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Hello, this just a simple 18+ server for people to just talk and share their art really, there's not many channel because I just think it spreads stuff too much, if you feel like joining make sure to come in !
Art Work House aims to provide a friendly, positive environment to grow and learn art together. We aim to maintain a high standard of community and to be as useful as possible to artists who are willing to work and ready to learn.
All levels of art are welcome to join! We do ask that all users are 16+ in this server.
>>>>Preview of what we have in store<<<<
-Art help and references/tutorials
-Engaging conversations in general chats
-Monthly server contests, art raffles and weekly art challenges
-100% customization on roles (Over a total of 80+ different self-assignable role colors!)
-Toxicity free community
-Super dank memes
-Cool mods and admins
-Many bot games
-Fun polls to waste time
-NSFW and gore art channels
-Lots of original emotes from users in the server
-Art commissions
-LGBTQ+ Friendly
-And absolutely 99.99% uncreativity free!
Hello! We are an art server but our goal is to make friends instead of randomly sharing artworks. It's a pretty free place even though it has rules. Mature behavior is always good, if you have common sense and want to meet people, talk about art and everything else you might find this server cool :) we are not a lot which means we can focus more on each other, hope to see you soon with us!
It's a place for all kind of artists!
It doesn't matter that you are a begginer or a real professional, traditional artist, animator, photographer or even a sculptor!
Here you can share your creation, ask for help and also help others!
In addition if you are a digital artist you can draw with others using
Stay creative and have a good time!
Looking for a place for pictionary players? You love drawing games but got no one to play with? Join us and meet new people and fellow artists! Doorillo’s a place where you can post game links (such as,, Pinturillo 2) and share your artworks. We also have fun bot games for you! Come and join us! We’ll be glad to have you here.
• 17+
• No 3D
• Upon joining you'll be asked to post a few art samples to get full access

We're a group of 2D art students (mostly illustration and some concept art, fine art), former forum members trying to improve by offering experience, feedback and critique to each other. If you want to refine your skills or are looking for new and interesting art buddies, this server might be for you!
"There are no mistakes. Just happy accidents."
A casual art community purely based on growth, improvement, and communication! Receive critique for your work, request help, and hang out in a positive environment, with friendly moderators.
🎨 Art Café has a unique layout that ensures everyone's artwork receives feedback! We make sure no one gets ignored.

Art Cafe is a server dedicated to housing a supportive community of artists. This community helps eachother improve and motivates creativity! We promote a friendly and safe atmosphere for people of all skill levels.
Hallo! Wir sind eine Deutsche Künstlercommunity!
Art Prompts, Arttrades, Commission und Random Art Talk!
Hast du Ocs die du gern zeichnest? Zeichnest du generell gern? Dann komm doch gern zu uns! Auch Fotografen und VoiceActing is gern gesehen.
we are a very small art server, but very active :) we have simple rules and self assignable roles! we also have leveled roles, the more you engage the more you level up and unlock cool server features! custom emotes of the server’s mascot, we have mudae and groovy bot. we’ll be adding more channels and bots as more people join!!
A cozy server mostly directed at art and drawing but you can also talk about other things like gaming, movies, even politics (keep it civil), and post your outdated boomer memes :)
Welcome to the art dungeon! We're an active, social server meant for sharing and helping each other with art
-Writing, visual arts, and all other mediums are accepted.
-critique and nsfw channels are available.
-lots of friendly, active users.
-lots of skilled, helpful artists to help you learn and flex those art muscles.
-memes and shitposts are very important
This server is a BL/Yaoi Roleplay for those looking to join or read along.
Rental BF or RBF is an app that lets you rent a boyfriend. Whether you are lonely, looking for a friend, or wanting someone to talk to, we have plenty of boyfriends for hire. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

・ Create an OC rental boyfriend or...
・ Create an OC client looking to hire
・ Drawing Roleplay & Writing Roleplay
・ Coin Game/Giveaways/ Custom Items
・ Custom Roleplaying OC Bot
・ In-Character Chatroom
・ Create your own Roleplay Events!
・ Many Settings/Meet-Up Areas to Roleplay
・ Photo Sharing and Status Updates
・ SFW and NSFW Roleplay Channels
・ Self-Assignable Roles
・ OC Voice Claims/ OC Theme Songs
・ Birthday Announcements
・ Literate to Semi-Literate
・ Art Commissions/ Requests
・ Art Challenges/ Art Jam
・ Have Fun!

Currently, accepting profiles and mods❣️✨
A fun server for people who draw porn, like looking at drawings of porn and want to hang out with cool peeps

(There's also a SFW section)
- We are just an art discord server that lets you share any form of art you want, maybe even appreciate some cats and tea along the way! (^=˃ᆺ˂)

Anyone is welcome to join, post art, get some art critique and feedback, or just hang out in our discussion channels or hop in a VC and talk with some new friends!

- We also offer a few hidden NSFW chats for those who want to post some more explicit artworks (ↀДↀ)✧

Currently at level 1 boost!

Server started by Catter & Special
AYYY! Maybe you recognize me from the YouTube channel, "Ganimation!" If not, join my server along with a bunch of AMAZING YouTube Animators! Fun, is waiting for you!
Are you LONELY?

Do you not have ANYONE??

did karen take the KIDS????

then this is the right server for you! :)

We have gacha, drawing, roles, bots, self-promo, memes and more! This group is ran by me and my cousin. I hope you consider joining us but if you dont thats fine ^-^
🍃Welcome to the Woodlands of Creativity🍃

╭─━━━━━━🌸About Us🌸━━━━━━─╮

A community solely based on helping every
artist improve on their artwork, giving everybody
the attention they deserve for their art, and letting
a network of artists around the world connect,
chat, and relax.


╭─━━━━━━🌼We Offer🌼━━━━━━━─╮

• Art promotion & garaunteed feedback/criticism.
• A special Art Motivation channel.
• Giveaways & special events
• A chill, non-toxic community
• A unique 🍃 currency system !


╭─━━━━🌱About The Currency🌱━━━━─╮

We also have a unique 🍃 point currency system
implemented in the server, encouraging artists to stay
active and motivated ! Earn 🍃, purchase an art
showcase pass, have your art featured for people to
give feedback and comment on, repeat.

🌺Welcome To Art Latté Café🌺
We are a fairly new group made April 4.19

(If you hate overly used pink or too many emojis this is not the place for you! Do not come in my server thinking you can complain)

We are still bumpy, we do have fun channels. And a wide range of things to do and things to post.
we also need new members voting on what challenges to participate in and exactly what pleases everyone else to be drawing, plus you'll get a new role with every challenge you complete.
We've got self roles and we're working on emojis and server icons so that we can change them up every month or so we have quite a few members already but not as much of them were active so you should join and come be a part of the family.
Like I said we are fairly new and this one of my friends servers. so we are in fairmead of supporters and helpers to help us grow we've been alive for nearly two months and I am very proud to say I will always try to keep the server going no matter how hard or busy I am.
If at anytime you want to partner or a link is not working please send a message in contact: @Shinigami#1369
If you want to talk about anime, OR if you want to learn a cool skill like coding, youtube, video editing, drawing, etc. then this is the server for you. The point of this server is for all of us to learn from eachother so we can all improve our skills and discuss anime and nerd stuff while we do it.

Very casual server. Free speech is a high priority so your free to speak your mind about basically anything (Yes, this includes politics if you'd like).

This server is the official server of the rkraiem100 youtube channel.
ART place is a server for artists and art enthusiasts alike.
Members and staff are active daily!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
☆Monthly events, frequent challenges, and occasional contests
☆channels for multiple kinds of art including drawn, fanart, music, writing, nsfw, etc.
☆channels for advertising your streams, media accounts and channels, and commissions and stores
☆section for sharing and listening to music
☆section dedicated to helping eachother learn and asking for help including a pingable @ help role
☆self-assignable roles
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
Hope you enjoy :)