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A group of people who come to make friends and have fun on games. We are active daily have people on all consoles and pc as well as active voice chats. We are friendly and are willing to partner servers with our members. Recently added events will be movie nights karaoke and games we all play together to unite us.
GamerHub is where loads of crazy gamers come together for one awesome gaming experience! LOADS of games are custom roles, as well as emojis! Only get the roles for channels you WANT to see!

- Fortnite channels
- Minecraft channels
- Ark Survival Evolved
- Overwatch channels
- Rainbow Six Siege channels
- Black ops 4 channels
- Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5) channels
- FiveM channels
- Clash Royale channels
We are a close PC gaming community that loves playing Rainbow Six Siege. We have dedicated channels for memes, screenshots and more! What are you waiting for? Come join us!
○◎●| Welcome to CCD |●◎○

Our server has a friendly community where we play games, hang out, and have fun!

Giveaways After Every 100 Members
Fun Economy and Entertainment Bots
Lots of Cool Custom Emojis
Themed Channels
Fun and Exciting Events
SFW Content Only
Lots of Updates
Creativity Channels
Arcade Hall
Private Rooms
Self Assignable Pings
Active Voice Chats
Friendly and Helpful Staff
Tons of Members
Partnerships Available

What are you waiting for? Join CCD today! You won't regret it!
Our friendly Paladins Community server! Want to talk with us about the game itsself, want to find people to play with or you just want to hang out? Feel free to drop by!
We are a small discord server full of members who love Wizard101. We encourage a positive and toxic free space where we can evolve and learn from our mistakes. ♡
Brilliant Spectrum right now, is a small community hoping to expand in the near future. We are a community focused server but this can also be a place to find people to play games with such as Destiny 2, Overwatch, Apex Legends, League of Legends or DOTA 2. Our server is also the discord server of the Destiny 2 clan Brilliant Spectrum and you are welcome to try to join it. Our server also has different bots that you can utilize for fun as well (though there are still more to come and be excited about). Come and join us now to have a great time :))
Hello every one, this is the community of Different kind of Games and also here we have members of YouTube Streamers and Twitch Streamers and also steam people with friendly Environment who stay with love with others. This server is Role-Play server where you can give to your own self the roles. Come and Join this server to grown up the community, stay in love and live with calm.
Invitation link :
"No Life Nation" is a laid back multi-gaming PC community focused on the fun of playing new and old games with friends. We have all kinds of humor from casual to mostly dark humor. The community is very social, and the engagement of its members is significant for us. With a social community of mature members. We accept all kinds of people whether you are working and only have a few hours to chill. Even if you are a gamer, plowing hundreds of hours into your favorite games, or if you are not a gamer and want to chat. We provide members with access to a variety of games, activities, and new friends, therefore, being able to meet anyone's requirements hopefully. Our community has a range of many different games we play and are willing to try new ones as well. We also provide new members with the ability for leadership opportunities as well. We'd love to have you along for our journey.
Server za druzenje i zezanciju oko gaminga udjite sto nas vise to bolje.
Oni koji se pridruze u sledecih mesec dana dobijau 2 rankup-a
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XdragonzX is a great community full of fun loving people who wish to welcome all who join, and want provide a great place for all gamers to thrive in!
We are mostly xbox one, and PC, but PS4 users are still welcomed and encouraged to join!
Bedrock Legends is the official Discord server of the Bedrock Legends Minecraft Server, We here at Bedrock Legends offer a unique discord experience, with a very friendly community We have many fun bots for you to mess around with including Pokecord! Our wonderful staff team is always willing to help you out on discord and on the Minecraft server. Stop by Bedrock Legends today and experience it for yourself.

Check out our Website @
Follow us on Twitter @ Bedrock_Legends
A Public (under-maintenance) MC Server.
A variety of Discord Games and Chat rooms.
Plenty of self-assignable roles & more to come.
Somewhere to meet new people and make new friends.
Earnable ranks and also, Staff Membership.
Freelancer's Junction is a place where various kinds of people go to and find someone to talk to and play with. Come in and find someone who is free to chat with you! ♡
The Scrub Republic is a gaming community server for all kinds of gamers worldwide. A great place to hang out, play all kinds of games, participate in events or just meme around. We also offer a place for artists and writers. We also have a bit of lore, purely fictional, but fun to read. There's a place for everyone in the Scrub Republic, so come on in!
Come and join GOPRO Gaming Community active staff and members
Gaming Community play whatever u want from games and be active for giveaways
~~MCC's House~~

-- MCC's House Community --
MCC's House is a NEW discord server that is exclusively made for all MC Community players to enjoy a full-round experience communicating with the rest of the community. We offer multiple features such as Events, giveaways, custom ranks, perks and many more that are still into consideration!

Why should you join our server?
We offer a full-time experience to all of our members & staff, providing a warm welcoming, anti-NSFW, anti-toxic enviroment, specificly made for users of all ages! Events & giveaways are hosted frequently and all winners DO get their rewards, we do not lie or scam on our giveaways. We offer fast support for our members, dedication into the suggestions of all our members & look forward partnershiping with other alike communities & networks.

What else will be included in the future?
We have a big plan for the upcoming future, containing collabs with other communities, live streams & youtube videos on partnered servers (coming soon!) and much more!

How can I be invited to the community?
If you want to be part of our community nonetheless whether you decide applying for staff or not, here's a permanent invite link:
A wholesome, cute and fun community for you to chill with, and of course find new friends! Come join us, we will warmly welcome you!
We're pretty chill
Voice chat rooms are active daily
Chat is full of degenerates
We play PC games, do prank phone calls, organize massive server events...
You know - the usual things
We are a community about gaming named "The Ultimate Gaming Network" Owned by @Catalin#4628

We are currently offering:
A chance to make friends
Virtual Working for Virtual Items
Some of the ranks are purchaseable in the shop like "VIP", etc.
We are currently making teams of Gamers and Warriors
Gamers Division Leader: @Catalin#4628
Warriors Division Leader: @EchoDraws#0985 (REMOVED)
And more! Be with us and help us grow the community!
Non-toxic community!

Good server !!
plus + Nice atmosphere, No toxic people, Nice administration, server open to changes, frequent changes and security, fast fixing errors on the server
Languages: Polish, German,Englisch