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We are a new dedicated Art server looking to help fellow artist with their art! Critique is never to be taken personal but to grow from! We are also here to help encourage the less confident and struggling artist! All levels of art are welcome to join! Must be 16+ or older to join!
This is a space for inventive minds to color and sketch while making a few buddies.
Not much right now to begin with but I hope to start a pleasant community who'll grow through time.
Can't draw? not an "artist"? Well you can help out others to improve among us. Come over and critique at #criticism-camp and teach us a thing or two. Every little point counts! Share the server so we can gather more learning artists and watch this server advance.
-Help us get to a 50+ members and we can have our first giveaway! With growing members perhaps we can hold these more and more often :p
-need mods so come help me out.
-partly community based, so come chill out with a few buds.

Enjoy your stay <3
The Penthouse is a small art community dedicated to improving your work, sharing your social media, and being part of a social community full of artists! Join today for a completely family friendly experience, and a chance at critique from all sorts of people!

We have:

*-🙌A completely SFW experience!

-👋An active and growing community ready to give you tips and feedback!

-💜Self-assignable color rolls for every color in the rainbow!

-🙋Caring and kind staff to keep the server running!

-💬Traditional, digital, 3D/ sculpture, and photography channels!

-💬Conversation channels to talk about whatever!*

Join today!⭐
A server for artists to share and get feedback on their art! also for new artists to learn! This server is LGBTQ+ friendly.
Use Your Words is a new and growing discord focused on writing. Dedicated to community collaboration, we welcome you whether you're just starting to put your latest idea to paper, or looking to give/receive feedback on a finished piece.
This is an art and critique server. You can join if you like to... well, art; you can join if you like edits; you can even join if you can't draw at all but like being a critic! Orrr you can just join because you can. (Or you can join for the pokecord, DM me for that, only Disboard and admins will know about this ;)) )
The Art Café is a community art server open to all sorts of art and people.
We're open to comics, animations, photography, music, handcrafts and 3D models/game design.
We also do weekly art challenges and special events.

♧ SFW Server
♧ Reaction Roles
♧ Critique Channel
♧ Art Prompts
♧ Achievements
♧ Weekly Art Challenges
Welcome to Gallery Hop, a little art gallery server where you can post, discuss, and view art!
We welcome artwork in all styles, from painting, to drawing, to music, to sculpture, to sewing, to animation, and to so much more!
As the name says, this is a Solar Sands fan-made server! We share and critique art, send each other clean memes and have a nice little chat. If we see any new video or live stream, we will announce it! The basic rules will either be in the description of the text channel, or in the pinned messages.
An art-themed server where you can display your art, receive criticism (which is optional), chat with fellow artists, share and receive art tips, or just stay awhile and chat about random stuff! This is a server that is accepting of all artists young and old!
Welcome to the Writers Hub! We are a group of people who are passionate about writing in all forms. Comics, short stories, novels, even fan-fiction is accepted here! There is no pressure to be active or stay, come and go as you please. With that being said, why not join us and share, improve, and spice up your writing path!
Hey, this is just a small server for people interested in sharing their art and getting critique! (Also we have toddbot and he's a chaos god)
Heya! This is my first server! I recommend joining so it can grow!🙂

We are a very small server, so you are allowed to make your own invites.
You can join no matter who you are, as long as you bring your art to the table! :3

Good luck and Goodbye!
The Young Composer's Online Orchestra is a group dedicated to recording and promoting works by young composers. While there is no specific age limit, we'd prefer if members who submit music be high school or college aged.
Welcome to the Draw Every Day server, where we encourage the improvement of all artists. We openly share tutorials and critiques so that everyone can learn something by the end of the day.

-Every month we have new prompts or challenges
-Every week we have Music Monday and Tunesday, in which we share music we enjoy or listen to as we do art.

We're looking forward to you joining us. :)
Hello, I am Rainbow Reaper and I’d like to introduce our brand new server Blade & Ink where we just have conversations, collaborations, critique, off-topic stuff, etc. Point this server is for locating active members to join cause an discord is a happy discord. We don’t have many people yet, but we are looking for just about anyone artist, crafters, writers, anime peeps, medieval fans, fantasy writers, etc.
In the Works is a place to have conversation, generate ideas, and get your writing work critiqued and reviewed with constructive criticism. Critique is provided through trade - you give some, you get some - meaning that everyone's work gets reviewed.
Have web-comic ideas or at least wanted to contribute to one? Well this server main objective is to create place to develop plots, artwork, and critique there ideas. Basically the whole server the production area of the web-comics, so if you have a web-comic idea or want to help me or others my server is here and the door is always open.

Note: This is a recently made server, but never expect a massive amount of members cause we're not looking for just random people to join the server. I'm looking for people who thought that they would like to make an amazing story and present it with illustrations. The who I want are artists who like the ideas behind the story and want contribute their own works/designs as an official addition to a series' own lore or make works and build a world around it. Writers who wants to work along side another cause it never wrong critique someone's work or help them out once in a while or find someone who is interested enough to put their words to pictures. These won't be just my stories though, we allow commissions for new titles.

P.S.- If title somehow makes profit the reward will be given to contributors, but you have to be here and you got to help more than once! Seriously though don't just do this for money, in fact don't expect it at all, the web-comics, writing, and art is what important!

*On the note of new server I'll right now that yes I need people to fill jobs*

Commissioner- Got to be a good writer because you decide what makes the cut!

Mods- Same stuff as any other place. Just got to be good mod material.

Promo is fine just make sure it stays on the specified channel
A multifandom server that primarily focuses on writing and general fandom talk.
Epichroma is an art community that's ideal for artists looking to grow and improve. Users are rewarded using two progession systems: One for personal skill advancement, the other for how much you give back to the community. We have a sizeable professional userbase here.
BetaMe is a community of writers and readers who want to give each other feedback on their work. We welcome all writing, from fanfic to blogs! The discord server supports the site
Hey guys, as you know there are quite a few writing discords, but this isn't one of them. We're a Writing *Group*, meaning we're smaller in scope and focused on putting letters on paper, and getting feedback from others.

We have a system where you need to post weekly and give critique weekly to maintain your rank and receive critique from others.

It's a mature 18+ server for anyone who wants some help with motivation, accountability and feedback on a weekly basis. Writing can be a lonely occupation and we want to help each other with both improving our craft but also with encouragement and companionship.

We primarily use google docs for our accountability system, but we'll be glad to help you set it up.

We are currently 5 active members, and are planning to keep it limited in scope for now.