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Welcome to the "is this a jojo server?" a place where you can hangout and get to know other people who are also jojo fans, feel free to do whatever you want and be sure to check #rules , our server provides :
- decent memes
- leveling up
- irony
- people who know jjba (and a guy who says that he eats kids)
Feel free to join~~
15 hours ago
hey how are ya are you feeling good are u feeling well? do you wanna join a server where u have people like artist or uhh memes? idk my english is bad if you wanna have fun and chat with people for uhh idk drawing n junk just join this server u are welcome with ur memes and anime and art
1 days ago
A JoJo's Bizzare Adventure RP taking place in 2002 in a town that is built for Stand Users. Inside the town you get to have your own job, join the mafia for criminal deeds, be a casual resident with a stand that can either join or fight against the bad people, or watch the school built for stand users. Though it may seem fine now, dangers are hiding from within the shadows that'll make the mafia seem like bitches. You get to create any character/stand you want without any limitations (except for some power differences hehe) We just started part 2, so you can join at any time now!We accept any type of jojo fans, even if they are new to the franchise, as long as you have a basic understanding of RP and JOJO, we are fine with that. We use both DND Rolling and the Honor System.
1 days ago
This server was made for jojo fans, but you can still enjoy it even though you aren't a jojo fan, our admins would be glad to explain, the server is a bit wip, but it has some rp locations, hopefully you enjoy it
I put a lot of effort into it
1 days ago
Oc's allowed, but people with oc's also to play canon characters. Whenever one or the other is relevant or when an oc generally isn't there. All characters including oc's are equally important to the rp
3 days ago
Dragio Fighting Tower. An area where only the strongest are given the privilege to battle. The tower crosses through time and space itself, said to be due to Dragios stand powers. A select 16 fighters are chosen to fight in this tournament, and only one will emerge victorious. At least, that's what you're told...welcome to the fight.

3 days ago
Welcome to Jojo's Bizarre Roleplay, Set after Jojolion: New events in different places will begin with people who drive the story forward!
4 days ago
A JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Roleplay involving DIO's legitimate son, a flexible storyline, and the ability to create your own character!
4 days ago
Six years ago, Stand users began appearing in a small town called Morioh. Eventually, the breakout of Stand users mellowed, and things returned to normal. However, now, Stand users have once again popped up. An arrow found its way to Fuyuki city, and things have begun to stir. The style of the roleplay is a DiU style setting, where all events are grounded within Fuyuki city. We feature a freeform-combat system hybrid, where you can use your stand abilities to outsmart your opponents, but there's still a system involved to help declare a winner.
19 days ago
It's a nice and friendly slowly growing community. We are excited to meet all you cool people! Join for memes, music bots, art, jojo, anime, manga, emotes, and more!
20 days ago
The premier Discord server for the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure community.
Always looking for new members that are up for some fun and games.
25 days ago
A community for all fans of Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure.
26 days ago
You like JoJo? Like Rp? Well, this is the place! Make your own character and interact with other Stands, Hamon Users, and Dio Himself! Welcome to 「Stand Proud」
33 days ago
This server has a small NSFW area but it is mainly to meet new people and to have fun so please join and enjoy your self
34 days ago
This roleplay is themed on the manga of Hirohiko Araki(Later adapted to anime): JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. This community is very into the JoJokes, so don't expect any semi serious thing(Not when you're in the chat).
39 days ago
This is small roleplaying JoJo's bizzare adventure themed server. Be sure to check out rules. Everyone is welcome even if you dont knoe what JoJo is.
47 days ago
Wanna join the Gang? You are friendly and look for guys who are fun and want to meet new people? The Gang is open for everyone, who shows respect toward others!
61 days ago
A new Jojo's Bizarre Adventure related roleplay server!
Join and help us make this server bigger!
67 days ago
Attempt to bring two major communities of anime and video games together. Also attempting to bring out interesting niches of both communities.
74 days ago
A Jojo's bizarre adventure Roleplay server set in an alternate post Stone ocean universe. You play as one of many Stand Users within the city of Vancouver during 2020. We are focused on well detailed and plot driven RPs. Date for the first episode shall begin shortly.
74 days ago
A roleplay based on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Come join if you can!
74 days ago
Kono dio da this is the only server where you can get great jojokes and hentai for free if you like JoJo and meme here's a good server to join run by my friend, big bup
84 days ago