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Well met! Ars Academy is a server about magic learning and/or teaching in modern days, developing your character and growing him into a powerful void necromancer! Or heavenly, holy cleric! Archimages? Charmers, enchanters, battlemages? Anything akin to it. The server has a fairly inclusive system so you can build your character bit by bit into perfection, or even more, if you want to develop them in pure and simple roleplay, you can choose a simple sheet, adding traits later, making your character building far more dynamic.

You start with a limited amout of spell points given by your race (human, elf, fairy, etc...) and maybe your mystic atribute (a bonus that you are born with, like being naturally better at studying or even animal traits. Some can make portals to traverse distances or use a last, powerful word to finnish enemies). You also start with a limited amount of status points, used for you to invest in the more physical part of your character. After studying, practicing in supervised duels and/or taking classes, you can earn new spells or gain spell points.

But, what is a spell? The spell is a interesting thing! After chosing what you will use to cast them, you mix an effect, a shape and a modifier, making your magic flow into the world around you

Oh, you are a pacifist roleplayer that don't like combat very much? The server is also filled with numerous channels for meeting another students, teachers and citizens, with several places for you to visit outside the school. If you would not like to be in the academy itself, you could also be a citizen, earning bonus spell points at the start of the roleplay and being an adult.

If you prefer the more adventurous path, we have dungeon masters to build little to large quests, and even more, we have events that make gargantuan, colossal places for you to explore and conquer, along with duelling and offensive classes.
Current Story:
With the God of Corruption defeated, the Chaos Trench had mended itself, and the light of day returned to the land once again. Some say all is well over the World of Aezilon, but with one god fallen... the others have become watchful of the mortal world's activities.

It is after all, due to the courage and determination that mortals did succeed in taking down a single god...
But what of the others? What actions will such immortal beings take against those who are so capable of achieving great heights to triumph over them? To usurp them from divine or hellish thrones?

The Emperors are watching.
The Gods are watching.
And it is only certain that you should be watching out for them as well.

A time of peace may come again, but will it ever truly last when strife and chaos continue to exist?
This server is built upon a world that has been in development for a couple of years. If you're looking for a decent fantasy roleplay experience, maybe you can give this one a go. The server gets updated regularly as if one were playing an actual game; featuring patches, updates, etc. as channels, lore and features get added! Experience lore-heavy content, make a friend or two, and experience the ever expanding World of Aezilon.
Welcome to Hogwarts Roleplay! Have you ever thought what it would be like to go to Hogwarts? To be sorted into your very own house and attend magical classes? Well this is your chance! This server is set in the aftermath of the first wizarding war during the 1980s. You can choose your allegiance to Voldemort, or show an opposing view. We hope to see you soon, may your magical journey start now!
Pull up a chair and grab a pint!

We're a Harry Potter based social server with connections to roleplay servers set all over the Wizarding World.

- Active & friendly members~
- LGBTQIA+ inclusive <3
- Potterheads welcome!
- Reliable Staff members
- Extensive channels for every topic
- 80+ fun roles!
- Serverwide Events & Games

Our door is open, and we're saving some butterbeer just for you. Join today!
This is a new server and we need you guys, so are you a wizard or witch or someone that enjoys and loves Harry Potter? This is the perfect server for you! You can make friends or enemies, get sorted in your true house, and if you wanna be a prefect, captain, teacher, or even a death eater, well so be it!
By the way, we have
🦁 Friendly staff members
🐍Over 100 roles you can get/achieve
🦅Over 50+ RP channels
🐿A category where you can make your own special channel of your RP character
🎉 And TONS OF FUN!! 🎉

Make sure to be there and enjoy the fun!!!
We are a fantasy based roleplay server (basically acting online) that is very user friendly and open to all ideas. We hope that you can join and make memories with us and have fun!
Welcome to Anastasia Highschool, you have been invited to this school because you have discovered your magic ability. Wether it be fire, temporal, or any kind of magic youve been invited here to train your skill and advance forward. At this school you should find that there will be many other like you, who have been born with a different ability. Work with them, but be prepared to battle them in competitions. We hope you accept our invite to this school

Long ago the land of the dead had a war, many souls had died twice over and were sent off to heaven or hell, after the war was over the highest gods being angry at the lower stupidity, they sent their souls into the land of the living, the first humans being born with magics, they then soon opened schools to teach others what theyve found on the magics they use and how to fight with them, Anastasia High being of the best schools in the world that teach magic, they have many people in it so they use dorms to keep the students there. Some people many years later had then been born without powers, so they used the Weapons of Astoundment, weapons made at the beginning of the living world that could not be used by magic users. The weapons seem to have their own soul as they choose who gets to wield them as a fighter, if a person is rejected then they are never able to wield that weapon again and must find another. This is your story, how will you live through it?

these are the general rules for the server:
1. Keep swearing as minimum as possible, the same goes for when rping too.
2. Please respect peoples choices on what they like, don't like and what they do
3. This server is lgbtq+ friendly so don't disrespect the community
4. No racism allowed. Everyone here is human, skin tones, body shapes, eye shapes, etc. don't define us and what we are so please be nice to everyone
5. Inviting others is allowed
6. Be active! We love a busy and thriving server, and it makes it so much fun for others
7. Only message where you know you can message. Just common sense is all it really is
8. In the Rp Info and Server Info categories, please do not message and type in them unless you are either submitting a character, sorting out a problem with a character or you are Admin or mod
9. If you join in with an alt account please inform either me or a staff member
10. Our warning system:
-1 warning = a basic warning and just informing you you've done something wrong
-2 warnings = 30 min mute
-3 warnings = 1 hr mute
-4 warnings = 1 day mute
-5 warnings = kick
-6 warings = ban because you haven't learnt
11. Don't talk back or try to bribe/guilt trip/persuade staff or trial staff for you to have things the way you want it.
That is all for now, please check regularly as there may be updates
Thank you
Hidden from sight, a great evil lurks within the world..
Unseen, yet not unheard of..
For when the eye of the world turns black..
And the Eternal Clock stops..
Then darkness shall take over the land..

Enter Ouroboros, an international fantasy roleplaying server based on MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft, Cabal Online, FlyFF, etc. As with most roleplaying servers, we will always try to balance out everything within to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy their time here.

We feature:
•A freeform combat system, with the option of a dice-based system
•5 Nations
•Multiple roleplaying channels
•10 playable races (more will be added in the future)
•12 available character classes (more will be added in the future)
•Friendly staff members
•Zero tolerance on one-lining (Literacy is a must)
•Literate members get higher rewards
•A welcoming, international community
Selestone is a small RP server with a friendly community to roleplay with. It is based on the four elemental kingdoms, hidden in the deep, dangerous forests of the Czech Republic.
~Active Admins
~Fun for All
(Please join, I'm so desperate for human approval)
This is a roleplay based on the Magi; Labyrinth of Magic and Kingdom of Magic series. In this world you can RP you can become whatever you wish due to the vast universe of magi. You can conquer dungeons, rule kingdoms or clans, learn magic, and much more!

This is a roleplay with tons of potential and we are always looking for something or someone new!
Welcome to Galoa! Please join and stay a while! Galoa is a planet in which magic, dragons and other fantasy things exist. It is rich in lore and has things such as its own religions, gods and deities.
Please be aware that this server is a wip and things can change and things are also still being added.
This Roleplay is open to suggestions, and has friendly staff who are willing to help out with character creation or fill you in on the lore.
This Roleplay also features nsfw rp channels for when your rp gets a little too lewd instead of outright banning it.
Nisi Isles
If you are looking for an unique twist on fantasy rp then come check us out. We encourage creativity in customer characterization allowing a large variety of approved races. We currently have 40 white listed races with human races simply being listed as human though all human races are allowed. We offer a large map that is mostly unexplored as well as the option to build up the main town adding new buildings. We allow each person to choose up to 2 specialized magicks or powers for their character and the limit to what you can do with them is up to how logically creative you are. Our server is 16+ and we have a level up system in place allowing people to progress their characters and the lore more and more as they level up. Our islands Backstory is set though new lore is entirely up to the rp.
The Silver Sword Tavern
GENRE: High fantasy
The Silver Sword Tavern was located in an odd spot compared to others of its kind. It was isolated from any life within 5 miles, and is the only building in sight while traveling near ██████.

It holds a dark secret, or perhaps a dark magic, that coerces travelers of any kind inside.

Will you be able to escape the Tavern?

Looking for more roleplayers to join the server! If you're interested, please click the link below.

Trolls are not welcome! However, any type of roleplayer is! This is a serious server.

Death is possible! But worry not! There is a roleplay channel for dead characters, the Tavern resets periodically as well.

Each reset will present a new challenge or something different each time.

Puzzles and hints to be deciphered, work together to unlock clues for extra information!

Professional staff team and friendly community, along with some custom emojis!

Are you ready to escape?
★·.·´¯`·.·★ 𝓦𝓮𝓵𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓮 𝓽𝓸 𝓐𝓼𝓽𝓸𝓻! ★·.·´¯`·.·★
The Disunion of Astor takes place in the medieval kingdom of Astor. The world as we know it is inhabited by Mages, Elves, Dragons, Wyverns and more. Our story takes place in a time of war, death and sadness. It wasn't always this way mind you, the Kingdom of Astor for hundreds of years was guarded by the Wyvernsteel family. The family was solely there to protect the kingdom from danger. Yet the family started to grow attention from others and the family started to bring the strongest of people into their 'family'. They had trials to test whoever thinks they are good enough for the 'family'. Most of the mages and people who tried out have died, and the strongest survived. These trials have been going on for years, and while the idea of being in the family seemed nice, not everyone agreed. A girl by the name of Emilia Grant led a retaliation to the trials, and took people with her as they left the guild. The guild Emilia made with the people who followed her is now called The Discarded Legion. To see the full lore, join now!
Our server includes;

❋ Lovely staff who are willing to help you
❋A lore that has depth
❋Many roleplay channels to live out your character's life
❋A detailed roleplay server (Semi lit to Literate)
❋A NSFW channel and VC, for those sinful beans
❋And more!
Owners: Maddie & MinkMachine
The superpowers of the world, America, Russia and China all believed in different ideologies. They were slowly building their military power and influence. Russia was the counterweight to America’s power. Russia did not have the technology that America had nor the money that China had, but they instead had numbers.

A cold, harsh war between America, Russia and China pulled in most of other countries since they were all in alliance with one side or another.
Unforgiving, the war raged on and for 6 brutal, unforgiving and long years. In the end, America emerged victorious.

However, tensions grew between the superpowers and finally, another war broke out. After the bombing of most of the world, almost everything turned into deadland. The bombs that fell upon it left behind a lethal dose of radiation, causing many to simply die, others mutated into strange creatures, and a small percentage lived off of it.

The New World Order consists of the North and South Americas and operates as the Earth’s one and only surviving nation. Just before the bombs fell, millions were evacuated to the safety of the Americas. 2049 saw the greatest migration period in history. This saw the nations splitting and dividing the incoming refugees into groups.

Fifteen years after the acords, the United Nations of Earth was invented. It’s first members being that of the U.S, Canada and half of Mexico. Finally, in the year 2078, the United Nations of Earth was truly united, proclaiming itself as The New World Order.

Lastly, The Utopia Program. This program is run by the NWO and secures those with 'powers' into a remote island. To be kept away, studied and monitored. Away from the public eye and so they cannot hurt others, and in the end, to be broken.

The year is now 2082 and humans are scattered, surviving in their own way. Good luck.

Take on the role of a guard or elemental in the feared Utopia 14, possibly the worst of all the program's facilities.
Welcome to the kingdom of surise we are under siege will you be our hero?

We offer
-a safe environment to rp in!
Wotcher! We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

- 1000+ Members
- Active and evolving WRITTEN roleplay
- 200+ Roles & Channels for RP
- OOC Events and Cool Bots
- Great Staff
- Harry Potter fans

(Knowledge of the books is valued but isn't required.)
All are welcome. We eagerly await your return owl and hope to see you at the start of term. Safe travels!
Hungry for a bit of an unconventional RP server? Then step into the House of the White Circle, a religious cult RP spawned from a zany in-joke about ink printers.

What is the White Circle, you ask? It is that shape which cannot be printed. Try it yourself. Print a borderless white circle on any color paper, and prove this to yourself.

Here's the catch: We consider the White Circle to be holy and sacred because of its unique non-printed state. You too can join us under the divinely appointed Council of Elders, a strict loving oligarchy who work to control the masses protect the truth and condemn heretics to the guillotine. Who's in? The White Circle welcomes everyone without hesitation.

Included in the deal are channels dedicated to:
☆ Explaining doctrines
☆ Group heresy confessions
☆ Punishing heathens at the guillotine
☆ Performing rituals
☆ Learning the sacred techniques (special roles inside!)
☆ Interacting with ghosts and demons
☆ MUSIC channels!
☆ Fighting against the singularity or joining the bots!
☆ Challenging followers of infidel shapes:
☆ And much more... building to a grand infiltration/holy war storyline!
The small town of Juno is a hidden gem, it's a town where it's easy to know everyone and for the most part that is the case. It appears to be a nice, simple town surrounded by a forest, mountains, and meadows. There are many places to explore inside and out, but danger lurks within so don't be fooled at it's placid and serene image. Always be prepared!
This rp is still new and has plenty of places for your OC to play out scenes as you wish. Fight with other characters in the arena or drink a cup of coffee at the café. You can go on a hunt for treasure but be careful the many beasts, creatures and demons roam freely. Juno is a magical place with a dark side, but is the dark side really as bad as it seems?
What you can expect from this server?
One bot the disbord bot and that bot alone! Plenty of room for creativity, owner who is almost always on, active rpers, mix of literary writing styles, fun NPC interactions, slower pace than other rps and so much more.
This rp isn't just to learn about Juno itself it's about the people and creatures that your character will encounter. We also plan on having fun events.
Also OOC we allow advertising, have art share, music share, dank memes, voice channel, partnerships and as the owner love a good laugh so you don't have to take things too seriously.
Welcome to the Bounty Hub where we Use The Game Magic training on Roblox, We put a bounty on people so you can earn things and more you can even put a bounty on others but they may do it to you as well. Join for a lot of fun!
This is a school to play RPG based in Hogwarts School of Magic. Everyone is welcomed. We hope you have fun with us. Come and use your wand and broom with us!
Welcome to the Ragora Academy of the Arcane!

We are a literate roleplay, and we do ask that you have good grammar and spelling.

A prestigious magical boarding school located in Gloucestershire, England, where students will get the best magical education in the country.

We welcome students from the ages of 17 to 23, after Year 11, their final year of mandatory school education. Students can choose to stay on for two years, like school sixth form, four years, or six years, each block of two years specialising further in our curriculum.

Students will be given full board, in dorm suites with 3 bedrooms, a bathroom and a small, connecting living area. Dorm buildings also give students free rein of a common room. Many activities are also provided in clubs throughout the school to supplement their magical education.

We hope to see you in the coming school year!