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We are a gaming community mainly focused around PC gaming who love to meet new people! We are a thriving community who mainly play Rainbow Six: Siege, but are open to playing with people on a number of games! Anyone and everyone is welcome, as long as you are willing to follow the rules!
P.S. This server also doubles as the CaptainWheatThin Stream Server as well, so if you get any pings, feel free to disable pings in the notification settings.
Excessive is a fresh server made for Twitch streamers & Viewers to connect.
are you looking to grow your channel or are you looking for new channels to discover? join today and you might find what you are looking for :)
Greetings from Machines and Memes! (Now looking for mods!)
What we Provide
• A chill, non-toxic environment for all
• Active, helpful and friendly staff
• Quality memes
What else is included in this server?
► Self-promotion channels (Twitch/Youtube/Mixer etc)
► A neat little levelling system
► Open voice channels for gaming
► Networking Channels and more to come!
► NEW - 50 new emotes for your enjoyment.
► NEW - Suggestions channel to improve the server!

Our unique invite link:
Do ya like art? Do you like crazy people? you like falling into an existential quandary, filled with horrors beyond human comprehension and surrounded by lore and mystery? At the Treehouse we have that and then some. Share art, music and other creative projects, network with other artists, get invested in story telling and world building, talk to the dead and so much more! join today!!
This server is dedicated to music networking (primarily rap and hiphop).
Hi! This is a small community server aimed at chat and assistance with a large range of computer based topics, including standard computer support, programming, networking etc.