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Voici le serveur NintenDiscord est un un site qui permet, depuis plus de 10 ans, à des joueurs francophones du monde entier de défier et partager leurs expériences sur les jeux Nintendo les plus célèbres. Un nouveau site, créé par des joueurs actuels et anciens du site a désormais son propre serveur.

Tous les week-ends seront organisés :
🔸 Des quizz
🔸 Des blind test
🔸 Des tournois

Tous les jours :
🔹 Des parties effrénées
🔹 Des news

Un escape game sur les jeux vidéos sera monté sur le serveur.

Ne manque pas l'occasion d'assister à la naissance d'une magnifique communauté de joueurs passionnés !

Rejoins nous et sois bon(ne) joueur(euse) ! 🎮 🔥

Pokémon , Pokemon go , Mario Kart , SSB , ACNL , jeux PC , fortnite ? C'est ici !
The Roost Café: A new and upcoming Animal Crossing community with lots of fun features! Make new friends and visit each other’s towns! Share art and QR codes! Join competitions and more!
A Pokémon dedicated server. You can talk about anything related to Pokémon, trade them via 3DS or Pokécord Bot. And many other things! Also modified Pokémon GAs :)
Thanks for visiting my server's page!

I'm Jack, and this is my Discord server which is for my subscribes on YouTube and everyone who wants to join in.

Here, we talk about pretty much everything. We are dedicated to making the server helpful and fun to be a part of.

Our main topics of interest are modding Nintendo consoles such as the 3DS, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, and the rest. We also love modding games and exploring that kind of thing.

Need help with installing Homebrew, console modding, anything Nintendo related? Ask us!
A drama free server for ACNL. We have a custom Isabelle helper bot and tatsumaki. Join for a drama free close knit community.
A Server Dedicated to Pokemon Tournaments for Sun/Moon & Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon!

-No Title Legendaries: MewTwo, Lugia, Ho-oh, etc. (Full List in Server)
-No Mythicals
-No Ultra Beasts
-Levels Set to Lv.50
-Mega Evo's and Z-Moves Allowed
The Smash Bros Hub is a server built around the popular Nintendo Game Smash Bros. We have monthly tourneys with special rewards and roles. Now introducing Smash Bros Factions! 110 Unlockable roles! We have friendly staff and people willing to play anytime. What are you waiting for? Come join us!
A server about chatting about hacking & modding Nintendo consoles, emulators, and more

Welcome and thank you for joining, Gamers Lounge is a server that is primarily focused on gaming with your pals and just hanging out, I do hope you all enjoy your stay here and if you ever need any help with another member just shoot me or another Admin/Mod a pm and we will be glad to help when available.
A server focused around any Nintendo discussion.

We currently have:
-A cool custom !wah command.
-Neat emotes.
-A variety of custom role colors to choose from (including rainbow!).
-Joinable channels dedicated to many Nintendo IPs.
-A friend code sharing bot.
-A fancy currency, OA$IS, or oasis dollars (o$), which will be a way to get rewards in the future.

We plan to have:
-Joinable channels dedicated to many third-party series.
-Even more neat emotes.
-Probably even cooler stuff in the future.
Welcome to the Pokemon GTS and Battle Frontier, we are a community wishing to grow. We offer Battling and Trading services to all those who join: DS and Showdown, as well as a bi-weekly shiny hunting contest. We are also going to possibly develop Pokemon Genning services in the future if the servers grows large enough.
A general Nintendo server for fans to hangout and play some games! :)
Welcome to PokéSpark!

We are a growing Discord server where you can hangout and talk about all things Pokémon to your heart's desire.

You can lounge here, talk about Pokémon, all things Nintendo, or just talk about anything in general!

We have:
✔ Level system and custom roles with perks (more coming soon)!
:ballot_box_with_check: Tatsumaki, MEE6, Pokéverse bots, and more!
✔ Verified Trainer role with access to exclusive channels!
✔ The Pokédex!
✔ Player stats!

There's a lot more you can do here, and there's more in store for you, so why not kick off your journey today!
Join here for a fun time! We accept everyone of all ages. We’re all friendly and kind, please enjoy.
This is a duel pokemon league with showdown and 3ds. applications are still open for elite 4 and gym leaders.
Do you want to join a server mainly about Pokemon? This may be the one for you to join!
we are a space themed server we are quite small right now and are looking for new friends! join us we got personality.
Ici tu peux hack t'as 3ds ou t'as switch en français ou bien juste parler :')