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**We'll cover E3 news!**

We're a small group of friends that love gaming. This server covers the latest game news and game deals.

We all met in a Club Penguin discord (yes funny) but we loved the community aspect of it and that's what we're trying to create here. A safe space to game with everyone, talk about your crappy day and just have fun & play video games together.

We do
- Giveaways of steam games when there's something to celebrate like a milestone reached (like reaching 50 users)
- Talk about cartoons of series we watch
- Have game sessions together

We're still evergrowing so feel free to join!

That's What I'm Talking About
Mor Ardank started as a mostly Xenoblade oriented server, now just Nintendo stuff in general. We have a very active Smash community, and hold weekly tournaments every Friday given we have enough people to participate every time, so if you're into Smash consider joining. We also hold biweekly Pokemon Showdown tourneys every Sunday, so if you're interested in competitive Pokemon battling consider checking that out. We also have active Monster Hunter, Minecraft, Splatoon, and Stardew Valley communities so we would appreciate your membership if you play any of those too. We have a Xenoblade themed leveling system, and couple cool bots. We also have a channel for anime if that's something you'd like to discuss. Or if there's any games that don't fit into any of our currently existing channels (Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Smash, Monster Hunter, Minecraft, Persona, Stardew Valley, and of course Xenoblade) you can talk about them in our "other games" channel. Please consider joining :)
Note: This isn't the most "child friendly" server. The humor can get edgy at times so if that isn't your thing this might not be the server for you.
Super VC-Friendly, LGBT, Nintendo - Interested in chatting it up with fellow Splatoon Fans and Inkopolis Members? Or, perhaps you're just a Nintendo fan in general. Wanna relax a bit and just be social and meet fellow fans? We have a place for that! We are a Discord Server that is open to Splatoon, Nintendo, or just gaming fans in general. As long as you follow the rules, anyone is welcome! We are a LGBT-safe, non-PC server.
A new, family friendly, non-toxic and drama free community with a focus on gaming and general conversations. We are a place where everyone can feel welcomed and invited. We have very accepting, humble, and welcoming users. Join if you have a Switch, or even if you don't!

*We try to be a pretty mature server, though we welcome users of all ages (as long as they follow Discord’s TOS)*
Create, play, and share Super Mario Maker 2 levels with others. Join a growing group of level builders and mingle about the latest trends in level design.
Nintendo event oriented server! Weekly and monthly events! Fun, chill environment! Very large and active server with over 2800 members!
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.
If you want some cool and spicy memes with some cuteness, this place for you I guess.....
Also we welcome Nintendo fans and other consoles, Now that's epic to know :3
Everything related to Nintendo 64! Gaming, collecting, modding, homebrews etc. Everyone is welcome!
This is a discord server made up of Splatoon fans.

Stop by our server to chat about Splatoon or general topics, post memes, play with other Splatoon players, etc.
OMG! Elite Switch Club?!?? Yep, you found it. The best Nintendo Server Around! We have Rocket League, SSBU, Splatoon 2, and More! Why are you still reading this? Join ESC Today! p.s. we do constant giveaways and tournaments for eshops.
__---- ⭐Rabbitman's HYPE TRAIN!!!⭐---- __

🔗 🔗 Hey guys i am a __Youtuber and my name is Rabbit__. 🐰 If you love __video games__ 🎮 come take a look! This is a nintendo and xbox mostly server! My goal is to get to 500 members on discord only! I looking for the nicest people! We are around 200 right now!

If ur looking to meet new friends and grow join me and partner with me! I always do my best to help others!

👑 __Owner: 🐰Rabbitman🤴__

➡️ __This server is PG__ but we have so much fun and have alot of laughs!! __My server is for all ages__ and we gather around and talk about gaming it up!!!!

💥 ❕ INFO❕💥

🏁 We have alot of bots! 🤖

🏁 We have spotlight winners each month! 🏆

🏁 We have a dethroned channel! 🔥

🏁 Have video game channels! 🕹

🏁 We have music and picture channels! 🎧 🎵 🖼

🏁 We have custom roles and highest role is RabbitKnight! Level 50! Your name will be in purple! 🔨 📌 🔮

🏁 We have video of the week every sunday!!! 💿 🎬

🏁 We also have rank up systems! Get higher for new roles! ⬆️

🛎 Last but not least, __there's not self promo__ but we have a __partner channel__ if your interested just let me know and I will __add u in that channel__.

🎮🕹 If you are a __gamer__ and you love __nintendo__ and __xbox__ and __playstation__ then you should join!!! Dont wait! At least check it out __because when I reach 1k subs I will be GIVING away video games and stuff__! 😮😊 again my goal is to get to 500 members!
╔═══════════ ೋღFódlanღೋ═══════════╗
Three Houses, One Path...
See where your destiny lies courageous traveler...
A Chill Fire Emblem themed server. Spend time with is in voice chat listening to music or having a full-blown argument about this seasons best girl.

Reaction Roles for a simple role equip
House specific and all inclusive events

Yell with us at that one player who keeps dying in Dragalia Lost, get Dunked on by the owners and challengers in Smash Bros or even complain with us about the Fate/GO 5* pull rates

You've read the ad, so why wait?
S-Support with us in the Land of Fódlan
Invite your friends
Looking for staff
╚═══════════ ೋღFódlanღೋ═══════════╝
Proud to be the first Animal Crossing Discord server! 😺

"Animal Crossing features three themes:
family, friendship, and community."
-Katsuya Eguchi, creator of Animal Crossing 🍃

Established in 2015, Soda Pop+ is a community built around those themes, and we make it our goal to maintain these values. 🌲

We're happy to welcome you to our community! 🎈
Regular Battle Arenas, weekly Game Nights, tournaments, and other fun events, and a friendly and enjoyable community to help you learn and grow as a player.
A server that got popularized due to Sonic fangames, but now welcomes any player and developer to the dojo!
│Official Smash Cookie Server│
•All Smash Ultimate Players And Fans Are Welcome
•A Place To Improve Your Skills And Have Fun In The Community
•Tournaments Will Be Happening With Cash Prizes And Custom Roles
•Active Members And Staff
•We Do Partnerships
•Awesome Emotes
•No NSFW Content
If We Reach 250 Members Our Server Will Host An Online Smash Tourney! The Winner Will Get $20 Of Any Card They Want! From Eshop Money To Ps4, Xbox Cards, Or Even Starbucks Cards! Along With That Will Be A Custom Role To The Server To Show Off! So Join Now To See If You Got What It Takes To Be #1! ^-^

Well cmon over to the Official Smash Cookie Server!
Discord Link:
Coolest fast food server on Discord! Share your memes and posts all you like, let the chaos ensue in the restaurant! Our employees will treat you good service.

Anybody is allowed, but nothing NSFW and no spamming, read the menu! You can chat in our diner, restroom, or outside at the dumpster! Place your orders so our good bot Carl can take care of you. If you're in a hurry, tune in on Arby's radio or speak through our Drive thru!

Side note: We are employing people to help program Carl to make our server safer and better. You don't need to know coding/programming, but if you do, make sure you know javascript/discord.js.
Welcome to PearlHub, the cool new place to hang out with friends, game together, and talk everything nintendo! Here at PearlHub, we make sure to make the most of your experience, a remembered one. And what's not to love with all the amazing features we have!

* Plenty of Roles and Channels
* Art and Girl of the Week events EVERY WEEK!
* Pokecord, Amari, and other amazing bots
* And an amazing, fantasy kingdom styled Pokemon RP Chat!

If any of this stuff interests you, go ahead and check us out by clicking "join" below!
A friendly place to share all your splatoon NSFW content.

This server is a small server where you can chat and share your favorite splatoon NSFW content!
We also have a channel for regular hentai, SFW splatoon and SFW art, as well as a channel with autoposting splatoon porn (it's amazing how far technology evolved)
Anyway, if you like this kind of content as much as we do, then don't hesitate to come visit our server!
The banner and the logo were both made by the very talented JTveemo, here are the two originals post
memes for fake intellectuals and your sinking self-esteem

a lonely server i made for shenanigans and support; come for the luigi emojis, stay for the feels
Welcome to Ruby's Butt Hut, a safe place for people to come and play games together, hang out and make new friends, with pokecord, lots of fun bots and NSFW (18+ only) there's lots to do, come and say hi!
A place for all Smash Bros. Fans alike! Biweekly tournaments, friendly members, a custom bot in the works that gets constant updates, and an expanding roster of emotes to use! All skill levels welcome here!
A Pokemon server especially for Battling, Breeding, and competitive advice, with bimonthly tournaments of standard formats and unique themes, a Draft League and Breeders who do requests

There's bots for FC's on command and bringing up any needed info on Pokemon such as full stats and move descriptions