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An educational community where everyone from any culture/race/beliefs is welcome. Hangout with people from different culture. Learn, Practice & Master new or your desired language. Meet foreign people and make new friends from all over the world. Also offers: 150+ self assignable roles + Much more
This is a place for all languages and cultures. We want to achieve exchange and improvement of language skills!
Get some help or talk with natives - everything is possible.
Our community is pretty new and a lot of languages need some native speakers!

C ya there! ;)
Join the Official Discord for Medical and Health Sciences Professionals! This server is an educational server for anyone who is interested in the medical field. We hosts discussion, practice questions, keep up with medical news and more! And of course, have fun! Please note- this is not a place to ask for medical advice.
This is a server where students, teachers, principals, and parents can share what they think schools need to change. They can also share what schools do well. Talk about the school to prison pipeline or statistics about what schools do or don't do well. :)
A server dedicated to GCSE + A level support, gaming and much more! Chat with dozens of students and get help for the exams from students all around the world. Share music, memes, anime and more. Jump right in!
We all have experienced the stress, torment and anguish of the education system alone. :disappointed_relieved:

I say we extinguish the pain by working together in order to help one another achieve our goals and ambitions in life through our education. :books:

You are all an expert in SOMETHING. So I encourage you to join and teach others what you excel at. :smiley:

Join Discuss Study today to fulfil your own potential while helping others achieve theirs! :fist:
Welcome to the Astrology Lounge, the oldest Astrology server on discord! Whether you're brand new to astrology or you're a professional, you have a place in our community and we'll make you feel right at home. We're a very chill, laid back, and family-friendly server centered around learning, so join the discussion today! Features voicechat, Astrobot, music, and more!
Friendly, academically focused server, still quite small, but active and growing, as well as an awesome group of staff.

Got all the standard bots, and have VC's every now and then as well as jam sessions. There is also books of the month and bi-weekly movies (usually done through

Come join, and have some fun!
We are an active community of online students. We also accept public, international, charter, and independent study students. We provide tutoring and a friendly community to socialize with. Educators and parents welcome!
A mathematics server for your education and for help of your maths homework.
A server dedicated to collaborative preparation for the SAT Standardized Test. Come in and enjoy our wealth of standardized testing preparation materials and receive help from experienced tutors.
A server dedicated to collaborative preparation for the ACT Standardized Test. Come in and enjoy our wealth of standardized testing preparation materials and receive help from experienced tutors.
Exponent Security community discord server. A small community focused on learning all things cyber security and programming. We regularly run CTF, and have a bot programmed with resources and challenges! Come be a part of our community and learn/practice your skills with other students and mentors.
S.T.E.M - Young Thinkers is a discord aiming to encourage casual discussion in the fields of science, mathematics, technology, and engineering. We have a focus on fun and structured discussion. Join if you are passionate and want to connect with others! (Bonus: Self assignable roles of famous scientists and mathematicians)
Join this amazing server to connect with people around the world and learn to speak different languages! This server is pretty new, so if you are interested in joining and/or have friends who are interested in languages, you can invite them to join us! :)

Welcome everyone to learning Japanese with your host/sensei Lucas.

If you're serious about learning, come join!

Please have paypal or squarecash in order to pay for your lessons (I also accept amazon GC)
Better Yourself, Better Your World.

Join over 2,100 Habit Building Enthusiasts as we take on life, sword in hand!
server to help people with school work or talk about educational subjects
Hello I am here once again to give you an update about how the server is going and what its features are. This server is a really good server if you like Geography and Culture. You can now use Nadeko to set up your roles or you can ask me because I am the admin. The roles you will need are native languages and languages learning and your native languages. We are on over 300 members at the moment and our future goal is at 350 or maybe even 400. Features include: Language channels where you can talk about the culture, language and what you need help with in the language, Language app channels which you can post things about the language apps including Duolingo, Babbel and Lingodeer. We have a geographic section where you can discuss Geography, flags all the Geographic stuff which is available. We are starting partnerships with other servers so if you do want to share and grow your server with me you are welcome. We have some bots, Akinator and Trivia are the games bots and you have 2 music channels with 2 music bots with Vexera and Rythm. We also have friendly members who will greet you when you join this server. Feel free to make suggestions and talk about your opinions of the server in the comments below. I hope to see you there.
Welcome to the ANG Capital discord server.

We are pleased and excited to have you here.

This server is a place for sharing information pertaining to Forex trading.

We will be posting our very own signals and holding discussions, analysis and giving training to those who are new.

Please note this server is new and we will be updating it and making it better as we go along.

we also have a full proof no deposit system setup with a broker so you can trade for free and earn money with our signals.
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