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Hackers and programmers come together to work on amazing and cool projects . Everyone is here to learn and build.

But what do we do differently?

Bi-weekly competitions , 1-on-1 student sessions, Practical lectures on hacking and programming! We have something for everyone!!
1 hours ago
the official ose romhack server, a pokémon omega ruby romhack that changes every shiny! follow the development and get exclusive first looks at content from this exciting new romhack
do !ose in the server for more info
1 hours ago
Growing server migrating to new discord.
3 hours ago

----------------💀 ENIGMA 💀-------------

🕷️ Join us if you are interested in cyber security, penetration testing or hacking

🕷️ Enigma is built on acceptance

🕷️ Where freedom is power and knowledge is key

1 days ago
Fsociety is a new hacking/coding server that I made to meet like minded people. Any level of knowledge is welcome here. Whether you’re a hacking god. Or whether you are brand new to the scene you are welcome here.
✅ Help channels ✅
✅ Coding channels ✅
✅ Reddit feeds ✅
✅ Accepting ✅
❌ Drama ❌
Owner : Senpai BSKIT
Perm invite link :
2 days ago
We are a hacking/programming server. We do CTF's HTB and much more together :D.

6 days ago
We are the 1337s of discord
✅Meme channels
✅NSFW channels
✅Working economy with purchasable items
✅Hacking channel
✅Willing helpers
✅Chill people

If this is what you’re looking for in a server then come and join, you won’t regret it.
8 days ago
Social City the #1 social discord server become the richest member on the server or get the most fame. There are also hacking topics on the server.
40 days ago
A Hacking server where we talk about the ethics of hacking and programming and everything that revolves around it. There's something for all! Amateurs & experts, come join us <3
45 days ago
A ever-growing community of all types of hackers
46 days ago
🤑 Giveaways
😍 Cool custom bot
👍 Non-Toxic Community
▶ Speak With Other Coders
🎩 Learn Code
💩 Have Fun!
👊 Acepting partners!
😎 Active Community
64 days ago
A growing server about programming, game development, exploits, leaks, etc.
75 days ago
Cyber Empire is a hacking group that focuses on Cyber Security, Infosec, Hacking.
79 days ago
Community where cheaters/hackers can gather and share work and play games! Get rewards for invites! Also the public discord of Exclusive Hacks.
82 days ago
X9 Security is a professional Cyber Security and Hacking Discord community. We strive to teach all who are willing to learn and help those who are willing to help themselves. If you are interested in learning Hacking or Cyber Security professionally or are simply looking for a place to collaborate with like-minded people, then give X9 Security the chance to be a new home. We are a growing community and are looking to have community events in the future such as CTFs and Hackathon-like projects. We welcome all hats as we are a place of education and growth. However, we will not assist in illegal activity or activity that breaks the Discord Terms of Service.
92 days ago
Welcome to Kiazio's Discord. We offer support for people who need help with hacking related stuff, or coding. We offer a marketplace channel where you can buy programs/scripts, and sell them. We also give away random programs, and scripts at random times. Join now for an awesome hacking experience!
94 days ago
EthicSec is a community of programmers and cybersecurity enthusiasts with a goal to help others grow, and themselves.
138 days ago
Acct Cracking | Free Accounts | Kit | Apply-Staff | Starter kit to learning how to crack accounts such as Hulu premium, Spotify premium, Netflix, and more. Applications for Mod are now available and we need staff. For more information contact me at AcctCrack. Thanks!
159 days ago
If you are an expert pro hacker or new to the hacking scene this is your place to learn, collaborate, and thrive. We cover just about everything in the hacking niche and need more members for our community.
-Website Hacking
-Wireless Hacking
-Post Exploitation
162 days ago
Acct Cracking | Free Accounts | Kit | Apply-Staff
Learn how to crack accounts such as Hulu premium, Spotify premium, Netflix, and more.
165 days ago
Programmers, Hackers and Community people. RD4 = Hack games. Make hacks. Learn to make hacks. Interested? JOIN!
202 days ago