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A fairy new Pokemon related Discord server that has bots like Rhythm, Miki and Pokecord (Will be adding more soon). Also the channels have been divided up to make talking about a specific subject easier to do so :D

Anyways I'm hoping that with this we could form a nice community willing to help out those who are just getting started or those who just want to be social.

So Cya around!

(Server is fairy new so not many people are in it at the moment, so it may seem barren for a bit)
51 minutes ago
Welcome to the offical Jack Sorrell Discord server!
Here, we talk about the latest in Homebrew and the best in Nintendo gaming.
2 days ago
A Pokémon dedicated server. You can talk about anything related to Pokémon, trade them via 3DS or Pokécord Bot. And many other things! Also modified Pokémon GAs :)
42 days ago
Do you want to join a server mainly about Pokemon? This may be the one for you to join!
152 days ago
we are a space themed server we are quite small right now and are looking for new friends! join us we got personality.