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A Discord made by filmmakers and movie fans. We want anyone who loves movies or makes movies to join and discuss. We also welcome official filmmakers and critics to join in on the fun.
10 minutes ago
Community 77
For twenty-somethings on the verge of a breakdown. Good eggs only. 18+ (SFW)
3 hours ago
A vibrant creative new home for digital artists, developers, animators, video game enthusiasts/designers and visual effects talents alike, where one may find a place to chat, learn, drink copious amounts of tea or coffee, and forge new friends and partnerships, You are welcome here. There is a place here for all. Right next to the Crumpets..
7 days ago
Community 13
A relaxed server for just hanging out and doing whatever whether it be discussing films, anime, playing games etc.
22 days ago
join this server to share your shots. We have different channels for different photography styles. you can get feedback from fellow photographers and take part in weekly challenges. PhotographyGeeks offers an interactive community to help you broaden your interest and knowledge.
26 days ago
A server for discussing Stephen King novels, films, and other media related to his works. Stephen King is the author of over fifty novels, a notable number of which have been adapted into films and some into other media such as games and comic books. One story he created, IT, was 1153 pages long and adapted into one film that was three hours long and again more recently, this time into two films.Feel free to hop in and say hello, and leave or stay if you so wish. I hope to see you there!
153 days ago