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hey, this is a brand new server with fun members, we're very community driven and would like to do things such as play games (mostly league of legends) or watch movies together. anyone is welcome!
34 minutes ago
League of Legends based community.

Progressing at a consistent rate to becoming a larger server. Find others to play with, a new team, or participate in an inhouse and win awesome prizes. Join us on the server to find out more and get involved! Please feel welcome to invite your friends.
1 hours ago
Attention all e-girls! Join now to expand my empire. We play league or just shitpost. ***egirls only*** Jk the server consists of traps and dudes, im trying to even out the ratio please join :[
9 hours ago
This server is coffee and astrology themed with a leveling system, but in general we're looking for league of legends players and art hoes, photography to anything artsy. Anything can be considered art as long as you use your own creativity. So if you'd like that join :)
only nsfw at night lol
12 hours ago
Do you enjoy talking to people and making new friends? We have lots of social people here. Do you like playing games like League of Legends? We play a lot of games. Do you like anime? We have lots of weebs here, so if you want to talk about anime, we gotchu. There are many things you can do on this server. It's 3 AM Go to Bed.
15 hours ago
The Lovely Latte is a discord server that is focused around community! Feel free to join! We have places to advertise your discord server, but you have to stay in the discord server. We are looking for partners. We offer a place for showing off selfies, and your own art and music :) Hope to see you!
16 hours ago
16 + gamer server! We play games like league of legends, overwatch, and fortnite across all platforms. We're all generally nice people who tend to joke around a lot so if you get easily triggered this is not the sever for you. The server's environment is pretty relaxed so feel free to drop in and say hi
23 hours ago
Nice corner on the internet with a growing community where you can meet new people to play games with, or if you just want some new pals in general! Fun bots, Cute emotes, and more!
1 days ago
Salut marin d'eaux douces!
Je t'invite a venir nous rejoindre pour faire des parties de League of Legends (ou autre) dans une bonne ambiance.
On est un groupe d'amis (entre 20 et 35 ans) et on se retrouve en général en soirée pour s'amuser tous ensemble.
Tu es le bienvenu parmis nous si tu le souhaites!

tag : fr french francais français lol wow overwatch fortnite
2 days ago
★ Critical Damage ★

🔸A relaxed league of legends based (+ other games) gaming server with a unique spread of members

🔸145 members with 12 bots

🔸Specifiedchannels for League of Legends, Pokemon, Rabbit hosting or just to have a chill convo

🔸 League of Legends based server with kill streak roles representing activeness
🔸 4 NSFW channels with a combined total of almost 3k q u a l i t y posts

🔸Come Join us for good time
Owner: Calypso
2 days ago
EUW & EUROPEAN SERVERS. We are a gaming community focused mainly on games such as League of Legends, overwatch, PUBG, WoW and Archeage. Come on in! We have people from all over both the UK and Europe so you're guaranteed not to feel left out!
2 days ago
Sad Bois Discord, Memes, Anime, Video games and Socializing. Ever Growing Community of Friends in a social network.

give aways/events
5 days ago
A community accepting many people! Chill people to hang out with and talk about anything you guys want :) Many events with different prizes to be won! Don't miss out!
7 days ago
We are a growing ERP/NSFW server, which focuses mainly around roleplay.
Hentai art, music, memes or a "happy channel" can also be found on the server and are frequently used by everyone. Characters from all universes or OC's are accepeted on the server.
The community has grown together nicely but new faces are always welcome on the server and we would be happy to meet you.
14 days ago
What is League ERP, and why should you join!

League ERP is a server dedicated to erotic roleplay, and League of Legends, as the name implies. Regardless of that, original characters (OC) are more than welcomed to join in the fun. The server has many different channels, including a variety of roleplaying settings, NSFW channels for the lewd art, and NSFW chats for the lewd talk! There is also an LFP (Looking for Partner) channel, which can be helpful to find a roleplaying partner or group or perhaps even find someone to play games with. We have guidelines on how to set up your post in that section, as a way to increase your chances to find the right person, just remember to be descriptive and patient.
15 days ago
An erotic roleplay server with a variety of channels, hentai, fun events and many characters! Non erotic roleplayers are welcome too!
16 days ago
A Starting discord based on NSFW images of Overwatch and League of Legends
17 days ago
A server that has a lot to offer! Anime, gaming, music, memes, anything you want we have! Meet new people who have the same interests as you and make new friends. We're all friendly in here and we want to make the server grow and flourish into something big where everyone can join and be themselves.

We have level roles and we also allow multi-language on our server but only in the specific language channels.

- Rules -

1. Be respectful

2. No racism

3. Avoid religion unless it's a conversation that's considerate and respectful towards everyone

4. No drama

5. No bullying/harassing

6. No advertising

7. Have fun!
This server was made for people to have fun and meet new people with the same interests as you. We're all friendly in here and we want to make the server grow and flourish into something big where everyone can join and be themselves.

We hope you enjoy yourselves here in Haven!
19 days ago
Hello! I am the owner of Botty Music & Fun Server. We are constantly coding more bot to treat the convenience of our members that joined the server.
What we provide:
- Bot that plays musics. Sadly the bot is not 24/7 yet but hosted by me.
- We have cool staff. We will be recruiting staff real soon. If you're interested, you can fill up the form when it comes live.
- We provide gaming rooms for the different type of games.
- You can make friends with people in the server. Even the staff!
21 days ago Server is targeted on Gamers, we focusing on professionalism, stability and 24/7 Support! On our server it is possible to create a channel for GROUPS! is International, so English is there. Welcome!
21 days ago
Come join our International Community Server about gaming, anime, and random shit. Join if you are into granblue fantasy, final fantasy xiv, or gacha games (kancolle, fate GO, Fire Emblem Heroes, Azurlane, King's Raid).

Members from Europe, Asia, and the US welcome! :D

We allow dicks but not assholes, so prepare to be kicked if you just enjoy shitting on everything....
23 days ago
Looking for a discord gaming server? then come join the Rebel Empire we're a multi-gaming community that plays games like Overwatch, PUBG, Minecraft, Fortnite and more we also have active voice/text chats :D come stop by for a fun time!!.
28 days ago
We're small community of 300 people that enjoy playing mainly league of legends but we talk about other games such as dnd, runescape, as well. If you're interested to join in and drama free, hop in!
36 days ago
:video_game: ⌘ Horizontal Gaming ⌘ :video_game:

This server is a gaming community server where you can hangout and make new friends while playing and listening to music and having fun, the main focus of the server is League of legends, but, we also play alot of other games including but not limited to: PUBG, Fortnite, CSGO, Paladins, Rust, Hurtworld etc.

:large_blue_diamond: ⁂What we have⁂ :large_blue_diamond:

✪ A Gaming Community
✪ Fast Growing Community
✪ Friendly and Joyous Community
✪ Fun events
✪ Memes
✪ Music
✪ Contests and Giveaways
✪ Active and Dedicated Staff
✪ Assignable Roles
✪ Partnerships available
▬▬▬ ▬»»————-————-««▬ ▬▬▬ 
36 days ago