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Hey guys! If you like to create art or simply like to appreciate it, we have the right server for you. As long as you are okay with some gentle brainwashing and cult culture. At Art Cult(ure), we support many types of art, such as hand-drawn, digital, 3D, poetry and music! I have high hopes that we can create a strong community and family cult(ure). (Please don't mind that we are a cult, our overwhelming love for art shall bring us together). We welcome you and I hope you will love chatting with us.
1 hours ago
Artfallen is an art server that focuses on improvement and giving helpful advice. We have profesionally working Illustrators and Concept Artists who are here you answer your every question and want to help you grow.
1 hours ago
Tokyo Night is a small, friendly community. (SFW)

We try to accommodate everyone, having channels for anime, art, gaming, and music!
We host events on occasion, and are currently working on systems to allow you to host your own Events!
2 hours ago
This is a small server, starting out as a small art community, with artists there to support each other and help each other grow.
4 hours ago
hey, i am ☾ᴅʀᴀɢᴏɴ ғʀᴜɪᴛ ☼ and i am from ☾ORB OF NIGHT ARTS ☼ this is a art server that just can't grow, we have all types of art music,singing.drawing,painting,repainting, instruments, pictures
and Photoshop we accept all ages for staff apps, we have memes and we support talking about games, all games!
5 hours ago
hey how are ya are you feeling good are u feeling well? do you wanna join a server where u have people like artist or uhh memes? idk my english is bad if you wanna have fun and chat with people for uhh idk drawing n junk just join this server u are welcome with ur memes and anime and art
5 hours ago
This is a group for people who like anime(BnHA, Bleach, Durarara, etc.), games(WoW, Sims, Toram Online Kingdom Hearts, Mother, etc), drawing ( fan art or original characters) and rping.

(Pls talk in chat I'm lonely)
20 hours ago
Hello there~ this server was made for drawpile users old and new ^^ this is a new and small sever of artists ^^
(if you dont wanna drawpile you can get it here: )
1 days ago
Este servidor é focado na unificação da comunidade de desenhistas brasileira , aqui a zoeira é livre de forma saudável .
4 days ago
A server for sharing art, resources, and chatting! We are just starting out and hope to have a striving community. Please join and share your creations!
5 days ago
This server is for basically anything, and everything is split into categories, for example gaming has it's own category with channels for the different games! You can also promote your own server, your art, music, or cooking skills. I made this server for people who just want to chill and make friends, and if you want to join, make sure you read the rules <333
6 days ago
Here at Art Nerds, we provide channels to share and promote our artwork. We have commissions available for everyone. Self-assignable roles, art challenges and contests every month, and references and tutorials! We want you all to feel welcome here. Join our server to meet other fellow art nerds and hangout! We really hope to see you here! <3
11 days ago
Looking for Artists! 。◕ ‿ ◕。 This server is open to all types of artists!
12 days ago
Let your creativity flow with a community of artists dedicated to supporting each other and fostering a sense community!
17 days ago
Come and share your art! We have places to share art, commission info, adverts, memes, and more! We hope to be a striving and active community.
17 days ago
An art server that includes channels for 2d art, 3d art, and literature!
20 days ago
Welcome! This is a growing server where people can share talents, critique, and much more! If you enjoy many forms of art such as drawing and singing, this is the place for you.

Art isn't limited to one form. Join now!
30 days ago
Art Squad is a right now very small art server owned by me and my bff. Here you can chat, post art, make friends, talk about your favorite stuff, and have fun! We try to be polite and chill, and share our love for art with everyone! In this server we accept memes, fan-art, original art, and well.....join to find out ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
30 days ago
The Art Center is a server where I draw art for people! It's a small server, but I hope it gets big soon!

If you want free art, then this is the place to go!
33 days ago
Hi! we are The PUG a friendly community that likes to talk and chill. We have relaxed rules, nice Admins, Thursday night movies and a nice chill gaming talking community. come check us out!!!.
34 days ago
Hello! This server is called Wholesome Arts, and we share art and have fun here! We have a leveling system, along with places to share tips and tricks and advice!
36 days ago
Hello! My friend and i have started this art server to share your art with others! You can make friends, share your art (obviously), ask for advice/inspiration, give others advice, etc...
We hope to see you and your art soon ! <3
37 days ago
We're an art server meant mostly for art. We're pretty laid back and we're looking for people to contribute as artists, as critics, and as friends! Being an artist isn't a prerequisite, so don't feel stressed if you aren't one!
41 days ago