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Love and Light is an active community of love that is primarily based around: ALL forms of pirituality - magick - energy work, entheogens/psychedelics, truth-knowledge sharing, health, gardening, nature & herbs


Our community is focused around the formation of a communion of like minded people, promoting and spreading the good vibes in any form, spreading the light / truth - exchanging information, contributing to channels, engaging with others, being kind and supporting others generally if necessary, but don't forget to support yourself (healing) ;D


Any form of trolls, spammers, advertisers, trouble-makers, hostility, and so on, will not be tolerated here
17 hours ago
This server is dedicated to anything related to spirituality. We are a community that focuses on self-exploration and improvement. Here we question the truth of our reality feel free to join this new incoming server.
1 days ago
Welcome to the Astrology Lounge, the oldest Astrology server on discord! Whether you're brand new to astrology or you're a professional, you have a place in our community and we'll make you feel right at home. We're a very chill, laid back, and family-friendly server centered around learning, so join the discussion today! Features voicechat, Astrobot, music, and more!
83 days ago
Community 3
We're a community based around learning to develop and improve psychic abilities. Everyone is here to learn, so our server is very focused and on-topic.
154 days ago