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Six years ago, Stand users began appearing in a small town called Morioh. Eventually, the breakout of Stand users mellowed, and things returned to normal. However, now, Stand users have once again popped up. An arrow found its way to Fuyuki city, and things have begun to stir. The style of the roleplay is a DiU style setting, where all events are grounded within Fuyuki city. We feature a freeform-combat system hybrid, where you can use your stand abilities to outsmart your opponents, but there's still a system involved to help declare a winner.
16 hours ago
This roleplay is themed on the manga of Hirohiko Araki(Later adapted to anime): JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. This community is very into the JoJokes, so don't expect any semi serious thing(Not when you're in the chat).
16 hours ago
Wanna join the Gang? You are friendly and look for guys who are fun and want to meet new people? The Gang is open for everyone, who shows respect toward others!
1 days ago
A new Jojo's Bizarre Adventure related roleplay server!
Join and help us make this server bigger!
7 days ago
Attempt to bring two major communities of anime and video games together. Also attempting to bring out interesting niches of both communities.
14 days ago
A Jojo's bizarre adventure Roleplay server set in an alternate post Stone ocean universe. You play as one of many Stand Users within the city of Vancouver during 2020. We are focused on well detailed and plot driven RPs. Date for the first episode shall begin shortly.
14 days ago
A roleplay based on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Come join if you can!
14 days ago
Kono dio da this is the only server where you can get great jojokes and hentai for free if you like JoJo and meme here's a good server to join run by my friend, big bup
24 days ago
This is small roleplaying JoJo's bizzare adventure themed server. Be sure to check out rules. Everyone is welcome even if you dont knoe what JoJo is.
33 days ago
cool good server where you can be cool good friendos. Anime and videos games are cool and good so join if you like those. There will be lots of offensive humour btw.
58 days ago
Ici ce sera surtout du JDR (RP) jojo,Devilman,Gantz et d'autres si vous proposez mais pas que! On parle anime,séries, films,musiques,créations,memes etc...
Venez rejoindre la famille supreme !
111 days ago