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We all have experienced the stress, torment and anguish of the education system alone. :disappointed_relieved:

I say we extinguish the pain by working together in order to help one another achieve our goals and ambitions in life through our education. :books:

You are all an expert in SOMETHING. So I encourage you to join and teach others what you excel at. :smiley:

Join Discuss Study today to fulfil your own potential while helping others achieve theirs! :fist:
Westbrook is a city on the East Coast of America. It was Founded by James Agrave, An Immigrant from Scandinavian who came to America in the 1750's. He became the first Mayor of Westbrook and his descendants founded Westbrook Highschool and Westbrook University which was built 2 years ago, it's one of the most prestigious Universities in the country. It's been over 200 years since the start and the Agrave family still lives here in the first house built in Westbrook but anyways.. The Westbrook Mayor council would like to wish you the best in Westbrook, We hope you succeed greatly and remember Reach to the stars!
Los Angeles, California. A large city buzzing with locals and tourists. A city so big you almost wouldn't notice a few missing people here and there. Except... What happens when one vampire starts getting sloppy?

Will you live as predator or prey?
Which will survive?

University. A place where you party, you skip, you drink, and most importantly, you have fun. However... what happens when people start disappearing? Which problems will arise whenever sudden bites appear on people? What will occur when the first vampire is discovered?

Kinglsey University is a server where people come together to roleplay their characters. There are events, drama, relationship struggles, and even more! Any suggestions and or questions can be expressed in their designated servers. Administrator applications are currently open. Join the server and find out what else we have planned, or what events are currently going on! This server is a literate roleplay server, and you will need to know how to roleplay correctly in a certain format that you can find in #rules.
Welcome to the Love and Lust University! Create your own student or teacher in this server. Make them strive for the dream they want to achieve. Become a teacher and teach your student how to harness hidden powers! Be a one-of-a-kind character with any species you'd like to become, and spar with others to become a great fighter. Anything is possible in the server!
This city is run by three main families. They're unrivaled in influence, size, and power. Some years ago, however, the world changed. Children started to appear with gifts that weren't normal. In the humanity was forced to recognize these kids and their gifts. They were taken away, by whom, no one knows. Unless you count those who had taken them away. In response to this, the three mains families decided to act. They came together and formed a university where these children with gifts could live within. They offered classes to study and train powers, to help control them. Since the first formation of the university, it's become referred to as "Kage University." A place where gifted children can find a shelter in this world
Science and Technology is an Official Discord Partner as well as one of the leading Discord scientific community.

What originally started off as a small private community for sharing scientific discussion grew well into a public society with over 10,000+ members and more growing every days. Our members range from high schoolers, college students, postgraduates, as well as people from different background!
1. Don’t be an introvert say something in the #ooc-chat-circle
2. Type in your absent dates in the #logbook
3. This server is international please use English
4. Do not chat in the following channels


5. Foul language is acceptable
6. Do not violate the rules, if violating the rules. You will be placed one week inactive or be kicked out or banned from the server
8. Last but not least have fun!
Sakurasu University is a Freshly Baked server! Sorry for the pun, but here you can create your Character and use it to interact with other people! So basically role-playing. We offer NSFW channels and SFW channels and Yes ERP is allowed here so why not come and join the fun.
Rookshaven Academy and University RPSL
Rookshaven is a modern group story set in a private magic university in Northern Scotland. With civil war threatening the community at large, students and teachers will find themselves targeted by Castors seeking to overthrow their way of life and kill off the royal magic families. Ghosts and demons amass beyond the iron-charmed gates of Rookshaven, slowly seeping into the magic-steeped grounds. Fight or flight is the question on everyone's minds - which will you choose?

Additionally, if you're not sure if this is the game for you, there's an NPC library for applicants to checkout characters like books. Give the character a spin, see if you like the setting, then apply.
Voted in Forbes Top 100 Schools Arlandria Academy is a university that is located in Upper-state New York near the small town of Sagamore. It has a population of about 150,000 people. However, many come from out of town or even abroad to come to one of the most highly rated universities in the United States. Many who have attended this school have graduated to become future business and political leaders who hold a strong influence on our society and culture today. We are still a small server, but we are growing and gaining new members everyday! This server includes:
-Fun Events
-Overarching and Individual Plot Lines
-A Helpful Staff & Helper Board
-Active Players
Do you walk in the realm of make believe?

Do you tread through a valley of mystery?

Do you take a step into the land of Rumors?

Rumors of Acore is an RP server focused around solving mysteries and exploring the unknown. The premise is vaguely inspired by Persona and other such games, with a focus on character relationships, the world around them, and what it hides.

There isn't much else to say, except for you to figure out yourself. We'd love to have you!
Welcome to New York 2018
This is a RP server that hopes to give the realistic feel of Modern Day New York
You can be whoever you'd like. If you dont see role, request it.
Homeless, Lower to Upper Class. All for grabs. Live in any of the 5 boroughs. PD, FD, Court, Politics as well.
(Still a Work in Progress))
The University of Alwater is a public comprehensive and research university in the fictional city of Alwater, Ontario. With majors that will appeal to any mind and a dedicated staff, U of A hopes to foster education and let you have a little fun along the way. Join clubs, pledge into the sorority or fraternity, and explore the city of Alwater!

Must be 18 to join.
Somehow, a letter has ended up on your doorstep. It’s a surprisingly bulky envelope of off-white paper addressed to you in neat, golden handwriting. The lettering shines that real gold??

With mounting interest, you peel back the crisp wax seal and allow the envelope’s contents to fall into your waiting hands. A sturdy sheet of formal paper stands out from the rest of the contents.

To Whom it May Concern,

We of the Holen University congratulate you on your acceptance and immediate enrollment into our school. Take pride in this feat, as you have been uniquely selected out of an impressive and diverse group of applicants from every race that walks the Earth.

Whatever nature of divinity or blessing you carry, we look forward to welcoming you as a valued member of our student body. Our goal is to teach each and every one of you how to harness your gifts to their fullest extent as you begin your path to future devotion, reverence, and legendary greatness.

Until then,
Holen University Admissions Office

This role-play is based on a popular University, in which werewolves and humans co-exist. To this day, werewolves and human's seem to get along well in the happy town that they call home. Of course, there are those who believe that werewolves should not be allowed to exist, and thus conflict is a occasional occurrence, if it be a small fight or something worse. Join the story now and create your own path, as human or werewolf.


This server has friendly staff who're online almost 24/7 for your benefits to always improve the server in order to make you happy. This server is always improving and growing. As well as role-play, we have chat's for people to hang out in or have a little fun using the bots we have. We also have a recommendation channel, so you can recommend bots or other ways to help us make you happy.
Welcome to Yates University!

Since the school is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the time is in real time by EST. For example: if it was 3:03 PM EST in Toronto in real life, then it’d be 3:03 PM EST in roleplay as well.

The school had been founded and standing since 1902. It was built on University Avenue in Toronto, Canada by a woman by the name of Patricia Yates. She was a half Korean, half Ethiopian living in Toronto. She was an interesting and intellectual woman who’d became rich after receiving enough money from her father that lived in the States. Soon, she built the school on vacant property and built it. Since then, she became the first Dean and took in many students. The school expanded over the years and soon gained more Professors and more Students. The campus expanded in 1981 and with it, new clubs! The school continues to stand and boom.
(Yates University is not a real University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

We have:
• 21 Extracurricular Activities (Clubs)!
• 7 Musical Groups to join!
• Fun bots to interact with!
• Funny and cute custom emojis!
• Partnerships always open!
• Located in a REAL city!

Welcome to Yates University! Thank you for choosing our school and we have high hopes that you enjoy our roleplay and community!
This is not just any university, considering there is some students that need to be taught some things... to unleash their power and to graduate and to be watched under the eye of the headmistress herself, how would you hold up in this university?
Philadelphia, is a school / University based Roleplay, from the co-creator of Arkiynia Roleplay. Philadelphia is sort of nsfw, depends where you make your story go. Rule here will be very limited, less rules more fun.
Join the Philadelphia.
Discord University is an all-new server whose purpose is to promote and educate people about STEM-related topics as well as more general academic topics. Join our community of students, academics, and professionals today and learn more about anything you could ever want to!
A server dedicated to chatting with and meeting college students and professors. Talk about your major, greek life, and share your stories and rants about the college experience.
A growing and welcoming server for college students and everyone interested. Built around all majors with room to grow.
Originally built on an Indian Reservation Atlas Peaks offers both it's residents and guests a true place to call home Atlas Peaks is a very important and historic town located near the US capital in the state of Virginia. This town is where many leaders of today were born, raised, and even taught. Atlas Peaks is a very prestigious town founded in the late 1800s after the conclusion of the civil war being part of the reconstruction era. Eventually it grew to be one of the most modernized, multifaceted, and multicultural towns in America.
However, as of lately strange occurrences have been happening in this small southern town it is up to civilians to either involve themselves in the matter and possibly die trying to solve it or remain completely out of the loop on such matters. The choice is yours.
We include
- Fun Overarching and individual plot lines
- Fun Events
- An easy leveling system
- Currency
- Fun Bots
- A friendly and helpful staff