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This is a Malaysian-based Discord server, promoting music studies and education, a community driven identity to where musicians belong! Do you play the piano, keyboard? Are you a flutist? You play the violin?! Need friends to sight read with you?! This is the right place! We are hiring, as we are a new community.
Welcome to XyberC Discord, a place for gamers, geeks, nerds and the like to meet and chill out!
XyberC is all about creating an environment for avid fans of games, anime, music, manga, writing, and many other interests; especially for those who live in the ASEAN region!
- A very TOLERABLE community that allows Drama, Toxic, Cursing, etc as long it stays on a certain line.
- A cool self-assignable role that allows you to pick and leave it anytime you want.
- A meme channel.
- Events and giveaways. ≧◉◡◉≦
- Many cool fun bots.
- Active and friendly members and staff.
- A game update channel where we tell you any updates of the game that you play.
- An organized server that even OCD people approved it.
- A selfie channel where you can post your picture/seeing other's picture.
- Channels for idols and fans.
- Multiple voice channel and music channel that you can have fun chilling out.
- Partnerships and all that related to it. ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

And so much more!
You're more than welcome to join! ★~(◠‿◕✿)
`P.s. We are searching for more members, staff, partnerships to join us! We need you!`(❁´◡`❁)
If you're looking for someone to play with, or a friendly gaming community based in Malaysia. This server is for you! Come join us and have fun together with other gamers!
Hey there! We are a newly open server based in Malaysia. Created by Malaysian for Malaysian to find people to play Dota2 together (or other countries around the world).
This server is mainly for Malaysians that want to hang out with each other but anyone is accepted here~!!
We are a new and expanding community for the popular online football management game PES Club Manager.
All Malaysians gamers are welcome to join us in discussions about this awesome game and football in general.
Join Now !!
Are you looking for a chill place to hangout, discuss Music, share Memes, and team up for Games? We are here! is a non toxic community that hopes to be a place for all to chillax and lepak. You don't have to be Malaysian to join us. Everyone is welcome! It is the chillest place on Discord!

Right now we are in short of members and staff, the chat might be dead but we are always open for any suggestion and positive opinion! Please be patient with us :heart:
Hey there! We are a newly open server based in Malaysia. Created by Malaysian for Malaysian (or other countries around the world). Just a community server to hangout and meet new people.

We thrive to become a non-toxic community and so we serve you guys with:
- Fun Bots and Games
- Awesome Staff
- Music Channel
- Malaysian Memes

Come join us, we are friendly!
Want a server where you can hang out?
We have:
Music Bots
Game Bots
Trivia Bot
And of course, game rooms for you to chat with your friends!

Join now! we'll be waiting for you
We are a server based in Malaysia, most of our users are current students and hope to find other people with similar interest to have fun with. Feel free to join us and have fun. Shout out to anybody from SMJK Katholik PJ!!
A server dedicated to Malaysian Orbits but not limited to fans in the region!