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Oh you thought the Yzygies could die? You thought wrong. We're back, once again. Yzygies never die.

The most infamous occult community on discord is back under the title Xyzygy. OG Syzygians and Comfy Byzygians have united under Xyzygy to bring you your favorite community to shitpost, banter, and debate with other occultists.

For those of you not familiar, we are a syncretic free speech occult community for practitioners of all paths founded off the /x/ board on 4chan in 2017. Our major features are our hectic general chat, active VC every night, weekly demon summoning VC rituals, weekly tarot study lectures and divining, egregoric work, and a core community of some of the most colorful people in the online occult communities. We have gone through several iterations but boast a fast paced high activity community that is large but extremely close knit. This is our newest iteration. So come and dip your toes into the chaos and remember, the real occult tradition was the friends we made along the way.
Created as a safe place for anyone and anything to come and openly talk about and share their supernatural experiences, ask for help or gather information about anything in the paranormal world. However anyone that comes with the intention of tearing down peoples beliefs or causing disruptions will be swiftly banned.

ωεℓcσмε тσ σттεя ρσρ ρσρsιcℓε sтαη∂!

Here we welcome everyone no matter what sexuality, gender identity, or anything else! We love you. Come get a snow cone or a popsicle and relax with us!

》︎Over 50 self roles to choose from
》︎CG/L self roles
》︎Paranormal self roles and channels
》︎Non toxic
》︎Active, friendly members
》︎Staff active
》︎Roleplay channel
》︎Vent support
》︎Voice channels
》︎Fun and cute bots
》︎Fun pings

We do not allow any bullies or trolls in this server. If you are one, do not come in here. Staff is always active and you will be dealt with quickly
Over at Synthesis, we're looking to find new members, including you.

Synthesis is a server that believes everyone has spiritual potential, no matter what walk of life they come from. We're all-inclusive, welcoming everyone who'd like to join, regardless of your ideologies or beliefs. Everything goes as long as it's within the guidelines of Discord's Terms of Service. If you have any questions, feel free to ask an Admin or Mod, and we'll respond as soon as possible.

We are a community that has gone through several phases, changes, and schisms, yet through it all, we've come back together, realizing that "the real Occult tradition was the friends we made along the way".

For those who decide to join, we say:

Welcome to Synthesis, and enjoy your stay!
This server is dedicated to the ongoing Venkon/Ivich/Many conflict. Since most platforms haven't worked out, we came to Disboard. We are constantly seeking members to help us. This is not a game, RP, or fan created thing of any type. This is about as real as it gets. Do not join if under 15.

In order to contribute to the server, you must get approved in our approval channel. The rules to getting approved are above said channel. It is very simple and only takes a moment.

MEE6 will send you a message upon joining. Pay attention to the message and read what is given to you. From there, we will help you further.

Good luck.
Welcome to the odd city of Pinepeaks, an old jungle of buildings and streets with a sinister and absurd side beneath the cloak of night...

- It's a new server, so it's constantly expanding and morphing.
- It's concept instills a Comedic yet also Edgy tone to it reminiscent of a few Web Series.
- A Tupperbox bot to allow an easier view of which character is where.
- A Discussion of the road ahead, and a dedicated playerbase.
- An NSFW section (Completely disconnected from the rp).

A modern paranormal mystery- whilst common in the RP genre- dotted with an air of comical and dramatic flair found in many Web-Comics. It's Primarily a sandbox of "What fun things can we do with a setting such as this?". It's inspired by various works, including: Z-T00n's KNT series, Gravity Falls, Evekomix's Series, Hazbin, and GHOST's Vocoloid Videos.

/// If that Interests you, don't be afraid to hop on in! ///
We're looking for staff and any help to assist in organizing and building the server, so if you want to help, Hop right on in!
Strangoria is a portal to a dimension of High Strangeness. Topics include paranormal, aliens, spirits, UFOs, ghosts, cryptids, psi-psyche, horror, mysteries, fringe, unexplained phenomena, sci-fi, and other strangeness. [ paranormal discord server ]
Explore the paranormals more deviant aspects with /Demon/

Your one stop shop for general demon discussion, demonology, summoning, control, and general interaction.

We have knowledgeable mods with considerable past experience, more then willing to give insights into your experiences.
Chill social server with focused categories on conspiracies, astrology, quick polls, strange/weird content, wholesome content, memes, music. A lot of self assignable roles based on personality type, astrological placements & more. We do movie nights with, game nights and just hang out & be nice to each other. Also nsfw & 18+ channels and locked channels only accessable with roles. :)
Welcome to Firefly Valley Academy for the paranormal! We are uniquely structured literate RP about a high school for paranormal youths. With a system that promotes the creation of highly unique characters, such as a boy who can move things with his mind, or a girl who flies and breathes fire like a dragon of legend, we make it all fit into the world in a logical way! Our world is dark yet delightful, and we hope to have you join us on this wild journey.

‣ A simple to use homebrew system that promotes creativity over everything else.

‣ Optional character progression through GM'd scenes, or just enjoy soft RP.

‣ A robust system for creating and scheduling player generated events and clubs.

‣ A world where contrary concepts like a steampunk robot and a skinwalker can band together while still remaining friendly to the lore.

‣ A developing world that is constantly being updated with new and unique facets.

‣ A philosophy of rewarding those who participate actively in the RP, where the community will reciprocate your efforts and help to make your character's place in the world more spectacular.

‣ A unique tone that mixes and juxtaposes the light-hearted and quaint with the heavy and dark; have tea time with your best friend before venturing into town to stop a mad necromancer
[New Server]
Are you interested in the paranormal? Then this is the server for you!
We have roles for Entity, Cryptids, Aliens, Theorist
We discuss anything from unexplained phenomena , conspiracy theories, mysteries to just strange things.
This server will have everything that isnt normal.
Tucked away deep in the woods of Washington state rests Camp Feyhurst. A basic summer camp that teaches survival basics and necessities. The weather really varies from cool, too hot to pouring rain during the summer in place. It’s a stereotypical camp set up, with age ranges of 10-12 | 13-15 | 16-18, and different cabins. Unfortunately, something is off about this boring camp, just, no one is sure what.
Join fellow Cryptid Kids to talk about Cryptids, True Crime, Unsolved Cases, Conspiracies, And [REDACTED]
Welcome to The Temporal Zone.
This is NOT a roleplay server. Everything is legitimate real thing.
We aim to unite all the time travellers, interdimensionals, foreknowledged people and aliens through this server.
People interested in paranormal are also welcome.
Do you need professional spiritual help?
We at Vee Psychic Services offer several psychic services and products to help, educate and guide you!

Some services and products we offer are:
- Ask a Question
- Dream Explanations
- PDF Tutorial: "How to achieve Astral Projection"
- Teaching/Guidance Sessions
- Reading Sessions
- Demon Inspections, Cleansings & Protections
- Mediumship Sessions

Not only you can make use of our services and products, you can read about shared experiences of other customers, share your experiences and make use of the free help-line!

Join and take a look for yourself!
Come on down to Lanercost, a town where hauntings are very common and ghosts are everywhere. We have lore to read and all the information you could need.
════ ⋆★⋆ ════
What we have to offer:
● Lore
● Information on ghosts
● Self assignable roles
● Lots of roleplay channels
● A fresh server
● Custom colors
● Information on roleplay terms for new roleplayers
════ ⋆★⋆ ════
Come stop by Whispers From the Grave. We welcome anyone with open arms. Spectators, Roleplayers, Newbies, and those who just want to help build a community. So what are you waiting for? Give us a shot!
Welcome to Past Lives! Join if you'd like to discuss reincarnation, possible lives of your own, and more! We're pretty friendly and would love to see more new comers! Here we offer:

🌗Helpful admin
🌗Server games
🌗A variety of conversation channels
🌗Past life regression
🌗And more content on it's way!
Dead inside? Come in and be dead with the rest of us. Post some of you favorite horror stories, SCPs, or favorite posts from r/nosleep in our community of fellow horror lovers!. Got an especially bad story? Post it in the gore channel or our NSFL channel!. Mess around in the main chat with others, post your art or memes, and even rant. If you decide to join this hellhole, we cant wait to see you here.
☪️🦇 This is a an alternative style based server. Share your favorite obscure goth music, thrifting and DIY skills and find spooky friends to connect with! You can also share your paranormal encounters and theories! For everyone 18+! Join us for a good time at the graves, or casual conversation and makeup skills! 🦇☪️

•inclusive community
•self-assignable roles
•lgbt+ friendly
•18+ due to channels with adult content
•channels for ungoth confessions, video games and more!
Server for ghost enthusiasts, hunters, psychics, lovers of stories, pics, videos, evp's - share your own or just come and listen
Conspiracy Theory server.
Conspiracies, Politics, Current Affair's, History, Paranormal, Philosophy, Aliens!
24/7 Text and Voice!
Akrondia could be considered a planet like ours. People live, work, love and die. But some odd day almost a hundred years ago, broke this. Without an explanation, 30% of the population became a magical being on the first day. As strange lights covered the night sky worldwide, more paranormal activity happened, such as changes to sea ice, odd wind phenomenon, and finally, the non-corporal and planer being visible and interactable to all. The source is still being searched for, estimated to be deep in of the oceans, 20 years have been spent to find the source and hopefully stop it. Hopefully, you're here to help.

This is a role play based on a DnD-like, tabletop game called paranormal. Try not to get overwhelmed, if you can.
A conspiracy/paranormal oriented server discussing paranormal sightings, and sharing experiences in obscure places; abandoned mental asylums and such. There is a music bot which can be used in the voice channel to play music of your choice.