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A dead anime server with lax rules and home to the most obscure jojo shitposter known to man.
Ever made a JoJo OC and never had the chance to use it? Not sure why you wouldn't have the chance with all the other servers, but who cares! Welcome to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Receiving Agent! Make a character, explore, obtain a stand, and learn various other things around the world.

Current year is 2008, and in the rural town of Iwatodai located in Japan, bizarre things are going down with people awakening latent abilities known as Stands. Strange people are also appearing, and people are getting kidnapped with each victim having little to no connection to one another.

If you're interested, come give us a look.
We are almost at 100 members!

-This server is funny.

-Free game/giveaway finding channel.

-nsfw, hentai

-Funny memeys.



Join because why not.
An RP group set in the same universe (the first one) of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure!
The sleepy town of Rush, California is about as perfect as a little town can get. If you do your best to forget about the corrupt mayor, regular gang wars, disappearances, and psychic street fights that break out from time to time!
...but if you're into that, it's DEFINITELY the perfect town!
The most in-depth JoJo themed server you'll find out there, with a little something for everyone.

Come join a community of individuals who all have at least one thing in common: A love for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
A JoJo's bizarre adventure server. You can also discuss things about JoJo here. We want the best expirience for everyone!
A custom universe with custom stands and an active, friendly community. Come to stay or just look around, we're glad to have all kinds of members!
A place where you can discuss JoJo and other anime. LGBT+ friendly, lots of talks about ships and memes. Discourse-free. Help us grow!
Bizzare Universe Is a new,original Jojo RP server,We may be new but we have alot of systems,stands and epic things you can get!

What do we have to offer?:

➣Friendly and welcoming server!

➣Our staff team make it their mission to help with all your server wide needs and questions!

➣We always look to partner and increase our social position in the RP world!

➣A active staff team!

➣Original Lore!

➣Exciting Events!

➣Fair Rules!

➣Lit Music Channels!

➣Funny Memes!

➣Chance to get a canon stand!

➣Custom gangs and stands,even horses!

Server Owner: > ❤ ファンタジー ❤ <#2542

We hope to see you there!

Pings: @everyone @here


Hey, you like Jojo and RPing? Then join this maybe, the system works for the most part and I try to make it interesting and/or fun. Oh and if you’re wondering, this is a reboot of an old server I made back in late 2018 and has been passed down to the co-owner.
- 18+ Jojo roleplay group!
- No character doubles, currently taken characters are Giorno and Kakyoin.
- No nsfw inside the server.
- Read the rules and make an intro when you join!
Come join us and discuss aesthetics, programming, and gay stuff! There are no NSFW channels. We semi-regularly host movie and show watching events, typically on weekends.
a server for the jojo roll20 system as well as weekly stand creation contests(this weeks theme is the english rock band "the who") and anime/manga discussions
This roleplay sever is an alternate universe to the canon one where multiple people have stands to the original's, hamon and vampire. Requiem is also in the rp! Fan made stands can also be accepted in the rp!
This Server is a jojo bizarre adventures server. This server includes Good Stands, good Founders, and a nice community that we hope to grow. This takes place 150 years AFTER diamond is unbreakable and only a small amout in the world has stands. This world had been peacefull until..dio was brought back and brung forth..THE WORLD!
Welcome to Cafè JoJo! A Chill, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure themed roleplay server.

While we're small for now, we'd love it if you'd join! We have music bots, channels for specific roleplays, and much more. Not to mention: Were OC friendly!

(LGBTQA+ Friendly, shitposting is more than welcome, and we have Hex so you can set your own name color if you'd like!)
A rather new jojo roleplaying server with a custom setting and a separate timeline, with some reincarnations of canon characters, and lots of new characters. It is based in a custom city in Canada Ontario with its own lore and such. Its a chill place to hang out, post memes, and chat too.
Hey, we are a small community of primarily Jojo fans. We play games and stuff together and sometimes we get into a good discussion. You should join just for the fun of it! :)
A server where you can hang out with other people who like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
Everyone is welcome.
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Last Hope is a Story-Based RP that takes place after JJBA Part 8: Jojolion, It has it's own parts and all stands are completely custom!

Hope you'll like this place! Bye!
In the year of 2018, a young man named Emporio Armani has woken up in a world not his own. He’s been in this world for a while and has discovered the existence of Stands. There’s one difference: Stands are now bound to rings, and wearing a ring, regardless of its owner, grants someone that Stand ability. He had began a quest to obtain ten rings, no one knows why, but he has gone missing. Will you choose to help find him, or keep others from doing so? Will you reach his goal of obtaining the ten rings? Only one way to find out!
A rp server with a developing community, where you can make your own stand, use hamon, or spin! There's a gang system as well, where you can make or join gangs.