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League brought us all together but we play other games too, feel free to ask if you ever need someone to play with
6 hours ago
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A community accepting many people! Chill people to hang out with and talk about anything you guys want :) Many events with different prizes to be won! Don't miss out!
7 hours ago
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League of Legends based community.

Progressing at a consistent rate to becoming a larger server. Find others to play with, a new team, or participate in an inhouse and win awesome prizes. Join us on the server to find out more and get involved! Please feel welcome to invite your friends.
10 hours ago
If you'd like to be anywhere but here, Another World welcomes you! A newly formed world with very little population, so how about you come fix that? Our small group of friends enjoys playing games together and watching obscure anime! We'd love for you to join us!
14 hours ago
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Hai there!!! We are an active gaming server! We play mostly league of legends but not only league. We often have giveaways and we offer custom roles! Growing community with over 200+ memebers!
1 days ago
Come join our International Community Server about gaming, anime, and random shit. Join if you are into granblue fantasy, final fantasy xiv, or gacha games (kancolle, fate GO, Fire Emblem Heroes, Azurlane, King's Raid).

Members from Europe, Asia, and the US welcome! :D

We allow dicks but not assholes, so prepare to be kicked if you just enjoy shitting on everything....
12 days ago
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A a new art community open to artists, creators, musicians, youtubers, streamers, gamers or people who just want to chat. We welcome everyone to our community so make yourself at home!
We run a team based reward system with weekly events and themes that will begin once we have an adequate amount of players, still in testing phase, those who join now and help out are likely to be
rewarded with a possible staff position or tester positions to continue to help our community grow.

We look forward to seeing you all come along! :smiley:
27 days ago
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Looking for a discord gaming server? then come join the Rebel Empire we're a multi-gaming community that plays games like Overwatch, PUBG, Minecraft, Fortnite and more we also have active voice/text chats :D come stop by for a fun time!!.
27 days ago
A nice Discord-Server for Gamers. If you join, you are a nice Gamer! :D
59 days ago
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Originally a server of my close friends but we're now expanding it into something bigger. Anyone can join as long as you're chill and not wanting any trouble.:)
66 days ago
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'The Grove' revolves around music production and gaming, specifically trap/hip-hop and 'League of Legends' respectively. We have established an enjoyable environment with memorable members, thus, you can expect a vast array of friendly people. Most of us are from the UK or The Netherlands, though we also feature people from across the globe including NA and Eastern EU. Join our server now and receive a warm welcome, but more importantly, we hope that you enjoy your stay!
71 days ago
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You play League of Legends, GTA5 or osu!? Come to this server as we are a thriving community with mainly lol players but also osu! and gta5 players! Join the server now!
81 days ago
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Welcome to League of Salt! We are a roleplay group that focuses on the game League of Legends, and we aim to create a safe and entertaining space for people to hangout, play games, and rp. Of course, you can always join just to hang out with us! Please read the rules before entering Runeterra :D
134 days ago
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Official Discord partner. The largest League of Legends Community with over 5200 members. LeagueFind is dedicated to helping you find duo partners, teams and scrims.

We also host in-houses daily, events such as tournaments, karaoke and raffles and much much more!
137 days ago