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its a nice server of jojo and homework
jojo - this server is cool but not a lot of people
student work - this category is for people who want some help for homework and help other people. Thank you and enjoy
We welcome people from all sorts of backgrounds! This server is a support group for highly motivated people (primarily high school students) who are struggling with mental and emotional health.

Study groups

Support groups

A friendly community

Lots of self roles

Fun bots

Question of the day


Discussion groups for over 10 fun topics
StudyLounge is a fast growing , premier destination to study alongside fellow members. We have myriads of people from across the world, studying at various levels of education, which makes us distinct in helping out one another. However, we are not restricted to studies. We are flexible and receptive to people from all domains of life who can share their erudition to help us grow mutually. Moreover, we are quite an amicable community, so you are still welcome to experience our lively server which organizes multiple events regularly, in order to entertain people over and above their studies.

We cater following facilities :

➼ Weekly Events

➼ Different educational Clubs

➼ Giveaways

➼ Friendly and Welcoming community

➼ Helpful and kind staff

➼ School work help
Want to be in a school environment with your own original characters?

Join Celestial High AU, where you can experience the setting of a high school, and still change the plot to your liking! Our admins are nice, and will help you in any way possible. We welcome everyone who is willing to join!
This is a discord server based on revision/studying for those that are doing their;
- GCSE's
- A-levels
Or just any test at all that is placed throughout the year at all.
This server will provide help, tips, and support on your revision/study. We are hiring tutors that must be professional, qualified, and active.
This is not gonna be one of those servers that are just sitting there on your server list because we will also be providing great fun and activity!

In additional to this we use the app called "Flora" where you can build your own forest by studying! Join our room and build a forest together!
A server for Jordan University of Science and Technology students and anyone else who'd like to join.
We do your homework!!

📎 We do any subject!!!

📎 Mode of Payment: PayPal/BTC

📎 DM the "teachers" for negotiations. Thanks.

📎 First day, we've already satisfied clients. No reason to scam, we're just bored.
ׂׂૢ Raid free server! Our server has been raided multiple times in the past, though we have fixed it. And it has never been raided since then.

➹• Invite rewards! We mostly do invite rewards to get more members, we also have invite reward proof.

› 〉🤖 Fun bots! We have dank memer, owo bot, mimu, and much more!

〔 🌏 〕; Adopt Me and roblox related server!

🌙; Aesthetic and cute server:)

˗ˋ 🍧 ˊ˗ Not much pings, we give a daily reminder to un-react to the reaction roles and mute the server for not much pings! (We dont ping for reminders, so make sure to check our reminder channel!

꒰🍋꒱ ┊Trusted Middle Mans, in this server you can buy/sell stuff! And can even get your own shop, and earn robux. Through the shop!

-,((❀)); What are you waiting for? Come join our server, we hope to see you there! We'll make sure to give you a warm welcome!<3
This is a server dedicated to social, language learning, academic support, and much more! Chat with students and teachers, ask help whether it may be academic, personal, gaming, or language problems from different people all around the world! We are a welcoming and friendly community looking to expand to students and language learners all around the world. We appreciate your joining our server whether you're a student or not.

Current Language Available:

Join now and be part of our community! 💗
This is a server to discuss and join the Debate OnAir online competition in the MENA(The Middle East and North Africa) Round. The competition is for students in a MENA school between the ages 13-17. We are happy to have you join us!
Chill Server with mostly students and gamers having fun.
Dating tag is just for getting on top but feel free to date.😝
Hello and welcome to Lust Academy! This is your normal everyday school, however, anything 18+ is allowed on school grounds. Doesnt matter if your in the classrooms itself. Make sure to read the rules otherwise you may be kicked
since school is close by and things are different with the pandemic, we have made a discord server to motivate ourselves for school (online students and/or traditional school students)
SERVER INFO >>make friends here, vent and rant about teachers and school work, get off task for a bit and have fun.. , organize your school schedules and routines. we mostly made this so people will have friends during the school year, we don't want you to be lonely xx

Welcome to Seniors HQ, a welcoming and open server for high school seniors mainly, but open to any other students (both high school and college) as well! We're a great community that is very tight-knit AND active! We help each other get through the day to day life of students and when the time comes around, we go through college applications season together! Join us for a fun and great community!
Hello there! I have created an AP discord for people to be able to help each other. AP classes tend to be a lot harder from online (for the schools that are starting online) and I don't want to be struggling with the classes I'm taking this year. I want to be able to study among my peers and if they need help I want to be able to help them while they help me.
Welcome to MNA Minecraft Gaming, a server for Minecraft gamers who are seeking new and unique challenges.This server is focused on gamers from around the world, using a language most will understand. However, this is not only a place for gaming - that'd be boring! You can also socially interact and take advantage of many bots installed to the server. SO JOIN NOW AND ENJOY LUXURIES THAT YOU WOULD BE MISSING OTHERWISE!

Sister Server - MNA PUBG GAMING (
A server to help Scottish students get through high school. This server has resources for if you’re struggling, and (an admittedly small) community to help each other out.
Hello everyone. This server is new and needs members. Its only for the agriculture students. It is created for worldwide agri-talks and knowledge sharing. At present, that's it for the description.
Join and enjoy the stay :)
A server for CS Majors here to discuss leetcode, get professional advice, resume critiquing, and everything! Also open to mods :)
Welcome to MNA PUBG Gaming, a server for PUBG gamers who are looking to make new friends to play with.This server is focused on gamers from around the world, using a language most will understand. However, this is not only a place for gaming - that'd be boring! You can also socially interact and take advantage of many bots installed to the server. SO JOIN NOW AND ENJOY LUXURIES THAT YOU WOULD BE MISSING OTHERWISE!

Sister Server - MNA Minecraft GAMING (
Welcome to Majubi Academy. An academy (middle school-highschool) This server is a roleplay server for both middle school and high school. In this server you'll be able to be a teacher and student. (Just pm an admin to request an interview.) You'll also have a chance to be able to meet more people and chat.