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Welcome to the Island of Oakmont post war Island Ruled but the Cardinal Command Battle Front, now you must be wondering how did we get there so let's take a step back and look at the whole picture.

In the year 2020 a war broke out between Japan and China which ended with a peace treaty after the intervening of the United Nation. Both the country suffered a heavy Casualty and the Economy was non existent which gave rise to independent small country ruled by mercenaries. One Such Mercenary Group is CC also know as Cardinal Command Battle Front.

Enjoy you Stay here and watch the story Unfold
Amissa Angelus (Lost Angels) is set in the not too distant future of 2026, in a mysterious private community in another dimension. Their army protects the universe and reality from supernatural threats. People from many worlds have gathered under one roof to combat dangers to the world be it human or alien, robot or demon.
Players can join one of four large factions:
+Amissa Angelus - protagonist faction, dedicated to the protection of reality as it is against threats with abilities beyond what most can understand. Commanders: Duke Mills, [REDACTED], Hiro, Alice Fateburn
+Darkfire Securities LLC. -Antagonist faction, focused on world domination under the rule of their matriarch, Black Alice. Commanders: Van Darkfire, Black Alice.
+FSB Department 5 "Chernaya Zvezda" (The Black Star) - Neutral Faction dedicated to the protection of human supremacy and purity in the Russian Federation, going to extreme measures to achieve their objectives and act in the best interests of the Russian Post-Soviet government. Chairman - Alexei Vahkrushkev
Talon Corporation: A highly advanced private military, currently contracted by Amissa to assist with security and combat. Commander - Adrien Marcuda
Due to the nature of the roleplay, cross-over characters from existing series as well as OCs are allowed.
The roleplay features adult content and themes including sexuality and detailed written violence. Rules are included after joining.
16+ ages only.