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A new and friendly Dokkan Battle oriented trading Server.

We also got Minigames and more.
We're a community that is mainly focused on Dragon Ball and Dragon ball xenoverse 2 in general!
We offer:
-Mobile Gaming
-Useful and fun bots
-50 emojis and 50 animated emojis
-Voice channels
-Level system and earnable roles
-Non-strict rules
-Self roles and active staff
-Gaming channels for each plat-form
A large secure server with tight and loyal members who chat about all things Dragonball, life, games, and more! We've got almost everything here, come join and hang out!
A Dragon Ball RP server. Basically, a roleplay server with a power level cap, training is pretty easy as long as you don't ruin it with godmoding. Make sure to check the rules and more!

-Several different races to choose from.
-Custom races, events, and music.
-Restricted techniques that can be obtained by training with someone as your mentor.
-Suggest anything!
-Custom Sagas starting!

If you like the Dragon Ball Franchise and roleplay, we recommend you to join! We are still in development though. We will eventually allow you to be apart of other universes and expand bigger! Have fun!
If you love Dragon Ball and you love Hentai/Rule34, you are going to love this new server! We want to create a friendly community that loves everything Dragon Ball related. NSFW content, so it's 18+ only.
Anime Fandom is a server for anime fans every anime is welcomed.An Anime server where you can come chill out and talk and talk about anime and manga and anime games.
Hi there! We're a Dragon Ball Server. Dedicated to light hearted story telling, plot lines, and romance. Join if you want a more narrative experience!

This server is a project of me and a friend of mine. Ever wonder what goes on in the world of the Galactic Patrolman? Well think no more! Here, we allow characters ranging from lowly Space Pirates, to Intergalactic Defenders. Set in the age 2780, certain races have become far more common!

Not a fan of Dragon Ball? That's fine too! We welcome new and old fans alike to this franchise, to truly flesh it out as a world. This server is quite literate, so please don't join if you struggle with long messages. Also, this is a simplified version of the Dragon Ball world some may be accustomed to, allowing for more balance, and fun. I hope you will join!
Welcome to Dragon Ball X Generations!

200 years ago, a saiyan by the name of Son Goku defeated the Universe 11 warrior Jiren in a universal martial artist competition called the Tournament of Power. Ever since then the fighters of Universe 7 had found peace(at least until Broly came around).

Now, all the fighters have gone and passed on to the next life, except for the few exceptions that have longer life span. But besides that, everyone is dead, and a new generation arises...

This place has very great staff members!

We do not allow canon characters apart from Staff, so you are free to make your own OC with whatever you please, as long as you can reach it of course.

In this server we allow creative ideas as long as it is reasonable with responsible and reasonable staff members.

Create moves, fighting styles, even customize your own personal soundtrack!

Come on and rock the dragon with us in this new era of Dragon Ball, Featuring: YOU!
We're a pretty laid back server that has minimal rules, nsfw chats, memes, and other shit. We like dragonball and anime. we play dokkan battle alot. feel free to come and discuss dokkan, hang around, or just shitpost
Just a place to hang,This is a growing server that is mainly centered around dragon ball come Join this growing community!
Welcome to Dragon Ball:Universe 13!

We are a newly made dragon ball server that wants to have a fun rp-ing experience.

Everyone has a place here,there are no main characters, so everybody gets a chance to be in the spotlight!

We use a power level system for all the transformations and other things, although just because you have a low power level doesn’t mean you are weak.

Since we just opened we are looking for people to be staff, if you think that you are responsible and would like to help us out consider applying!

We are going to start hosting fun events and giveaways!

So make sure to check us out!
Dragon Ball RP: Universal Collision, a new RP server for Dragon Ball fans.

An unknown force has trespassed in the realm of the Kai of Time, allowing them access to different eras and timelines.

They begin to create rifts in time and space, fashioning their own universe, pulling at random parts of worlds, each piece from a different era.


We don't rely on power levels, or grinding trivial training passages. We focus on organic free form RP bolstered by server-wide events, & a mod team that is dedicated to building up your own stories.

We have a Tier system, which rewards good RP and character development over passages of the same training.


We allow custom transformations and roles of divinity.

Come and have a look and have fun!
Code Geass / Dragon Ball / Xat themed server with a community of friends ready to welcome more.

Kɪɴɢ Vᴇɢᴇᴛᴀ IV ʀᴇᴄʀᴜɪᴛɪɴɢ ғᴏʀ ᴛʜᴇ Rᴏʏᴀʟ Sᴀɪʏᴀɴ Aʀᴍʏ

🤖 Take control of Android 21#2673 to play a discord mini-game version of Dragon Ball Legends
💰 Frequent in-game giveaways
🎮 Xenoverse / FighterZ / Dragon Ball Legends
Welcome to DBS:Tranquility! This is a Dragon ball roleplay server that is just getting started! we have a power level system that makes sure to keep characters in line as well as planned story arcs that all tie back to YOU, The role-player! Admins prefer to stay out of the main story and instead use gag characters meant for humor! we hope to see you there!
This is a discord server for anime fans.But the main theme is dragon ball.There is a rp.There are awesome bots.Everyone is welcome and everything is allowed.There are dragon ball related roles and custom commands to fight too.
There was a great war between two brothers. Lord Omniverse vs Lord Oblivion. They fought for control of the world. Then, they combined creating the world as we know it. Will you choose to be a Hero? Or fall into the Dark Realm? They fight to this day. Pick a side or make of your own. The choice is yours traveler.
There are three sections. The Utopians, The Zaniacs, and The Xaxarans. Pick which one y'all join and fight for you faction.
The Utopians. They're the heros. The ones who protect the Omniverse.
The Zaniacs. They stand aside and do there own thing. Make their own side.
The Xaxarans. They're pure evil. Wish to conquer and destroy. They're destroyers. The planet you are currently on is called Pengaea. It's a planet that lays in the middle of all worlds. It's a beautiful land here and there. But corruption lingers in the air. Evil seeps into the souls of mortals. Things are taking a turn for the worst. Lord Oblivion is making his move advancing his forces towards Lord Onmivearse. Pick a side or step aside. Or go against them both. There is a portal that will take you anywhere of the land. Lord Oblivion is making his move. Lord Onmivearse is making his stand. What will you do?
This is a free world RP server about animes and many more.
The Rp here has no limits. We hold events.
We got asweome staff (avoid Z. Jk.) and many things to do.
Karaoke. Art and writing.
Anime and Comic's.
You can even vent and talk about almost any topic.
Free Partnerships! Just ask and boom!
We welcome just about everything and anything over here.
What are you waiting for? Join the fun now! Like now! The button is right there below this. Lmao.
We got everything but you. Can you help us out with that? It's kinda needed. Kbyes!
-DBZ | BEYOND is a RP based over the DBZ universe. The RP is happening in a different Timeline where you can be a Saiyan, Human, Demon, Android, Core person, Majin... The only limit is your imagination for your OC.

-We're working with a Dice system. We have a fighting system, training system, etc. We also have an active community, and fair staff members.

What are you waiting for? We can't wait to see you join us!
A Dragon Ball Roleplay with an original storyline! Bardock had convinced the Saiyans of Frieza's murderuous attack, and also unlocked Super Saiyan. However, this new power consumed the Saiyans, and they took over the Frieza Force and turned it into the Saiyan Elite Commonwealth. They have become a tyrannical galactic empire, conquering world after world. Now, earth is next. Will you join the fight to save Earth, or see to its assimilation?
We are a server tired of the way usual dragon ball rp's are done! We like to joke around, and have fun while rping! If you want just that, then join us!
The year is 750 Age, and the North Galaxy is at an odd peace. It has been about 20 years since the destruction of Planet Sadala, and 14 years since the destruction of the last Saiyan survivor colonies. North Galaxy had been ruled by the Great Arcosian Emperor Glashur, but with his passing, the Empire has been divided between his children- Galatica, the only female and the weakest and youngest of the three, but most intelligent and cunning. There is Arctos, the middle son- both in strength and in age, and Frosticon- the strongest, but prone to fits of rage that justifies his empire's small size. The peace will not last however- the tension between Arctos and Frosticon has been growing rapidly..

Meanwhile, the planet of Earth has also been at peace. United under a single monarch long ago, the annual Martial Arts Tournament- Tenkaichi Budokai looks ready to start. But the Dragon Balls- having laid dormant for thousands of years, have finally awoken and burst off the planet and into the stars. Finally, Sydron Systems have created the first off world base- on the Earths moon of Luna.

But things are changing. Times are changing, and these two separate worlds look ready to collide...
Hi I would love it if you join because you will enjoy roleplaying! ^~^

A Dragon ball server where you can come chill out and talk and talk about anime and manga, it doesn't even have to be about dragon ball either!! Come chill out with us
This is a much more stranger timeline than the O.G. canon, with mostly any notable characters nonexistent by some means. Exceptions are stuff like Supreme Kai. An unknown race is raiding and controlling Earth, so its in a dystopian version of the original. Everybody lives by the same code: Follow orders or be eliminated. However, there are some who have hearts set elsewhere, wishing to rebel and terminate this menace. Strangely, an aura is covering the earth, sealing any higher powers. It is entirely up to you how the results of this timeline end up, in Dragon Ball RP: Shifting Realities!
This is a Dragonball Roleplay Group where you can be anybody you want. A Namekian, a Saiyan, or even a God! In this World, you can be Anybody, You can be an OC Character or a Non-Canon Character or whatever you wanna be. We have multiple Universes with multiple worlds and solar systems. We also have tournaments and events every 2 weeks! So what are you waiting for? Join our fight and protect your Universe!