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This is a server dedicated to technology in general and the Polandball fandom, or pretty much anything you want to talk about. We are looking for more members.
41 minutes ago
Anime and Manga 22
A small anime/gaming community that hopes to become a better, friendly environment for all people! You can host your own events here.
1 hours ago
Community 4
Looking for Artists! 。◕ ‿ ◕。 This server is open to all types of artists!
3 hours ago
Welcome! This is a growing server where people can share talents, critique, and much more! If you enjoy many forms of art such as drawing and singing, this is the place for you.

Art isn't limited to one form. Join now!
2 days ago
Community 8
a fun server to chat with other artists, share your work, and get critiques !
3 days ago
Welcome to the server fullll of people from my subscription, Friends and randos that I game with
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Come and chat with some wonderful people!
11 days ago
A server to share YOUR art, drawings, music. And talk to other artists like you. We're a new, growing server, be sure to share our community with your friends!
15 days ago
Community 56
Vaportaku : Serveur [FR] ! Dessinateur, peintre, graphiste, streamer, mao, etc. Ou simple admirateur ? Ce serveur réunie nombres d'artistes et de créateurs d'œuvre afin de les partager et de s'entraider, tout le monde est le bienvenue !
17 days ago
Anime and Manga 11
A NEW Art and NSFW Art sharing server that allows all artists to share their art with one another for critique and praise. All styles and mediums welcome!

Discord Server:

This server allows artists to share their art, promote themselves, chat with one another, share memes, share music, share manga, etc.
29 days ago
Community 36
Un serveur créé dans le but de réunir une communauté ayant des centres d'intérêt communs afin de passer du bon temps. Pas de prise de tête, juste de l'amusement et de la bonne humeur.
Nous sommes ouverts à tout genre de conversation, que ce soit autour des jeux, de la japanimation, des dessins, de la musique et j'en passe.
Voilà, n'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre, on vous accueillera à bras grands ouverts !
50 days ago
The Art Garden is an inclusive place for everything creative, from digital and traditional art, to creative writing to cosplay. Everyone is welcome, LGBTQ+ friendly (of course). We have a spot for any kind of content creator out there, though you don't have to be one to join and make friends. We also have fun events like movie nights, game nights and Creative Contests! Pop in to say hello, make some friends and get creative!
78 days ago
A brand new discord server for Artists, GFX artists, Writers, and admirers! We are also LGBT friendly so come join!
88 days ago
Anime and Manga 47
This is a server 100% dedicated to art. Join today if you are interested in any kind of art. **Hope to see you join**

**--Server includes--**
• Channel to post art
• Full set of rules and consequences
• AutoModeration from bots to help prevent rule breaking.
• A dedicated owner who will stay active in chat.
• Mentions will be blocked.
• **Partnerships with servers that have 20+ human members**

`join to help grow this artistic community`

Server link -( )-
Banner -( )-
95 days ago
A simple server to share your art in and have others comment on it.
115 days ago
All Games 7
Having Fun is a server for everyone to enjoy and make friends fast. Anime, Computer Build, Gaming and much more. Enjoy!!!
243 days ago