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The Silver Sword Tavern
GENRE: High fantasy
The Silver Sword Tavern was located in an odd spot compared to others of its kind. It was isolated from any life within 5 miles, and is the only building in sight while traveling near ██████.

It holds a dark secret, or perhaps a dark magic, that coerces travelers of any kind inside.

Will you be able to escape the Tavern?

Looking for more roleplayers to join the server! If you're interested, please click the link below.

Trolls are not welcome! However, any type of roleplayer is! This is a serious server.

Death is possible! But worry not! There is a roleplay channel for dead characters, the Tavern resets periodically as well.

Each reset will present a new challenge or something different each time.

Puzzles and hints to be deciphered, work together to unlock clues for extra information!

Professional staff team and friendly community, along with some custom emojis!

Are you ready to escape?
Join our coven!
We've got...
✧ Cute colors and 70+ self roles!
✧ 30+ magick based channels!
✧ Mentorships, Events, daily questions, and more!
✧ Friendly community!
✧ Safespace!
This is a roleplay server. We are roleplaying in a world of magic and fantasy where humans can cast magical spells by taking on a type of magic. Only one type per person but theres many types and variations. In this server youll be roleplaying college life as your each adultish here. All have shown signs of adept magical control. Our server is LGBT friendly we accept everyone so long as they are kind and behave accordingly. Now for backstory bit.

The story takes places years after the demons war hit the earth. Several demons swarmed the cities and all hope seemed lost but 8 magically gifted individuals went forth and helped put a stop to it. Each died excpet for one who went on to found the school of advanced magic Seiru named it after the name the love of his life gave him. Seiru was amd still is a high ranking demon lord second only to his father. Fast forward several years and the school is in full swing accepting new individuals who show great promise. The students dont yet know but the demons will return one day soon and they may be the only hope in stopping it for good.
Wotcher! We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

500+ ACTIVE Members ~ 150+ RP Channels ~ 100+ RP Roles ~ OOC Events ~ Great Staff ~ Cool Bots ~ Harry Potter Fans

Attend class, make friends, and learn to be a wizard. Simply make your profile, get Sorted, pick your wand and start roleplaying!

(Knowledge of the books is valued but isn't required.)

All are welcome. We eagerly await your return owl and hope to see you at the start of term. Safe travels!
It's been 10 years since the entire 'Callum Hunt' incident as they called it. A new generation of young mages are working to be accepted into The Magisterium and train their powers. All is silent for now, there hasn't been another Makar either. But who knows? Maybe more trouble will stir up...

The Magisterium is made to train young mages to control their powers, make friends and defend their world from mystical threats.

This is a new server, inspired by The Magisterium series. Feel free to join as we're a very small server looking to grow.
❝ 𝙏𝙝𝙚𝙮 𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙫𝙞𝙤𝙡𝙚𝙣𝙩 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙘𝙧𝙪𝙚𝙡, 𝙞𝙩 𝙞𝙨 𝙞𝙣 𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙞𝙧 𝙣𝙖𝙩𝙪𝙧𝙚. ❞

For hundreds of years magic has been an intrinsic part of humanity, those able to use it were among the most respected, feared and acclaimed individuals, until the middle ages arrived. Popular myths and religious beliefs put the blame of plagues and famine on magical individuals, who started dying out until only two types out of the wide variety of magicians survived.

Elemental Magic, is now socially acceptable and useful for various tasks, many are born with its abilities and start practicing them at a young age.
Sorcerery, commonly nicknamed Black Magic, hasn't been as lucky. Black magic users are marginalized, mistreated and excluded from most things out of the belief that, wherever they chose the path of Sorcerery or were born with it, it was created to cause damage, so they must mean no good.

This social divide has made it so that in order to survive most sorcerers unite in criminal organizations, some of which have their hands all over politics. To fight them and protect the citizens a special police force has been created, to join which not only must you be a magic individual, but you also have to train for years.


Lux in Tenebris is a multi-paragraph literate roleplay looking for new members. You are allowed to make a character of your own and choose their path and how it evolves through the roleplay. We hope you'll have fun with us!
☆ Aether Institute is a fantasy/medieval academy where you are invited to hone your magical or non-magical prowess.
From raising Familiars, to becoming a hybrid class, here are some things we have to offer you...
↣ Dungeons and Dragons (dnd) style combat system with dice rolls, abilities, random events, stats etc. Mostly optional to use outside of main quests.
↣ Easy to understand class system, giving you various abilities as you level up, you can even become a hybrid class when you reach a certain level.
↣ A plethora of quests, random encounters, dungeons and secrets to uncover!
↣ Hella active and overly passionate staff team.
↣ Anti-raid.
↣ NSFW channels and rp if you lewdies so desire. Though we are NOT and erp server.
↣ Easy to understand guide to signing up, super simple for newbies to rp, as well as being flexible for those with rp experience! All welcome!

☆ What can you offer us?
↣ Unique characters that are welcomed into quests, you can even make your own scenarios etc.
↣ Suggestions, advice, help for people having a rough time in our Snuggy Zone, activity <3
Hungry for a bit of an unconventional RP server? Then step into the House of the White Circle, a religious cult RP spawned from a zany in-joke about ink printers.

What is the White Circle, you ask? It is that shape which cannot be printed. Try it yourself. Print a borderless white circle on any color paper, and prove this to yourself.

Here's the catch: We consider the White Circle to be holy and sacred because of its unique non-printed state. You too can join us under the divinely appointed Council of Elders, a strict loving oligarchy who work to control the masses protect the truth and condemn heretics to the guillotine. Who's in? The White Circle welcomes everyone without hesitation.

Included in the deal are channels dedicated to:
☆ Explaining doctrines
☆ Group heresy confessions
☆ Punishing heathens at the guillotine
☆ Performing rituals
☆ Learning the sacred techniques (special roles inside!)
☆ Interacting with ghosts and demons
☆ MUSIC channels!
☆ Fighting against the singularity or joining the bots!
☆ Challenging followers of infidel shapes:
☆ And much more... building to a grand infiltration/holy war storyline!
Nisi Isles
If you are looking for an unique twist on fantasy rp then come check us out. We encourage creativity in customer characterization allowing a large variety of approved races. We currently have 40 white listed races with human races simply being listed as human though all human races are allowed. We offer a large map that is mostly unexplored as well as the option to build up the main town adding new buildings. We allow each person to choose up to 2 specialized magicks or powers for their character and the limit to what you can do with them is up to how logically creative you are. Our server is 16+ and we have a level up system in place allowing people to progress their characters and the lore more and more as they level up. Our islands Backstory is set though new lore is entirely up to the rp.
Long ago, humans terrorized the magical beasts of their world. The beasts cried out for help. An alternate version of Earth called Argon heard them. Argon is the same in every way, but with one crucial difference: there are no humans. The queen of this world took in the refugees from Earth and sealed the portal closed. Afterwards, she burned all documents of how to do inter-dimensional travel and banned it, so that the humans could never follow. However, a mysterious cosmic event has opened a rift to a world of only humans. Now, humans are coming into Argon. The creatures of this world have only heard about humans in horror stories, and the idea of them terrifies and fascinates the people of Argon. However, the Queen of the world, Queen Milliana, is already trying to search for ways to send the humans back, fearing what this new change might do to her people...

TransTerra is a positive, bright roleplay community with a large world and an extensive lore. Here we offer:

- Roleplay in a high fantasy world
- Game nights
- Partnerships (with roleplay servers only)
- General chat channels
- A positive community
- A fair, reliable staff

Join us in our roleplay journey today!
24 years after an apocalypse that brought spirits into the mortal world, Chesterfield is one of the few cities that remain on the planet. Now, the people of the city turn to magic to fufill their needs. However, everyone has a different idea of what the magic is good for. What will you choose?

- Cryptic RP set in the year 2045!
- Different houses to choose from!
- Inspired by various religious magics!
- And much more!
"May the Gods smile with favor upon you, and may all my efforts not be in vain."

⊱⋅ ──────────── ⋅⊰
⛦ Welcome to Phantasia Academia ⛦
⊱⋅ ──────────── ⋅⊰

Established as a safe haven after the War Against Salem in 1693, Phantasia Academia is an academy designed to protect and rear the most promising students supernatural society will ever have the privilege of having among their ranks. You, dear student, have been chosen from among your peers as the best of the best your hometown has to offer. Whether you contribute in academics, sports, or the arts, each student at Phantasia Academia has a role to play in the functioning machine that is our dedicated student body. As a warning, we do encourage all of our students to remain on high alert around the more secluded areas of our campus and the town of Wysteria surrounding us. There is a reason we do not peek behind the curtain, even magic has it's demons.

☟We Offer:☟
♢ A magical highschool experience for your ocs.
♢ Rp classes w/ google classrooms and actual personalized report cards.
♢ A dedicated Staff/Head Staff.
♢ Gender neutral housing & bathroom options.
♢ Mysteries to unfold
♢ Narration & Events
♢ Secret Student Societies
♢ A chance to get into the highly specialized Projects - A class and B class.

☟We Encourage:☟
♢ Literate RP
♢ Respectful Behavior
♢ No OP/Godmodding
♢ Creativity

⛦ We Hope To Have You Enroll Soon! ⛦
Well met! Ars Academy is a server about magic learning and/or teaching in modern days, developing your character and growing him into a powerful void necromancer! Or heavenly, holy cleric! Archimages? Charmers, enchanters, battlemages? Anything akin to it. The server has a fairly inclusive system so you can build your character bit by bit into perfection, or even more, if you want to develop them in pure and simple roleplay, you can choose a simple sheet, adding traits later, making your character building far more dynamic.

You start with a limited amout of spell points given by your race (human, elf, fairy, etc...) and maybe your mystic atribute (a bonus that you are born with, like being naturally better at studying or even animal traits. Some can make portals to traverse distances or use a last, powerful word to finnish enemies). You also start with a limited amount of status points, used for you to invest in the more physical part of your character. After studying, practicing in supervised duels and/or taking classes, you can earn new spells or gain spell points.

But, what is a spell? The spell is a interesting thing! After chosing what you will use to cast them, you mix an effect, a shape and a modifier, making your magic flow into the world around you

Oh, you are a pacifist roleplayer that don't like combat very much? The server is also filled with numerous channels for meeting another students, teachers and citizens, with several places for you to visit outside the school. If you would not like to be in the academy itself, you could also be a citizen, earning bonus spell points at the start of the roleplay and being an adult.

If you prefer the more adventurous path, we have dungeon masters to build little to large quests, and even more, we have events that make gargantuan, colossal places for you to explore and conquer, along with duelling and offensive classes.
Twenty years after the Harry Potter universe, the wizarding world has evolved in a myriad of ways but especially in the number of Muggles and their influence. Originally, the wizarding community embraced this diversity, accepting all whether pureblood, or Muggle-Born. However things took a sharp change as the markets took a crash and many were left hungry and jobless. It was a tumultuous time. Looking for those to blame, anti-sentimental feelings towards Muggles diffused, creating tension within the wizarding community. Violent hits targeted Muggle-horns and anyone who did not fit the pureblood criteria. Anti-Muggle propaganda plagued the public especially as the influential and vehement lord Mortus rose to power - his vision is to restore a pureblood wizarding community. Apprehensive of his increasing power, the Order of Diagon was formed as a resistance - their goal: to bring down Mortus and his radical plans.
Come on over to our server!

We are a group of passionate Harry Potter Fans that want to roleplay and find other people who share our passions.

We have:
~ RP
~ CRP (Combat RP)
~ Art
~ Memes
~ NSFW Channel
~ Music
~ More!
Feel free to come and join our community! And bring whatever ideas you have to expand this universe!

Hogwarts is a new Harry Potter themed discord server, where muggles and wizards alike from all around the world can connect and bond over the shared love of Harry Potter. Step into our halls to meet fellow Potterheads, make new friends, and relive the magic.
We offer classes based on the Hogwarts curriculum, a fun currency, events and games, and more! (NOT an RP server)
The year is 1690, when the first snowfall came, people were stun it hasn’t snowed for years. Once it came it didn’t stop as the ground was covered inches deep in snow, panic rose as people started to died off from the cold, and disease. It seem to be never ending blizzard as humanity tried so desperately to survive. That’s when creatures that could only come from a horrifying nightmare could be seen from inside the blizzard. They would kill anyone in their sights at violent speeds, humanity was at its breaking point, as they tried to find a explanation, thinking that maybe some witch hex them or that they angered the gods in someway. Humanities numbers keep dwindling, as all hope seem to be lost, until some people started to develop powers. People thought they were the cause of the problems, unleashing god’s wrath on them for doing witchcraft calling them ‘maledictus’ Or the cursed ones. If one was thought of being a Maledictus then they would be taken to court, being put on trail. If they were found guilty they would be sentenced to death or depending on the age will be cleansed. Two years have passed now for trails to start popping up, people getting executed left or right some Maledictus, and some were innocent. The numbers started to drop more as they keep trying to find the root of the problem, do you have what it takes to survive in this world.

-Be warned there might be gore and other heavy subjects like execution.
= = = Storyline:
The Story is, Gaea Academy is a school controlled by the Student Council and Student Body to teach future Elementalists to use their abilities to better the world instead of destroy it and continue the war that ended so long ago.

= = = What we have:
+ Staff Members
- A small, yet active staff team that is actively updated and has rules enforced on them.
- We are consistently willing to recruit new ones just in case

+ Roleplay Opportunities
- Plenty of channels and categories
- Many different areas
- Multiple factions and roles

+ Elements
- Being elementalists we have many elements to use
- From Flame to Gravity, we have anything you can think of (And if we don't, you can ask for it to be added!)
: : Fort Hathen Academy is new and has lots of room to grow! Want a certain magic included? Or even a magic race? We have a spot for requests can be put in!
: : All skill levels and experience of roleplay are accepted!
: : There’s a flexible and in depth magic system that lets you do many things while trying to make sure characters aren’t overpowered.
You are walking down a road. When? You don't know, but you're looking for power; you've heard tales of a place that can give you it. You arrive at your destination, stopping. Here you are; the academy. A voice rings out behind you, "Welcome to the academy, kid. Ready to join the realities scourge?"
A school for very evil people has appeared suddenly. What could be in it? only one way to find out. Time to enroll in the academy.
After the fall of the Magic High Council, Brilniton's School for the Gifted was soon closed after. The students of the school were quickly transferred to a school in Ireland called Idris' School for the Arcane and Eldritch. Idris' School for the Arcane and Eldritch was founded by the Idris family in 1602, it was and still is, made of a council of brothers and sisters from the family. The current council is one of the largest and oldest in Ireland and foresees most monster and anomaly activity. This school, unlike other magic schools, not only trained students in magical affairs but also in the art of monster hunting. Ireland has been known, throughout the years, to be a hub for major monsters and other anomalies and that have opened the non-magical population to harm for some time. Irdris' School for the Arcane and Eldritch prepares students for the task for protecting the non-magical population and others from these anomalies and monsters while also learning and studying the curious habits of these creatures.

Welcome to Idris' School For the Arcane and Eldritch Roleplay! We have a lot to offer like: active staff, fun and friendly members, cool ocs, advanced roleplay and plots, and much much more! We hope you can join us soon!
Welcome to the Empire roleplay! This server is set in a 16th century, but has a modern twist to it. In this kingdom, you can help the royal family or turn away and join the rebellion. However, if you don't feel being human you can become a netherling aka a demon, monster, or one of your choosing! So come on down and pick a side! Will you help the royal, or be turn away and become the most wicked monster there?! Please, bring help and either destroy the royal or destroy the creatures of the dark! We will be expecting your help!
A academy for everything supernatural hidden from the human world, protected through a Magic barrier from evil creatures and the hunters, the only humans that know about the supernatural world. They hunt them down and try to kill every single supernatural creature, bad and good ones, in deep believes that every species other than the full blood human species is bad and needs to be elimated
Welcome to, Fallen Star Academy

Fallen Star Academy is a place of wonders. The Students are all gifted with a special shard at birth, these shards give them wondorus powers which are revield to them at the age of 10. They are sent to the Academy to learn more about their powers, and for protection against the people. The People of the world fear the children with powers and seek their demise. Along with a much more ancient and dark force!

Some of the Things Featured are -
☆LGBT Friendly
Welcome to FTLR,

Life in this world has continued on with magic council still being rebuilt people still continue their everyday life. Soon new threats will come to disrupt that peace will you rise up and make your legacy or become a villian and make yourself known.
-shop system
-decent combat rules
-guilds(need GM's first)