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Doggy Gamers is a gaming community server we are mainly nintendo fans but we discuss other games as well we will also run giveaways from time to time.
We welcome to the most interactive Gaming Community in the town!

~The official Gamers Club. With a ton of gamers it is almost every game. Find your match and play with them.
~Fun, interactive people with a ton of meme's.
~If we get more populated, there might be a staff application's as well.
~Also, if you bump the server enough, you get a special role depends on how many times you have bumped it. Oh, we keep a check on how many times you have bumped. ;)

More important information, we are in dire need for members who are willing to devote their time and attention to make the server more populated.
I'm forming a team called The Avengers. Wait.. that isn't right.. Anyway, this group is for those interested in cool and scary indie game development! Sit back, and brainstorm away!
"No Life Nation" is a laid back multi-gaming PC community focused on the fun of playing new and old games with friends. We have all kinds of humor from casual to mostly dark humor. (We have recently gone through a name change and are getting people into our new steam group). The community is very social, and the engagement of its members is significant for us. With a social community of mature members. We accept all kinds of people whether you are working and only have a few hours to chill. Even if you are a gamer, plowing hundreds of hours into your favorite games, or if you are not a gamer and want to chat. We provide members with access to a variety of games, activities, and new friends, therefore, being able to meet anyone's requirements hopefully. Our community has a range of many different games we play and are willing to try new ones as well. We also provide new members with the ability for leadership opportunities as well. We'd love to have you along for our journey.

More information at:
Freelancer's Junction is a place where various kinds of people go to and find someone to talk to and play with. Come in and find someone who is free to chat with you! ♡
you like games?
no? well then, why do you use discord?

Anyways, if you like games, join Sync.

:ok_hand: Cool events :ok_hand:
:slight_smile: Nice mods, always here to help! :slight_smile:
:star: Need more active members :star:
:sparkler: Events :sparkler:
:thumbsup: A friendly growing community! :thumbsup:
:video_game: And much, much more :video_game:
:white_check_mark: Partnerships :white_check_mark:
what are you waiting for JOIN US!! :smile:
Welcome to Godly Gamers, a gaming community.

A server for gamers with a nice community.

**Custom Servers:**
:small_blue_diamond: Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and ARK: Survival Evolved

**Bot Making/Coding Team**
Bot Developing, Bot Hosting, and Bot Support.
Looking for more team members ^^

Good server !!
plus + Nice atmosphere, No toxic people, Nice administration, server open to changes, frequent changes and security, fast fixing errors on the server
Languages: Polish, German,Englisch
An open community that welcomes everyone and supports all. We have a very strong league presence in the server and an official server clan. Other than that we have art channels, bot channels, server events and many fun bots!
We are a gaming community who love to interact with it's members we may do this through polls,chats and more! We're also basing our updates of seasons! Seasons are where our server has a system to level up by chatting and we have community events ! Our server is currently in Season 0 ! A season will last 2 months ! Our server is also based of our clan ! Join for a awesome and interactive gaming server !
This server is the Official Discord of Long Lasting Luck. I am a Twitch Streamer who streams almost Daily and try to upload to YouTube. I stream 6 days a week, there is an amazing gaming community, and are staff are willing to help with almost everything in games. This means if you want to know a crafting recipe, they are required to help you find out what it is and the materials!!
Herzlich Willkommen auf unserem Server.
Gerne könnt Ihr euch hier austauschen und auch quatschen. Hauptsächlich sind wir aber auf unserem TS3-Server anzutreffen unter --> <--. Wir freuen uns auf euch!
WCEC means West Coast East Coast. Basically we are a well rounded gaming community and we would love to have you join us now! Welcome to the WCEC!
Welcome to FL3X Gaming!
This is a new Gaming community!

Staff positions are open!

we have:
* a friendly/kinky community :wink:
* A.I response bot
* Supporting twitch streamers and youtubers
* awesome emojis!!!
* Music!
* Economy system
* nsfw channels
* level roles
And much more!

Fresh from the void The Order welcomes you!
Join the community for all things gaming!

World of Warcraft
Final Fantasy
Black Desert
Monster Hunter
Destiny 2
Guild Wars 2
Endless Space
Citadel: Forged with Fire
Stardew Valley
Borderlands 2
Vicious Society is a Gaming community built with intentions to make gaming fun and easy. We are a WoW based community but also play multiple other games such as Battle Royales. We are dedicated to raiding in the currant expac and have people who have an interest in PvP. Please feel free to add Gwi#5000 or Myth#6807 for an invite to our discord or for more info. Thanks!
This server is all about Fallout!.
Ask Fellow Fallout fans to play Fallout 76 with you and enjoy talking about Fallout experiences.
That's not all!.
This server allows all game conversations or gameplay!.

The things you can do in this server.
Party Chat (So you can ask people to join your games)
Fan art (Show your amazing artwork)
Levelled Roles!
Ask your pending Fallout questions!.

If you are a YouTuber we would LOVE to see you promote this server!!!!. If you do this Dm FallenParadox -Including the video made- and you will be assigned a special role named (YouTuber). (If the video is in good quality)
With the role YouTuber, you will automatically be listed to the top of all roles next to the Mods.

In order to partner, you need to at least Level 10 with interest in this server FallenParadox Would gladly partner with you!
Fun times, gaming community, not very active
A discord server to talk about anything gaming
Wir sind eine Gaming Community die aus Österreich kommt!
Der Server ist noch im Aufbau und suchen auch aktive Helfer, die bereit sind der Community aktiv zur Seite zu stehen, wenn du mitspieler zum Zocken suchst , oder einfach nur freunde zum quatschen brauchst , dann tritt bei uns bei!

Auf euer kommen freut sich die E-Sport Community Österreich!

Wenn das beitretten nicht Funktioniert!
Dann tippe diesen Einladungslink in der Discord app ein ;)

This is about a mercenary who is hired by a military program called RECON and they are asking him to go to an industrial space city known as CyberCiti and find an alien machine that can create planets from asteroids and moons fused together, and he has to get it before a machine army, TARGUS, take it to create a machine empire.

Here we will be using IdleRPG for the RolePlay, using shopping, characters, dungeons, items, PvP, economy, Guilds, Marriage, and more!!!

Here, Updates regarding the game will be posted and you are allowed to give feedback or constructive criticism. Any trolling or spamming will NOT be tolerated!

I try to make this both a fun and safe place for everyone! And a place to be inspired by my art! So just have fun!
Join The Black Tiger Gaming community. Meet cool people.
Destroy the competition.