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A PG13 Sonic the Hedgehog Server by the fans for the fans. If you want to discuss the series with some fellow fans, and generally hang out, you are welcome to join!
Sonic Paradise is a Sonic the Hedgehog focused Discord server where you can communicate with other fans, share your art/music/other work, have discussions and more!
- [ Hello There! ] -

< The 6th Zone of Sonic CD has made its way to discord! Fans old and young come and visit our amazing server! In this server we love to have fun and talk to other members! You can hangout, roleplay, whatever long as you can have fun! So why not join us? Make New Friends! Share you’re love of the Sonic Series with us! Stardust Speedway is the zone of fun!

We have the following:
✅ Fun Bots!
✅ Oc’s welcome
✅ LGBTQ Welcome too!
✅ Active & Friendly Staff
✅ Friendly members
✅ Any games & characters are allowed!
✅ Music, Art, Memes!
✅ Roleplay channels, And Much more!>

~Your best friend: Metal Sonic
The world has fallen.
After a long, long war, a new face had suddenly regained power and destroyed the last of what existed within Mobius. Many men, women, and children had passed away from the exposure of the plague, toxins, and overall cruelty of a certain individual named Raptor. No one is certain of who-or what-remains in the bleak world, but one thing is certain. The future is doomed unless there are those brave enough to fix the present. Heroes such as the Chaotix have either given up or gone into hiding. Amy Rose & Jameson Greene lead the new Resistance against Raptors Forces, though their supplies are limited and slowly drain day after day. The Blue Blur has turned against the people of Mobius, the Guardian of the Master Emerald has fallen, and many others have fallen. New Heroes are needed to face off against the forces of darkness that plagues the world... though who will rise?
The Ultimate Discord server for all Sonic the Hedgehog fans old and new! Come join us to become a part of the largest Sonic server on Discord! :D 💕 We have everything that has to do with Sonic, such as:

- News
- Art
- Gaming
- Memes (the dankest)
- Videos
- Music
- Live streams
- And much more!
Welcome back to the World of Sonic!

The roleplay server returns for a second season with new characters and adventures. Server includes:

•Roleplay channels for all the iconic locations from the Sonic series
•A dedicated mod team
•A committed admin team
•A meme channel for all your memey needs
•NSFW channels
•An established timeline built around the events of the games
•A wholesome community

Server does not include:

Now go out and zap to the extreme!
15+ only.

A mysterious set of events caused a very peculiar thing to happen. After one of eggmans latest drawbacks, an unknown hedgehog unveiled their master plan. Having engineered a device to collide every single universe into one. The device worked and all the world's became one. Mobius is no longer the Mobius we know. Now known as Ultimate Möbius and a new enemy arises from the shadows. With all the universes collided, Ultimate Möbius now has nearly every area mushed together. Welcome...

...To the Crisis.
This Sonic roleplay is focused on a fan-made canon we made for this server . Here you can claim all canon characters , submit your OC's and claim some 'Cameos' ! Here's a sample of our history .

At the final events of Sonic CD , Sonic gets a bad ending , making Metal Sonic alive on this canon . After Robotnik escapes with one time stone to the remains of Metalic Madness , he conducted several experiments on the miracle jewel . One day , he decided to use it's power to open a rift into the fabric of time , so he could go to the past again and conquer the world with his legion ...

Want to know more ? Join our server !
This is a sonic server made by fans for the fans


We talk about all things sonic Sonic Movie, Sonic shows, Sonic boom spin-off series, Sonic games, sonic comics and more we all love sonic and we are all sonic fans so if you like sonic We encourage you too join
Hi! This is SonicTech, where talk about Sonic the Hedgehog, and we talk about technology. We're a fairly new and relaxed server. We're kind and friendly, everyone is welcome! I, the host, would love to see you join! :)
Welcome to The Special Zone!

Ever wanted to join a kin server specifically tailored to Sonic The Hedgehog? Well, you've came to the right place! We're for fictionkin, otherkin, therian, coping-linkers, and systems! But we're also non-kin, non-Sonic kin, and doubles friendly! Even though we're small and still growing, I'm sure you'll have a great time!

What we offer:
- A nice and welcoming community!
- 50+ character roles for your kins!
- Positivity, QOTD, and Monthly Challenges!
- Lots of fun bots!

We hope to see you there!
An Otherkin server based on Sonic The Hedgehog! A majority of us are Multiple systems and Sonic Fictionkin! This server is friendly and all-inclusive, doubles friendly too!

This server features:
- Art channels for your amazing creations!
- Lots of fun bots!
- A friendly accepting community!
- Otherkin and System oriented channels!
- 100+ Members!
A Sonic Hentai and chat server with a relaxed atmosphere. All are welcome, as long as you're over 18.
Sonic United is a Discord server for Sonic the Hedgehog and SEGA fans. We are primarily focused on Sonic fan games and game development.

Sonic United is an active and friendly community with over 300 members. Come join us!
`Server on a multiplayer game, based on Undertale. so a fangame. ComicSans (My nickname changes) is the owner and will start working on it soon, its basically a version of MysteryTale but his own remake, characters, maps etc, a better version. This server is great for chatting in, it also has additional music bots! Quite interesting`
Welcome to Sonic Eternal!
Come join our lovely community, we have:
- a dedicated staff team
- easy to follow rules
- lots of rp destinations
- easy flowing lore
- a selection of canons to choose from
And much, much more!
So come on in people! Welcome, to Sonic Eternal!
Welcome to the Speed Station!
Where Sonic fans from everywhere can come and have a good time
You can showcase your art or animations, or play games, roleplay, or watch videos together. You can also just chill and talk.

Use this link to join if you'd like
We hope you have a wonderful time
Here's a Sonic the Hedgehog server any Sonic fan! Enjoy your time communicating and chatting with other fans of your favorite hedgehog!
Slasher's Triple Threat is an NSFW art server created by Slasher333. Come join a growing community of artists with a focus on hentai and other naughty goods~

Slasher333's Inkbunny --
Slasher333's Fur Affinity --
Hey welcome to the Sega Palace and in This Server it's just basically a hangout for all your friends and all and you get three chances invite as much friends as you want we got some games like fortnite Minecraft Sonic Mario any other games so please join the server.
By Sonic Gamin

Hello! This is a new server me and my friends made for Sonic Roleplay,and we would love for you to join! We left out the story in order for our members to make the story themselves through roleplay. We allow OCs,characters from the mainline games,Archie characters,and IDW characters! We'll also have events whenever we get enough people!

Also,you can just hangout and talk about anything,such as you're blue boy himself. NSFW IS BANNED!!! We'll have occasional art contests and such as well.

We're a fast growing server,so come on in!-Vapor
A place for all those who adore the hedgies. We got channels for headcanons, art, fanfics, discussions, and even a NSFW channel! You'll also get a role for your favourite hedgehog! This server isn't explicitly NSFW, but I marked it as one because of the channel, just to be safe. TO BE ALLOWED ON THIS SERVER, YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD.