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Interested in tech? Passionated in programming or computers? We've got you covered, join us today! ;)
We are a friendly community of laid back people who love PC building, hardware, gaming, security and technology in general. We keep up to date on current hardware releases, software and games. With over 1900+ users! and growing!
We are mostly centered around computer building but are opened to tech all around. We can provide technical support, you can show off your PC build in our #pc-showcase channel (any build is welcome), or you can just chill here. Memes are allowed. Si quieres hablar espanol hablar conmigo con tag (Katotohanan)
Interesting people, have wide-variety of interests.
A growing community for various retro tech nerds, we focus on both old and new technology/gaming. If this happens to pique your interest, come join us!
A NEW and FAST-GROWING server for civil debate and discourse.
We feature a range of topics including Politics, Philosophy, Science,
and Tech, a friendly community, great moderation team, numerous
roles, and game nights. Hope to see you here!
A friendly Counter-Strike gaming community. We also play other games though.
Welcome to Tech Universe, the place for all!

Tech Universe is an awesome place where you can talk about tech. Whether you are a beginner or your tech literacy is immaculate, this server is the perfect place to be. We have a help center, a programming channel and even some fun bots.

We hope to see you at Tech Universe!
Hi, JHTech Discord is a discord server oriented around everything tech! In JHTech discord, we have:
- Lots of amazing bots (w/ one designed around tech-related features)
- Amazing and friendly staff
- Tech support if you need help with anything tech related
- Lots of amazing emotes
- A great non-toxic community
- Lots more!

So yeah, see you there!
༺ Pachimari Cult ༻
⊱ 𝕆𝕨𝕟𝕖𝕣 - AzzH
⊱ ℂ𝕠-𝕆𝕨𝕟𝕖𝕣 - Mr OwO
We Are A Growing Gaming and Socializing Server!
We Welcome Any As Long As You Aren't Toxic!

⊱ ━━━━.⋅ εïз ⋅.━━━━ ⊰
𝒞𝑜𝓂𝑒 𝒥𝑜𝒾𝓃
𝐹𝑜𝓇 𝒯𝒽𝑒𝓈𝑒!
⊱ ━━━━.⋅ εïз ⋅.━━━━ ⊰

≑ Chat About Your Favorite Games!
≑ Tech Help!
≑ Fun Bot Games!
≑ Show Your Art!
≑ Memes!
≑ Intro/Outro Maker!
≑ And So Much More!
Do you want to discuss the latest anime news, tech news, and gaming news? You might have found just the community for you!

Small casual/chill community with a hostel theme and a unique random room assignment system! Hugs and cookies for everyone!
we are a friendly new whitehat hacking server that is open to new hackers and experienced ones and people who have no clue what they are doing and would like to learn. we have ctf challenges and more entertaining things to do like fun bots/ movie sessions on sites like if you want to be part of a growing community of hackers/coders this server is for you!
REM SQUAD is a cute little server that is trying to grow again, after it got hacked last time.
on this server you will find:
*free games
REM is waiting^^
It's an Sci-fi based role play server with ah intresting lore
A buisness, Orion Industries, has basically taken over the known world and has advanced tech and people really far in the world, and they are beloved by all. Sure there are plenty of rebels, but Orion lets them live in peace until they attack first. A new alien threat actually appears
welcome to hard chats remembering the good days of aol/aim - come and join us for trolls n lols - self assignable color roles and fun roles - memes on top of memes - anything goes as long as you follow "Discord TOS" guidelines and also please no spam or u will b auto modded - we are a community but more like a family - we also play games like cards against humanity and - we also watch movies - open to fun suggestions/requests - we have a server bot Papi Slots with monthly Nitro giveaway for the winner.
DiscordTech is a tech community with now 200+ members!

Talk about all your favorite tech topics!

Ask for tech support!

Submit answers for Weekly Questions!

Partner with us!

Use other fun channels like counting & one-word story channels!

Join now!|
im a youtuber with rc and tech and gameing related content
**W̴̌͌Ȅ̸̕L̸͊̃C̴͆̈́O̸͊͛M̵̆̀E̴͕̾ ̵̒̀T̶͐̿Ơ̵͝ ̸̺͠1̴̃͂.̸͆̓0̸͊͘_̶̓̏G̴͐̿L̵̤̆I̶͊̍T̴̠̄Ć̶̌H̶͆͗**
This is a server for those of all interests,
**:red_circle: We have giveaways every now and then,**
:small_orange_diamond: Tech support,
** :yellow_heart: Music creation,**
:green_heart: art creation and tips,
** :small_blue_diamond: and tons more.**
We do have a nsfw section, As it is not in my control I do not want to condone such act so I have discarded it completely I would like to prevent underage members using this section.

Currently we are trying to build up members to be a large community, If you wanna help please join right away the server might now be very active, but wait it out until it is please. Ive been working non-stop to advertise this server and im hoping it pays off :>
Tech, Gaming, Art, Xbox, PC, COD, Music Making, Music Creation, Fun, Random, Everything, Art critique, Music critique, small, big, much more

[Link] -
We are aiming to make this server a nice place for everyone. We offer roles and color. We are also a growing community with nice staff!
ESC is a group that works to help provide an escape from whatever we find vexing or subjugating about daily life - socially or otherwise and centers around a common appreciation for the sciences. The heart of our community revolves around our shared interests in retro tech, cyberpunk, and utopian progressivism in the vein of Star Trek with just a dash of the licentious.

Here, in our little electronic escape, anonymity creates a sort of second identity, and everything about your physical form is stripped away and you are reduced to text. Ideas can flow anonymously and the ethos generating them can be rendered inconsequential. In time, a generous well of information is born and people can work together on projects and discussion. We can escape from the serfdom of sociological norms and be whatever we want to be and choose what people know and don’t know about us on a whim in a purely artificial existence. What's so great about this puritanical reality lead by myopic demagoguery anyway?

If any part of what I have said here has peaked your interest, then I suggest you check out our Text Only Discord channel:

If you are to participate, it is suggested that you create a second identity for yourself, so as not to interfere with your real Life.
Our servers dedicated to the no.1 activity you love: video games. Come on over, because it's better to play together.

We have a bot that creates parties for you and your friends. (Nexus Client)
We have memes. (yes, a whole chat dedicated to them)
And LFG chats, for those looking for gamers. (All consoles)
A community focused server for learning about music production, art, and a ton of tech stuff.
Welcome to ChristoCord!

We are a tech community whom is passionate about technology and helping you build/pick new parts for your new PC! We also have dedicated tech support to help with any tech problems and a dedicated, active staff recruit ready to help when you need it!

We also have music nights every Friday 9pm EST!

Perma Link: