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Welcome to mystic university! In this school, you’ll be learning how to do an abundance of things with your power, from learning combat to studying the origins of your power. Every month you’ll learn more and more things about your power and eventually you’ll be a master, but think, Will it be a calm university for gifted people or a place full of mystery, drama and action. You decide...
Science and Technology is an Official Discord Partner as well as one of the leading Discord scientific community.

What originally started off as a small private community for sharing scientific discussion grew well into a society with over 10,000+ members and more growing every days. Our members range from high schoolers, college students, postgraduates, as well as people from different background!
People thirst for knowledge but we also need social interaction. If you’ve ever:

*wanted to learn some of the latest trends fellow scientists are working on
*needed an expert opinion from someone knowledgeable in a specialized field of study
*wanted to discuss controversial topics, normally considered taboo, without being scolded
* just wanted to hangout-nerd out about your latest hobby

Then this might be the server for you!

Just to be clear, we are not:

A homework helping server: while we do help answer scientific inquiries, we are not here to give you copy-paste answers; learn how to use google and do your own research please

A hardcore debate server: sometimes, people will have to agree to disagree; it’s the adult thing to do. If you’re the type of person who always has to be right or is easily affected by controversial opinions, then this server may not be right for you.
Hey! Welcome to Golden Oakleaves Equestrian University-- where you can let yourself relax and do whatever you should like with either your own horse, or the vast majority of horses we have available to lease. All our members are friendly and welcoming, we hope you can help our server grow!

In the near future, depending on responses from current members, we may be adding a supernatural side to things.
Revision Rhinos is a server with members from GCSE all the way up to University! Join if you want a nice place to ask academic questions, have a nice chat, or enjoy the company of the calm people on here.
“History in the making.”

Westway is a city Roleplay including
•A high-school (grades 9-12)
•A primary school (grades K-8)
•A university
•A summer camp
•Jobs (create your own business!)
•And more!
>>Keep reading to find out more<<
—The sounds of the street grow loud. The smell of freshly made food fills the air as people walked through central park. The calming sounds of birds and a fountain, Students entering the university courtyard, meeting up with friends. Highschoolers being.. well.., High schoolers. The school bus can be seen heading towards camp Alpha with the sound of kids singing chants flowing through the open windows. People walking their dogs, meeting up...Then there is you...—
>>What history will you make?<<
What does “Westway” Provide?
•LGBTQ+ Discrimination Free server!
•Accepting Members!
•NSFW and SFW Roleplay!
•Bot o’ clock for all your roleplay time needs!
•Music Bot!
•Scheduled Roleplays
•And unscheduled roleplays^
•Music listening with roleplay to make things more interesting!
“What can i do?”
•Rank Up
•Suggest Bots, Channels, Roleplaying spots
•And more!
••Letter from the creator••
Hello people of Disboard. Im the creator of Westway. I was just making this server for fun when my friends told me i should open it to the public because “people like different”. This was either not going to be an actual server at all or just for my friends and i. I just hope you enjoy your time here in the city of Westway or if you do not feel interested, have a nice rest of your day. Thank you very much❤️
A server dedicated to chatting with and meeting college students and professors. Talk about your major, greek life, and share your stories and rants about the college experience.
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ˚✯ 。˚ ✫
┊ ┊ ┊ ✫
┊ ┊ ✪ ° 。 ° ✩
┊ ⊹ ° ° °
✯ ⋆ ┊ ˚. ˚ .• ° ˚
⋆ ° ✩
╰ Oceanside University for Demons ╮

❀⁺ | Oceanside is a roleplay server based in an alternative reality. Humans and Demons live on Earth together as one... not so peacefully. Demon schools were set up in order to train and enhance Demons, and the magically ability that they possess. Our server has unlockable races/abilities based on your skill as a writer, so you'll always have a quality roleplay!

˚₊·͟͟͞ ✰|What do we have to offer?

◦° Over 100 self assignable roles!

◦°Unique lore and world building!

◦°University/Academy based roleplay!

◦°Lots of roleplay channels to choose from!

◦°No character limit!

◦°Staff applications always open!

◦ Friendly community!

Join now and enroll in the world's largest Demon University! We're waiting~
》If you were always been interested in learning new things
》If you were passionate about discussions
》If you can learn better through discussion this server is for you..
>> Here we get to contribute what we know and let others contribute their knowledge to us. And ask questions to get clarity of thought by leaving the confusion behind.
>> We also encourage co-operation and connection by sharing about our personal lives to form long-term friendships through genuine understanding.
This is my newest server. I just made it today.
This is a place where wrestling fans can congregate, learn more about the sport, make friendships, stables etc. Most importantly this place is where wrestling fans can just have fun.
You’ll be asked to enrol onto the university and choose the subject that you wish to learn about the most.
Any questions go to me. In case you don’t know who I am my name is Principal Leon Turner and I am the self professed Professor Of Professional Wrestling.
:night_with_stars: Springbrook is a town in Wyoming U.S.A, It has it's own one of a kind Institute
Springbrook has always held many gifted people, Strange people with powers were and still are drawn to this town for strange reasons. Even though Springbrook has one of the best schools in the U.S.A, normal (unpowered) people stay away from here, so the Powered are the majority. Have your OCs go to school at Springbrook Institute to get an amazing education and learn how to cope with their special abilities. What makes the Powered drawn to Springbrook? What drives the Unpowered away? :night_with_stars:

Springbrook has everything
:star: Kind Staff
:star: Fun RP
:star: An original storyline
:star: Many different RP channels
:star: Reaction Roles
:star: Quick Staff Response
:stars: And much more :stars:
An anime college roleplay, not from a specific anime, but you can make a character from there. I personally will not encourage nsfw content but there likely will be some. Also none of my friends are into this thing so there's not anyone joined yet.
Dear recipient of this letter,

You've been accepted into Maylard University! You will be given an all access pass to our clubs, shops, and dorms!

We have multiple courses to take part in, you're a lucky one to get in here!

See you soon! -Headmaster Vincent James Alton II
Our staff is 100% awesone, so come in for a good RP session.

ERP roles have to be authorized by the owner, if you ERP without a role you will be banned for 24hrs!


Have fun!
Just a small community, but we accept all.

Load or roleplay servers, and fun chats!

✪Brentwood University✪

Dear Student,

You’ve been invited to Brentwood University, the school where all hopes and dreams can be accomplished. We are excited to have accepted your letter and hope you’ll enjoy coming here if you decide to join us at the facility. This school’s main focus is to give students a shot at their dream jobs for a dream come true. This school holds some of the most advanced students when it comes learning. Originally made by Ashton Brentwood back in 1843, the school has been refurbished while still preserving it’s fame. So you may be asking, why is Brentwood University different? Well, let us list it off for you.
Extremely inviting social events that allow students to make friends and hangout on campus!
Student dorming where you can live during the school year.
Hardworking and legendary staff like no other that will push you to your limits.
A unique location with great shopping, dining, and recreational areas to have fun.
Focused teaching to help improve students learning.
A multitude of clubs and school sports.
Professional chefs at the ready serving fresh and delicious meals.
Much more!
As you may know, this school is famous for many different things, from it’s uncomparable staff to it’s mysterious backstories and people of the school. Of course certain things are required, but we have many different electives for you to try. Academics play quite a large role within this school as it’s taken seriously.
We encourage you to take time and come and tour the campus, check out the city, and explore as much as possible. We are honored to have gotten a school applications and look forward to having you attend the school.

If you have any further concerns please feel free to contact us using our email or call center.

[email protected]
Main Office: 241-458-3913
Vice Principal: 241-458-3146
Principal: 241-458-3198


The Brentwood Acceptance Committee

We all got this letter... Its nice here... Although some people, don't deserve to stay.
『Owner』Stawp it, Get Some Help.Today at 16:46
We offer:
╞ Kind staff
╞ 130+ chat channels
╞ Giveaway's
╞ MariggeBot
╞ UnbelievaBoat
╞ Daily roleplay weather report!
╞ Reactable roles
╞ NSFW Channels

The College Admissions Hub is a diverse international community which provides free services such as essay editing, Q&A about the application process with undergrad/alumni students, and more! We are a microcosm of the college experience and invite high school as well as university students alike to join the server and meet a bunch of great people!
Sakurasu University is a Freshly Baked server! Sorry for the pun, but here you can create your Character and use it to interact with other people! So basically role-playing. We offer NSFW channels and SFW channels and Yes ERP is allowed here so why not come and join the fun.
Hi! Welcome to Starlight University! This takes a few years after my other server (Link in server) Starlight Highschool! Please enjoy!
Welcome to Monteybrook University! We are glad that you have decided to continue your education on our campus! On our campus we encourage students to think outside of the box and outside of social norms. We really hope you enjoy your four years here!

When many students go to the school they expect it to be as normal as any other university. But what they don't know is that the school is not only inhabited by humans, but, what we call, Supernaturals or SN's. SN's hide in plain sight using glamour to disguise their true forms. Many humans going to the school are oblivious to this.
A server for RP and ERP set under the setting of a university and a city. Create your own character and indulge yourself in some roleplaying fun.
A totally original never thought of roleplay server. It definitely doesn’t take inspiration from other servers so come join this one and have a special fun time. (The name is a joke but the server isn’t)
Server for any homework questions or like undergrads/master students/grad students, can discuss and talk about problems or anything.
Server for any homework questions or like undergrads/master students/grad students, can discuss and talk about problems or anything
[NieR: Ath-thòisich]

After the events of NieR Automata, following the death of Emil who had sacrificed himself to kill off the remaining clones that never forgot their memories, Emil had fought his hardest settle the score to prevent them from blowing up the planet— in Kaine's memories. Even if it's pointless. He remembered all of his commrades, Nier, Yonah, Kaine, and Grimoire Weiss...and saw them as he was reunited upon his death. . .

9S and the rest of the resistance members lived their lives on planet Earth. They managed to rebuild, and establish a new purpose in the world—to search for true happiness. 9S along with Anemone and the mind wiped Pascal, studied all the archives from the Bunker and the alien Tower, as well as the most from the multiple deceased clones of Emil. Using Emil's DNA, Anemone's knowledge of Project Gestalt, and recovering the masses of the rest of the Lunar Tears, The entire resistance sought to create a new breed of species to repopulate the planet. Not wanting to make the same mistake of the previous Gestalts and RepliCants, they used Emil's mosa which was filled with immeasurable hope, and based the species creation on the plant cell of the Lunar Tear. Thus, creating a humanoid like species that's held a spirit similar to a soul; The light of the Lunar Tear. These species we're called Ath-thòisich.

The Ath-thòisich, were a benevolent and peaceful species, that held a special ability that was unlike any other— Kindness. Their Kindness, allowed them to utilize a very unique power that would allow them to recover the scattered 13 Grimoires, in order to create a library that would teach the resistance to create a magically based technological village, in which the power source is endless.

They lived in peace remembering the tales of Caim, Zero, Nier, and Emil forever. Naturally other species had begun to inhabit the planet as well, due to the light of the Lunar Tear.
Copper cove University is known for championing new ways of thinking that drive teaching and research excellence. Meaningful and sometimes unexpected careers result from cross-disciplinary programming, innovative course design and diverse experiential education opportunities. This university is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and to developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally. Where will your path lead?