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A community of book lovers, we read multiple books together monthly as well as just talk about our favorite authors and genres. Multiple authors present who enjoy talking to their fans. Everyone is welcome!
Welcome, all! In this server, I'm beginning to write a short novel of sorts about a group of survivors in a "zombie" apocalypse.

The Virus, created in a lab like many in fiction before it, causes the brain to short-circuit in a way and become zombie-like.
Cosmic Titans
This server is for everyone : you too!
Based but not focused on the universe.
Become a *Star* ⭐️ because you shine.
Get rewarded for your activity.
Make money 💰 and gamble it away.
Advertise your art, gaming, twitch, etc.
Debate or Meme 😝 if you want.
Friendly and respectful environment.
Not many rules ❤ so come enjoy!
|| Join and say “What’s Up Fam” for a welcoming bonus gift 🎁 ||
A small friendly community dedicated to writing and reading unpublished books. There is a small RolePlay area for all your needs. We are strictly non-NSFW and family-friendly.
A server revolving around my book, Spark! I am currently a small-time, 15 year-old author, and the book is still in progress, but we still have tons of other fandom sub-categories! We’re a small server as of now, with mostly people who already know each other, but don’t let that deter you! My book will be released in late 2020, so join the server for updates! All are welcomed!
Do you love reading but don’t have anyone to talk to about the fantastic book you just finished? Come join us in Between the Lines; we’re always looking for friendly, active members to share our love of books with!

We have two books of the month every month (Young Adult, Adult) with the monthly books fitting Popsugars 2019 challenge. Books are always voted on by our members so that everyone gets a say in what we read.
We also have several channels for the discussion of other topics, such as games and meme-ing, but mostly we’re all here for our love of books and we’d love to see you come join our discussions!
A discord server for fans of/discussion around Becky Chamber's Wayfarer series - The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet and A Closed and Common Orbit
Hello, and welcome to Storytelling!

Here you can insert stories that you wish to share, but they can't be too long!

You could also just listen to others stories.

We have a few types of genres you'd probably like: Creepypastas/Scary,
Online, Real Life, Made Up, and a few more.

This server is also family friendly, so no bad things!

We would like suggestions as well to improve our experience for the server!

Thank you for taking your time in checking this server, and I hope you enjoy!
• Dragons!
• Nice people!
• Some big ol' memes
• LGBT Safe
• Roleplay
(Server for people who enjoy Wings of Fire!)
A Discord server for writing professionals and hobbyists to come together to talk about writing, craft, and improve our skills together as a community.
This Server is to help with a book I'm writing called Selcouth. It takes place after a war between people with different types of powers (the selcouth), and normal people. Each person is started in the city of Denver Colorado. Feel free to have fun.
Do you love reading books? Do you want to make new friends? Then join the Book Club! Here, you can chat about and suggest your favourite books to people that are just as enthusiastic as you are!
I created this server with one single goal in mind: to gather people who are passionate for all sorts of fiction and like to discuss them with others. While it's primarily about japanese media, specifically anime and manga, we have channels dedicated to books, live action and other forms of fictional media. We also have channels for gaming and more serious topics.

This server specifically targets people who are curious, inquisitive and have at least a sizeable amount of experience with fictional media, to the point where their taste is relatively solidified. Our discussions are meant to be calm and respectful.

At the same time, joking around is perfectly fine. You're allowed to make jokes about anything and everything, but avoid being unnecessarily annoying if someone is showing signs of being at their limit.

Everyone who remains at least semi-active gets their own role, the choice of color and name is up to you.

The server will always remain smaller in scale, as I prioritize having a close, small community, rather than having over 100 members that I barely know.

Our ultimate goal is to meet and make friends with other people who share our passions, so if you feel like what I described above is to your liking, give the server a shot, and I'm certain you'll enjoy your stay!
A server based around fandoms of all shapes and sizes. Gaming fandoms, T.V. Show/Movie fandoms, Anime/Manga fandoms, and Book Fandoms. If you like a specific game, TV show, movie anime/manga or book, you can talk about your love for them here and make friends that share the same tastes as you! You might even be able to get suggestions for things you may like! What do you have to lose? Join today!
We all love a good read now and then. But what does this server have for us? Simple. It has channels where we can unleash our creativity. We can all write a story; the desire is inside of all of us somewhere. Yet, what this server has is what nearly anyone can enjoy, experienced and unexperienced alike. And we have some amazing places for the readers!
• Dragons!
• Nice people!
• Art sharing-
• LGBT Safe
• Roleplay
(Server for people who enjoy Wings of Fire!)
The New Clans is my fan-made warrior cats book, but I've decided to make a roleplay, too, we have IvyClan, RainClan, MoonClan and HailClan. The server isn't fully done, but it's quite the way through already. We have fun things like the shop, giveaways and much more, so come join us and see what all the fuss is about!
A group for the book called Mind Over Matter and all future and current projects
This is a server for my book I am writing
GeekFront the frontpage for all things geek! We are a brand new server looking to grow a strong and healthy community. talk about the latest news in movies,games comics and more! we also have a music bot and game voice channels.

Join the Land of Nadrìa, a fantasy roleplay server inspired by several books.

The Humans are at war with the kingdom of Unity.
The Dwarves are playing both sides for coin with the Elves decide to stay out of it.
Magic is everywhere and even the gods meddle with the mortal people.
Centaurs, Elves, Human, Dwarves and more.
You share a reading moment with a partner by reading aloud together a book. That could help you to understand books better and learn from your partner the voice control when reading aloud. You read one time and you listen twice, you understand more.

**Take a trip to Rainor**

In an alternate dimension it is still the year **1837**, but it seems different…

People are carrying **blasters** powered by **steam** and **smoke**, there is a mysterious society running the world and a **mystical stone** has more powers than you could believe.

Join **The Council** and try to take back the land from the evil Jequois. Or join the Jequois and fight to keep the nation under your rule.

This is also a safe place for **Tulpamancers** to come and express themselves.

**Everyone is welcome here!**

So if you want to have a fun time with other steampunk enthusiasts then join this server!!!
A nice place where you can share your writing with others, or just read some cool fiction. All abilities welcome, just a fun place to write and learn.