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⌦ ———✪ School Of The Night ✪———⌫

⌬ *Imagine a meteor , a meteor that brought the fate of the sun to a stop... now, imagine place where it is constantly night, a place where the concept of time means ... well...basically nothing at all. Now, take that thought and make it into a school for supernatural children and teachers, if that idea sounds pleasing then School Of The Night is for you!* ⌬

⊠ **Things the server has are..** ⊠
╞ A Kind Owner And Staff! ❤️
╞ 15+ RP Channels! ⌨️
╞ The Ability To Be Mutated Or Human! 😁
╞ A Welcoming Community! 👐
╞ A Meme And Art Sharing Chat! 🖊✏️
╞ A Speaking VC Chat And A Music VC Chat! 🎵
╞ Alexa! (Music Bot) 🎶
*And More!*
So come! Join Today!
- - - - -

⌦ ———✪ ❤️ ✪———⌫
Welcome to Coldside City!

This is a brand new roleplay server, created by the Owner, XxGreatPhoenix, or short Phoenix, Candy and the help of some other friends.

The roleplay is based on the idea of a magical city, where magical creatures live in peace. Or so we say peace. Anytime can something happen and destroy this peace

There are a few races which you can play as. These are: vampires, werewolves and humans and many more. The other races represent the minority which, may or may not be added later, when the server grows bigger.

We hope that you will join this server, not only for the roleplay, but for the friendly, but serious staff and for the unlimited ways have fun while not roleplaying.

This server also introduces a new way of character creating and developing. And this is the first to have this idea.

More information about the lore can be found in the special category in the server.

This server is open for any type of suggestions, so don't hessitate to tell us what you have in mind!

We hope you'll join, and if you do, we hope you'll have a great time.

See ya there.

➷ 𝓦elcome 𝓣o ..
.. 𝓓etroit 𝓤niversity!

┊An OC roleplay server about a University located in Detroit, Michigan. We aim to make this roleplay literate and realistic at all times, however - we all can have some fun !

┊Create your own character and start your story today !

--------- 𝓔xtra 𝓘nfo ;
-➤ Strict yet fair rules to ensure the server is smoothly run.
-➤ Litarate roleplay.
-➤ All students have their own dorm rooms.
-➤ ERP / NSFW roleplay is allowed.
-➤ Roleplay Events.
-➤ Aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.
-➤ Pretty chill staff.
Welcome to High School & College. The server to make new friends and discuss school. Need help applying to college? That's us! Want to meet new people at different universities? You got it! Need help with that assignment due tomorrow morning? No problem! We're here to help!
~Welcome to Furryversity~

This server is a furry roleplaying server based in a College where you can roleplay both SFW and NSFW as well as chat with people and make some new friends. Other server features such as voice chat for getting to talk to other members and even some dank memes!

Very friendly and active staff that are eager to improve and help out with the server! Friendly member's who would love to meet and make some new friends, perhaps playmates!

Always open for more members! Currently 80+ and rising steadily!)
It's the beginning of a new year in this prestigious, yet comfortably rural, university and people from all over the country and beyond have come to attend it. School life can get rather dramatic at times, with a diverse group of students, teachers, and staff, as well as the eclectic nature of the town itself. However, unknown to most students, the town is run by a Mafia. The Mafia, known as the Timore Gang, was formerly rival Mafias (Specifically the Chinese and Russians) to form this one large gang. Why they made this significant Alliance is unknown to the public... perhaps you can find out?
Come on over to this roleplay server!

We have a friendly staff team and community. Come and hang out, post your art, and chill and make new friends.

Feel free to give any suggestions to make the server better! <3
The College Corner is a college discord server dedicated to helping applying high school students with their application process. Undergrads and high schoolers are all welcome!
Science and Technology is an Official Discord Partner as well as one of the leading Discord scientific community.

What originally started off as a small private community for sharing scientific discussion grew well into a society with over 10,000+ members and more growing every days. Our members range from high schoolers, college students, postgraduates, as well as people from different background!
Komore Academy of Magic and Bastion, better known as KAMAB, is the world's best academy for magically gifted students. It's a new RP server, currently looking for members. Come join us!
We're an ERP server based around college ife! It's a bit of a hectic school that gets a little frisky too. But whether you're into that is your choice. All RPers are welcome!
College sucks, join and talk about it
Florida is normally called the sunshine state, but Silverlake takes that title into another level. As you arrive here as a student ready to start your journey, beware that this is to prepare you for the real world and what it could possibly throw at you and everyone else in the university. But there’s no ending without cracking the books, and making some tough calls and suffering from huge mistakes. You’ll also find yourself in romance, finding new friends, hanging out at clubs, finding the comforts of a dorm, going to parties, and getting your rocks off. WARNING: Everything is uncertain about Silverlake University, your dreams can either be made or end up potentially broken. Nobody knows where they might end up. And no matter what, someone is always watching. Welcome to Silverlake University, your home for the next 4-5 years. -iibigthanos
Welcome to Main Wood College
Main Wood was a great school. Great teachers, great test scores, and great students. You get the picture! Everything was great.. Until the fire, of course. Every teacher, staff member and student, died. Years after the fire, a man bought out the land. He re-built the college and fixed up the town around it. Shortly after this, he died. Workers believe that he angered ghost and they sickened him, others believe that it was just natural. Months passed and construction finished. Enrolling starts now! The workers have one thing to tell you all, Stay strong and don't listen to them.
Hi!! Here's what our server offers:
-Kind people
-And anything you want!
Just know we do not accept people who bully. If you come in and start bullying you will be kicked
McGregor and McGrimm University is a fresh new roleplay server based around the idea of a school for mages and wizards alike to live in peace and harmony on the island of Ailiana. We have multiple roleplay channels, bot channels, a whole pokecord category, and the nicest staff around. Community input is always taken seriously. Please enroll today!
"Los Angeles, California" is a server for anyone to join. In this server everyone takes a role as a child, teenager, or young adult. Everyone lives a normal life with a job, a home, and even a roommate! There's plenty of channels to explore such as an air port that leads to exciting vacation spots! Downtown LA is filled with stores and fun things to do. We hope some of you will join us in our new server and join our roleplay fun! :)

In this giant world anything can happen.. More specifically, anything can happen in the big city of Los Angeles, California!
Put yourself in crazy situations as a kid, teenager, or young adult. Live life to the fullest. You’re in Hollywood what else would you do? Buy an apartment, or even a house! Make new friends, or maybe even meet your special someone. Graduate high school, get accepted into college, apply for new jobs, or get a promotion. The possibilities are endless here!
The college was founded who knows how many years ago honestly. The rules of the college a rather warped as money became useless to most of richer class. Sex became power so to speak, thoses who have it live hire up the food chain, those who don't fall between the cracks. One year futanaris took over that role as they have what both sexes wanted. You joined the school to gain your knowledge but also heard about the schools rumors when you signed up. Good luck you pervert, welcome to futanari academy.
Welcome to the College of Legends, a server where you can roleplay as League of Legends characters (and some OCs, if digestible).
We offer server-wide roleplay within the college, (multiple text-channels, for multiple locations around the campus).
Our staff is friendly and welcoming of new ideas, the server is constantly evolving.
We also have the whole spectrum of media sharing channels (SFW, NSFW, Memes, etc.).
Oregon is the home for many college students. Some chasing their dreams, others are simply wasting time trying to live their lives. Cliques form and relationships are made. Trust is burned and friendships are broken. After all, it's college, what's the worst that could happen?
Welcome to our roleplay server! This is a college based roleplay server where your character can be a student, a teacher, or many more! Swearings allowed, so make yourself at home!
This is a roleplay loosely based off The Elementalists from the app Choices. However it is in my image of how I would of liked it to be.
Storm Brook is a college in a ghost town. There have been many reports of ghost being
Hawkins University is a role-play set in a world where humans coexist with various supernatural creatures. Some non-human options include vampires, werewolves, faeries, half demons, half angels, and more! As the name suggests, it is college themed.

>Friendly community
>LGBTQ+ Friendly
>No one under 13 please
Waycrest University, always first, second to none! We are the Ravens of the athletes, talented artists, and those who serve our nation. We always welcome newcomers, and would love to have YOU! Remember, we are always the first in everything we do!
Welcome to College Roleplay. We're a small, up and coming server, progressing slowly, but we have lots of bots, and rooms to RP in. You can use your OC, and meet new friends, make romances, and enemies. Enjoy your stay, in College Roleplay.