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Welcome to Beautiful Duwang, a server based and themed around JoJo's Bizarre Adventure! Talk with fellow JoJo fans about almost anything and share shitposts and memes! Featuring 50 emotes, an XP system, economy, music bot, and Aki! And (once in a while) stand contests!
Welcome to the "is this a jojo server?" a place where you can hangout and get to know other people who are also jojo fans, feel free to do whatever you want and be sure to check #rules , our server provides :
- decent memes
- leveling up
- irony
- people who know jjba (and a guy who says that he eats kids)
- king crimson (mike was here)
Feel free to join~~
A JoJo's Bizarre Adventure RP taking place in an alternate universe similar to the main JoJo universe. This universe is known as Part 777. In this RP, you play as your own character with their own custom made Stand, but hell, why stop at Stands when you can learn Hamon, be a Vampire, be an Alien, or even be a Pillarman! You can travel around the world in this RP with places like Italy, Hawaii, Germany, Japan, and other places with more places being added with every update. We also allow for more... "private" scenes in the roleplays, so long as you find a private place to do it.
This server is currently building up, but it's a JoJo's bizarre adventure rp server.
For now, sit back and watch as it grows.
Hello, this is a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Role Playing server. If you're into it, everything you need to know is the the server itself.
This server is based around the universe of the Manga/Anime called JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. This is a RolePlay server that takes place in a timeline different from the original adaptation(s). You will need to join in order to find out more.
A new and up and coming role-playing server that is run in a pretty chill manner. It is semi serious and has a lot of content for jojo's fans to enjoy. The rp is easy to get into for newcomers and veterans alike, most of the story is influenced by the players and not the writing team in general. The fighting doesn't use a rolling system and instead rewards critical thinking over luck. If you are looking for a experience that is simple and open this is a good choice.
Come to make some friends at our server. There are several channels for your convenience and some cool people to chat with.
Join Our JoJo Server, Where All JoJo Fans Can Come And Have Fun With Each Other, We Do JoJo Role-plays And Other Fun JoJo Stuff, So If You Are a JoJo Fan In Wild, Why Not Join Our Server And Show Your SUTANDO POWAH!
A Jojo's bizarre adventure Roleplay server set in an alternate post Stone ocean universe. You play as one of many Stand Users within the city of Vancouver during 2020. We are focused on well detailed and plot driven RPs. Date for the first episode shall begin shortly.
The year is 2018, everything from the previous part is now an afterthought in the American people. Though, the use of Stands is now illegal because of the death of President Dawson and the La Tierra Del Stand Project back in 2002. That doesn't stop the most powerful conglomerate in the world from opening a secret stand branch. REVOCS has sent out a group of Scavengers that possess stands to go around the world and collect ancient artifacts for more research on stands. While traveling throughout the world, you'll find several people wanting to cause harm to the main scavengers, such as black market people, Vampires and the incredibly powerful Pillar Men! You'll just have to wait in see when we start. We use Stands, Hamon, and Spin. We also use the rolling bot, (like in dnd) and we can use the traditional "no rolling" but combat based RP. Join if interested
Hi and welcome to Jocord! Are staff try our best to moderate the server and try to make it as friendly of a community as possible! If you like anime (Jojo) then this is the place for you! Even if you’re perverted, its fine because this server is for everyone. BFeel free to say hi to the staff when you see them! Have fun!
Hey guys join my discord for dankmemes, anime and hentai. It's just a place for people to chill and talk about their interests of anime or exchange the dankest of memes in a warm and welcoming community.
We have:
A Rule34 bot for fun
Aki bot
Dad bot

Welcome to Jojo’s blizzard adventure roleplay! We offer you a chance to roleplay in New York City where you can start with a stand and we do allow canon stands or custom ones. So come on down and join us!
Welcome to Jojo's Bizarre Roleplay, Set after Jojolion: New events in different places will begin with people who drive the story forward!
A chat made for gaming and anime fans alike, here we have a variety of anime and games you can discuss as well as fun bots, music and great staff.
A Jojo roleplayer that allows Hamon, Stands and Spin. We assure that you will enjoy your stay!
Hi and welcome to the "another unoriginal pokecord server". I know what you're thinking, this server has no members, I mean not much but it still has members, and if you join, you'll make it so that soon, it will have a lot of members. Anyways, this server has pokecord, and for some reason, there is an incredibly fast spawn rate, and also, not many people catch. We also are kind of Jojo related, it's weird. so if you like anime, this is also the server for you
We now have giveaways!
Are you a fan of Jojo? Are you a fan of Danganronpa? Well this is your place bb!! Over here, we love both of those, and are here to talk to you abt it! With over 50 self-assignable roles, we take the cake in role assigning and server personalization!
- Komaeda Memes
- Expanding role list
- Customizable channel list
- And a ton more!!
Welcome to Morioh Central!
A JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Roleplay and Discussion Community!.
We have Heritage for The Future Comps too
Along With Roleplay sessions and Discussion of Jojo.
Hope you join our little server!

A mysterious force has caused worlds to collide, many worlds from many series like My Hero Academia to Even Super Mario Bros. But it seems they have lost the powers they once had. Now they have Stands, a being manifested from their will power.