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```It’s 2017. The date? Not important. Joesph Joestar, and his wife Susie Q, are both dead. Leaving only one person to inherit the Joestar fortune and Speedwagon foundation. Enter: SHIZUKA JOESTAR (Jo Joestar). Shizuka has been taken care of by the speedwagon foundation, and at age 18, she inherited the Joestar fortune. Yay? No. This also left her with a company she didn’t want but had to run. This is when things went down. A stand arrow was found in America, New York. By the Joestar SpeedWagon Foundation. Technically, it was on the Joestar Foundation property. By law, this meant it was technically hers. With this occurring, a person soon came to the foundation door. Someone new came. Daniel Giovanna. Dan’s stand, New Order, allowed him to produce sunlight from his body. It could be very close together, acting like a lazar, but also spread out, making like a light. He examined the arrow, technically being Shizuka’s uncle and the son of the mod boss, Shizuka trusted him. The arrow was very very new, being a double arrow. An arrow on each side of it. Daniel made a conclusion:This was a stand arrow and requiem arrow fused. The Fusion Arrow. With this arrow being in the news, stand users wanting it for themselves came around. IRON MAIDEN, the name of a good sized group banded together, all trying to get the arrow. Shizuka needed more bodyguards other then Daniel, and here is where YOU come in. Your character becomes a bodyguard for her, helping her fend off these Iron Maiden Gangmen. Are you gonna win the fight? Don’t let Shizuka and others down. After all, what more could you do other then defend the Joestars?```
A primarily jojo-centric anime server with lax rules. Complete with a homemade bot and fairly adequate emotes, you can't go wrong.
Hey, if you're looking for something somewhat fresh and JoJo related, you've come to the right place. We are a small community of JoJo fans who simply wish to RP with others of a similar interests. The RP starts in the late 1800's with the ability to play as your favorite cannon characters or completely changing them and their destiny as we once knew it, it's all dependant on the choices of you and those around you.
Welcome to JoJo RP: The Alternate World! This server takes place in modern day Italy!
- Some things we have to offer are:
- Active community! 🤠
- Family names! 😱
- Action-packed and fun story arcs! 😎
- Stand FFAs! We sometimes have tournaments where you can use any stand! 😈
- Multiple areas for roleplay; such as a Colosseum, a gym, gang hideouts, plaza, and many more! 👌
- Gangs! Create your own gang and rise to the top, or join a strong gang.
- A friendly and open community with people you can talk to, relax with, or just post whatever your heart desires; like memes! ❤
- Occasional canon stand applications! 🔥
- Stand fights! ✊
If you want to have a stand battle, rise to the top, or just have a great time, join today!
This server is made from lovers of CJ to lovers of CJ!
If you want to meet other caejose fans this is where you go! We have art channels to share your own, and your favorite CJ fanarts, and also fics! We have NSFW channels for 18+! Everyone is allowed!
Hello! Want to have fun, talk about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and meet some new people, or, if you kin, find some canonmates, sourcemates, or otherwise? Then Kira's King Cake Baby Collection is for you! Don't question the server name, please! Come on in!
Welcome To The JoJo Community For Fans And Too Have More Fun With Other Fans Out There | Here There's Stuff For You To Enjoy.
You Will Love This Place Like Really And If You Have A Friend Or A Family Member Who Also Loves JoJo They Can Join Too They Can Choose To Join Or Not.
See You There.
A Roleplaying server about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
It's decent, wanna join?
We are a decently big jojo server for anime onlys. Manga bois are welcome to join as well, but no spoilers, outside of the designated chats! Please respect the anime onlys as well!
We are a new community/anime server, we are quite chill, hope you have fun here ^w^, also we got
-some epic peeps
-even manga
☮️ JoJo No Kimyou Na Bouken ❤️
A server dedicated to JoJo but is open for all ideas from JoJo to general stuff.
Eg. Discussion on other Animes and Waifu/Husbando DEATH BATTLES

- Fun bots
- Relaxed, friendly users
- Approachable staff members

⭐ What's special about us? ⭐
- We're mainly about JoJo, but we love to chat about all anime and manga.
- Admins are open to suggestions to make this the best community for our members.
- New Announcements and Raffles happening weekly.
- Levelling up Role System

We're a chill community, so come check us out!
a new Jojo roleplay where you can have original stands as well as stands from the show! If you are insensitive don't join.
A discord server about jojo's bizarre Adventure! All parts of the series to be discussed and talked about
pls join my server im so lonely its really cool i swear

* jojo bot!
* memes!
* fun movie/gaming events!
* epic content!
* its real cool
Welcome to ONEPOINTFIVE, a discord server that will make you want to die a very painful death.
Want a place where you can discuss with fellow anime fans? Here's the place for you! We accept fans of all anime (especially JJBA ;D).
So come on down and join The JoJo Cult!

Fun Features:
-A fanart channel for those artists out there!
-Multiple discussion channels
-Two music bots, for those who want to listen to mudas and oras all at once. (We actually did that once)
-A relatively active and welcoming community
-Special roles and ranks
just a stupid dumb small server of losers who sometimes play games but hey tony is playing all the jojo ops rn on loop so join for that i guess
JoJo's Discord Crusaders is a place to talk about anime, manga, games, anything! The server is primarily about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Our rules are laid back so you don't have to worry about getting banned over small things. It's a nice and small community that you could easily fit in with.
Welcome to the small town of Tierra Congelada, California! Located northwest of Los Angeles, the town is home to a curious landmark, a scar in the Earth, believed to be caused by DIO's recent awakening. From the Gash, numerous people awoke Stands and curious latent techniques, amongst them Spin and Hamon!

The RP takes place in an AU 1985, two years prior to the events of Stardust Crusaders! Canon and Custom Stands are welcome, we don't allow Canon characters/families though.

With a planned story to keep the action going, make your mark in Tierra Congelada and potentially the world, in JJBA: Midnight Calls!
【Welcome, new buddies

Welcome to 【JoJo’s Eccentric Escapade】a server for anyone and everyone!

We are a growing, literate-leaning roleplay server based on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and (loosely) its game Eyes of Heaven.
What sets us apart from other RP servers is that we allow all canon characters to play alongside OCs.

The timeline is Vento Aureo (2001) and is currently set in Italy. After a surge of Stand users, Passione’s Boss is dead-set on eliminating any threat to his position and identity. But he is by no means the only threat: DIO, who is ever-focused on attaining Heaven, is hunting the Holy Corpse...

We offer lots of things to set us apart from other RP servers!
• Canon characters from Phantom Blood to JoJolion, as well as AU implements!
• A character- and plot-driven lore centered around Eyes of Heaven!
• Lots of freedom in OC creation and Stands!
• We accept LGBT+!
• A friendly, relaxed, growing userbase and approachable Mods/Admins!
...and much, much more!

Please understand that we are committed to making sure that everyone’s experience is as enjoyable as possible!
Visit Morioh, complete with Budo-ga Oka High, and some canon characters may show up.

This is a Jojo RP, set in part 4! We hope you have fun in this roleplay! Before you join, please look at some of the rules below.

- Original Characters only
- Custom stands are allowed.
- RTK is active.
- Dimensional/Time/Atomic Powers are not allowed.

--There are more rules, but these are the most important.
Hello,Artdust Crusaders is a server not only about Jojo,but even about art,even tho our main topic is talking to each others. The server has got alot of different categories,cool and funny bot like dank memer and notsobot and it has a really kind staff members. Joining would make us happy!
ironic memes and rage comics
-most of the prominent people including myself love jojo so its always welcome
-art can be posted also
-no nsfw channel because we arent fags
-no real "rules" just common sense and quality control