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Welcome to Banked Designs!

Banked Designs is a server for GFX/VFX designers to show their work while teaching the community on how to get better!

Customers can choose to buy GFX/VFX from the best Designers.

Join for a fun and chill server as the community!
zwar nicht so aktive leute hier, kann man aber ändern 🥰

♡Wir sind ein deutscher discord Server♡

♡Wir bieten:
Coole Bots, ein Ranking System und einiges mehr

Außerdem kannst du auch gerne joinen, wenn du Meinungen zu Designs brauchst

Joine jetzt, wir freuen uns!^^
Welcome to HNet™! This server which has almost everything, It has some channels like Designs, Coding, Animations, etc. (This server does not allow any posts of NSFW things, please read the rules for more information what's not allowed.)
Umbra Graphics is a Graphics Designer Server with many designers of different platforms and levels. Every Designer is welcome and will be respected.
Hello! Are you searching for a 𝐂𝐇𝐄𝐀𝐏 store hosting? You came to the right place!
-~- : Cheap Designs :
-~- : 24/7 Support :
-~- : Invite Rewards :
-~- : Friendly Community :
-~- : Awesome Staff :
DerFortniteNooby Designs
Wir sind ein Team aus Designern, das sich zusammengetan hat, um gratis Designs anbieten zu können.

Was wir bieten:
››Gratis Designs
››Leute zum talken
››Eine aktive Community
››Mehrmals Wöchentlich Gewinnspiele
››Einige Self-Roles
››Ein kompetentes und nettes Team
››Partnerschaften ab 25 Mitgliedern

Was wir erwarten:

Joint doch einfach mal wenn ihr es euch anschauen wollt

We are a team of Designers who came together and built this Discord Server.
Here are some specs of our server:
>>Free Designs
>>People to talk
>>Active Community
>>reviews on your art
>>weekly giveaways
>>Translations between English and German
>>some self-roles

If you’re not sure about our server, just join it and take a look yourself.
Hello there! We are ''Paradox'' a discord with designers and free designs. There are a lot of giveaways. It's for Dutch and English people, We want to grow! Can you help us? Join us! - Paradox Discord Server
𝐒𝐭𝐫𝐲𝐩 𝐃𝐢𝐬𝐜𝐨𝐫𝐝
Hello, nice that you read my discord advertising.
We are a ** Design Discord ** you can put your talent
with us and earn money with it!

Nice welcome message
Custom discord bot
Professional designs
Sell your designs with streamers/youtubers
+50 Roles/Custom roles
Succesfull staff/members
Voice Channels/Music Channels
Apply For staff

Join now for free! Don't wait.
-invite :
Welcome To The GFX Community! This is a place to learn more from other designers, find an artist for designs, and more! feel free to stop by :)
Hello, We are One World Enterprizlse Designs.We are looking for people who want to help others. Our goals are to help people with their Design Needs.

We have many opportunities and a majority of channels and categories. If you are up to the task of helping out the server and help make it grow. Then Join Us....If you think you can do it

See you soon ;)
Designers Hub

Are you a designer yourself? Do you want to become a professional designer?
Then come join us!

Designers Hub is a server where designers from all over the world come together, and talk about their designs! In this server you can discuss your designs with other designers, or you can get some feedback on how to improve your designs! You can also ask for some help, if you are new with designing. Everyone is welcome! It doesn't matter if you are a master designer, or just starting out! There is a place for every designer in this server! On this server you can earn money, by making designs for other people! You can become a Official Designer in the Designers Hub server!

Some of the basic things, that are shared on this server:

- Intro's
- Outro's
- Transitions
- Twitch overlays
- Profile Pictures
- Logos
- Banners
- Thumbnails
- Photoshops
- Automotive
- Website designs
- Anime
- Sketches
- Coding
- Music Production

We accept almost every type of design.

You can also promote your social media!

So, what are you waiting for? Come join us!

[Discord invite:]
[Images: ]
Cheap / High quality Graphics Created For Anyone Out There. Join For Some Amazing Work! Everything Is Appreciated ;)
Hi! Welcome to FC's Designs! We're a small corner of the internet that enjoys graphic design, and if you're willing to pay, we can do almost any job!

Platinum Design/Advertising

Platinum Design offers all your needs for your server or small business!!

✅ - News
✅ - Updates
✅ - Partnerships
✅ - Self Advertising (x1 Per 24Hr)
✅ - NSFW Channel
✅ - Social Media Advertising
✅ - A lot More! With More To Come!

Interested In volunteering to work for platinum Design? Contact are Human Resource Officer Once joined!!!
Need a service? website design,gfx,video editing or anything?

If so you found the right place we offer all of that at the cheapest prices possible

@--- BUILDING ---
@--- Graphic Designers ---
@Thread Designer
@GFX Designer
@Render Artist
@Vector Artist
@--- Developer ---
@Plugin Developer
@Bot Developer
@Sponge/Forge Developer
@Game Developer
@Desktop Developer
@--- Website ---
@Web Developer
@Web Designer
@BuyCraft Design
@Xenforo Design
@--- SETUPS ---
@Discord Setup
@Teamspeak Setup
@Server Setup
@Xenforo Setups
@System Administration
@--- Video ---
@Video Editor
@Trailer Creator
@Intro Creator
@--- ADVERTISE ---
@Youtuber Advertiser
@Twitter Advertiser
@Website Advertiser
We are a company trying to help everyone with design problems some where to reach help and also be entered into big giveaways!
What we do?
- Free CAD/MDT'S
- Free Logo's
- Sell CAD/MDT'S
Give friendly advice so why don't you come and check out our community today?!
Unser Server ist spezialisiert auf gute Banner und Profilbilder Designs.
Falls Interesse bestehen würde,kostenfreie qualitativ hochwertige Designs zu bekommen.
So kommen Sie auf unseren Server mit vielen Features und Bots.
Viel Spaß:D
Discord Designs is a server for hiring a professional to redesign or make you a whole new discord server!
Join now this server for a big offer of designers and dev's. They will create everything you wishes from discord bot's, websites and programs till designs.
Hello! We just started our company called Acolyte Designs. We offer graphic designs for minecraft and not to minecraft and discord services such as custom discord bots and servers setup for cheap so it will fit your budget! Join today!
Heb jij nou een logo voor je discord server, een banner voor je youtube kanaal of een thumbnail voor je videos nodig? Je vindt het hier! Voor een goedkope prijs verkopen wij designs!