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Ciao! Benvenuto/a su Drama Café!
Questo server è dedicato a tutti gli amanti del k-drama e del K-pop.
Qui potrai parlare serenamente delle tue passioni senza essere giudicato/a.
Fai un salto qui! 🎊
A Discord made by filmmakers and movie fans. We want anyone who loves movies or makes movies to join and discuss. We also welcome official filmmakers and critics to join in on the fun.
A community server for discussion of movies from all eras, of all genres! Come talk about new movies, discover new ones and make friends! From The Room to Citizen Kane, from Commando to Captain America - come discuss it all here. Got a movie you want to talk about? Think people should see it? Come tell us about it and join in the discussion!
Hey, I’ve got a movie server called A Very Groovy Movie Server. On this server, you can discuss movies, tv shows, anime, and anything else related to that. We also have events such as :
1. Movie Nights: Everyone gets to suggest a film, and then the server votes on their favorite. The winner is then streamed on on a specific date
2. Movie VS Movie: Everyone gets to suggest a movie that they love. Two are randomly decided and then the server gets around two weeks to watch and discuss the films. Afterwards, everybody votes on which movie they liked better

So please come join A Very Groovy Movie Server!
Welcome to Filmtopia. The Utopia that you have been searching for. The home for fans of Entertainment stretching from Movies to Television and Filmmaking. Explore the inner sanctum of this newly founded ancient ground: you might like what you find. Enjoy your stay. Because this is the place to be.
Hey there! Are you into photography or film? Then this is the server for you! We're a growing photography discord server. we're looking for new members of all levels to share their work or just chat with other photographers.
Hey! Comme indiqué dans le titre ce serveur est une petite maison. Il y a des salons vocaux pour jouer en fonction des consoles et aussi des salons pour la musique ou regarder des films/séries/vidéos ensemble :3
Pour l'instant on est pas beaucoup donc ce n'est pas très actif donc je compte sur vous pour mettre l'ambiance xD
Aussi chacun a son rôle et sa couleur, donc quand vous arrivez demandez moi votre rôle et couleur.
Pour le salona nsfw il est pv, il faut aussi me demander si vous voulez y accéder.
Voili voilouuu :3
A server for young (teenage/college) aspiring filmmakers and critics to meet each other, learn new things, and have fun! Roles for every aspect of filmmaking, including animation! Find us on twitter @YoungFilmOnline.
Need to join more servers? Like photography? Do you want good staff?, Then join This server!

What to notice:

1.Safe server

2. Places to post your AMAZING pictures!

3. Good staff (goes along with safe server)

4. Active Members

Other things to know:

1. Weekly Updates

2. Neat Server

3. Cool comands

4. Report memmber function.

5. Good rules.


If this is the server for you, join now at
Pieria is a community-based server, where all are welcomed.
From sharing art with other artists, to chatting about various topics (Life is Strange, Minecraft, YouTubers, Animal Jam, photography, life), to just meeting some genuine people.
Un petit repaire de cinéphile. Et il peut y avoir des events! Après rejoin pour en savoir plus
Camera, light, action! Making films is a hard job. Especially, if you’re alone. But don’t worry, this server is made for you. Here you can connect with other filmmakers or people, who share your interest. We have:

:movie_camera: A very nice community;
:movie_camera: a nice staff;
:movie_camera: chats for every job at filmmaking (e.g. screenwriting, director or even VFX);
:movie_camera: chats for every genre;
:movie_camera: ranks;
:movie_camera: and much more
Left Angle is a server for leftist film enthusiasts to talk about, discuss, and analyze films from a leftist perspective- or just in general. Brand new and eager to grow! Bring your friends! There's a vetting process for new members to prevent reactionaries and trolls from accessing the server, so please be available for said process on joining. We do not allow anti-socialist thought on the server, nor do we allow apologists for enemies of the left- which means no centrists, no liberals, and so on. This is all accounted for in the vetting process.
This is a server for people into writing/art/music/film/gaming, so basically creative people, or people who appreciate it. There are people you can collaborate with, we host regular events/competitions, have a great community, and have loads of opportunities and resources to help you! For each category there's an entire section dedicated to it, and we're constantly expanding! We love new members, so feel free to join up!
Dizi, film, oyun vb. konuları sevip beraber konuşan bir Türk topluluğu.
This Discord if for watching people stream movies and tv shows. Come join us and watch some movies with us.
Bu sunucuda istediğiniz kadar boş yapıp eğlenebilirsiniz...
Vous aimez les films ? Série ? Animé ou même le cinéma en général ? Alors ce serveur est fait pour vous ;) au programme : des débats , des trailers ou des anecdotes sur nos films préférés vous aurez même des bonus en rapport avec ma chaîne youtube 😀 alors n'hésitez plus rejoignez moi dans cette folle aventure
Signé ~ Baptiste FX - un gars complètement fou 🤪
Dies ist der offizielle Discord Server des Lego Ninjago Wikis auf Fandom powerd by Wikia.

Dort schrieben wir viel über Lego Ninjago.
The Film Discord is a casual place to talk about all sorts of films. We have a growing family with a variety of different tastes! From horror to criterioncore to the newest movies releasing we talk about it all here. If you’re looking for somewhere where all tastes in film are accepted you’re in luck!
The International Server which is made to gather all Film,Series and Anime lover from all around the world!!
Bonjour je vous présente mon discord est consacrer au théorie de flims et séries. Sachez que vous pouvez vous aussi proposez vos films et séries pour lancé des théorie .
Prestige is a 21+ server that was made for gamers, movie buffs, book worms, writers and kinksters alike. Depending on which roles you choose you will gain entry to various parts of our server. We pride ourselves on the fact we require verification before gaining access to our server to promote a safe haven for all.
Ce serveur est un serveur de bonne entente entre tout les membres nous vous acceuillerons les bras grand ouvert sur ce serveur des events et biens d'autre choses sont à prévoir un channel NSFW est aussi mis en place