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Looking for a fun roleplaying server? Well you've found the right place! In JoJo's Bizarre Roleplay, you get to choose your own adventure! Events occur often so it is encouraged for members to be active! Minimum of 2 sentences while roleplaying.
Love Jojo, gaming & other anime? Then look no further as this is the server for you!!! This server is brand new and has these features:

* Lots of fun bots

* Very Chill

* Listen to anime ops

* Make new friends

* Share artwork & memes

* Voice chat

* Emojis

*Play games together

*Animal Crossing

*Question of the Week

* And More!!!

Active members wanted!!
Is me and my friends own JoJo-inspired universe. With a completely unrelated world and the only relating factor being stands and unique characters at every corner, don't worry if you have no clue what JoJo is as all needed information is explained within the server. This is the basic premiss of the RP currently..

Set in 2005: London, England. The streets are cold and sour as an underground civil war continued to dwell inside the heart of the queens country capital. A gang war amongst the two biggest and strongest criminal organisations in England has been taking place for 2 decades now and London continues to be the battlefield of these ruthless mobsters.

These two gangs hate each other for countless reasons but what they want most to win this gang war is a precious and mystical flower known as Diablos Rose. Found deep in the amazon jungle this rose has mysterious and unknown origins but what is known is that Diablos Rose can save you from death and then make sure that you won’t die again...

With much more in-depth lore to be read and involve yourself in that you'll have to join the server to discover ;)

Come on and join to meet the other role-players and server dwellers who all have there own interesting personalities, characters and stands. Our server is rather small and new but as long as we have a rather small list of active, unique members than I'm happy so if you are feeling kind and want to give this young RP enthusiast a chance and see if you enjoy my server - RF
The year is 2020. Two academies are located in Morioh, Japan. One is Platinum Sun Academy and the other is World Moon Academy. Both principals have a rivalry against each other. Both schools have been around for many generations.
The World Moon Academy is led by a lineage of Brandos. The school strives on beating Platinum in any way. The school houses stand users. The current principal is Dianna Brando. The school is built great. Teachers and staff though are a bit afraid of Dianna.
The Platinum Sun Academy is led by a lineage of Joestars. The school strives on beating World in competition and often wins. The school also houses stand users. The current principal is Emily Joestar. The school is built great. Teachers and staff love being around Emily.
Both schools are prestigious and require some supernatural ability. The principals have known each other for a long time and constantly rivaled each other. Which school were you accepted in?
The server features:
- A cool a fun experience
- A nice staff
- Engaging story and rp
Welcome to to the city of Aurum!

The server takes place in a fictional city of Aurum, the golden city of Canada! Here you can find all sorts of bizarre encounters. Stands, aliens, ghosts! Anything can be possible in this strange city.

The server has an unique lore built by the admins and fleshed out by the players themselves. There is no main plot, so build your own stories with others! Feel free to join to rp, chill or meme around!
Pfft, You haven't joined us yet?
You know this is the most immersive and dynamic JoJo RP server right? Not convinced yet? Ok how about this, you can join the server for FREE! Now that's a great price!
(The only characters we don't allow are canon ones)
We got:

+Standoff battles, non-canon short fights where anything goes.

+Create your own RP character and their stand!

+Super friendly staff as well are the community!

+RP so immersive it makes Raid Shadow Legends jealous! and tons of lore!

When you join you will have a choice of 3 clans to join.
Each clan has its own perks and their set of ideologies. Clans play a major role in the main RP.

Quite similar to Clans, but more contained stories. On top of this, you can actually vote for what the next story's setting will be!
✪JJBA: Black Plume✪
Welcome to JJBA: Black Plume, a roleplay server that is about JoJo!

This role play takes place in Japan, Akihabara 2010. Few years ago, a meteor had fallen far from japan, but came a small broken piece of that same meteor within Akihabara. People were gradually gifted with powers of stands after that incident. Recently, there were rumours about dried corpse which had gotten their blood all sucked up, the cause was so far unknown. Perhaps it was a vampire?

In our server we offer:
- JoJo references
- JoJo emotes
- Custom Stands
- Friendly Administrators
- Events in the roleplay
- More JoJo!

Why not join us now and play around in the world of JoJo with your own character!
Jojo Kinnie server
- Double friendly + system friendly
- Ages 13+ are welcomed
- Spoilers channels for those who haven't completed the entire series
- Art, music, gaming channels
- Rules listed in the server
Welcome to Passione
The only place you will find the most beloved Jojo fans. However, we do like other anime such as Boku No Hero Academia, Naruto, And Dragon Ball.
We are not just a anime server however.
We are also beloved gamers.
We talk about video games.
We play them.
Even stream them.
We have fun minigames as well
Our general chat is one that is extremely chill and supportive.
For your pervy side, we have a hentai channel.
If its your taste.
Come to Passione
You wont regret it!
Hello everyone! JJBA: Streisand Effect is a JoJo's roleplay server set in the fictional setting of Crosston, Maine. Featuring an intuitive take on how discord roleplay should be executed, the staff of Streisand Effect are working their hardest to make this the most enjoyable and interactive rp experience for everyone. We hope to see you join!
We are a jojo server that’s basically a casino with Fun bots you can use we have dank memer pokecord and more. Also we Watch a movie in the sever, Join if you are interested. and we are pretty small so I honestly hope we can grow and socialize with each other 😄☺️ Plz stay (we are small sever So plz stay to not make this sever dead)
★彡 “ 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐲 𝐬𝐚𝐲 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐮𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐝𝐫𝐚𝐰𝐧 𝐭𝐨𝐠𝐞𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐡𝐨𝐰... “ 彡★

𝒲𝑒𝓁𝒸𝑜𝓂𝑒 𝒯𝑜:

The Future Path, where we have reached the future of this bizarre world. It’s Morioh, Japan in the year of 2020. No one knows why, but it’s always been a crazy and noisy little town. Full of adventure and excitement, it’s attracted all sorts of people. There have been many incidents to have occurred in this odd little timeline, even to the point where people from other worlds have reported to show up. After one story has ended, a new one will arise to take its place.

Do you want to play as your favorite character? Or maybe put your own ideas for a story into place! Aspiring authors, or those who seek roleplay for fun, you are all welcome with open arms to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: The Future Path. The road you choose is yours. For fame and glory, to fulfill your strongest and deepest of desires, or perhaps one simply for peace… Either way, The Future Path awaits!

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ What We Have to Offer: ♥
📖Fresh storyline, with a variety of characters! Be sure to check out our server-wide events!
🧡Access to a large variety of canon characters from the franchise. All you need to do is audition if you want to play as your favorite character!
💬A discussion channel for all of your Jojo fan needs!
🤖We have bots like Dio, Soft and Wet, and more!
🧑‍💻Active staff members!
📝Accepting towards all roleplay styles! Whether you’re just beginning, or an experienced literate roleplayer, all are welcome to join us!

Note: We do not allow partnerships simply for you just joining our server.

I hope to see you there! ^-^

This server has been here for a while already but wasn't really in use... But now is the time to change that and that's why we invite you to join us!
This server is obviously Jojo's Bizzare Adventure based BUT that does NOT mean that you have to watch it!
Everyone is welcomed and not a single soul has to leave because they don't watch JoJo!
Hello and welcome to Chill Land!
If you want a place to chill, here you can do this :)
Friendly members and helpful staff
What we have :

>> Gaming(Apex Legends, Minecraft and more)

>> Minigames (Pokecord, Mudae, trivia, Jojo's Bizzare Adventure)

>> Music(Rythm, groovy)

>> Memes(Dank memer)

>> Ranks(Tatsumaki)

>> Custom Roles

>> Custom Emotes

>> Partnership

We will add more soon !
🌈 Hello!

Passione is a very casual, open Jojo server!
Although small, it has a big range of things to do!
Open to long-time fans and newcomers!
Active mods!
Very LGBT-friendly!
Plus an NSFW channel!
Come join us anytime!
‼Get your dose of jojo brainrot today for 0,00$ B]]]‼
Spoilers for parts 1-5.
Sometimes we like to rp as jojo characters ;0 (LOOKING FOR A CIOCCOLATA KINNIE AAAA)!
We're still a small server, but we try our best to grow 👉👈.
Here we worship jojo //NOT JOJO SIWA 😤//.
We have art channels :D
PLEASEE JOIN 🥺???!!!?!?! I promise we're fun!!!!!!
A fun new JoJo rp???
Hello and welcome to Emerald Fates a JoJo rp server that offers:
A school rp surrounding.
A college rp surrounding.
An admin or mod on at all times.
LGBTQ+ friendly rp!
An rp with Spin, Hamon, Vampires, and stands!!
So please think of joining JoJo's Bizarre RP: Emerald Fates!
Jojo's bizarre adventure server with no NSFW. Just a relaxing community with JoJo discussion and no drama. The server is full of positive energy with really great people that can't possibly make your day bad! It also includes 50+ emotes and guaranteed spoiler-free experience!
La secta de la banana un lugar donde puedes conocer a otras personas y jugar videjuegos, also permitimos ayudar a youtuber pequeños
AF tai Anime Finland on discord server tarkoitettu kaikille suomalaisille jotka ovat kiinnostuneet animesta, mangasta ja siihen liittyvästä kulttuurista.

Servumme tarjoaa:
- Mukavaa juttuseuraa
- 100+ erilaista emojia
- Useita erilaisia kanavia liittyen animeen ja peleihin
- Botteja kuten Nadeko, Groovy, Rythm ja Mudae
- Rankkeja joita ansaitset olemalla aktiivinen
ja paljon muuta!
We are a JoJo server with a chill community,we're big on art and memes,come on in and join the Duwang gang we'd love to have you