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We're an active group of 2d artists (concept, illustrators, etc.), trying to improve by offering experience, feedback, and critique to each other. If you want to refine your skills, or are looking for new and interesting friends in the field, this channel might be for you!
Welcome to the Art School.

We're dedicated to helping you learn how to be the best artist you can be.

We focus on fundamentals.
A simple server to hang out in
We got art, gaming, and pretty much anything
Just no NSFW
Everyone welcome, and appreciated :)
ello my name is Lynar - chan im a artist SFW n NSFW

the server is for artist/artist commission n Commisioner
OC artist or Fan art artist are vary welcome :3

we have sum role like
-artist level 1- 5
-role for fun [say like what name you like =3=]

and me also sharing sum random ppl contest at the server
[there a chanel to it]

is 18+ server so hentai art is welcome
[have chanel for it]

we do have RP chnl SFW n NSFW for OC/random
but you gotta folo Admin Nini rules for tht chnls
[few chnl of thm]

not artist is also welcome
[like writer/love anime/info person/etc]

do not be rude to other ppl
no forcing
[pls just don't come and go to server thts vary bad]

we are very super cute frenly n vary play full :3
Artist’s Enclave is a place for artists and art lovers (digital, traditional and photographers) to feel free to explore, share, socialize, help yourself and others with feedback, and of course express your own creativity.

Our aim is to create a hub of artists at all levels, beginner, intermediate, pro where we can build each other.

And if you're looking to start art, stop by too, we'll help you out.
Hallo! Wir sind eine Deutsche Künstlercommunity!
Art Prompts, Arttrades, Commission und Random Art Talk!
Hast du Ocs die du gern zeichnest? Zeichnest du generell gern? Dann komm doch gern zu uns! Auch Fotografen und VoiceActing is gern gesehen.
The Bench is an art community, where you can express yourself widely, granted it's within the spectrum of "art". We're a whole new community, who strive to become a big community of artists, who help each other out and progress in our thirst for styles and colors.

To ensure that there's a quality standard, we do ask people to think about their art before posting it here. We accept all kinds of art, but we're not just an "art sharing" community. We strive to get better, which means, when you join this server, you do it to get better artistically.
Welcome to the art dungeon! We're an active, social server meant for sharing and helping each other with art
-Writing, visual arts, and all other mediums are accepted.
-critique and nsfw channels are available.
-lots of friendly, active users.
-lots of skilled, helpful artists to help you learn and flex those art muscles.
-memes and shitposts are very important
✫ Welcome to Sirine ✫
We are a relatively new art server looking for new members to join our little family!
✧Our server offers...✧
・A friendly, drama-free community.
・A fun place to share and improve your art/writing.
・Mudae, Tatsumaki, and Kashima
・A Music Channel.
・Lots of custom emojis
An active, artist-based discord server with a close community of just a WHOLE lot of worms.
We hope you can gain lots of new friends here, and maybe even improve on your abilities as an artist!

We have:
- Self assignable roles
- Worms
- Daily prompts for each month
- Friendly and determined staff
- Worms
- A non-discriminatory and lgbt-accepting environment
- Critique and artist-specific channels
- Lotsa cat emojis
- Worms
And last but not least....
- More worms!!!!

Join us now!
Looking for a place for pictionary players? You love drawing games but got no one to play with? Join us and meet new people and fellow artists! Doorillo’s a place where you can post game links (such as,, Pinturillo 2) and share your artworks. We also have fun bot games for you! Come and join us! We’ll be glad to have you here.
The Art broZ Discord server is THE place to share your work, get critique, and make new ART FRIENDS! Who doesn't want that? Every month we create a monthly challenge prompt, and at the end of the month I will do a critique / paintover video showcasing the work. We also have a bunch of other cool features set up, like an XP system for those of you who thrive on the rush of leveling up your skills!
Welcome to 𝓒𝓪𝓷𝓭𝔂 𝓢𝓴𝔂𝓼,
We help with depression and etc,
Don’t be afraid to tell us stuff we’ll try to help and understand, we are a positive and motivating server, and last but not least, idk.
Forest is an art-based server for all ages! Our goal is to make a large and friendly community where members can share their art of any kind and even help each other improve! (SFW only) We'd love to have you!

» active and friendly staff!
» many text/voice channels for all artistic topics!
» many self-assignable roles!
» question of the day!
» venting and support!
» many fun and helpful bots!
» taking server suggestions from members!
» partnerships!
» we celebrate our member's birthdays!
» fun holiday events!
» an lgbtq+ friendly community!
Hiya! A server full of artist who just wanna have good time! Join this server if you want some quick tips on your art, just wanna express yourself, or even just out of boredom! Anyone is aloud! Just make sure to follow rules!
Hello there! If wish to do some sketching and meet up some fellow artists, this place is for you! A digital or traditional artist? We take both!
Hey you! ArtLife is a casual server focused on art and other creative discussion. We get together to share art, play games and joke around with each other! Some NSFW content is permitted, so proceed at your own discretion. We hope you can join us!
We are a small community open for all types of art. From pixel art, painting and graphic designs to music production. Come down to our Server to have a chit chat, post some of your stuff, talk about your love for what you make with people who have the same amount of passion.
We're all funny people here, and we like to joke around.
🎨 Art Café has a unique layout that ensures everyone's artwork receives feedback! We make sure no one gets ignored.

Art Cafe is a server dedicated to making a supportive community of artists. This community intends to help each other improve and to motivate creativity! We promote a friendly and safe atmosphere for people of all skill levels.
─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───

~•Welcome to ✨ Artist's Lounge ✨
✧Social ✧Fun ✧Art ✧
15+ Only!
“Hello, welcome to Art Lounge! A new
Art discord! We are a growing community
of Artists, hoping to inspire and motivate
each other!
─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───
✎ Self-Roles
• The server has many “Self-Roles” for you to choose from!

• NSFW for 18+ users, more “Self-Roles” for those who are over 18+!

✎ Bots
• Plenty of bots to play with!

✎ Selfies
• A channel for you to send selfies and photos!

✎ Active & Fun staff
• Our Staff is here to help you enjoy your stay! Fun and friendly, there to help whenever needed! New staff members needed.

✎ LGBTQ+ Support
• This server is LGBTQ+ Friendly!

✎ Events & Games
• Have fun with your fellow artists here in The Lounge as we host events and game nights for you to relax after a long and productive day!

✎ Vent & Confessions
• The Lounge is a safe space for all your venting and confession needs! With a supportive staff always ready to help and offer you emotional support.

✎ Not Just Drawing!
• Whether you’re an artist, writer, photographer, or musician, all kinds of art are welcome here!

》* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ • 。* 。° 。* 。 • ˚《
🍃Welcome to the Woodlands of Creativity🍃

╭─━━━━━━🌸About Us🌸━━━━━━─╮

A community solely based on helping every
artist improve on their artwork, giving everybody
the attention they deserve for their art, and letting
a network of artists around the world connect,
chat, and relax.


╭─━━━━━━🌼We Offer🌼━━━━━━━─╮

• Art promotion & garaunteed feedback/criticism.
• A special Art Motivation channel.
• Giveaways & special events
• A chill, non-toxic community
• A unique 🍃 currency system !


╭─━━━━🌱About The Currency🌱━━━━─╮

We also have a unique 🍃 point currency system
implemented in the server, encouraging artists to stay
active and motivated ! Earn 🍃, purchase an art
showcase pass, have your art featured for people to
give feedback and comment on, repeat.

☆ The Art School ☆

Believe you can't draw?
Welcome to our Art School Server, in here, you will be taught a variety of art forms in our diverse set of classes, and perhaps acquire useful skills in the process!

~Current Classes~

- Pixel Art
- Minecraft Building
- Anime
- Electronic Music
- Realism
- And more to come in the future!

~Other details n' stuff~

》Active Owners! ~
》Frequent lessons! ~
》Actually decent lessons! ~
》Not dead! ~
》Nice members! ~
》Hey did you know we offer Minecraft Building as a class?! ~
》Art Evolution channels, everyone was an amateur at some point! ~

Sounds nice? Cause it is, feel free to join at any time.
This is a chill Discord server for artists and OC creators that is decidedly more relaxed and simple than most other servers of the sort. No unnecessary channels and complicated rules.

Here, we’re very open and fine with most any types of topics, themes, or artwork you’d possibly like to share and discuss with others. No content that isn’t already prohibited by Discord ToS is outright banned on the server, so if you’ve been looking for a server to talk about the more challenging elements of your story, this server is for you.

As of right now it's very new and quite small, but it'll get better as it grows! Join in and see if you like it or not, hopefully you'll enjoy yourself here.