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Want to learn to be aware in your dreams? Want to have full control over them? Join The server if you do! We got methods listed, tips and people to help if you got any questions!
Want to test your knowledge against other enthusiastic quizzers? Just want to pop in briefly and learn a cool new factoid to impress that cute classmate or coworker? Or maybe you just want something consistent, anything, to fill the void in your meaningless life...

We, the Quizmastersᵀᴹ, host our Tuesday Quiz Show at 1pm GMT, every week, live over the voice channel. There's text, picture and audio rounds, and a plethora of unique categories ranging from "Guess the national anthem from the recorder cover" to "Colourful Seas" to "Guess the pre-2000's anime" - something for everyone.

We can't ever capture the full experience of our server in one short description - how two of our strongest contenders battled for dominance, how one member always sends GIFs of RuPaul's Drag Race, how we celebrate when an underdog unexpectedly gets first place. We want to share what makes our server special with as many of you as this message gets through to. So mae navis aëricumbens anguilis abundant! Hope to see you here.
Chatroom for integral yoga, integral theory,
theology, mysticism, occultism, poetry,
psychology, philosophy,
education, psychotherapy,
computer science, video games, game dev, AI,
arts & media, music, anime,
other hard and soft sciences,
news-media, politics,
and.. everything.
▯welcome to study cafe ▯

We are a small study community focusing on being a productive area for students.
◪ study event
◪ fitness event
◪ clubs
◪ mental health centre
◪ music area
◪ weekly events
◪ chat with friends
◪ cute emojis
◪ create vc automatically
◪ participate in creative events.

Join and help our server grow and improve .
We give opportunity to everyone to shine out in the server . (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
Discord Vape is the premier discord server for all things vape related. Just getting started? Not sure which device best suits you? Need advice on setting up your RTA/RDA? All vapers are welcome from pods to pros. Drop the cancer sticks and get yourself a healthier nic fix. Must be at least 18+ years of age to join.
Welcome to Biocord!

We are a community of Biologists from all over the world! We have postgraduates, graduates, undergraduates and even high school students. We aim to build a platform for sharing and discussing ideas, and bleeding edge research. We are open to anyone wanting to peek into academia and the world of Biology!
Hello! We are a language learning community! Everyone on our server is extremely nice and open-minded! We would love to have you! Please join if you are interested.
Welcome to the School of Arts!
A server for all creative enterprises - from photography to drawing to cooking!
༄ A place to meet fellow creators and discuss art in all its forms
༄ Post your work for all to see - get feedback, help, and tips from fellow artists and veterans of the craft
༄ Participate in contests and win prizes!
༄ Beautifully designed server!
༄ Nitro Boost Level 3- post those big 100MB files!
━━━━━━.·:·.◕.·:·. ━━━━━━
༄ Fully customizable - choose which channels you like to see
༄ Myriad roles for all creative endeavors, countries, and more
༄ Many bots for suggestions, polls, games, and more
༄ Welcoming staff and friendly atmosphere
༄ RSS channels from various art feeds from across the internet
Looking forward to having you!
Discord's original and most active 🎓 education server. ☀️ Join our community and meet people from around the world who share your thirst for knowledge! 💡

🔔 Find out more! ▶️
An academic server hosting subjects such as math, science, literature and writing, history, and programming. Also includes peer experts in each field, debates, trivia contests, a book club, etc. for everyone to enjoy.
┌─────── ∘°°∘ ───────┐
____Kinkdom Academia_____
└─────── °∘∘° ───────┘
Learning Focused Server. Must be 18+
New to BDSM? Been at it for awhile? Know a little, but thirsty for more knowledge?
Then this is a great place for you. We have many things to offer all kinds. This server follows the SSC (Safe, Sane and Consensual) ethic.
What we offer:

🌟Many roles; Profile and BDSM based
🌟Emotes and free slots: Have favorites you want to access here? Put them in our suggestions
🌟NSFW Selfies of members and a Voyeur+ role to access them
🌟Classrooms, Weekly Discussions and a Q&A forum for those of you thirsty for knowledge
🌟Mentor Roles for those of you with experience that would like to share your knowledge
🌟LGBTQ+ Friendly
🌟Games with Unbelievaboat.
🌟Store with custom roles, colors and steam games.

Come on in and join the fray. We don't bite (much)
Hello 101ers!

My name is Memedmeister, the principal of 101 University.

101 University is a place focusing on the educational server on discord, with qualified mentors and supportive learning environment to ensure you experience the greatest learning platform in 101 University.

There are some available majors including Art, Social Science & Communication, Language and E-Sports.

Therefore, let's hop in ASAP, and be the pride of 101 University fam. See you all around in our beloved campus 101'ers and don't forget to have fun!
🔹 Association Aym'aide 🔹

Envie d'aider ? Besoin d'aide scolaire ? Problème d'orientation ?

Aym'aide est fait pour vous !
Que ce soit en Mathématiques, Littérature ou encore Coréen*, nos bénévoles feront le maximum pour vous aider et résoudre vos problèmes.
Vous voulez aider les autres ? Pas de soucis !

* Nous ne proposons pas que ça, venez voir par vous même

➡️ Donc rejoignez nous DÈS MAINTENANT !
✧*:・゚✧ Welcome to The Study Room! ✧*:・゚✧

The Study Room is a new server, welcome to all students from any level! Please join us as we offer self-assignable roles, membership upgrades (leveling system), a friendly community, professional staff, music bots, vc study sessions + study rooms, and even movie nights! We promise you that you’ll find a fun and safe community with us. Give us a shot and join our server!
A server dedicated to the education of mental health & psychology. It aims to create a community of students, and those interested, in order to spread information and discuss studies. Although that is its main purpose, we encourage getting to know one another, and connecting through hobbies.
A server for debates, lectures, and education on different Communist/non-Communist ideologies, we will also have movie nights
Star Wars Academy brings you a wonderful community of nerds who love star wars, talk about theories and hold classes on different star wars topics! We also do game nights, trivia nights, movie nights and script readthroughs!
The Pawn Zone allows you to take part in many discussions with like-minded chess players. Our server offers:
✿ Study Material: Gambit Openings, Classical Openings, Defenses, Tricks & Traps, Tactics, End-Games, and Much More.
✿ Chess Bot that made it easy to play chess and solve chess puzzles on discord!
✿ We believe in collaborative learning; so you can learn and teach chess, and thrive together!
✿ You are not just part of the server, you are a special member who can get access to build it as well.

So come, learn, teach, and improve your chess skills on discord.
NYC High School Discord
This server is a place for NYC students to hang out and find a place to chill and maybe even make a friend or two. We are always happy to see a new face and even if you are not that type to talk we offer help for classwork, college, general life questions and whatever else you can think of. Come join and check it out yourself :).
Join Dr. Steven Greer's official Discord server, where you can meet other like-minded, incredibly positive people in a safe place to talk.

- Share your experiences or discuss with others (Our moderators are always available)
- Form a CE5 group/ join a CE5 group.
- Listen to music in our voice channels and chill.
- Join our live-talks with people like Dr. Greer himself and others to come

Watch the most recent Discord Chat was with the Director of the movie Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind, Michael Mazzola:

This is a server dedicated to social, language learning, academic support, and much more! Chat with students and teachers, ask help whether it may be academic, personal, gaming, or language problems from different people all around the world! We are a welcoming and friendly community looking to expand to students and language learners all around the world. We appreciate your joining our server whether you're a student or not.

Current Language Available:

Join now and be part of our community! 💗
Homework Helpers are on their way! Join this server to access a community of people who have their own skills in various subjects. You can help others, or get help from others. You won't be judged for what you do not know, no negativity is allowed. <3
Welcome to the only Lifestyle medicine server!
Run by real doctors, scientists and academic professionals across the world.
We encourage other academic professionals to join the server to learn and discuss about how to live a healthier lifestyle scientifically, medicine, nutrition, exercise, psychology, latest research and occasional classes on all of it . Other interested people can also join on moderators' discretion.
*PS: we will not provide personal medical advise.
Welcome to VETITI SCIENTIAM!! This is the perfect place if you're someone looking to learn something new! We offer classes on many different subjects and we're always looking to add new classes to our list! So come and learn something new or maybe teach something you're passionate about!