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GameAlpha is dedicated to Gaming and Anime.
Everyone is Welcome!

▷League of Legends
▷Counter Strike
Tired of those lonely nights playing video games and watching anime? Do you ever feel like you don't "fit in" anywhere? What if I told you there was a place you could feel welcome? Well look no further! We are a fun, chill community that plays games such as league of legends and Osu! We host events such as anime night and game night, role play, along with individual factions within the server for clan wars. If you're interested in a positive community with tons of amazing people; then ProjectOnline is the PERFECT place for you.
League of Mentoring is a server based around the game League of Legends that brings together a bunch of resources to help you improve your gameplay. We offer free as well as paid coaching to our members and there's a great community in casual chat as well!
Welcome to MGT (Mocha Gaming Team)! We play lots of games and are all together trying to be a fun gaming community. There are specific chats meant for certain games as well as chats for everyone to come together in!

We're hoping to create a big community for gaming and making friends. Fall into idol hell with us~
Witamy na serwerze anime posiadający także inne aspekty wiec jeśli nawet nie oglądasz anime to i tak się tu odnajdziesz zapraszamy na serwer C:

Welcome to the F1uffy Bunnies!
- Play LoL
- Dank Memes
- In-Lane-App
- Plays Video Games
- Cool Bots
- Just a Random Server lol!
- You can be toxic just really don't say things so toxic such as K.Y.S.
- Partners!

We are a group of gamers that built this server from the ground up. We are not strict, we just ask that you do not freak out or post NSFW also don't completely curse someone out unless they deserved it. Like I said we mostly don't care if your toxic but please have some common sense before typing. We also have a donation bot where you may donate to the server! Post your Youtube channel, or twitch. There is a full stream chat. Thank you for joining The F1uffy Bunnies!
An erotic roleplay server with a variety of channels, hentai, fun events and many characters! Non erotic roleplayers are welcome too!
Internal Gaming is a community of gamers who are looking to find purpose in gaming. We build lasting friendships and relations and aim to take you back to the social atmosphere of local co-op and lan parties. We seek to do this by hosting community events (some listed below) and games outside of just league. We plan on running tournaments, hosting/recording coaching lessons and creating team based contests that will lead to rewards. If you would like to learn more about us, come join the discord and check out our “about” page listed in the “Learn more” folder.

Just to quickly share, here are some activities we do :
Karaoke nights
Anime/Movie viewing parties
Live streams and giveaways
Party games (Jack Box, Cards against humanities)
Discord bot games (Currently only pokemon)

Another part of what Internal Gaming is about, is investing in each other. By this I mean we support our fellow streamers. In our community we have a level system from a commonly used to to help measure activity in the discord. Upon reaching level ten (can be reached in 3-7 days if you are active) you will receive the “Content Creator” which will give you access to a channel to promote your own channel when you go live. However, we understand that often, that is not enough. So what we do to help, is that every week we use a randomizer to randomly select two members with the “Content Creator” to be specially listed in our featured streamers section. They will also be allowed to @everyone once a day for the week to help get attention for their stream. We also occasionally have paid commission based position open for different projects. In time to come, we may even offer regular partner positions to pay content creators to help create content for Internal Gaming.

As we all know, anything worth wild takes times and effort. As of right now, we are still in are beginning stages and will need help to make it all come together. As of right now, the best way to help is to join the community and play with us. If you are like me, and believe I.G can be something huge and are looking to be more involved, go visit our “learn more” channel to see how else you can support or join the team. We are currently looking to recruit moderators and admins

This has been Internal Malice from Internal Gaming, and I thank you for your time.
Hello! My name is Ronny and I am the owner.
You probably saw lots of these already but trust me, this ain't like the other ones. Feeling a bit lonely or just wanting a small group or squad to talk too and play with? It's the right place. We play games ranging from Overwatch to League of Legends.
Come join me and my close bond of friends <3
Welcome to LoL Confessions! A casual, non toxic League of Legends server. We welcome members from all servers. This is a great place to meet some new friends to take to the Rift! Please message a mod with your region upon joining otherwise you will not be able to see the channels.

*Occasional RP Giveaways.
*Channel to advertise your streams/channels.
*Channels for Anime/Manga/Shows/Books/Movies/Comics.
*Channel for memes.
*Channel for discussing LCS/LCK/etc;.
*NSFW Channel. (Have to ask a mod for the role!~)
*Lots of Discord bots, like Orianna Bot, Ayana, Tatsumaki, and Mantaro.
*Special role for being pinged for finding games.
*750 members+, with members from lots of different regions.
*Cute custom League of Legends emotes.
Herzlich Willkommen auf diesem Discord League of Legends Server. Dieser Server widmet sich ausschließlich League of Legends im Deutschsprachigen raum. Wir haben verschieden Rollen, Chats, Bots und Programme für alle die Interessiert sind. Wieso haben wir überhaupt einen League Server erstellt? obwohl doch schon welche existieren, durch aus haben wir uns verschiedene andere Server angeschaut und bewertet doch haben uns die Server nicht gefesselt, dabei hatten die Server schon eine größere Anzahl an Mitgliedern. Daher möchten wir einen Server erstellen in den wir viel Können, Geduld und Zeit investieren um einen guten Server zu errichten.

Wozu dient dieser Server?

Dieser Server dient in erster Linie dazu die League Spieler zu unterstützen hauptsächlich im EUW bereich, wir möchten das sich hier verschiedene Spieler, Gruppen und Clans aufeinander treffen und daraus neue [Freundschaften oder Spiel Gemeinschaften entstehen], natürlich hat jeder seine eigene Gründe League zu spielen, ob es aus Spaß ist oder man mit League Geld verdienen möchte, doch verbindet jeden hier eines und das ist League of Legends.

Unsere Programme

Wir bieten verschiedene Programme an wie Rollen, Chats, Bots und weiteres [doch was meinen wir damit genau?]

Wir haben Chats für bestimmte Rollen erstellt die auch nur diese bestimme Rolle sehen kann.

Wir haben viele verschiedene Bots die diesen Server unterstützen oder etwas bestimmtes erledigen. Unter anderem Musikbots, Leaguebots und noch viele andere.

Dieser Server bietet eine große Auswahl an Rollen, die meisten Rollen stehen freiwillig zur Auswahl und sind wählbar bei #roles die Rollen dienen als Information und sind deshalb kein zwang, um so mehr Rollen du auswählst um so mehr Information gibst du hier preis.

Hier werden sich wahrscheinlich die meisten Fragen was wir genau damit meinen. Mit [Programm] meinen wir verschiedene Optionen die wir hier auf dem Server anbieten doch seit gewiss nicht alles ist gratis. Wir bieten die Standart Programme an:
#》news Hier werden euch neue Updates von League of Legends angezeigt.
#giveaway Hier werden giveaways vergeben.

Jetzt kommen wir zu den interessanten dingen.

Dieser Server hat seine eigene Server Währung die auch nur auf diesem Server funktioniert, mit der Server Währung kann man sich verschiedene dinge erstatten im #shop

Wir bieten einen #streams und #youtube Channel an wo Jeder verlinkt wird der die Voraussetzungen erfüllt.

Dann bieten wir einen #support Channel an wo jeder sich Hilfe suchen kann der diese auch benötigt.

Wir bieten #events und #community_events an, ja auch [Ihr] könnt events erstellen für andere.

Jetzt kommen wir zu unserem [Tutorial] Angebot, das Tutorial Angebot kostet 2€ und geht 2 Tage jeweils 3 Stunden, dieses Angebot soll Neulingen helfen ins Spiel gebracht zu werden und ihnen Tipps und Tricks für League beizubringen.

Außerdem kann man im #donate channel verschieden dinge kaufen die dort Angeboten werden.

Wir unterstützen Clan Gruppen, und jeder Clan muss um hier auf den Server unterstütz zu werden bestimmte Voraussetzungen erfüllen:[ als erstes muss man mindestens 5 Spieler sein es sei den man spielt zu 3 Ranked im Gewundenen Wald, alle Spieler sollten in League im gleichen Clan sein. Doch seit gewiss jeder User darf auf diesem Server nur einem Clan zugewissen sein]. Wie unterstützen wir Clans? Wir unterstützen Clans mit ihren eigenen Channels, eine eigene Rolle und natürlich mit Moralischer Unterstützung :wink: .

Wir wollen viel bieten um einen guten Server zu erbauen, damit sich hier jeder wohlfühlt.

Vielen Dank, dass Ihr dies gelesen habt und Viel Spaß, wünscht euch das Server Team.
Hello, we are DreamLand! 💝☄️

We are a lovely mixed purpose server for games and music and chat etc.❤️
We are currently still growing with a reason to expend the whole server and have fun with eachother.🧡
We are a really nice server with people all around the world.💛
We currently are having gamers for League of Legends, Pubg, Fortnite, etc. We are still planning to add up more. 💚
We also offer music bots for anytime whenever u feel like listening to music while playing or in free time 💙
We also have alot of channels for anyone to have their own space.💜

If the server reaches 300 Members there will be Giveaways and Tournaments, right now only in League of Legends. 💓

So the server contains:
✨Active admins & owners✨
✨Active people✨
✨Gaming channels✨
✨Anime channels✨
✨Music channels✨
✨Alot of roles✨
✨Alot of fun emotes ✨
✨Ranking/lvling up✨
✨Fun bots✨
✨Streaming channel✨
✨Patcher for games✨
✨Artist channel✨
✨24/7 bot for music✨

Partnership offers open for everyone (we only avoid NSFW servers) 

♥️Bia & Mino♥️
15+ only

a server with healthy children and we all about giving the bread to our lord besus christo

pls join lmao
NA (NORTH AMERICAN) League of Legends wholesome and fun server!

Cub Cafe is a community-centered server with members who always try to keep the vibe positive. The point of a server is to meet people, and interact with them, and this is exactly the type of place to do that, with a smaller (but growing!) community! It may be a bit quiet sometimes but, don't be shy! We also play others games like Maplestory 2 and Overwatch come join us and have fun :)!

We Have:
Pokecord/Tatsumaki/Baron/Rythm Bots
Cute Panda/Roo Emotes
Friendly Members

Currently Working Towards:
Better leveled roles system
League in-houses/custom games
movie-tv/anime nights
• We have GIVEAWAYS!!! Join the server to enter!!!
• Active community with entertaining text/voice chats.
• Friendly and approachable staff.
• 1200+ users (and growing).
• Decent gaming groups like MS2, LoL, 7D2D, etc.
• General, Gaming, Music, and private VCs to use.
• We have our own bot that does all kinds of stuff!
• Come check it out!!!
Our server has a loving community filled with all the support heroes, that you'd ever want.
♡ ✿ This server is active at least 24 hours a day
♡ ✿ We have a welcoming staff
♡ ✿ Vanilla, and toxic free
♡ ✿ Dedicated categories for different uses
♡ ✿ Gaming chats, and your favorite topics
♡ ✿ Leveled roles to encourage activity
♡ ✿ Fun emojis for nitro and non-nitro users

Feel free to invite your friends as well

ˢᵉʳᵛᵉʳ ᵒʷⁿᵉʳ: ᵀʰᵉ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗ ʰᵉʳᵒ
Checkout LockDown! We are an eSports organization which plays and has teams for various games.

- Play any game you'd like and help expand our growing community.
- Active members.
- A ranking system.
- Fun bots.
- Giveaways!

If any of these topics appeal to you, don't hesitate to join!
Welcome to Poro Match-Making! Poro Match-Making is a server mainly focused on League of Legends. In Poro Match-Making we help you find your perfect duo, whether it be finding a top laner or a jungle bush humper, we got you covered, we also help you find a significant other if you're looking for that.
Una comunidad hispana dónde el objetivo es divertirse con un gusto en común: Nintendo y los videojuegos en general.

LoG is a NSFW server dedicated to male League of Legends characters.
We created this server as a safe space and in contrast to other very female focused 18+ servers.

We have:

○ Responsible, active Staff
○ Welcoming and non-toxic community
○ Level up system
○ Channels for Content Creators
○ Channels for other fandoms, kinks and IRL content
○ Channels for bots, memes, shitposting etc.
○ Over 20 self assignable roles
Purple and moons are the aesthetic in Aphelion. We focus highly on the details of the server, colouring and fonts and bots. We are a very welcoming and loving community not tainted by strict rules and hierarchy. We are very chill and play games too. Join us! 15+ please.
Bine ati venit in lumea in care peste 100 de copii sunt prea antisociali sa vorbeasca...Asa dar serverul e Antisocial la maxim.
We are a gaming server, preferably League of Legends. Looking for casual, fun, competitive players.
A good place for making friends and get sick memes and hentai :)
dont be rude to others tho