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FREEDOM SUBSTITUTE est un groupe proposant des cours tournant autour de l'informatique (hacking, programmation, sécurité, astuces, deep /dark web...).

À travers du discord nous aidons et discutons de ces sujets avec l'ensemble des membres. Nous partageons également des bons plans et disposons d'un canal politique + arène.

Serveur français / fr. - French server (but we can speak english).

PS : On a des filles !
Hello! Are you a developer? Or are you interested in the world of ethical development?

🎉 A steady and growing number of developers. 🎉

💡 ┊We just started, so most of your suggestions and ideas are regarded!

❤ ┊Friendly, respectful, non-toxic developer community

❌ ┊No NSFW

😮 ┊Interactive and educative!

😊 ┊Custom developer emojis!

🤚 ┊Cool Self-Assignable Roles!

🤔┊Ask questions, share tips, and give and take critique to learn how to become a better developer!

✍ ┊Soon to be hosting hack-a-thons, tech-a-thons, and other crazy development events!

👀 ┊Looking for active members, skilled developers, hobbyists, partner servers and potential staff members!
Want to learn how to hack a game? Want to share your knowledge in game hacking? Want to hack a game? Join us!
kernel panic is all about making & breaking cool shit. A cozy place to express your thoughts and ideas, find peeps to collaborate and have a good time with. Our community highly welcomes everyone and everything with a general interest in technology or a fetish for bits n' bytes.

Were still a work in progress community (probably until we get the new server end of 2019) so the server bot and some other things aren't done yet. We already got friendly and knowledgeable people tho, so come join us :3
c::t is a coding server for people who like to help each other.
We are a big IT Security white hat community sharing ideas between each others, improving and playing together CTFs on Hack The Box or other CTFs available.
Our goal is to create a lounge where people can share their ideas and contents.
Our army of youtubers and content creators are ready to provide you the best tutorials to enhance your penetration testing skills.
and we can partner with any little server
We are a Cracking community we host giveaways and much more!
This server is all about progamming. We also have other interesting topics such as cryptocurrencies or politics. We host weekly events where you are being challenged to code, decrypt or solve something.
- a discord community based around programming and hacking
- If you are a developer or someone that simply wants to learn how to hack or program, then feel free to join this server it would be gladly appreciated :)))
Laptop Hacking Coffee is the largest information security servers. Staff and Trusted members are highly knowledgeable and/or are already in their career fields.

We are a professional community focused on helping others learn and improve. We have an official Wiki, website, and CTFs as well.

Feel free to stop by!
Our old discord got deleted, so we made a new one and we are providing the same stuff as we did before! offers:

~ account dumps (not shit ones , verified instagram accounts every few weeks and 50k accs daily)

~ friendly staff

~ requests for more things

~ website & twitter
A server to learn about cybersecurity and meet others with similar interests.
Want to learn how to hack? Ever wanted to program? PwnSquad can help you get started. We're a community devoted to help you learn programming and hacking. We don't encourage anything illegal, but we can get you on the right track. We welcome everyone, from total beginners to seasoned experts.

We created PwnSquad to bring programmers and hackers together in a nice and friendly community, without the people who ruin it all.
Welcome to VigSec, the group for it security professionals, hackers, and coders to discuss on and off topics!

This server includes:
💻 Sections for literally everything!
💻 Ethical/Non Ethical’s to give you advice!
💻 Fun community with off topic convos as well!
💻New “Life of a hacker”channel!

Dank memes, you must bring some of your own tho cus we like laughing
ExploitCrack - It's a hacking (White Hat Hacking, etc) and programming community but we have sections for those who are not passionate about hacking / programming.
Some of you out there might have 10 years of experience, while others only have written 10 lines of code but I can promise you will definitely learn something new. CodeBlu studios is a server where programmers build their dream. We have experts at programming, game making, hacking and developing. Anyone can be an programmer no matter who you you are. So join CodeBlu studios today to start your journey of a programmer. - From the founder of CodeBlu (Elite Hacker)
Looking for coons, I have a few tasks for you. Join if interested.....
Marketplace for all, free account dumps and giveaways
We are a community that does Door dash orders.
Come join us we love to have new people
Also make sure to read the rules in the #rules section
Remember to stay active and invite your friends
Drop by and say hi