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Good day! Welcome to Dicey Cafe!

Looking for a new taste of gaming experience?

Dicey Cafe is a gaming community that offers events, loots and friendly game tournaments.
We have prepared various types of games to enjoy while you are relaxing.
You can also hangout with different gamers around the world, from North to South, Asia to America.

Come and join us and invite your friends for a cup of tea and see more what we got to offer!
Welcome to Enlightened 🇵🇭

A place wherein you can find and meet new friends. Enlightened is a filipino based community that treats each member with respect. We are a growing community in discord, a place where you can vibe and chill. What separates us from the rest is we recognize each other as a family, facing tough times with our members as we develop our camaraderie.

Our approach with newcomers may be distinct, however we guarantee you that new members will feel welcomed with the help of our staff and DJ’s. We are strict with the rules and won’t tolerate any kind of toxicity and harmful behaviors to our members.

Our mission is to provide a place for people who were ignored and who felt uncomfortable within their servers. We will treat everyone here as if they were still newcomers. We aim to spread positivity to every member of the server, we will provide help to everyone in any way we can.

What can you expect from this server?
●The staff team and server members are friendly and approachable
● The server is organized and medieval-themed
● The server is cozy and comfortable
●The server is foreigner-friendly
● Fun events and contests

We invite you to join our server and we hope that you will have an enjoyable experience during your stay.
Rejoice, among us players! The quality server that is friendly and open for all races and multi intelligence. The thrill with different players and the cartoonish action that is fit for everyone to enjoy.
Formerly known as Among US: PH, the server is made to provide gamers, anime enthusiasts around the world a place to connect, make friends and have a great time. It is the home server of the Hakumei Community the brainchild of the founders and is an ambitious project aimed to provide a larger space for everyone providing games, bots and many more services. Hakumei 公共 is a social centric server boasting four active channels filled with friendly people and a clean environment due to our strict policy and guidelines. Welcome to one of the best servers to stay here in Discord!

Our goal is to create a toxic-free digital
environments where everyone can be
༺═──────── LINKED PH ──────────═༻

Linked PH is a Friendly Filipino Aesthetic Community where you can chill, vibe, play games, stay, and have fun with your friends! We focus on SOCIAL, GAMING, CHILLING, VIBING, and BONDING

Linked PH is for you to be yourself throughout the server, and we will do our best therefore we can give you a good quality time in this server.

✜»✜«✜»✜ FEATURES ✜»✜«✜»✜
Giveaways and Casinos
Media Channels for your advertisements and
Server Events
Karaoke Nights
Fun Bots
Our very own Server Bots
Meme Channels
Game Events

✜»✜«✜»✜ LEVEL ROLES ✜»✜«✜»✜

Level 5 - Delegates
Level 10 - Entities
Level 15 - Sidekicks
Level 20 - Dead
Level 30 - Unknown
Level 40 - Nexus
Level 50 - Superiors
Level 60 - Demi Gods

By joining our server, I hope you can meet new friends and don’t be shy to join us!
Welcome to Private Pool Community Chill server. This server is dedicated to fellow Filipinos to find friends, chat, and find someone to play with. Though, there are people from other countries are here in the server. Join now and meet new fellow Filipino people!
hey hooman! this is a new server, u can help us grow our filipino community! this server is dedicated to filipinos to meet people and play with friends online.

we offer:
💿 friendly staffs
💿 several channels for your interestes
💿 fun bots (owo, mudae, casino, rpg, guess the song, etc.)
💿 movie nights
💿 claim roles by leveling up
💿 games! (we play among us, codm, valorant, ml, skribbl, etc.)
💿 unlimited memes
💿 friendly members
💿 music rooms
💿 shopee/lazada finds
💿 karaoke nights
💿 giveaways & events to all

if you are going to join, be sure to check #roles and #rules, see u there bonak! <3333
Come join us in our server, Kafraeth!

Why KAFRAETH? It is a combination of Cafe and Hiraeth. We just tweaked the word Cafe a little bit to make it more eye-candy, making it KAFE. Why Hiraeth? It is a Welsh concept of missing something or missing home. It also implies the meaning of missing time, an era. And here in this server, it is definitely the era where the joy of being in a Cafe still remains, where most people seem to be missing out in today. Don't be shy, bond with other people. No one wants to feel left out. This is Kafraeth, the missing Cafe.

ps. We are a group of Filipinos who just wants to hangout with other people! Come join us in our missing cafe, Kafraeth!
Welcome to Tindahan a Pinoy Community Server! Full of wholesome people :) Team up with strangers and friends on Among Us, ML, Valorant, CODm and other PC, Mobile or Console Games!. Benta mo na sarili mo dito baka magkajowa ka rin! Ano pa inaantay mo? Bentahan na! aw8 lods pasok na!
Orarion is a server all about meeting with new people and making friends.
We also Updated our server! so what are you waiting for come join to Orarion!
Here's what our server has to offer

✧Wonderful Staffs
✧Movie Nights
✧A huge variety of bots
✧Active Community
Philosophs (formerly known as La Liga Filosofia, later Critical Thinkers Philippines) is the first and largest open-discourse Filipino discord society dedicated to civil discussions. It was established back in May 2020 with the goal of starting an intellectual revolution by promoting critical thinking and self-education among all fields of the academic influences.

The server-society features a roleplaying state with a party system that practises a parliamentary type of legislation events through civil debates. The server also offer casual clubs for gaming, lifestyle, anime, music, etc.

We host events primarily focused on philosophy, politics, sciences, sociology, and other significant academic topics.
╔═════ ∘◦ ⛧ミ ◦∘ ══════╗
‖ Welcome to Area 21 ‖
╚═════ ∘◦ ミ⛧ ◦∘ ═════╝

༻✦༺  ༻✧༺ ༻✦༺
A chill filipino server to release your inner Alien being :alien:
Feel free to have fun as we offer you cool and awesome bots
Friendly staff and a lot of amazing people

༻✦༺  ༻✧༺ ༻✦༺
This server offers
~cool and exciting events
~game nights
And a lot more!

༻✦༺  ༻✧༺ ༻✦༺
Come and be a part of this growing Alienfamily:biohazard:
(Toxicity is strictly prohibited)
Chats and other channels are being monitored by moderators
-Area 21 fam:alien:
Server Theme: Organized Crime Group

Welcome to Back Alley Community Server!

Back Alley is a small community server mainly for people who just wants to hang out and talk anything under the sun. Most members have work/play balance so a little gaming is included on this server
----Welcome to Arat Laro----

This is a server for members that can understand Filipino language. If you want to invite others to play game or be invited, Join now!!. Join the economy system for fun, play casino, play zombie survival (a discord bot), play anigame with others, sali na kayo sa discord server!!! Check the pin message in every selected channels, to be independent in this server. At wag niyong hayaan na ma OP kayo.

+You can set your own relationship status, hobby, gender, color role, and game role.
+You can promote your channels if you have.
+You can leave at anytime but expect we will ask you why through DM.
+There 8 different music bot to use.
+Organize Channels (We think)
+Can suggest or ask some question (Text Channel provided)
+Of course we have some few rules, trash talk is free but malicious behavior is not.
+If you have some problems with other members we can discuss it and set a vote kick, to kick that member.
+As an observation most age range is about 19 - 23 years old .
+You are safe because no one will know you.
+Be anonymous but build some character so we can know little about you.
+Server is progressing through ideas.
+Currently have 23 game text channel (Computer, Mobile, and Web games).
+Your own decision if you will expose your real name or social media accounts.

This server is new so expect to see few member as of October 6, 2020. Please don't troll the server.

This discord server is here to build a community where in we can discuss ideas, share and receive game play strategies and experiences, participate in events and meet fellow players of the game.

Our goal is to promote a friendly atmosphere for fellow MLBB players. With a community that shows respect and courtesy to fellow members, we are hoping to make this community grow bigger!

Welcome iPink Girls ! this is a server for those who are :
-Apink/kpop fangirls only (No BOYS allowed)
-Lives in the Philippines (particularly around Sta
Rosa laguna)
-creative,artistic,music lover,dance lover
-willing to cover dance Apink songs
-Gamer (we can play all types of GAMES , e.g. Among Us, PUBG, ML, LOL whatever as long as we will help each other out!
-18+years old ONLY

If you do not meet atleast TWO of these criteria Im very sorry you can leave this server. We will verify new members by voice verification to avoid unwanted participants.

iPink Girls has channels for gaming,movies streaming,music streaming and general chat! We are a family here SO if you think you can fulfill the roles dont hesitate to join! =)
Welcome To Chillers
This is a small friendly community looking forward to meet new chill people.

What We Offer Here:
-A Server For Anime Lovers And Gamers To Hang Out And Chill
-Music Section To Chill And Relax

About us:
➔ memes
➔ levels
➔ venting
➔ anime news/releases
➔ daily anime schedules
➔ share music playlist, movies and more

➔Among Us
➔Mobile Legends

Hope you'll like your staying here 💖
Make Sure To Check The Rules
And Reaction Roles To View Hidden Channels 🥰
☼ ˚₊ ─── Welcome to Manila Horizons! ─── ₊˚ ☼

We are a welcoming discord that incorporates both Filipino culture and Animal Crossing into one server! Don’t let the description discourage you - we accept people from all and any background!

☼ — — — — — — — — — — — — — ⭒

│ ° Friendly and engaging staff
│ ° Frequent and generous giveaways
│ ° Designated Tagalog/dialect channel
│ ° Level 1 Boosted Server with cute emotes
│ ° LGBTQ+ Friendly
│ ° Leveling system, gambling, and music channels!

☼ — — — — — — — — — — — — — ⭒

↝ Join us today and be a part of our Kapamilya (family)! 🇵🇭

This server is a place where you can meet new people and play with your friends! This server is mainly for talking and having fun however, we do occasionally play games such us Among us, Milkchoco etc. Don't be shy to join and say hi! We are striving to build a fun and friendly community where you can socialize, make new friends, chill and hang out. Come and join us! :)))
✰ - Hello, We are World of Isekai server, with leveled roles, roleplaying, chilling, anime, and some stuff.

✰ - Helpful bots!

✰ - We have self roles (meaning you can pick them yourselves)

༄ I hope to see y’all here ༄
🎮Welcome to PH Gaming Community🎮

🔥 PH Gaming Community is for Filipinos who are interested in games, movies, and for making friends.
🔥 PH Gaming Community is a place where you can enjoy and have fun.

🌙 Things you can do here:

・ 🎶 Listen to Music
・ 🎉 Win Some prizes
・ ✨ Earn Rewards
・ 🏆 Earn Achievements
・ 💎 Become a VIP
・ 🐹 Catch Pokémons
・ 🕵️‍♂️ Be a Staff
・ 🆙 Level up
・ 🤣 Make friends

Hello! If you're looking for a community that creates bonds through the tough and fun times, Fairhaven is here for you to experience that. ☺️

We hold events such as giveaways, podcasts and many more.

Alongside our wonderful Administrators, we strive to give you the best that we can to make each other grow. :>
☑️play AU,ML,COD,LOL etc.
☑️pwede magka jowa👩‍❤️‍👨
☑️pwede magka friends
☑️pwede magka tropa
☑️pwede magka ate at kuya
☑️pwede mag face reveal
☑️photos, memes and videos
☑️webgames and botgames
☑️music, podcast, radio 24/7
☑️dating, karaoke, movies