Zeno via a loophole of the G.O.D’s being erased and them being free. . . . defeating him and his guards becoming the ‘Omni Gods’ , Jiren and Goku fought bravely to defeat the Angels with Whis on their side. . . Him not deciding to join the battle.

Suddenly a portal would open . . .an Omnipotent Being known as ‘ Creator ‘ appeared during the Tournament End. Seeing and feeling for the hope and strength Goku and Jiren had against the Dark Angels. . . Before being defeated. . .

The Grand Priest was killed and erased then wiping the memories of everyone involved and sending them back to their respective universes. . . The lack of Angels causes the Being to FUSE every universe creating a ‘ Multiverse ‘ of sorts. Binding them all together. . .

Goku becoming old . . . wants to train the new legacy of Heroes. . . enlisting the help of Piccolo and Master Roshi.

Kame Academy was created. . .

Kame Academy was a huge school built on Earth , incorporating their own Hyperbolic Time Chamber and Gravity Room. . . but . . . Threats are still at large. . .

Fight against beings like : Frieza , Moro , Broly , Majin Buu , Cell as you forge your own legacy!

The Legacy of a HERO!`
``` ```
```What we offer```

` In Kame Academy we have :

★A selected and talented moderation team.
★A fun training system.
★Weekly Events.
★Detailed Templates to get the best from your experience.
★Vast variety of Roleplaying Channels!

We hope you enjoy and enlist in Kame Academy!`

``` ```
`Join and lend us your energy!`