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We talk about games and stuff, especially splatoon 2! ^^
Chill Nintendo server that anyone can feel free to join.
-Chat about any games here!
-Share friend-codes & art/media!
Staff are willing to help out with any questions.
Only for people 18+
Hello, Are you a fan of Nintendo? Do you know of Smash Bros Ultimate? Well, if you answered yes to one or both of these questions, then I have the rp for you. I am currently looking for anyone that is interested in a Smash Bros Erp. In this erp, you don't have to play as a playable smash character, but you can also play as spirits, Pokemon, bosses, and assist trophies.
We are a nice splatoon team that has a server that is looking for more members on the team. Please join our server and we would like to have you! <3 We are a small team and we are welcome to anyone! Please join if you can. We love everyone no matter what they are! If you would like to join us, please have splatoon. We are looking for people that have splatoon to join the team.
Here you can RP as many kirby characters! chat with others, send memes, share art and more! we hope u will have fun in our server.
A new, family friendly, non-toxic and drama free community with a focus on Nintendo games and general conversations. We are the best Nintendo-centered server on discord. Join if you have a Switch, or even if you don't!

Come play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Smash Ultimate with us! We are also a nitro boosted server with nearly 150 amazing emojis to enjoy! 😊

*We try to be a pretty mature server, though we welcome users of all ages (as long as they follow Discord’s TOS)*
This is a server based on everything Nintendo with its primarily focus being Smash Ultimate. Here you can create your SSBU profile rank & level up by participating in various events hosted by staff, for example:

- Tournaments
- Trivia Night
- Art contests
- etc.

As well as an exclusive matchmaking system to challenge other players & obtain special ranks, channels for content creators & artists, & ranked tourneys with streamed championships + prizes. See you in the battlefield!
__---- ⭐Rabbitman's HYPE TRAIN!!!⭐---- __

🔗 🔗 Hey guys i am a __Youtuber and my name is Rabbit__. 🐰 If you love __video games__ 🎮 come take a look! This is a nintendo and xbox mostly server! My goal is to get to 500 members on discord only! I looking for the nicest people! We are around 200 right now!

If ur looking to meet new friends and grow join me and partner with me! I always do my best to help others!

👑 __Owner: 🐰Rabbitman🤴__

➡️ __This server is PG__ but we have so much fun and have alot of laughs!! __My server is for all ages__ and we gather around and talk about gaming it up!!!!

💥 ❕ INFO❕💥

🏁 We have alot of bots! 🤖

🏁 We have spotlight winners each month! 🏆

🏁 We have a dethroned channel! 🔥

🏁 Have video game channels! 🕹

🏁 We have music and picture channels! 🎧 🎵 🖼

🏁 We have custom roles and highest role is RabbitKnight! Level 50! Your name will be in purple! 🔨 📌 🔮

🏁 We have video of the week every sunday!!! 💿 🎬

🏁 We also have rank up systems! Get higher for new roles! ⬆️

🛎 Last but not least, __there's not self promo__ but we have a __partner channel__ if your interested just let me know and I will __add u in that channel__.

🎮🕹 If you are a __gamer__ and you love __nintendo__ and __xbox__ and __playstation__ then you should join!!! Dont wait! At least check it out __because when I reach 1k subs I will be GIVING away video games and stuff__! 😮😊 again my goal is to get to 500 members!
Ce serveur Discord a pour but de regrouper tous les serveurs Nintendo [FR] au sein d'un seul et même endroit. Il permettra de ce fait de nombreuses choses : faciliter vos recherches de communautés grâce à un système de salons dédiés ou encore vous permettre de faire connaitre votre communauté. De plus, il y aura ici de temps en temps des interviews en direct, tout ça fait grâce à notre équipe motivée ! Le principe est très simple. Pour être affiché dedans, il suffit de poster votre publicité dans le salon #demande  un  affichage. Le staff se chargera de la poster dans le salon adapté ( Nintendo si il s'agit d'un serveur Nintendo global, Splatoon si il s'agit d'un serveur splatoon, etc... ). Pour qu'une publicité soit acceptée, elle doit être bien réalisée, avec toutes les informations nécessaires (nom du serveur, gérants, lien, description).
This is a textual Kirby roleplay server for anyone who loves the Kirby franchise and wants to write stories about it!

Come in with us and play as one among many Kirby characters from most of the games from the series!

There are also non-roleplay channels for us, fans, like a memes channel, a fanart channel, and even one to talk about general Kirby lore.

We strongly hope you will have fun in here! We can't wait to see you with us!
Mainly a splatoon, smash, and minecraft orientated server. We are all very active in chat and voice chat, hosting private battles, league sessions, and smash arenas almost every night. We also have a minecraft realm where we play survival. You can use this server for match searching or for just chatting, we try our best to be welcoming : )
USUM AnServer is a place for those who enjoy pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon and want a nice community to talk, trade, and battle. We hold occasional pokemon giveaways and events, where we give out free pokemon such as Hoopa and Darkrai!
hey hey! 🌻💞
we are a new server focused towards art, along with games such as Splatoon and Smash! artists of all skill levels are welcomed, as we are trying to make this server a welcoming and wholesome one! We would love to have you be a part of our family!
OMG! Elite Switch Club?!?? Yep, you found it. The best Nintendo Server Around! We have Rocket League, SSBU, Splatoon 2, and More! Why are you still reading this? Join ESC Today! p.s. we do constant giveaways and tournaments for eshops.
Die Dialga Zitadelle ist ein Community Server in Aufbau.
Du kannst ein (eventuell fester) Teil des Servers werden und zusammen mit anderen Mitgliedern des Servers schreiben, reden und zusammen spielen/zocken.
Eine wichtige Anmerkung hierbei wäre, dass der Server mostly Nintendo-based ist.
Wir sind sehr entgegenkommend und tolerieren die meisten Personen.
Spiele die häufig gespielt werden sind Smash Bros, Pokemon, Mario Kart und weiteres, aber wir spielen auch Spiele wie Rocket League und andere third-party-Spiele.

Du bist herzlich willkommen in der Dialga Zitadelle!
:Musti ist eine Gottheit
Welcome to the world of Inkopolis[+]! We host an immersive, OC centric, literate to semi-literate RP server that lets you customize your experience the world of Splatoon for yourself!

-RP as an Inkling, Octoling, or other sea creature in the bustling city of Inkopolis!
-Make friends and chat as your character in the server's own in-universe chat network!
-Audition to RP as a canon character from a wide range of open positions!
-Participate in occasional server-wide story events, such as music festivals and tournaments!
-Maintain a fully SFW (safe for work) experience!
-Easy to navigate
-Helpful and active Admin team
-100% mobile friendly

Come explore Inkopolis today!
The Deepsea Metro is a community for all things Splatoon & Splatoon 2. Featuring custom emojis and a relaxed atmosphere, the Deepsea Metro is the perfect server for any Splatoon fans to join and make new friends!
Welcome Wigglytuff's guild, rookie! We're a mystery dungeon/Pokémon themed server. Come hang out!

We've got custom emojis, assignable roles, color roles, voice chat and more to come.
De gezelligste Nederlands talige Community waar elke gamer zich thuis voelt. Of je nu een hardcore gamer bent, of af en toe gamen doet, bij Dutch Gamers Unite ben je altijd welkom.
Broken Pokéballs is a brand new server where you can chat, make friends, catch, trade, and battle With Pokécord! Very friendly community, newbies welcome! Currently looking for mods/admins, no children under 14 please!
Introducing Golden Smash, a friendly smash bros discord server with heart!
In this server our main reason for being alive is so we can bring people together to play some good old happy fun smash. Not only that, but theres more! We have weekly smash bros ultimate tourneys every sunday, and to add some some spice, we have special tourneys every three normal tourneys. Special tourneys are normal tourneys but with a twist, like items on or possible teams on, Much fun!
I do my best to keep this delicious community as friendly as possible, to ensure that every one has the best experience they can. Smash bros is our main attraction yes, but this server is all about having a good time and enjoying yourself, maybe you can make a few friends along the way???
Then. See you there. In Golden Smash!
The Twilight Realm is a server for people to come together. We will have planned game nights and a well managed server. The members are all welcoming and would love to meet new people. If you like games, music, and meeting others this is the server.
An extremely fun and caring server about the show Happy Tree Friends and the game franchise Super Mario Bros. Chat, play games, interact with bots and much more, while having a lot of fun!
The official Discord server for the "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" game on the Nintendo Switch!