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This server is for anyone who wants to talk about their original characters! Share art, writing, or even just chat with other members!
► Camp Campbell! ◄

This server is based off of the Camp Camp show so if you didn't watch it go watch it.

Welcome to Camp Campbell! The most fun camp experience you'll ever have! We offer a wide variety of camps, for a small price of $59.99 per kid! You can't really sue me, should've read the fine print but that's beside the point. Anyways! We have minimum wage exceptional councilors and a wide variety of campers from all different ethical backgrounds. We also offer home cooked meals by our beloved quartermaster. So sign your child up for Camp Campbell and they will have the time of their lives and you'll be able to relax, go on vacation and leave your brats here we'll take care of them.

Camp Campbell isn't responsible for any disappearances or deaths that happen on camp grounds.

Campe Diem! A message endorsed by Cameron Campbell, our totally not hiding from the government founder!

"Am I legally obligated to tell them about the money laundering? What-? The mic still on? Oh.. MOTHERFU-"


► We're a new server that is just starting out so bare with us.

► Events!

► Nice Staff!

► Game Nights!

► Everyone is a cool kid here! (I apologize for the cringe.)

► Don't join if you're easily offended. (We tell jokes, spooky.)

► Semi Lit/ Literate. Though one lining is tolerated to an extent.

─ haikyuu ;; sandbox roleplay

a non toxic, chill, and cute roleplay server for you
to make new friends and hangout

🌸 : active chat and members
🏹 : sfw, non toxic and aesthetic layout
🌱 : cute channels + self assignable roles
🦋 : weekly events and games
🌿 : oc & canon roleplay
🌷 : oc & canon ships

always looking for active pms and staff
━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━
━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━
Yugure High, located in Kyoto Japan, is among the top schools in the country. This roleplay follows the lives of Yugure High’s latest first-year students. You can choose to be enrolled in the hero, support, or even general studies course! Start your story today!
━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━
☁️┇Upstart semi-literate/literate MHA Universe Roleplay server!

☁️┇Tupperbox to enhance the quality of roleplays!

☁️┇Audition system to ensure that everyone does their best!

☁️┇Ooc-messaging channels to chill outside of roleplay (SFW/NSFW)

☁️┇Various location channels & roleplay events for you to participate in!

☁️┇Simple moderation and flexible staff to make your experience one of the best!
━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━
━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━
Study courses at Yugure High consist of hands-on training and combat, as well as in-seat learning. Roleplayers will have multiple opportunities to engage in plot-based roleplay scenarios while improving their own original characters in this MHA universe roleplay! We are always looking for new members, so please give Yugure High your best shot!
━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━
━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━
Hiya folks ♡ Are you interested in art, ocs, and roleplay? The OC Addicts Anonymous may be the place for you! The general purpose of this server is to provide a relaxed and fun environment where you can roleplay and talk all of your fandoms and original ideas in one open-ended server instead of having to join multiple 😊

🔸 Small RP channels with unique worlds and stories; absolutely no lore or history that the roleplays need to follow! Anyone can ask for a roleplay channel and they can RP whatever they please in their channel.
🔸 All OCs, Fandoms, and Species allowed!
🔸 An 18+ Category of roleplay and art channels for mature audiences (need to verify age for role)
🔸 A category for ask blog channels
🔸 An art tutorial channel
🔸 An archives category for saving very special RPs!
🔸 Very dedicated staff and an owner who is online and talking daily
🔸 Anti-raid parameters for new members
A land far off on Earth.. where life itself could not find it, hides a Utopia. They call this land "Midtron". It's a small world of it's own on Earth, far more advanced than our average human lives. According to legends and fairytales, it is said a God created that world made of nothing but metal. Dark clouds always surround the skies above, completely blocking the sun from Midtron lives. Along side that, they know nothing outside of their walls. Not even what a flower, or any sort of plantation truely was. They also hold many races humans have not seen; such as Superhumans and Mechos. Superhumans are classified as humans, but born with greater strengths and special abilities. Each Superhuman is gifted with enhanced strength, and speed, along with regeneration that can heal most wounds that aren't fatal. Even regrow limbs! As for Mechos, they are a species that is fully robotic. The "father" of these machines is a man that goes by the name of Kyril Danielopoulos. These Mechos have co-existed with the people of Midtron for as long as they've been built by the Danielopoulos family. They act and are treated just like humans. Although, some hold grudges...

And like any other land, it holds a military. O'Slathia, they call it! The word originates from a forgotten language, which means "Blood". The military makes sure all laws are being respected! They also have four squads named after the suits of playing cards; Hearts, Spades, Clubs, and Diamonds. Each squad suited with Superhumans that are fully trained to take on any threat! And, if lucky enough, even a Mechos may be able to join one of these squads (Besides Clubs, unforunately.) These squads whom protect Midtron from mysterious beasts that try to reign terror. Though, we may never know if there are things that lie beyond the mask that is laid upon it all.

So, what will you do? Live your life as a civilian, live in a peaceful family, or join O'Slathia? Will you hope to join a squad, or find flaws in the system? Will you slowly unlock the secrets of this so called Utopia, or be stopped by God himself? Only time will tell!

● We remain friendly as possible to anyone who joins! We hope you give this place a shot!
● This place is NOT 18+. So please.. refrain from that nasty stuff. (Although, certain amounts of gore are allowed.)
● Very active owner that is willing to help!
● Pretty simple rules to follow! (I hope.)
● Simi-literate to Literate roleplaying recommended! It'd be fantastic if there's little to no one-lining in this server.
● This place is all original, which means you get to use OCs! (Original characters). And of course, read the rules for access to certain things for those OCs.
● We got plenty of bots that you could use for entertainment out of roleplay!
● We do not accept partnerships, so please don't bother asking. They're confusing, and just not our cup of tea.
● Currently have open spots in the O'Slathia military squads! Perhaps test your luck to see if you can get in!

We don't got many people at the moment, but I hope you try this place out! And if you do, enjoy your stay! I know many people leave from inactivity, but the place surely will be more lively if given a chance. ^^'
Hello, welcome to the server description. Come join us to see what is happening in NieR: Our Story, a completely OC story and locations that are unique to this server. Please know NieR Automata before joining this server.
What we offer in the server is:
-Easy to follow template
-Numerous rp chats
-Some cool bots
-And more
It would be awesome if you thought about joining our small server, so we can become a booming rp server. I will see you in the roleplay, goodbye.

And remember: Glory to Mankind.
Have you been looking for a place to rp your Danganronpa OCs that ~isn't~ a killing game? if so, ♫╔ DANGANRONPA; Melodies ╝♫ is the place for you!! Melodies is an amazing place to rp your DR OCs in a Non-Despair situation, and just vibe!! not only that, there are a bunch of channels to hang out, and even a system as to how school works!

so let's go over all that!
Melodies is a Non-Despair OC rp which provides:

♪ a fun and welcoming place to rp your DR OCs!!
♪ cool channels to vibe in whenever!
♪ a super neat in-rp school system!!
♪ and much much more!!

if all of that interests you, come check Melodies out!!!

Hello there and welcome to this server!

☆ This server is a place where you can roleplay from any community you want!! Here, we have:
✿ Loving and Supportive Admins
✩ An active Owner
✼ We try to give everyone the freedom to speak as much as we can!!
✧ A verification system to prevent raiders
:comet: We do not allow discrimination towards groups of people or slurs to be said (unless you can reclaim them)
ꕥ We also add story-arcs and concepts for roleplay!
◛ And if you're lucky, I can even make you one of the main characters in roleplays and make you admin!! Mind-blowing, isn't it?
❀ Come hop in if you're interested!! Please DM me or ping me if a member is visibly harassing you and screenshot it so I can sort it out with them or if you have any questions!
- This server is for roleplaying but also for chatting and making friends.
- There are rules to ensure the server is safe and fun to be in.
- LGBTQ+ is supported!!
- There's many channels for your needs and roleplay channels, of course.
- Tupperbox!
Here are some things that are required and what we have to offer!
↳ You must be 13+ or older to join.
↳ You must have a character or have an OC submitted to RP. There is a template for OCs!
↳ We're kin friendly!
↳ Ship friendly as well! As long as they're unproblematic.
~| There's many more, so if you wanna check it out feel free too 🧡🖤
We are a group of weebs and NSFW lovers, come join and share your favourite NSFW content.

Over 2000 members!

Sellers welcome!

Or, if you're an exhibitionist and over 18 can post your own NSFW content c;


Hope to see you there
The Town of Weird is an RP server where you can rp as your OC, or a canon character from any kind of media! The RP is set inside of a town setting, where anything is possible (and I mean A N Y T H I N G). This is a semi-serious RP, where it isn't all serious, but it can be at times. All levels of literacy are excepted, do you use quotes? Great? Do you use asterisks? Awesome! So Don't be afraid to stop on by, and maybe even stay a while! -Mayor Radical
Welcome to Everyone's Inkopolis!! We're an OC and canon RP server, with loads of things to do!! We have battle arenas, places to share cool art you find, and sometime soon we might be doing a Splatfest!! Come join us! <3
You finally stumbled upon our server? here's some information on this server! We are an OC RP server form the anime Haikyuu!! This is the same world as Haikyuu, but we are in a slightly different timeline, all of the characters from the anime show we all know and love have all grown up! So that means the we will not be interacting with them.

This is a chill and fun server for you to RP and make more haikyuu loving friends! We also have bots and hold events! So what do you say? Will you join us?! ^w^
This is a medieval fantasy rp server. Come join to be in a House and to rp and have fun! Darkness rules the land from the undead King of Night, Ren; all forces of various Kingdoms need to come together to defeat this true evil.
Welcome to Velvet Underground, an exclusive escort service for discerning clientele.

Our handsome and beautiful escorts are here to provide clients with the finest company. Take them on a night out, spend an intimate evening in their room, or simply sit down for conversation at our lounge. You'll be surprised what kinds of secrets can be found behind closed doors, and you'll find we're more than just pretty faces...

Check out our character roster here:


We are an 18+ Level 3 RP server looking for people to help us grow. Discover the darkness of the crime world operating beyond our doors and join us as a client, an escort, a club staff, or simply even as a guest if you just want to dip your toes into our world.

All colors of the rainbow are welcome! We offer an immersive experience by providing:
- A literate to advanced literate environment, with an application system in place to ensure quality writing
- A comprehensive in-game system
- Character builders to fully flesh out your characters
- Multiple channels to grow your plot and improve your writing
- A growing collection of tasteful NSFW photos
- Cheerful and accommodating staff
- Open spaces to just chill out and have a good time!

We hope to see you there soon!
The year is [unspecified.] Recently there has been rumor of government experiment plants leaking toxic(?) fluid into areas in cities, small suburbs, and other mildly populated areas. These areas are immediately blocked off and undealt with, and any questioning of the government is denied. These Areas are extremely illegal to go into, and will result in immediate arrest in a normal, federal, prison. Or so the threat was thought. While it was true all that went into these cut off sites were escorted, it wasn't by the normal cop cars and sheriff trucks, but rather by black unmarked government vans. No one that saw their friends enter and be arrested could remember a thing about it. Because as, people do, wandering into the strange, almost glowing sites, their heartrate would begin to increase. Their body would begin to tremble and shake, almost melting into it, as an object, or animal possibly, would begin to merge with them, shaping into their body. Sometimes this would change their appearance, or grant them inhuman ability, per say. For example, a person who merged with a cat might gain inhuman reflexes, but also have a hard time swimming in water. And yes, would give them cat ears, cliché but it would happen. But for a more complex case, say, someone merged with a pistol, would gain things like a strong will, bravery, the strength of a bullet, if you will. Regardless of what object or animal was merged with, they were all put into a prison, or, asylum rather, called black candle asylum. They would be tested for the first few weeks, and put into a (Fully indestructible) waiting room with other like them until a cell room was made for them. The room would likely be small, with a bed, a storage desk, and a few other things depending on age and anomaly type. And so would begin the convicts new life, learning how they worked, meeting others like them, and maybe, just maybe, getting out of here one day.

Hi we're a small server please join lol
also currently hiring staff
On January the 1st, 2022, Catulus High was caught on fire by some students messing around with fireworks. Not the whole school burned down, but it was so badly damaged that it was deemed unfit for people to stay in. Luckily, though, a new school had recently been finished being built, so all of the old Catulus students were transferred...

This is a remake of the old Catulus High!!
We have hundreds of roleplay channels, dozens of roles, fair rules and friendly staff!
Welcome to Destraena...
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
The story of Destraena, a kingdom made to stop a war between six species about to fall from destruction. The story being told as old as the kingdom was, inspiring the young to keep the peace. A simple land but with an amazing history, a kingdom to last what seems to be forever.
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
This is a medieval type server that is almost finished, yes it is open for anyone to join but a court is needed! The owner will be on the court to make sure everything is still tuned smoothly. But we do wish for you to join even with our few amount of members so far!
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
We have auto roles, roleplay roles, and places to chat after your verification into the server! The staff welcomes you to this server with a kind heart and wishes you to enjoy your time here.
🎨 Welcome to OC Central! 🎨

This is a server made exclusively for writers and artists alike who own their own characters! But if you just like to support or watch other's art, this place is open to that as well.
Here you can share, advertise, get help for your ideas and of course socialize with other fellow artists!
We have...
☆Self assignable roles! Including roles to openly show you have open commissions/adopts/species and more!
☆Advertising channels to advertise yourself and your species and adopts
☆Weekly Drawing prompts/challenges to spark that creativity!
☆Events such as event Roleplays, Artists/writers collabs, Game night, and more!
☆and server booster perks!
The community is lively, open, and very friendly ❤

We look forward to seeing you there!
We’re a close-knit roleplay community that accepts original characters and canon characters alike. We accept and help everyone, so long as they’re nice! We hope you come, stay, and make yourself at home, here in Temporous.
But be careful, anyone can be friend or foe.
✨ Welcome to Art N Chill, a friendly community full of people from around the world who love art! ✨

Art N Chill is a laid-back community centered around all kinds of art, from resin, crafts, and sewing to animation, writing, digital art, and more!

Some of the things we have:
✨ Art, commission and adopt channels!
✨ An oc channel to talk about your characters!
✨ Self-assignable color + pronoun roles!
✨ Movie nights!
✨ And of course, you! This server wouldn't be complete without our wonderful members, so come on in and vibe with us!

[We are an entirely SFW server.]
Hello everyone! Aye sir!! This a non-canon ship server for Fairytail. Everyone here is very kind and we will be happy to have you join us. We accept ocs/original characters. Erp is allowed but only members with that role will allowed to see that. ( must be 18 or older to access the erp ) but erp is not the main focus. We want to create fun memories together as we rp and make friends along the way! We are also allowing the idea to bring in edolas characters. You may be up to 3 canon characters but as long as you can keep up with your ocs you can have many of them. If you have any questions just let us know! We would love to have you!!
Looking for an RP server to join? Why not join Infinite Roleplay!! We are a very chill, and loving community, and we are always rping!! We allow ocs from any fandom, and we allow anyone to join. One rule though is we ask NO NSFW HERE