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S.A Community-based server meant to unite people interested in the fields of technology, cybersecurity, malware analysis, and everything related. The community is handled by Siam Alam, a YouTuber whose content is based around such topics. Since all of his audiences are welcome, we decided to show up on Disboard because some people outside of his audience may be interested in this topic. Although we do have strict rules to avoid a mess on the server, overall you can expect a friendly community that is willing to help. Other than that, we always do love memes, anime, pop culture, art, music, IoT, gaming, and other fun stuff!
Just the place for cybersecurity enthusiasts
(invite to the official server in #general channel)
(dont ask for services without payment)
Just the place for cybersecurity enthusiasts
(invite to the official server in #general channel)
(dont ask for services without payment)
DISCLAIMER: If caught Joining and Leaving instantly, you will be PERMANENTLY banned from Skid Den’s Discord Server as we do not have room for server jumpers/nitro snipers.

This server focuses on making sure that you can defend yourself agains Online Hacker (DDoSers, Password Hackers, Doxers) and make sure you are safer then the average person online.

Hi welcome to .. Its a very small community server looking to expand and teach ethical hacking. This server is created to make learning easier and accessible and to offer tutoring to those who cannot afford traditional means of lessons. This server is your one stop shop for all cyber security related needs. Feel free to drop by! Please do NOT come in asking for illegal or unethical things, you will be permanently banned.
If you want to learn more about Computer Science and Cyber Security, get access to our tools list and discover our service well Join MRichard333 Community now!

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hacking4living is a cyber-security related server, you will find some great resources to learn and also we're building a long-run community. On the server you will find several bots to maintain entertaining, doesn't metter your cyber-security leve, the server is great for beginners and also good for experts :).

Learn programming and code at your discretion!

Alphas is aimed at teaching coding to whoever wants to learn. We are a community which evolves daily. We're here to lean and teach each other. We're not colossal, we're a pack.

Creating Developing Learning.
This is Alphas
Heya, we are TechVerse, we are a community with a lot of activity and a lot of really nice people. Like the name says, we are interested in everything Tech, that includes gaming, music, programming, ethical hacking and much more! The thing that makes us stand out from other servers, is that we have less strict rules than other tech servers. You are allowed to swear here for example (as long as it's not too toxic/offensive)
Well hello there!

Are you a cool dude/dudette who is interested in Cyber Security and wants to hang out with cool people and do some amazing stuff?
Well then you are in the right place!

We are a community of like minded people who enjoy learning Cyber Security and do all stuff related to it!
Like some of the cool stuff that we do: HTB boxes together (we join vc and do them together), THM boxes (also on vc), a lot of hanging out and sharing resources and knowledge about things.

And if you are new, no worries!
Even if you don't know anything and want to learn, don't hesitate to join!
We will be more than happy to teach you!

Cheers, and we'll see you in the server! :wink:
Cyber Warrior Studios is a content producing community dedicated to helping newcomers become cyber and IT warriors! Gatekeeping has no place here as we strive to release content to help guide future warriors on their path into information systems and cybersecurity. Come network and grow with us!
Vulnfreak is a Community or a group of young and aspiring Web-Developers, Coders, and Cyber Geeks and it focuses on all major fields like cybersecurity, coding, web development.

You can join our discord server and hangout with us
We are a group of programmers, developers, and computing geeks who have decided to come together and collaborate in an attempt to enhance each other's growth in terms of skill pertaining to computing.
Learn Ethical Hacking, computer programming, pc tip & tricks, android tricks and tons of technology tips.
This Server is about an ethical hacking,computer programming,computer security cracking, exploits weakness in a computer system or computer network,modify computer appearance in (windows),create many types computer virus,modify games and how to plays with the codings of reg,bat,vbs,jar,html,php etc.
The Cyber Desk Ltd is a UK registered company specialising in Cyber Security and IT. We do everything from Website Pen-testing to personal defence training. We are also undertaking lots of cool projects such as Discord Bots, Applications etc and are on the look out for contributors who are willing to join our small but growing community.

We use general chat to talk about anything really, even if it is off-IT topic. We like to include diversity within our server.

Anyone can join regardless of experience.

We follow strict rules to comply with GDPR 2018 and the Computer Misuse act 1990.

We look forward to seeing you online
Friendly community that share interests about Linux, Cyber Security, Hacking, Malware Analysis, Networking, Programming and more!
A neat little hacker discord, join and listen in to some of our podcasts and chat with others. Want to learn hacking? we have a website where we will be putting articles about hacking gear and other hacker things, JOIN TODAY!
Trinity is a hacking server wanting to help with peoples Privacy on the web, aswell as spread Info to our members such as books, CTF Websites, etc.

Here you may also share your code, get help with programming from other members, participate in server-wide events. As well as sharing tips on Cyber-Security

We also have:
• Memes
• NSFW 18+
A cyber security community for ("ethical") internet thugs and computer goons. Come join us!
DAILYHIJACKS is a burgeoning community of 1000+ technologists having a keen interest in learning and developing skills in various technical domains.

At Daily Hijacks, our focus is to carve the technical skills of an individual to such a level at which he can grow prosperously in all aspects

Our Goals

We are on a mission to help tech enthusiasts to pursue their interests by providing them knowledge and opportunities


Digital Marketing
Brand Development

And much more...

What Makes Us Different

Knowledge-Driven Content
High Engagement Rate
Exponential Growth
Multiple Platforms
High Interaction With Community
Positive Feedback
Winning Strategies For Campaigns