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As-salamu alaykum brothers and sisters I would like to Welcome you to our Bangladesh Discord Server. Anyone can join who are from Bangladesh and live in different regions of the World. Bangla server but also a Muslim server as it can provide recitation of surahs, dua's, and other aspects of Islam. I hope you find everything as you please and hope that we can introduce each other. Wa alaykumu s-salam and I hope that you would join.
Bangladesh's one of the best anime server! Besides discuss anything with nakamas anytime. We've just started this awesome server be one of the first's! Feel free to discuss anything in this server
Top growing Bengali server in the Bengali Community. Join our server for chill, Events, Fun, Music. Very friendly server.
- BanglaCord 🇧🇩 -

We're a friendly & diverse Bengali (বাংলা) community, gathering Bangladeshi's from all around the world, discussing the great Bengali culture. Everyone is welcome to join us! 🎉

• Welcoming & friendly community
• Weekly Bengali, Gaming, Movies & Story events!
• Casual & Meaningful Discussions
• Dedicated space for our Brothers & Sister's.
• Rank Rewards, Giveaways & Fun bots
- & much more, server min age is (16+).
The Minecraft Bangladesh official discord is the primary hub for all those who love everything minecraft.
꧁༒༻☬ད Coffee House ཌ☬༺༒꧂

Coffee House is an internet-based Bangladeshi social community. It is the official Discord server of Coffee House. Coffee House is a multi-purpose server where people can talk and discuss about various topics. The objective of the community is to gather up all Bangladeshi Discord users from all around the world, under one roof and introduce Bangladesh and Bangladeshi culture to people. Even though Coffee House is a Bangladeshi community, we welcome members from all around the world. So, if you are a Bangladeshi or you are just looking for a server to talk or chill then Coffee House definitely worths a try.
◈ ━━━━━━━━ ● ━━━━━━━━ ◈
Hello ! Adda Junction is basically a server for chill, entertainment and fun.

We consider our members as a family and every member is a gem of our server.

Our server is currently running on level 2 and we also have some premium bots in our server! This all are the results of true love and dedication of our members towards the server.

So, feel free to join our server, Hope you guys will like our server...Spread love & Peace.

Thank you

With love,
Team Adda Junction
A community of pop culture lovers from Bangladesh filled with Anime || Kpop Dramas || Netflix || Indian Dramas || Bengali films || Books ||Gachumuchi|| and more!
Welcome to Dark Knight.
It a new server for chilling and gaming feel free to join this server, all are Friendly

Join us

• new friend
• Gaming server
• Non toxic
• Custom role
• Chill here
• Fun bot
Link here ⤵️
A Chill Discord Server.
Specially for Bengalis. We have members from both India and Bangladesh and even people living abroad. I bet you would love to chat with all of us.
> Friendly People
> Loves to Voice-Chat
> Includes Topics like Anime, Manga, Webtoon, K-Pop, Football
Join to Explore More.
Borahae [BTS] is a community where we praise, love and believe in everything BTS.
One is free to stream songs, post memes and have a blast connecting with their fellow ARMYs on our server.
We look forwarding to having a memorable time with you as we celebrate Bangtan and their ever increasing family, us.
Welcome to HunterS server. This is the server for all Gamers and Otaku. This server is new so lets be friendly and lets try to grow this server together.
We are a server focused on Dank Memer and Gaming Community specially for BD players. We are active and have fun stuff happening around all the time. Here are gamers of different games and we do discussion on those, like Brawl Stars, CODM, Fortnite and others. Except this we also host some dank memer items and coins giveaway, The server is simple and nice. Feel free to join. Everyone is allowed :slight_smile:
Aesthetic Anime and gaming server! We have very friendly and welcoming members. Come check us out!
All are Welcome.
We are a budding community for discussions, debate and discourse of all things related to South Asian countries, namely Afghanistan, Nepal. India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Maldives. The past, present and future.
We aim to foster friendly relations amongst us and the whole wide world.
A wholesome server filled with people with budding intentions to play games and make sure we all stay home.

💀 We are based off of SEA Servers
💀 Filled with NON toxic Valorant players
💀 Everyone is extremely approachable
💀 Capable of talking about any topic for hours on end
💀 Everyone is considerate and caring.
💀 Loves communicating about topics such as Anime

well, why would you be left out of that am i right? Come join us and be a part of the oxymorons today.

Read the rules, grab your role, and hop into "Get General" lets start gaming!

Active Time:

GMT +6
(From 5PM-12AM)
ARSENIOUS Esports is one of the Biggest Server for gamers, content creators. It is a place for gamers! Mainly focused on PUBG mobile esports, mobile gamers.

ARSENIOUS eSports is the biggest discord server in Bangladesh! It is a friendly gaming community for everyone.
arsenious is best for PUBG Mobile Scrims, pubg mobile Tournament, pubg mobile UC giveaway and more.
We host monthly giveaways! Tournament collab with different host.
Play with famous discord bots. It is not the end! Join the server to explore more and hangout with amazing peoples!!!