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Hello! & Welcome to Immortal Gaming! 🤗

We are close, small group of social gamers expanding into a community where people can meet others to game, socialize, and chill with. 🤗

We have:
༻▬▬⋙ 🌴 A chill environment to game & socialize in
༻▬▬⋙ 🏅 LoL Tournaments & series with cash prizes
༻▬▬⋙ 🤳 Self promotion channels
༻▬▬⋙ 🔊 Gaming & social voice chats
༻▬▬⋙ 😏 Memes
༻▬▬⋙ 🔞 NSFW channel available upon request
༻▬▬⋙ 🎲 Gambling/Games to play to win server currency with
༻▬▬⋙ 💰 Community shop to buy a variety of server items
༻▬▬⋙ 👑 Staff openings
༻▬▬⋙ 🎉 Raffles, minigames, tournaments, and prized events
༻▬▬⋙ 🌸 Anime nights
༻▬▬⋙ 🎤 Karaoke nights
༻▬▬⋙ 📽️ Movie nights
༻▬▬⋙ 💙 Partnerships

If you would like to join us here is an invite for you & your friends 💗
Hope to see you soon!
Właśnie zostałeś zaproszony do elitarnej grupy (na) Zawsze Niewinnych.
Jesteśmy ekipą dobrych znajomych szukających osób do gry oraz nowych znajomości! Cenimy sobie najbardziej więzi i kontakty, które budujemy już od ponad 4 lat. Gramy również w wiele gier, więc nie będziesz miał problemu ze znalezieniem kogoś do wspólnej gry. Na serwerze możesz również znaleźć wiele tematycznych kanałów, oraz botów oferujących wiele możliwości.Nie wstydź się zagadaj do nas.
Życzymy miłych wrażeń ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
A Social Discord Server for OCE League of Legends players. Giveaways, Tournaments and other fun things. (Please only join if you are an OCE player)
we are a friendly server with fun members and we usually do things such as play games (mostly league of legends) or hang out together. anyone who's 15+ is welcome!
Szukasz serwera na którym znajdziesz:
- Miłą atmosferę?
- Administrację dbającą o użytkowników?
- Przyjaznych, pomocnych i INTERESUJĄCYCH ludzi?
- Bardzo fajnie spędzisz czas?
- Zaawansowany system ról oraz rang? TO NIE U NAS!
Ale za to:
-(raczej) nie wyłapiesz bana
-Można się czasem pośmiać (absolutnie ze wszystkiego)
-Kozak Emotki
-Jak jesteś przegrywem to nawet dziewczyny się znajdą (albo ich zastęp czekający by dać Ci atencję)!
-Mamy aktywny czat głosowy!
We are a community of friends that joke around and chill! Some of us have known each other for years and we are looking to make new friends. Our humor is elite and hopefully you can keep up. Join!
uwu meine fwiends und ihr seid alle herzlich auf meinen ersten Server eingeladen!! .+(´^ω^`)+. Hier kannst du dich über Anime und Games austauschen. Haben sogar einen kleinen Bereich für League Anfänger und natürlich auch für die Profis unter euch. ( ̄∇ ̄)
Es ist bis jetzt noch nicht viel los dort, aber das ändert sich hoffentlich bald. (´・ω・`)
It is a gaming hub where you can find people to play games like Fortnite with you!

Make new friends
Find people to play with
Take part in our events and giveaways
Join our small, but growing community!
Akali's Noodle Bar is an 18+ community.
There is a lot of different content on the server for our community which consists of streamers, youtubers, artists and other forms of content creation.

We have a place for creators to post there work, a bot to promote their streams/youtube videos and to chat about their work.

We have a lot of NSFW channels for games such as LoL, Overwatch, Pokemon, WoW and many more.
As well as channels dedicated to certain kinks.

There are channels to post stuff such as food, Selfies, Memes, Cosplay, Anime And Cartoons As well as many other channels.

There is something for everyone here so we hope to see you there!
Welcome to League of Beginners!
⚔️ We are a LoL server dedicated to players who are new to league or looking to improve their skills! This server is made to create a friendly and safe environment for new players to learn how to improve their skills. Pros and Veterans to League are also welcome! We'd love to have experienced players also help out our newer players! ⚔️
Our server offers:

🛡 Looking For Group (LFG) channels created for users to find and meet new players to team up and play together!

🛡 Voice Channels sorted by squad size to have a convenient and easy way to communicate without using league voice!

🛡 Bots dedicated to helping out with useful tips for different champions and builds to help improve your skills!

🛡 Advertising channels for clans to recruit new members and to grow their communities!

⚔️ If you're interested in finding a new place to improve and discuss League of Legends, please check us out! ⚔️
hi guys this sever well is basically a gaming server where you can meet other people and make friends so please come and join.
👌 ★Engaging Community★ 👌
🤖 ★Fun Bots★ 🤖
🤔 ★Voice & Text Channels for Different Topics (Ex. Games, News, Education, etc.)★ 🤔
🛡️ Security (Active & Attentive Mods) 🛡️
🧠 Unique and Special Nitro Emotes 🧠
Allover, a server open to everyone 😄
Permanente Invite Link: 👇
Welcome to Guardian Gaming! This is a server where we enjoy to socialize and play video games with one another. Whether you play console, pc, watch anime or just looking to make some new friends, feel free to join us! And remember to have a GG. :)
New NA league of legends wholesome and fun server!

We also play others games like maplestory and overwatch come join us and have fun :)!

What we have:

What we are planning:
Better leveled roles system
League in-houses/custom games
movie-tv/anime nights
Anaro is a Gaming Clan and community that has been actively playing a multitude of games since 2014. Recently we have entered efforts to expand and are looking for new members to contribute to our lively community.
Warframe, League, Minecraft, Payday, Gmod, And many more
-Digital Credit system
-Purchasable Ranks and Perks
We are a gaming server, preferably League of Legends. Looking for casual, fun, competitive players.
```Join today to help us Grow```
got 100+ Players
:sparkles:High Quality | Community (Private):sparkles:

- The High Quality Discord server is about **Gaming, And making new friends**
- **Having a blast time**
- **reading memes**
- **Be Active in chat**
- **Helping other**
- **once join read the Server rules**
-Server **Owner @♛ ✘ Slayerz✘ ♛ **
- ***once done with that Enjoy the server and invite and share this server with others***

```Our Server Include the following```

:sparkles: **Self-Roles (Section)**

:star: **Giveaways (Section)**

:star: **Announcement (Section)**

:star: **Leveling up system/earning ranks.**

:star: **Fortnite (Section)**

:star: **Meme (Section)**

:star: **Advertise (Section)**

:star: **OwO Spam (Section)
And Lots More....
- **One cool thing about us is you can get a sponsor by inviting 5 people!**
- AND! you may advertise your discord in the advertise (section) Cool right!.
-Discord Link to Share with others:
**Hey! Check out my youtube Channel--> Like, Sub, And comment on the recent Vids**!
**Server Banner** --->
New server, that means; looking for staff, opinions, partner managers and loads more! We have emotes!
Checkout LockDown! We are an organization which plays and has teams for various eSports games.

- Play any game you'd like and help expand our growing community.
- Active members.
- A ranking system.
- Fun bots.
- Giveaways!

If any of these topics appeal to you, don't hesitate to join!

We're a group of friends who enjoy playing video games. We got music, bots, and... not much else, but we do have pretty cool staff members. Not many though. We play all types of games like FPS, Mobas, and Car Soccer (Lets Go G2!) If your looking for a small community well you're in luck we barely have players! But you could be one of the starting few come join us for the low low price of free ㋛! (We also like anime...)
A few things you can expect here at The Big Kids Club
-Videos Games
-NSFW Memes
-SFW Memes
-Esports View Parties (So you can watch Esports and chat with people at the same times!)
-And Zack
Forget about the last one... but join today!
Welcome to the College of Legends, a server where you can roleplay as League of Legends characters (and some OCs, if digestible).
We offer server-wide roleplay within the college, (multiple text-channels, for multiple locations around the campus).
Our staff is friendly and welcoming of new ideas, the server is constantly evolving.
We also have the whole spectrum of media sharing channels (SFW, NSFW, Memes, etc.).
╔════════Join us at The Dump!════════╗
An English NA/EUW League of Legends server with much to offer!

╔SFW (All ages are welcome)
╔Non-toxic community
╔Actively working and socializing staff

╔════════WHAT WE OFFER═════════╗
╔9 Dedicated League channels for those only in it to win in
╔Weekly to monthly 5v5 customs events in which most honorable receives a reward and temporary special role
╔Server-wide 1v1 Tournaments in development
╔Coaching/Sharing channel to focus on the mentoring and training old and new players alike
╔Custom VC lobbies you control to host your games
╔Several dozen channels to suit your various needs
╔Streamer- and visual artist-friendly channels to host and sell content (Artists are eligible to have their own channel for commissioning on request)
╔6 bots used for social interaction and leveling such as OwO, Tatsumaki, and Pollux
╔Large category for text-only RPG game Discord Dungeons for anyone who self-assigns for it
SLG Las Vegas Wildcards discord server

If you live in Vegas and play League of Legends/Clash Royale/Minecraft join us!