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Crossing Town est un tout jeune serveur français sur Animal Crossing (3ds, mobile, switch) Vous pouvez y discutter, partager des astuces, faire des wifis, etc.
N'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre ^-^
Eat-Sleep-Nintendo-Repeat ist ein freundlicher Server mit einer coolen kleinen Community. Auf unserem Server kann man alles machen was mit Nintendo zutuen hat. Wenn du jemanden zu Zocken suchst sind Abends ziemlich viele bei uns im Talk.

Hier eine Liste an coolen Sachen von unserem Server:
- Wir haben aktive member, besonders im Voice Channel Bereich.
- Wir haben auch einen eigenen professionellen Bot für alles, was unsere Community will und braucht.
- Wir verstehen Spaß saas.
- Wir freuen uns auf jeden neuen Member. Egal ob Boy, Girl, Schwarz, Weiß, Hetero, Gay.

You are going to enter the comedy area.

At The Comedy Area, we offer to you:
🏅A growing and welcoming community
🏅A helpful and caring mod team
🏅Plenty of fun emotes to utilize
🏅Several channels for you to express yourself in
🏅A wide selection of roles and colors to give to yourself
🏅Both Question of the Day and Question of the Week
🏅Over 15 for you to mess around with, such as Pokécord, NotSoBot, and Mudae
🏅Several game channels to group up with others in, including Smash Ultimate and Overwatch

We hope you enjoy your stay, but if you don't, we're always happy to take criticism and make improvements.
Come and share your art, talk about food, chat about games, just have fun :D I want to build a fun community where everyone feels welcome :) Come and say hi!
⭐️ We’re a chill, non-toxic & active gaming community with 1k+ members, focused in Smash Ultimate & other Nintendo games, with weekly tourneys & custom bots!
⭐️ We have a completely anonymous confessions channel! Just DM our bot to post the confession.
⭐️Matchmaking channels, roles for SSBU and other games.
⭐️ Spirit collector mini-game inspired by Smash Ultimate exclusive to our server! Collect spirits, level up & trade with friends.
⭐️ Private NSFW channels & more.
We have a friendly community where you can practice and get better at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! *NEW* Team Smash! Get with a team of four to battle against other teams! *note we also like to chill so don't get mad if we can't play*
│Official Smash Cookie Server│
•All Smash Ultimate Players And Fans Are Welcome
•A Place To Improve Your Skills And Have Fun In The Community
•Tournaments Will Be Happening With Cash Prizes And Custom Roles
•Active Members And Staff
•We Do Partnerships
•Awesome Emotes
•No NSFW Content
If We Reach 250 Members Our Server Will Host An Online Smash Tourney! The Winner Will Get $20 Of Any Card They Want! From Eshop Money To Ps4, Xbox Cards, Or Even Starbucks Cards! Along With That Will Be A Custom Role To The Server To Show Off! So Join Now To See If You Got What It Takes To Be #1! ^-^

Well cmon over to the Official Smash Cookie Server!
Discord Link:
Super Kirby Clash Hub is the biggest discord server for everything about this free to play game! Need a team? Need advice? Just want somewhere to talk with an awesome community? We have you covered on all those fronts. So, wether you’re a level 80 diehard fan, or a level 5 newcomer, everyone is welcome at Super Kirby Clash Hub!
Looking for a chill nintendo server to play your favorite games in? Well you've found the right server!! We offer a kind and non-toxic community for nintendo gamers alike, don't be afraid to join in on the fun!
We are a group that archives games so that they aren't lost to time.
Enjoying games is a basic gamer right and we will NOT let time ruin it
We welcome you to the (self proclaimed) ULTIMATE SSB SERVER! We usually hangout and play smash, and there are lobby's and chat rooms for every type of player out there! We talk about fire emblem, Pokémon, a little Yu-Gi-Oh, and many other topics! We are still short on people, but once we get a little more challengers we can start hosting tournaments! Come and join the fun!
Casual ARMS is a friendly and welcoming community that hosts many weekly public play events for ARMS, Splatoon 2, Smash Bros. Ultimate, and more. All of our primary events are complete with leaderboards tied to monthly eShop giveaways as well as role and badge collections based on your progress! Come join us for the good times!

We love Nintendo but we also love for all people to be important. If you've always felt left out wherever you've gone, give us a shot, we definitely like making new friends!
A server for fans of Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to take part in an up and coming active mario kart hub with simple matchmaking and tournaments with potential money prizes!
The Deepsea Metro is a community for all things Splatoon & Splatoon 2. Featuring custom emojis and a relaxed atmosphere, the Deepsea Metro is the perfect server for any Splatoon fans to join and make new friends!
Nintendo Odyssey is a new community, created by Nintendo Fans for Nintendo fans, we love to game and have some fun.

We are looking forward to meet new people who like games like Splatoon, Super Mario Maker, Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, specially Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Are we missing anything? Come tell us! We want to hear your opinion and let's play something together!
Welcome to the SuperJump Squad! A semi-competitive clan for Splatoon, Smash Bros, and Overwatch (specifically).

We also have speedrunning chats in case you want to discuss anything for speedruns.

We are currently hiring mods, so if you like, please join us! We're looking for people who are willing to keep the server as engaging and active as possible. People who are friendly and respectful to the members they look after.
There's a mod application within the news only channel. Fill it up, and we'll consider you! Thank you!
A small and friendly server for people from all kinds of backgrounds to come together and talk about our shared hobby, games (and also other stuff like music, movies, TV, or animals)! Come along and say hello, and invite your friends!
🔷️ Ce serveur a été créé dans l'optique de regrouper tous ceux passionnés de Nintendo et son histoire plus particulièrement.

🔷️ Vous pourrez interagir avec d'autres membres en parlant de l'histoire, du lore, des théories et bien d'autres, tout ceci basé bien évidemment sur Nintendo.
Parmi nous, vous remonterez aux origines de Nintendo, son âge d'or, son explosion dans le paysage vidéoludique, les figures, les mascottes et bien d'autres encore.

🔷️ Nintendologie est un projet de longue date fait par des passionnés pour des passionnés!
Rejoignez nous et embarquez pour cette aventure qui débute tout juste!
C'est aussi le discord de la chaine Youtube Nintendologie arrivant en septembre.
Hey there, you looking for a Splatoon 2 clan to join? For competitive and casual players alike with weekly tourneys? Well we've got the place for you! Welcome to CAMOS clan, sponsored by Rockenberg! A clan where you can find anyone to play with, no matter your skill level!
NEW Smash Bros. server for competitive and casuals alike!

Smashing All Night has amazing features such as:
- Character roles
- Custom roles
- Weeb support
- New HD dog graphics

Since the server is new and still growing, your voice will be important to us.

Join today, and be among the first!
WLR is a Pokémon Discord Community with over 10,000 members! While we specialize in Pokécord, we also have a lot more to offer! From a Gaming section that grows everyday and includes tournaments for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, to members who enjoy Pokémon Showdown, you’re likely to find a home somewhere within our server!

🔰Over 10k members!

🔰Consistent Giveaways
•Handing out Pokecord Credits, Pokemon, and occasionally redeems daily.

🔰Newbie friendly FAQ and question channel!

🔰Pokecord Gym System, as well as Elite Four

🔰Frequent Karaoke/VC Events where you can win prizes


🔰Pokecord Tournaments

🔰Showdown Tournaments

🔰Various Gaming Tournaments
•Such as Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers
Welcome to the Odyssey! This is a Nintendo themed server with a focus on creativity (e.g. fan art, fan fiction, fan games as well as general art and music!) Join if you enjoy playing Nintendo games or have a knack for creativity. We'd love to build a loving community with you!

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Here's a couple things we have:
- A creativity category containing the following channels…
- Fan art
- Fan fiction
- Fan games
- Traditional art
- Digital art
- Music
- Photography
- Paintings
- Calligraphy
- Crafts
- And others!
- An animal crossing channel
- A mario channel
- A splatoon channel
- A smash bros channel
- A zelda channel
- Self promotion
- And a positivity channel!

We also have various bots to ensure you have a great time ^^ The server has people from all over the world! So you’ll always have someone around.

‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙

We'd love to have you here, you'd be a great addition to our community and we hope you have a wonderful time here! ( ´ ▽ ` )
Welcome to Link-Tendo, a non-toxic server where you can talk about all things Nintendo, loosely based around Zelda. We have many chats from Bot channels to Spam! We hope you enjoy your time here, have a great adventure!