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Welcome to Camp Comet! A long time ago, a comet hit the earth spawning strange abilities. A few thousand of years later, a camp founded to help teens develop their magic began to form. Now, why don't you join this friendly and drama filled place of fun and creativity?

Dark magic to shapeshifting, summoning swords anime style to healing the most fatal of wounds, you can choose how you want to live. Choose who you want to be in this camp. We teach classes on how to use magic, how to control it, and how to use it for the best mem-- reasons.

Have we interested you yet? What if I told you:
-Active staff always open to RP
-Bots a million with memes included
-LGBT+ and straight romance all around (the gay! <3)
-Literate and experienced RPers as well as new roleplayers trying for the first time! (The broad range of experience means there's a place for you.)
-Plenty of events for your happy souls
-Tons of arcs, plot, drama, story writing, everything that your smol and tol creative hearts could desire
-oh did I mention DRAMA!?

Trust me, you don't want to miss out on this magical experience. Join and make your character now, meet this close community and immerse yourself in this plot-filled experience!
3 minutes ago
Welcome to Hogwarts, students. This is a growing roleplay, where you can live your Hogwarts life however you want! Our admins and many of our role-players are active, join now to be a Cunning Slytherin, Creative Ravenclaw, Brave Gryffindor, or Kind Hufflepuff!
13 minutes ago
The year is 2038.
Some people have been developing inhumane abilities, similar to magic; the cause is unknown.

You are one of them. A close friend of yours uploaded a video of you on Social Media. The Government's A.M.D. saw it. You and your family were transferred to a Sector. Not just anyone, Sector-6, New Albany. One of the most brutal Sector's ever set up; corruption runs wild within the Security, fear fills the inhabitants, and confusion arises. What will you do here? Will you comply to the A.M.D. and follow their every order...or will you rebel?

Make your mark, within Realms!
16 minutes ago
Come learn the art of magic at Evercrest Academy today! Magic is slowly being replaced by science, so we need your help to show its worth and restore it!
30 minutes ago
A humble and quaint community of practitioners looking to welcome any and all interested in the arts. We offer services and resources to those looking to acquire them.

The Wilder Guild we are general interest server for European folk traditions, craft, mysticism, folk magick and Occult workings. As well as a forum for supernatural creatures and beings, Occult and arcane traditions, workings, and rites of most kinds.
33 minutes ago
Welcome to Kreonixus! We are a medieval fantasy roleplay, with a detailed map and many locations to explore~ The roleplay is currently not fully released, however, the community thus far is friendly and welcoming, and roleplay has already started. We currently require more high ranking characters before we can start up the plot fully.
1 hours ago
+Welcome to Orvina+
Here is what we offer:
➡ Great Staff Team
➡ Balanced Currency System
➡ Bounties
➡ Fair King and Queens
➡ New friendships!
➡ Roleplay Clans
➡ Roleplay Events and more!

〰You've heard enough so come on in and join The Kingdom of Orvina〰
(This server is not completed but feel 100% free to join we're only missing some small features.)
1 hours ago
Welcome to the world of Elantín, weary traveller. Here you can step into the shoes of a Psion, a master of energy manipulation and the second-most powerful beings in the world. Each Psion weaves his or her energy into a form known as a construct; these can be as simple as a ball of fire or light, to something as complex as an entire living being (though that particular usage of your powers will likely garner unwanted attention). The level of technology in this world is what would be considered 'medieval' on Earth; bows and swords are standard weapons, while most non-weaponized modern technology has been replaced by advanced magic and constructs. There are many races throughout this world: here you will find dragons, vampyres, angels and demons; sometimes you may find yourself at odds with them, others you may find them as unlikely allies.

- Character-based Roleplay

- Well-developed Skill Trees

- Fair and Balanced

- Freedom to build your character into what you want it to be.

If these things appeal to you, join the Psion's College and begin your journey!
2 hours ago
Join a world of fantasy and adventure. A land of two kingdoms filled with magic of all kinds. There are different factions, races, and magic types for you to have and explore. but be warned some are out to course trouble and the world may not be at peace for much longer.
3 hours ago
We do Dungeons & Dragons campaigns and casual roleplay. We tend to do regular scenarios and then make them seem to take a certain turn. And in most cases, there is a story element following each campaign run. We also don't hold back on what is expressed in each roleplay. Anything can happen!

If you show skill in RP and stay awhile, you could get your character drawn out by one of our GMs!

So just be careful when you tread into the server and find yourself uncomfortable. We also allow certain people the privilege to run their own roleplays/campaigns, in case anyone feels like running one themselves. Also, don't expect there to be any often lewd roleplays, for they are usually unnecessary.
4 hours ago
Hello! This is a witchcraft server for any and all! The rules are rather strict but very easy to follow as long as you don't forget the most important role, that there is no tolerance for hate towards any practice or path. If you feel like you can't follow this rule then I don't recommend for you to join. We will be having classes and just note that as of right now this server is still a work in progress but we are always open to suggestions to make the server better.
5 hours ago
Welcome to Hogwarts Roleplay! Have you ever thought what it would be like to go to Hogwarts? To be sorted into your very own house and attend magical classes? Well this is your chance! This server is set in the aftermath of the first wizarding war during the 1980s. You can choose your allegiance to Voldemort, or show an opposing view. We hope to see you soon, may your magical journey start now!
5 hours ago
The Silver Sword Tavern was located in an odd spot compared to others of its kind. It was isolated from any life within 5 miles, and is the only building in sight while traveling near ██████.

It holds a dark secret, or perhaps a dark magic, that coerces travelers of any kind inside.

Will you be able to escape the Tavern?
6 hours ago
Two worlds with a deeply connected past, know nothing about each other. Life goes on in each world without knowing they share the world they live in. A world where fantasy and magic collide, and another where the line between magic and technology is blurred, far beyond recognition. Live your life as an adventurer, in either world. Make a living, find friends, and figure out the past of these two mysterious worlds. Welcome, to The World of Okanna!
9 hours ago
Remnants of the past lay scattered within forgotten lands, reminding those living of what their world has endured over the past thousand years. The continent of Aborealis is plagued with tremors and earthquakes that affect all races and walks of life. What is the cause of these, and how do we stop them? That could be the quest you have set yourself on. Will you destroy or save the world?

OOC: Aborealis is a new roleplay server that hosts a fantasy midieval setting. With elements of steampunk, magic and magical equipments.
We strive to provide a great system and be there for our active members.
11 hours ago
{⋅. ✯ .⋅} Hello! If you're interested in joining a fantasy roleplay server then you're in the right place! We have a somewhat friendly staff team, meme and art channels, SFW and NSFW roles, currency, we support the LGTBQ community, many channels for you to rp in, and of course magic ;D! We are a growing server and waiting for people to join every day {⋅. ✯ .⋅}
14 hours ago
Roleplay Lore: "Unrealistic" They said. "Only a myth" they told us. The society was taught the mythical creatures were only in stories. Only in books. Only our imagination. Well, that was years ago. We have proven the world wrong. Or... have we?

Ah Pheonix Academy. A beautiful, rich, hidden academy. It was built years ago, but was always hidden from the world. Magic. Mythical creatures. All these things are being kept a secret. Why? Only one person knew. Only the person who created these "rules" knew. Though, he is now dead. The academy is now in the hands of Mistress, but we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let's start with how the world was years ago...

Earth... A beautiful place. A place of wondrous creatures. Where everyone was accepted. Two years after they established rules, a "safe society" as they told us, chaos came. People were fighting, stealing, killing. Why? For the one thing that everyone wants. Power. Now, people did have power. They were called "The Flame Phoenix". These were people who were able to summon a Flame Phoenix. A very rare thing people could do. They had the most magic. The most information. The most power. They enforced rules. They created a society for everyone.

Soon, after fighting, and fighting, and hiding in fear of being killed, we were safe. We chose to hide those with power. We chose to kill those who broke our rules. We chose everything. Including, where to put all these people with magic. That is where the academy comes. The academy was first meant to be a hide out for those who had powers. Soon, it became a place to learn how to control their magic. How to become more powerful.

The academy is now years old, yet, looks so new. New students are coming this year. You guys are coming this year. How will your story unfold? That is for you to decide. You can follow the rules the academy gives you or you can rebel against it. Until then, Welcome to Phoenix Academy.

Lgbtq+ Friendly
Friendly Staff
Non-Toxic server
Leveling System
15 hours ago
Your character awakens on a subway train, with no recognition of how they got there. You can’t seem to recall what did last night but you at least know a bit of your history. You’re on either a subway train with few people or just completely. Regathering your strength and you sit up on your seat before the train comes to a screeching stop. The doors open and you walk up the stairs only to be greeted by a flickering sign. “Welcome to Somewhere.”

Help Needed: This is a very new server and I’m looking for moderators/admins and active people to help it come to life. Gladly accepting help and partner severs. Willing to do what I can to get this place up and running.
15 hours ago
Live life in a fantasy like world, filled with wonders as far as the eye can see. 150 years later after a predicament called "The Great War" all the species now live in a post war era, now life is becoming easier to live now but tensions are still thin and tight.
Have fun
16 hours ago
Imperium Nevosa is a magical academy built to protect and train those with abilities one might call magical. The school collects kids with these magical abilities and brings them to a place where they’re safe and can be themselves. Not only is the school magical, but the grounds themselves are full of it. The flowers can either sing or scream, the woods have eyes and ears, and the school is aware of everything. This is a paragraph style third person point of view rp. The staff is welcoming and friendly. New and experienced role players alike are more than welcome! Have fun and good luck!
17 hours ago
You are no normal human, you are what is known as a lust being, you have powers and the ability to use magic but these are both powered by sexual energy, an academy was created to help lust beings grow and evolve their powers through sexual conquest and acts of lust, this is that academy, now you are one of the few people that can help keep the lust beasts at bay

Welcome to lust academy
17 hours ago
Welcome to Issai, Land of Myths!
A world made for adventure and discovery, with legends and culture and people to meet and explore. Go on quests, get money, buy more magic! So many things to do! Loosely using FT magic as a system for anyone who doesn't know what to use! Create your own magic, your own character, and your own story!
But beware of the dangers that stories omit..
17 hours ago
Grimoire Heart came out as victorious after the Great War. All others were destroyed, including the famous Fairy Tail guild. During the final stages of war, both guild masters unleashed their law. However, Grimoire Heart's guild master was stronger and faster, invoking his own first. The purple light covered the battlefield as the guild was erased.
5 years passed and Grimoire Heart went out searching for Fairy Heart. After several months of searching, they came across the legendary lacrima. Waiting inside was Mavis Vermillion's lifeless body, waiting to be released. The guild unleashed a fury of magic attacks, successfully shattering the lacrima. A large burst of light engulfed the entire guild, erasing them from existence.
Many millennia later these guilds were forgotten. The only memory of them were inside the brains of special people, wielding great knowledge of the past. The great continent of Fiore's fate rested in their hands. These people grouped together and formed the new Magic Council. Their first proclamation was to recreate the guilds and carry on this legacy for future generations.
Prophecy foretells of a future filled with great violence and death between these newly formed guilds. Originally, the guilds were filled with inner harmony and peace, as the Magic Council intended. These guilds formed the Protection Alliance of Fiore. However, along with the recreation of the light guilds, the dark guilds also regrouped. Fiore had come in a full circle. Things reverted back to the way they were before the Great War.
Only time can answer pleas. Only the future can reveal answers. Only you can decide your path... Will you be fight for Fiore? Or will your arrogance takeover?
18 hours ago