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Welcome to SBW. Yet one more ERP/rp server with the simple difference that i aim to have a friendly and active staff that doesn't expect to be treated as royalty. Come and meet our growing community, also, jojo stuff traps around ;p.

°many places for ERP/rp

°good amount for lots of Yaoi/hentai (ye, we kinda gay)

°Places where you can post your own selfies, your art, and even the writings of which you are proud.

°also places for jojo memes, bots, emojis and related :v

(any help is thanked and if you have doubts or suggestions ask myself, aka, .boz~)
The jojo’s bizarre and anime hangout is an anime server to relax and meet new people.If you’re nice to us we will treat with the respect you deserve.Have fun❤️
> 🌹JOJO!!
> 🌹self assignable roles
> 🌹hentai chats
> 🌹role play
> 🌹memes
> 🌹great bots
> 🌹many advertising/self promotion chats
> 🌹partnerships
> 🌹lgbt friendly
> 🌹level up system.
A Jojo RP server currently in the making! Come on in and have fun! We offer:

-45+ RP Channels

-Friendly admins who will help you and solve any questions you have

-Rythm Bot, Paisley Park, Tatsumaki and Dank Memer bot to entertain you while not RPing

-A developing plot which offers you plenty chances to play a role

-We don't only allow Stand. We also allow you to be a Hamon or Spin user, a cyborg and even a Vampire, You choose!
Welcome to Jojo's G.D. Street Prison! We accept all Jojo fans here, we are chill to any kinds of humor/topics while following the Discords tos
A primarily jojo-centric anime server with lax rules. Complete with a homemade bot and fairly adequate emotes, you can't go wrong.
A JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Themed Server; Join, Have Fun, Discuss, Make Friends, Bots and Much More !

* Confirmation Picture Required for Server *
We are an anime centered place where we talk about some of our favorite animes. We got many things here like:
-constant votes
-a whole channel where a person each day shares about an anime
-many friendly people around
-and a nice community
-many jojo fans here if ya like to talk about jojo with us
We are weeaboos (mostly) and we love to talk to ya anytime. Come join us 🤗
Welcome To MeRuleDaWorld's Official Discord!
MeRuleDaWorld's server is a small one looking to grow with people who share common interest or for just people looking to meet others either way anyone is welcomed! MeRuleDaWorld is a YouTuber who makes extended tracks on YouTube for games and this server is a way for you to meet and interact with him and get to see when he uploads but the server is a community and it’s not all just music we have plenty of other chat rooms so why not join the fun?
The server is a work in progress for the moment. The purpose of this message is to recruit staff members willing to help flesh it out.
Welcome to the shrine of our god Diego "Dio" Brando.
We don't have much to the server it's just a little hangout me and some friends thought of making.
Want a place where you can discuss with fellow anime fans? Here's the place for you! We accept fans of all anime (especially JJBA ;D).
So come on down and join The JoJo Cult!

Fun Features:
-Paisley Park has arrived!
-A fanart channel for those artists out there!
-Multiple discussion channels.
-Two music bots, for those who want to listen to mudas and oras all at once. (We actually did that once)
-A Stand Fight Club! Come make a stand and fight to become the #1 Stand User! (WIP)
-A relatively active and welcoming community!
-Special roles and ranks!
just a stupid dumb small server of losers who sometimes play games but hey we sometimes play smash and talk about jojo
A server about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and meet some new people. We also have space for kinnies, if you are one
We are very gay here
Come on in
Three years after the death of Yoshikage Kira, three years since Morioh has been at peace. Things seem to be at a calm state, however, that might not last for long.
While yes, the murderer of Morioh may be dead, stand users still run free. Some with malicious intents, some with uncontrollable, destructive powers. It's never a break from the reality of the power of Stands.

Will you help keep the streets of Morioh at peace, or will you be the one to disturb it?


This RP welcomes Canon characters and OCs!! More info in the server on how this works out, but rest assured we have this all planned out!
We are the Mercs of Morioh, a growing community for fans of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Fire Emblem, and tons of other series! We have daily questions and polls, controversial opinion posts, memes, many role options (based on Fire Emblem classes), and fun and useful bots with leveling systems and games. We also plan on hosting many group watch and gaming sessions as the server continues to grow. If this sounds up your alley, give it a try, we'd love to have you!

~Bot List~
1. FEH
2. Paisley Park/Park Battles
3. Mudae
4. Tatsumaki
5. MEE6
7. Yggdrasil

This server is auto-moderated, and we have custom commands set up for our bots.

We are currently open to partnerships with other servers. In addition, we currently have an opening for helpers and a partnership manager. You will get your own custom roles. Please dm @Lis for more details. Thank you!
Laid-back Steven Universe server for people from all walks of life to come together and hangout / discuss the newest episodes! <3
A server based on Persona/SMT, with a theme of MegaTen in general. While that's it's style, you're free to talk about anything you'd like. Still a relatively small server, so any company would be appreciated. We also like JoJo. A lot.

- Weekly "Jack Bros Show" on Saturdays
- Money system (Macca)
- Multiple special channels and roles
- Games
- Friendly community
- Always accepting members
- Hard-working and friendly moderation
BoBo's Bizarre Adventure is a server dedicated to individuals interested in the medium that is "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure". With a small and friendly community we play games, discuss JoJo, listen to music and many more.
Just a server I made and one that wants to get more activity so please join

We are just a bunch of people who like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. It's pretty good you should watch it. Unless you already have, then join you goof!
Hey there! New portion of our message! We just overhauled Vampires, Hamon, Custom Specs, Gangs, And we’re getting the plot going! We’ve got so many new interesting things going on, so I hope that you’ll consider joining!

Hey 👋🏻 This server was created pretty recently, so hopefully you can join and stick around in our ‘early days.’ Getting this server off of its feet is the hardest part.
This server is an anime only server at the moment, meaning that all canon stands only go up to part 5, so no spin or whatnot.
If you want to know more about the rules of this server, please join! in the meantime, here’s the main lore of the server to get you interested, please, take a look:

Everyone here has been stuck on this island for centuries, civilization has advanced, but not to the point where communication through technology is available to the islanders. There’s a small town on this island, a beach, and a patched together government that keeps the islanders in line.

Resources such as food, water, and materials are shipped in and handled by the islander’s government every two weeks. The strange thing is, nobody has ever been able to leave the island, everyone who has tried to leave somehow disappears without a trace if they go past the line of sight from on the beach, nobody knows how they disappear, but whenever someone does, their dead body washes up on shore almost always exactly 24 hours later.

There have also been reports on the island of people supposedly developing god-like abilities due to something with the island itself affecting the inhabitants living there.

What will you do on the island? The choice is yours.
After pucci reset the universe, everything was different.

A massive gang war has been spiraling out of control for the past 75 years. Making it s massive burden to all of Italy.

Who will win? La vittima or L'assiano?

Find out more in Jojo's Bizzare Adventure : Canzone Lontana!!

(( We also have memes ))
[Now under new ownership!] A chill server mainly dedicated to Jojo's_bizarre_adventure and Smash bros but other games and anime are welcome. Shitposting is 100% allowed and encouraged cuz funni may mays are funni. We've got some cool bots including Pokecord, Mudae, Waifubot, etc. We've got people who love to get on vc and talk about whatever. We got some cool and good emotes to flex your nitro with. So come on down and chill why don't ya.