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Come join Smash Ranch to hone your skills and be the best that you can be. We hold tournaments (some with prizes) and offer a fun and welcoming community. Whether you are a casual or competitive player, we think you should come check us out and play a couple of games! We now have a dedicated set of Pokemon channels, so if you're into pokemon, come check us out.
Hello! We are a new server, still in Beta, that is mainly focused on the Splatoon Series, but feel free to talk about other stuff and make new friends. We have bots like [groovy and owo]. We are trying to improve the server and make it better so feel free to suggest us changes or improvements to the server
Come join us :) , we really want new people in our server
Nintendo Rule 34 is a NSFW discord server full with content only Nintendo.
Its free to join so why not join us! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We got dedicated channels for:
- 🏰Mario series
- ⚔️Zelda Series
- 🐙Splatoon
- 👽Metroid
- ⭕Pokemon
- 🔥Fire emblem
And more!!!

Tags: rule34, rule 34, rule-34, nintendo, nsfw, mario, zelda, ip, porn
This is Deluxe Derpy Dimensions, an Awesome and Welcoming Community!
This Fantastic Server Includes:

- Gaming chats and news!
- Amazing Admins!
- Fun Tournaments!
- Cool Emotes!
- A Great Ranking System!
- Waluigi!
- An Epic Shop and Money System!
- And Many More Awesome Things!

So Why Haven't You Joined Yet? You Should have Deluxe Derpy Dimensions on Your Server List!
Including Great Members, Staff, and People, Which Could Include You!
We welcome you to the (self proclaimed) ULTIMATE SSB SERVER! There are the following things in this server:
*Chats for casual, team battle, and 1v1 games!
*channels to talk about your favorite games!
*a place for good boys and girls uwu
*mods that assist you and keep you safe from any toxic players
*tournaments where you can win cash prizes and help the server grow more vibrant!
*one cool admin (thats me)
*a friend code chat to find many many people to play with!

This server is growing strong, with competitive and casual players all around! We would love to have you join our server and help it grow even bigger than before! Remember to always be toxic-free and don't insult people just because of a match. Hope you all enjoy and happy gaming!
Hello toi ! ✨
Tu cherche un serveur actif animal crossing ? Qui organise des giveaways ? Qui t'aide dans le jeux ?
Ce serveur est fais pour toi, moi je suis Imène la Reine de ce serveur, la créatrice si préfère😏
Puis tu as les membres de mon staff, Faustine, Éloïse et Kami 😁
D'adorables personne au caractère différent 😀
N'hésite pas à venir nous rendre visite 😉
On t'attend 😋
A relaxed Animal Crossing server that is currently looking for new Villagers to move in!

You can/We have:
🌴Socialize and make friends with other ACers via text or voice chat.
🌴Play AC on our Discord server with the Isabelle bot.
🌴Exchange friend codes, helpful guides, and more.
🌴Pick your roles (personality, etc) and identify yourself to everyone.
🌴Contests/Events we can all enjoy to win bells and items.
🌴Dedicated channels for past AC games.
...and much more!

Join today and have fun on our island! 🍒🌼🍑🐚🌷🍐🍊
We are a simple hangout server filled with middle schoolers, high schoolers, and alumni. On Fridays, we usually do Hunger Games, Pokecord tournaments (ocasionally), and Smash Bros. Fridays. On the weekends, we do Mario Kart Saturdays and Splatoon 2 Sundays. We hope to see you joining soon!

Hey there! Looking for a chill place to talk, trade, and battle on Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon? Well you just found it. We have a small group of dudes eager for trading and thirsty for battle! We also have our own E4 which anyone can join and battle. Occasionally we have events and giveaways where winners are awarded pokemon like Marshadow and Darkrai!!

•cool dudes
•fun events
•free pokemon

So what are you waiting for? We're waiting for you to join our company!
Nook"woah, what is this?"
nook horizons is a discord server dedicated to animal crossing: new horizons!
- we have many features, including (but not limited to)the following:
- bell giveaways
- nmt giveaways
- villager giveaways
- trading channels
- looking-for channels
- and many more!

we are a kind, and respectful community. we do not tolerate any prejudices, racism, etc.
A small, humble RP server with a tongue in cheek tone, set in the Smash Brothers Multiverse. Following the Defeat of Darkhon and Galeem, the combined realms began working together toward prosperity and peace. However, evil forces of all kinds are working to destroy the lands.
The Deepsea Metro is a community for all things Splatoon & Splatoon 2. Featuring custom emojis and a relaxed atmosphere, the Deepsea Metro is the perfect server for any Splatoon fans to join and make new friends!
Hey there!
Welcome to Big Bear's Pub.
We have.
- Plenty of channels with a wide variety of things you can do.
- Wholesome images
- Friendly and welcoming friends
- NSFW Channels with Porn and Yiff
- Bara
- Plenty of games like Smash Bros, Animal Crossing, Housamo, and others.
- Emotes
- Carefree and a fun place.

I'm not too strict as others, so I do hope you come to my pub and enjoy your stay at my wonderful home as this place is for a good time and to mainly have fun.
Hi Friends! Welcome to Goomy's Lake of Outrage (named after the place you find Goomy in Pokémon Shield). My goal here is create a place for Nintendo Fans to come and interact with eachother and play different Nintendo Games with eachother such as Animal Crossing, Splatoon, Smash Bros, Pokemon, and more! We have a fairly active Animal Crossing community here that often share gifts and help eachother out. If you're interested in joining a community like this, feel free to join! We also have some bots, like PokeCord, Dank Memer, and some Music Bots to always entertain you, as well as reaction roles and color roles. I also make YouTube videos and stream regularly where we get a lot of people to play the same game together as a community! I hope you'll enjoy your stay :)
All gamers are welcome here! You can talk about games, talk about other stuff, send memes, send art, and even advertise your content!
Hiyahh!! HylianCrib is a server a slowly growing gaming community, we are always looking to make a positive fun gaming chat of players to make new friends and to enjoy every conversation with one another! We play games based around Nintendo like Super Smash Bros which is a big game of this server! Overall HylianCrib is a server for players to chill make friends and have a good time!
welcome to animal crossing! we are an accepting community that proudly features:

- 100+ emotes!
- giveaways!
- self-applicable and color roles!
- fun bots!
- voice channels for every occasion!
- lgbt+ friendly members and staff!
- a plethora of super specific channels!
- helpful and kind members and staff!
- unique roles!
- new horizons, new leaf, and still expanding to the rest of the games!

feel free to join to talk about animal crossing, find others to play with, or just join to have fun! even if you dont own an animal crossing game, you are still more than welcome to join the server to make friends!
Got nowhere to compete or play smash because of Coronavirus? Look no further because SnR is the best place for you!

What we offer:
-7300+ members
-The largest smash community server on discord!
-An active community welcoming to all!
-24/7 Global Matchmaking
-The biggest tournament smash server on discord!
-Animal Crossing events
-Free to enter online tournaments with cash prizes every week!
-An academy dedicated to improving your smash skills!
-Tutors for Smash Ultimate and schoolwork!

Come join SnR today!
A chill Nintendo Hangout!

- Non-Toxic community
- Meme Channels
- Pokemon, and Smash bros. focused
- NSFW channels
- Brand New!
- Constantly improving and taking user feedback!
Come join the gaming club! It's small now but will grow bigger with your help!
-Tons of bots like dank memer, notsobot, unbelievaboat, and more!
-Lots of voice channels for talking with friends!
-Always adding your suggestions for the server!
-Roles for all the games you play!
-Owner that's online a lot!
-Staff applications!
-Fact of the day

We're a chill server, we focus on Splatoon 2 but any game Nintendo Related is welcome here. (Mario, Zelda, Fortnite, Fire Emblem, Smash, Pokémon, etc.)

What does Inktopia have?

✨Custom Splatfests


✨Server Events and Updates

✨Self Assignable Roles and Name Colors

✨Active-ish Staff


✨Hablamos Español!

✨Server Exclusive Bot

✨ Pokémon Channels and Pokécord Bot

✨...and much more!

Join Inktopia Today
We have a friendly community where you can practice and get better at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! We also have chats for other games besides Smash! We love all feedback, so feel free to join! *we (try to) have weekly mini tourneys with minor prizes!*
A fun smash bros tourney server! We got weekly tournaments, coaches, and an amazing community! We also have special events every now and then, like a friendlies tourney and doubles. You can also just chill here, chat, listen to music, just an all round fun and great community
✷ À l’occasion de la sortie d’Animal Crossing : New Horizons, nous vous invitons à faire escale sur ce serveur pour un brin de discussion avec la communauté française, qui n’attend que vous pour plus de fun ! ✷

Le serveur comprend :
• Des salons de discussion (textuels et vocaux) et de partage pour échanger avec les membres
• Un salon pour prévenir des actualités Nintendo qui sortent sur YouTube
• Une « place du marché », où vous pourrez vendre vos items et en rechercher
• De nombreux bots pour s’amuser
• Un système de concours avec récompenses lorsque le jeu sera sorti et que le serveur sera assez peuplé

✷ Tout ce qui nous manque, c’est votre présence pour s’amuser encore plus. N’attendez plus pour nous rejoindre, vous serez accueillis à bras ouverts ! ✷