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HAIIII Crimson Nekos welcomes any and all people. From the LGBT Community to Gaming,to weebs, we lvoe to have people here and we work to get our members INCLUDING you happy with our server we have a custom bot Currently being built just for our server :) we would love to have you join us:3
This is not a dating server.
Hi! Ever wanted to make friends who are also a part of the LGBT community? Consider joining us. We are a fully established LGBT server that the only thing we're lacking is members. Feel free to stop by any time!
This is Church Peeps! We have a meeting every day at 2pm cst! We are trying to make a big group! Come join our family!
we are a server of many things. we have different places for different people depending on what you like. We promote self love because i believe (the server creator) that self love is key in life. we are very chill people and not alot of drama happens. (i mean good drama sometimes haha). We all have an opinion and we respect that and people who dont shall be kicked far away into the abys. ANYWAYSSS why are you still here? join now!!! (ps ily uwu)
Howdy bro!
You must be 13-18 years old to join.
This is big brain society!
We have:
Gaming category
Anime category
Art category
Fandom categories!
We have chill members, and we do NOT allow toxic behaviour in this server!
We have many bots!
We are LBTQ+ friendly!
We have vent channels!
We have meme, discussion, and spam channels!
Our staff is very nice and chill, we give out second chances... because everyone makes mistakes sometimes.

Whattya say? Come join big brain society today!
Il est temps de sauver cette planète ✊🌍

Rejoignez OisePourLeClimat si vous êtes prêts à vous engager dans la lutte pour le climat, en étant un membre actif ou passif.

Nous comptons sur vous pour rejoindre, même si vous décidez de ne pas vous lancer dans des actions climatiques, vous pouvez tout de même nous aider en faisant passer le message 💬.

La terre a besoin de toi, alors rejoins nous !
Welcome to 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕿𝖊𝖊𝖓𝖆𝖌𝖊 𝕯𝖊𝖓 Where people in the age range of 13-19 come to have fun and socialise with people in the server, we have a wide range of nsfw and your age doesn't even matter! Come join, choose your color and your sexuality and do whatever you want (unless it involves breaking our rules) you are free here and a few admin and mod roles are open if interested
Hi! Welcome to the Invisible Youth Project.

This is project aims to make young people more visible within communities.

There are so many young people in london acheiving great things but sadly teenagers don’t feel welcome or safe within the capital...

It is very simple to take part in this project . We have one week to organise it and perform it!! Let's teach the world the power of online communities!!

(see server for more info)

Hello! Paradise Point Youth is a social server intended for those ages 13-25! Our goal is to provide a safe, fun atmosphere for people to chill from the stresses of the world. We are brand new, so join now and be a part of an amazing community from the very beginning! See you there!
Hello, this is a Safe for Work only Christian community that offers a friendly environment for like-minded teens and young adults (aimed at young adults up to 26 years of age).

Keep in mind when you join, you will not have access to the main server until you are verified. (You will be able to chat in a specific channel).

After you are verified, you may choose a custom color given to you by a moderator!

A few of our categories include:
-Movie Night (Occasionally)
-Writing and Art
-Bible Study and Discussion
-Voice Chat
-Channels to share music and videos
-And, ofc, a chat to talk and make friends!

We also have a selection of panda and animated emojis as well as some fun bot commands!

As the server develops, more will be added. Stay tuned and thank you for considering Ethereal!
A server with several beautiful users that enjoy conversing and looking at NSFW images.
We are a government roleplay server based on the Weimar Republic (1918-1933). Elections happen every two weeks where you get to elect the president and members of the parliament.

We have:
- Many political parties to choose from, or you can create your own
- Realistic state and national governments
- Stocks, taxes and national funds
- "Wars" with other countries
- Custom bots
- Egg hunts
- Read or start your own news channel
- A welcoming community

We are also open to feedback. See you in the Weimar Republic!
*This server is for the everyone but ^specifically^ the middle-eastern teens who want to express themselves well and freely with no judgement and true freedom , or complain about politics or world issues*
The server is still starting up but you are welcome to join (pls join)

-we got:
-Custom roles
-Channels for anything and everything
-Funny Staff
-Supportive community
-Active VC
-All kinds of bots
This server is about fascist and nationalist political discussion. We are willing to talk to people with different ideologies. We are not racists, we donnot hold any hatred or prejudice towards any other race, we actually support many non-white political figures, some of which are even left wing or right wing. We aim to be as friendly to our members as possible as long as they follow the rules and act respectable, neo nazis and "raiders" will be banned as soon as we suspect them of anything. We donnot allow LARPers or communists looking for an argument or playground insult match.
Come join a inclusive lgbt server where you can befriend many different people. We host movie nights and more. Have a blast!
The Youth Environmental Group server is devoted to helping young people help the environment, one step at a time! Whether you're a super hardcore environmentalist or you just want to chill, this is the place for you!