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we're dumb, we're stupid, we're idiotic, we are The Idiots.
you can do many things around here like:

- look at memes
- talk with other people
- play with the bot commands

and yeah, enjoy
also by the way, we're a small community and the server is not active that much so yeah
Are you looking for fun? You are in the right place, welcome to the server of ‟Heroes”, where you will find everything you want 😍

It is a community where everyone can hang out here and build good relationships with everyone and share their hobbies as if they were at home as there are also many different content and bots that might help you search for everything you want inside the server

💠Server contents


🔹anime & manga🎠







There are so many things that I haven't mentioned, so much fun waiting for you, join us 🎉
🚀-Une communauté basé sur tout, Gaming, musique, discussion, post de nouveauté et encore plein d'autre!
📬-Salon partage, recette, memes, Suggestion, musique et encore plein d'autre!
💡- Cet endroit est en constante évolution ! N'hésites pas à nous filer tes idées pour assurer son développement et le confort des gens!
📌-Des rôles Chelou sur Frounicorn 😁
🔞-Plusieurs Salon NSFW

Welcome to the New Kingdom stranger! here u could find the finest bruh memes and the best bruh moments join our kingdom so we could fuel our economy with more bruh moments . You can become a Noble, a Peasant, a Crusader, a Minister(has admin powers!) and maybe become a Prince as well ! but the king wont change MUhahaha!
We are a smaller server who is looking to grow. We have channels based for LGBT fellows, like ourselves. We make sure to moderate the server at most hours, nights and some school hours being exceptions, server messages are always checked by owners and admins every day. We also include recommendations, this is for people to recommend changes or additions to the server. Keep in mind that we are not a furry mained server, but that doesn't mean we discriminate as all hate on anyone will be deleted. Some of the admins, and the owner, stream on Twitch, so make sure to pop into the streams if you have a chance! We also have channels for games, such as Minecraft, and also channels to talk about what people you stan, such as MCYTs. We hope to have more friends on the server and have fun <3
⬦ introvert is an original , wholesome , server just for you !
⬥﹒making sure all our members feel safe and welcomed here ,,
⬦ we are always here to brighten your day. come and see !

◜﹒a kind community﹒◝
ク an organized layout
﹒soft b&w theme
て loads of cute emotes
﹒nontoxic safe space
ホ many fun channels
◟﹒always hiring pms﹒◞
Welcome to the Ahegao Lounge! A server that was made for people to just hang out and vibe with each other. We have a really chill mod team and a welcoming community! The only thing it's missing is you! Will you join and complete the server?
השרת דיסקורד של גיא אסלנוב האגדי.
כנסו כבר גיא לא מפרסם וצריך אנשים קליל כנסו יופי תודה ערב טוב.
Here in server we have lots to offer
- Emojis and shit
- Funni dog Cheems
- Nsfw channels for you horny fucks
- And a shit ton of bots
Join and support the funni dog or die
Server still updating but you can still come and chat :) But just to let you all know I'm trying my hardest to make this server active
Server do discord para memes, zueiras, shitpost um pouco de humor negro e etc, staff sempre ativa e participativa com membros e bots dedicados a minigames, seja bem vindo!
Ohayooo, esse é um server de público alvo otaku, com uma comunidade agradável e ativa, temos bots de diversão e Cargos de registro, para você mostrar seus gostos para outras pessoas e fazer novas amizades, talvez vc ache seu duo nos jogos aqui, ou sua futura waifu , estamos te esperando <3
~Server Baiters HQ~

What is this server?
This is a growing community where you can meet people and make new friends!

* We host events where you can win prizes such as nitro

* We also host giveaways with many prizes

* We are open to suggestions and feedback on how to improve the server

* We are open to partnerships or collaborations with other servers

This is a friendly community, we would like to welcome you with open hands!!!
~~Welcome to Parad0x~~
We are a friendly server with over 100 members
Come and relax with us :)
Also a non-nsfw server :)
So what are you waiting for?
Come! :D
Cześć, przede wszystkim to serwer społecznościowy, więc jeżeli nie chcesz dołączać się do żadnej społeczności to nie wchodź. Resztę zapraszamy na codzienne pisańsko, czasami nawet gadańsko, daily pytania, gierki oraz wspólne oglądanie filmów.
a small server with lots of channels. We have a whole heirarchy and events, one of the events is the purge where no rules applies in it once in a week. So yeah it's good fun!

please join, I am desesperate
⭐️-------------------------- The Unusualz ¬_¬ --------------------------⭐️

Hi, The Unusualz is a community server where you get to meet new people 🤗 , game 🎮 , create art 🎨 , create memes 💫 , talk about anime 🍰 , and much more 🤯 ! Are you someone who needs teammates for that one important ranked match in that one game 🎮 ? Then we gotchu 👍 ! Do you wanna share your ideas about gaming 🎮 , anime 🍰 , memes 💫 and more? Then we gotchu Fam 👍 ! Do you ever feel sad 😢 or lonely 😔 and just need to talk about your feelings to someone who might understand you 🥳 ? Then you can come and share your feelings here 😊 This server has a lot more to offer but you'll just have to join and see for yourself 😋
♡LLD Army♡ is a supportive hangout, lovely and vibey server for anyone to join. We have:
• Channels for all hobbies;
• Karaoke and Stream calls;
• Gaming;
• Anime and Mangas;
• Memes;
• Hidden 18+ Area.

We are LGBTQ+ friendly and we make sure the server is a safe and happy enviroment where people of all interests can come together and make new friends.
Drunk’s Former Political Compass is a very active community with people of all political beliefs. We have tons of self assignable roles including personal roles, political roles, religious roles and more! If you like political irony, irony in general, femboys, and offensive humor, this is the server for you.
Hey! Wir sind ein deutscher Gaming, Anime & Meme Server für Jugendliche! Trete bei! Es wird dir gefallen :)