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Greetings people!
You are all welcome to our server whose basis and the only goal is - Productivity!

Studies say that when you commit to someone about something, you get more focused towards accomplishing it. So lets build a community whose motive is that indeed.

We are completely SFW(Safe-For-Work) because there is no need of any NSFW content in productivity, right?

You'll have a great time here while improving your works.

We are not conservatives and understand the importance of recreation and hence our philosophy is a famous saying:


We have all the contents a productivity server might need.

Do you enjoy study sprints? We have regular study sprints and the best part is that it is not restricted to the owner, anyone can begin a sprint! Just make sure that there is no other sprint ongoing.

So what do you say? On board?

PS: No NSFW. No long useless conversations(kind of breaks the motive of the channel). Use of humor appreciated(gives positivity). No chatting on unproductive subjects like gaming, anime etc. See you!
☁️ ❝ the atticus cafe❞

Welcome to the Atticus cafe! We have

┊❥Nitro Giveaways

┊❥ server events (movie nights games ect)

┊❥ LGBTQ friendly

┊❥ Workshops

┊❥Server houses (Like the Harry Potter houses! )

ೃ✧ (Join today! ) ೃ✧
We are a small-scaled, laid-back study sever based around the Harry Potter Wizarding World.

Note - You do not need prior knowledge about anything in relation to Harry Potter. Neither the books nor the movies.

Our primary aim is to help each other to improve productivity and provide companions to study together with since nobody likes a lonely death.

We mainly consist of chill and nonchalant members, looking to build up a friendly community where everyone can increase their efficient study time and help out one another!

You would be sorted into one of the four houses that will be fighting to win the monthly House Cup: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Ravenclaw.

We have designed a Point System that keeps our members motivated to study.

It requires you to submit your study progress and complete your daily agenda in order to contribute to your house's points and to level up.

There are a lot of other things that you will find around our server should you choose to join.

We are not revealing everything just yet but small perks are:
✨ a friendly community full of students who seek to support and motivate, help each other with tips and tricks regarding studying
✨ a channel created for planting trees with the forest focus app, where members can host forest rooms and study together
✨ small challenges and ways to study together are still in the making and planning process
✨ voice channels designed to study together and block distracting chatting channels
✨ a good and bad vibes space to talk about things that are weighing on your heart
and much more! The server is still growing and open for more ideas and suggestions.

Domus Digna Staff.

PS: Please contact @prefects#4986 if you have trouble joining this server.
Home of Students from Instagram!

⭐️ What you can expect from this server:
✓ Help and Advices from students on the same major as you!
✓ Tips and Tutorials on Note-takings
✓ Get recommendations on techs and accessories for college/HS
✓ Share and Join Forest App Rooms
✓ Create and Join Pom Trains
✓ Weekly/Monthly Study Challenges
✓ Share and use helpful resources on your major
✓ Relax and Socialize with other members about different topics!
✓ Mental Health Channels
✓ And so much more!

🌸| Managed and run by your favorite Studygrammers!
✔️ The largest study & productivity server on Discord!
☕ Live chat, screen-sharing and video calls while studying to create a virtual workspace and keep you accountable.
☕ Prefer AI company? Study Together! has 16 custom-made study bots to keep you on track for meeting your deadlines.
☕ Like a little competition? We run regular study competitions and with our hour-tracking system, your valuable study time won't disappear.
☕ Always find the support you need with our study community, where there's always people online to engage with.
welcome to the estresso cafe! this is a productivity server dedicated to students socializing and helping each other out. chat about school! ask for advice! ask for help on homework! talk about random stuff!

this cozy server has:
· group study text/voice channels
· friendly members!!
· vent and advice channels
· homework help channels
· music bots for studying
· resources and tips on productivity and motivation
· calendar bot for scheduling important events!
· fun reaction roles/study ping roles to invite people to study sessions

we're open to all different kinds of people all around the world. we hope you give this server a shot and enjoy it while you do!
HitTheGoal a community for keeping your goals, and making friends, chilling out and keeping up that goal list and working on it! You'll get to meet new people who are willing to be your friends, and make accountability partners.
Hello! Tired of working or studying at home alone? We run a wholesome server to fill the void left by the current work-from-home lifestyle. Our members are absolutely wonderful and span a wide variety of ages and backgrounds. Struggling with homework or getting motivated? We are here for you :)

We have a custom bot with lots of productivity-enhancing features, such as tracking your hours worked, making personal, interactive daily planners, planning events, and more! The bot is constantly learning to do new things, so your feature requests are always listened to and appreciated.

Our only two rules are to work hard and to be kind. We are very much looking forward to having you!
¤¸¸.•´¯`•¸¸.•..>> proDUCKtives <<..•.¸¸•´¯`•.¸¸¤

We are a small, SFW community dedicated to studying and language learning.

ProDUCKtives has:
-20 color roles to choose from
-A variety of fun bots to play with
-Both chaotic and laid-back chats to talk in
-37 languages with their own roles and channels to meet other language learners
-An active (if not tad bit chaotic) and tight-knit community welcoming to people of all cultures, religions, races, genders, and sexualities.
-Upcoming server events!
Welcome to Get Studying! This is a server dedicated to help students get motivated to study & be productive. This is also a friendly community to meet new people and in here, we prioritize quality studying over quantity studying.

Features of this server:
- Virtual study sessions with others or with just yourself
- Create forest rooms & plant trees with others using the Forest app
- Music to help make your study sessions a little bit more fun
- A reminder bot so you will never have a reason to forget!
- A To Do Bot to help you track your to do list
- Socialize with others and make new friends
- And so much more!

What are you waiting for? Join now and let us help you be productive and get back on track with your studies!

See You!
Somiibo is a free social media automation platform that helps grow your brand on Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify, TikTok and more!
OLYMPIANS is study-server based on greek mythology.

what can you expect in this server?
- small server so you can easily make friends with other olympians'
- have a group to study with
- get motivated with others
- friendly admin
- fun bots to play with when you're not studying of course!
- monthly group winners
- looking for mods

you don't need to be in school to be in the server! you just need to be learning something so your group can win points at the end of the month!
🌼 Hello everyone! 🌼

This server is about cleaning and motivating each other to clean in general 🧹

We hold online cleaning sessions with others in sync , talk about cleaning, plan events, share accomplishments, and much more!

Taking good care of our room environment is a simple way of practicing self respect on a daily basis, but it can get overwhelming for some; so why not make it more enjoyable by encouraging and inspiring each other ~

You're welcome to join anytime!
This is a small server where anyone can study and work together. You can have study sessions with other members, you can help and motivate each other.
Welcome to Study World!

We are a starting community from students all around the world. Our purpose is to have a connection with all the students who are in the same struggle as everyone else. Feel free to look around and assign yourselves a role that suites you the most. Our goal for this discord community is to be a safe and friendly environment for all students and members. We also have a ranking system with specific role addition :).
the education portal is a brand new study server, looking for students from all levels of education! our server's goal is to build a welcoming, supportive, and productive community! we have lots of self-assignable roles, homework help channels, helpful staff, music bots, and so much more! our server is currently under revamp, so keep your eyes open for new changes! please contact a staff member if you have any problems, we'll be happy to help! now, what are you waiting for!? come join our community! p.s: we are looking for staff!
We are the official discord server of r/GetDisciplined! We are a self improvement community filled with people from all walks and ages of life. Share thoughts with like minded achievers and gain accountability, general guidance and develop a personalized improvement system. Reach your goals and improve your life!
Our server is dedicated to promoting good study habits and work ethic. Study Hall has ongoing study events and challenges, as well as channels to help match accountability partners. We come from all sorts of fields and levels of studies. Join today!
Do you want to create the habits and mindset required for success?

Make friends with like-minded individuals to hold you accountable in unlocking your full potential. Here's how you can reach your Breakaway Limit and achieve your goals:

[Health]: Physical and Mental Health, Lifestyle Choices
[Wealth]: Personal Finance, Investing, Passive Income
[Success]: Personal Mastery, Entrepreneurship, Professional Growth

Verification for member safety
Hello awesome people!
Step it up bb 💋 is a brand-new community server with the purpose of reaching optimum productivity and developing healthy habits with the help of awesome likeminded people. Many tools are available in the server to help achieve that!
💙Let's grow together!!💙
this is a chill study community for students!

in this discord you will be able to:
✨║chat about school!
✨║ask for help on homework
✨║find study buddies
✨║study with lofi music
✨║and more!!!
Are you stuck in your comfort zone? Are you a slave to your mind? Do you want to work on being a better person?

Welcome to Personal Development! This server is built to gather likeminded individuals who want to focus on learning, developing and improving various aspects of their life whether it's with your comfort zone, procrastination, your career or your mindset.

Searching online for improvement is one thing, but being involved in a supportive growing community with verbal and textual interaction with ambitious individuals is another!

Living in this generation, we're always immersed in technology and the media wherever we go; as we become more rooted and attached in our technological bubble, we gradually sink into our comfort zones, lingering with procrastination, descending a controlling, intrusive mind. It's now time to break free from that cage! It's time to stop being a slave to your mind, get on track on working on what your purpose and what your meaning of life is!
˗ˏ✎ [welcome to the study lounge!] *ೃ

°. ☁️ ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ °
┊ in this server, you can
- make friends!
┊ - find people to study with to make quarantine feel a lil' less lonely,
and share study tips
┊ - learn an new language
study lounge offers:
┊ - study "rooms"
- custom emojis
┊ - school work help
- a book club

we hope to see you there!