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An artist-based discord server with a close community of just a WHOLE lot of worms.
We hope you can gain lots of new friends here, and maybe even improve on your abilities as an artist!

We have:
- Self assignable roles
- Worms
- Occasional art contests with rewards
- Various bots for your amusement
- Friendly staff
- Worms
- A non-discriminatory and lgbt friendly environment
- Critique and artist-specific channels
- Lotsa emojis
- Worms
And last but not least....
- More worms!!!!

Join us now!
The Art broZ Discord server is THE place to share your work, get critique, and make new ART FRIENDS! Who doesn't want that? Every month we create a monthly challenge prompt, and at the end of the month I will do a critique / paintover video showcasing the work. We also have a bunch of other cool features set up, like an XP system for those of you who thrive on the rush of leveling up your skills!
A discord server in dedication to the community of artists that love dnd. Also a small business service that supplies drawings and cool subscriptions.
Join our lovely discord server! We are a small time group that loves to draw! Come join us and meet our fabulous crew and view some art! ❤️
Welcome to the art dungeon! We're an active, social server meant for sharing and helping each other with art
-Writing, visual arts, and all other mediums are accepted.
-critique and nsfw channels are available.
-lots of friendly, active users.
-lots of skilled, helpful artists to help you learn and flex those art muscles.
-memes and shitposts are welcome!
"There are no mistakes. Just happy accidents."
An art server purely based on growth, improvement, and communication! Receive critique for your work, request help, and get special roles from giving feedback to others.

A place to hang out, share humor and music and also challenging yourself with our weekly prompts.
We are a small little server devoted to artwork.
Welcome to the Art Community server! We are friendly people who like to share art! You don’t have to draw, you can join to appreciate art too. We have general channels where you can just chill and hang out with friends and many art related channels and events! Users can host their own art contests and there are many prizes to be rewarded! We appreciate server feedback as we are trying to make all users comfortable!
Hello there! If wish to do some sketching and meet up some fellow artists, this place is for you! A digital or traditional artist? We take both!
Art Cafe is a server dedicated to making a community of artists. This community intends to help each other improve and to motivate with words of encouragement! We promote a friendly and safe atmosphere for people of all skill levels.
We are a new art related server that heavily focuses on a community to talk about art and do stuff like Drawpile, Hangouts and really whatever we feel like!
We are a small active community of loving people.
We mostly focus on critiquing each others art, music, webtoons, and many other forms of art. Moreover we also talk with each other and discuss different topics.
we are a new lgbtq+ friendly server for artists alike! join today and make new friends!
✂PixelPencils' Discord✂
• A server for people interested in interacting with artists, designers, musicians and more!

•Share your art and have our wonderful artists critique you!

•Art community wanting to grow!

•Active community always finding more ways to improve our work!

• We host contests and giveaways!
🌺Welcome To Art Latté Café🌺
We are a fairly new group made April 4.19

(If you hate overly used pink or too many emojis this is not the place for you! Do not come in my server thinking you can complain)

We are still bumpy, we do have fun channels. And a wide range of things to do and things to post.
we also need new members voting on what challenges to participate in and exactly what pleases everyone else to be drawing, plus you'll get a new role with every challenge you complete.
We've got self roles and we're working on emojis and server icons so that we can change them up every month or so we have quite a few members already but not as much of them were active so you should join and come be a part of the family.
Like I said we are fairly new and this one of my friends servers. so we are in fairmead of supporters and helpers to help us grow we've been alive for nearly two months and I am very proud to say I will always try to keep the server going no matter how hard or busy I am.
If at anytime you want to partner or a link is not working please send a message in contact: @Shinigami#1369
Hello! We're a new server for any and all types of artists to come, hang out while sharing art. We're very laid back and chill, so feel free to just come and chat about whatever!
Here we value the world of art.
We have a fun community and on friday i even choose the best drawing of the week (in my opinion).
We even have events that we do.
Welcome to the Stick Drawing Guy Discord server! Are you a fan of @stick_drawing_guy on Instagram? Are you bad at drawing? Do you just like to draw stick figures? Well this is the right server for you! We have a friendly safe for work community which accepts everyone, and we have a channel for pretty much all your art needs. We also host contests from time to time, where you can see everyone’s beautiful art, and the the winner can get a prize! Also, get to suggest ideas to Stick Drawing Guy, as well as see his artwork the moment he finishes and posts to Instagram! And if you don’t see what you want, our friendly admins will look into that. Come join now for lots of drawing fun!
We're an active group of 2d artists (concept, illustrators, etc.), trying to improve by offering experience, feedback, and critique to each other. If you want to refine your skills, or are looking for new and interesting friends in the field, this channel might be for you!
Welcome to your anthro DrawPile community!

Check out our website to get an idea what we do:

We are offering a SFW- and NSFW-section.

Hope to see you there!
The Dreams Sweets Art Community is a place for artists to make friends, learn and grow from each other, get opinions from other artists, and Just have fun!
- All artists age 14+ Are Welcome!
- We are accepting and welcoming to LGBTQ+ persons.
- All Fandom goer's welcome no matter your interests!

What We offer:
- A fun place to converse and enjoy your time with other artists of many levels and practices.
- Server Wide art challenges to keep you drawing and push your boundaries.
- Bulletin Boards for Zines and Similar Drawing Opportunities, As well as ones for sharing helpful tutorials, links, and much more!

Join the Dream Sweet Crew!
Share your art with others. Talk about anything and also make new friends!
Do you enjoy a certain field of art? ALL fields of art are accepted here!

-Designated channels for each field of art.

-Active owners, and helpful staff.

-Fun bots, and amazing emojis.

-Events, contests, and fun people to chat with!

-Enforced kind community, with a solid system of rules.
Ages 15+ ONLY
Please do not join to ask for free art, you will be kicked.

✰ Self-Assigned Roles
✰ SFW + NSFW Channels
✰ Criticism and Art Help Channels
✰ Events and Raffles
✰ Chill Mods and Admins
✰ Growing Server