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New server! We are currently looking for more users to join our server we offer:

Staff - Available

LAPD - Available

LAFD - Available

LAES - Available

Military personal - Available

Join now to be one of use.
Welcome to Numbers Stations discord server. This server is part of or Numbers Stations Research and Information Server. This server is for discussion of numbers stations and military stations on shortwave and other radio bands. Users are free to post logs, questions and sightings about these stations and help with any radio signal in general. Server also provides any possible help with radio learning, radio receivers and radio history.
In general discussion channel discussions about politics and religion are permitted in civil manner, also about gaming, books, collections and music. People who don’t like these discussions or are distracted by them are free to mute these channels. For this reason, related posts should be kept in these channels alone.
People who make relevant numbers stations and military station recordings and wish to store in our recording database must contact in private message @Zahav Matthew 10-34 to apply making an account. Members who are active enough and have made some noticeable contribution to community can be promoted to staff members with special rights.
Welcome and have a pleasant stay!
Our main site
Our database
Numbers Stations calendar
Serve as a member of the 82nd Airborne Division in a semi-realistic roleplay set in modern day Afghanistan, where bad blood still boils and troops still patrol the streets of major cities.
Welcome to Ghost Recon: Parabellum! We have many new and awesome things on the server that has been never seen before on many other roleplay servers! We are obviously set in the Ghost Recon Universe, in 2021.

-You can play as a Splinter Cell Agent, a CIA Agent, or as your favorite Ghost.

-As many OCs as you want!

-Friendly and hospitable staff!

-Engaging and exciting action!

-Very literate RP!

If you are even remotely interested, go on ahead and join us today! Si vis pacem, para bellum.
We are a community of dedicated history fans, learners, and casual peeps who want to hang around casually and spread their friendliness while doing what they enjoy the most.

Our server provides several history channels covering most periods of documented military and non-military history, from classical antiquity to modern day affairs. If you're not too keen on history, feel free to discuss in our gaming and anime channels.
Black Rose Military Roleplay

The year is 2036, and the world's powers have combined under one banner, for the majority. The Black Rose is an international peacekeeping organisation, which is presented in the form of a standalone military. It has presence in every continent worldwide, and all battles a common foe. What will you do to assist the Black Rose?

Multiple Career Options!
-Air Force
-And more to come, as we develop!

Ranks and Respects!
-A ranking system, that is actively referred to.
-Starting as a recruit, you evolve through your training.
-Each choice you make will reflect upon how your superiors see you.
-Everything that happens, will always be remembered by someone.

Active Development!
-Admins who are constantly overseeing and growing the server as best they can.
-Economy setup for ammunition, MREs, uniform and so on.
-Many channels for each section of the Roleplay.
-Vigilant Admins who wish the best for the server.

So, come and pledge your life and human liberties to the Black Rose now. We will be waiting.

deze server heb ik gemaakt voor mensen die dromen om bij defensie te werken, je kunt hier RP doen en ook verschilende delen van defensie zijn. Het korps waar je bij zit bepaalt wat voor rp je doet

1. Coole bots
2. Gave roles
3. Ranks
3. Memes
4. Gezelige members

Als dit iets voor jou is kun je joinen
The German Empire is a Fascist Monarchy, we create Alliances with other groups, wage war and expand our Empire, we also will operate in Garry's mod, using a mod known as ACF, which allows for tank building and other things.

Will you Join the Kaiserreich and Protect the Fatherland?
A Iraq RP with multiple different factions. We currently have 3 factions, US Army, Taliban, and Civilians. US Army has a more platoon based RP experience. Taliban can blend in with civilians, plant IEDs, suicide bomb, all of that. And Civilians are caught in the middle, being killed by both sides and not knowing what to do.
After previously being a hot zone for conflict, the middle east has only gotten worse, with support from all of Africa, all of America, and all of Europe trying to suppress the terrorism.
ISIS has taken over most of the middle east, but it's now trapped as Egypt will not allow ISIS in at all costs.
A special team comprised from all the nations in the world have been sent in, to destroy them once and for all.
This team? Team Combine. And this, is their story.
This server is for Friends, Family, Spouses, Military Personnel or Veterans. Support group to help one another out and talk about just about anything.
We are an up and coming military based discord server with people who will be going into the service, our main goal is to help people along their journey and to answer any questions people may have about military service. All walks of life are Welcome.
You wake up. The airforce plane you took over just landed, welcome to Vietnam. In this RolePlay you get to choose your branch. Or even which side of the war your on. We are active and adding new locations. We have plenty of options and things to do including.
•custom Vietnam area
•you can be a infantry grunt to a pilot
•events hosted often especially on weekends
We hope you enjoy your stay!
A casual military RP based on the well known game Rainbow six siege. currently looking for staff, will open apps soon.
Lore: Its the year 2020, war seems imminent. Tension is high between NATO and SCO countries with multiple bombing threats from both sides. Team Rainbow has been recruiting a bunch of new operators in preparation for the worst.
Zeta Sci-Fi Roleplay is a open roleplay server with a economy, item store, and ranking system. The server is meant for long-term Roleplay you get rewarded for staying active long-term. We are always open to new ideas.

Lore - Year is 3075 and the human race has expanded to space after using all the remaining resources on earth which is now a plant for the rich.

There are three Major nations that are UNE - United Nations of Earth , TPGU - The People's Galactic Union and last of all TFR - The Free Republic.

You have recently finished training at Outpost MT.727 for the TFR Military and have been shipped off to the X.51 - Glow Tex for further assignments
A Military rp, that takes place in its own world. Times were once peaceful. Everyone was happy, kids were playing in the yards. No one had anything to fear until two countries found a spot in the once beautiful ocean, running with rich oil. These two countries were Republic of Krieg and Republic of Canngo. They have made many threats to each other, and many compromises have been rejected for the exchange of the oil. These two countries have been fighting for years over oil and land. Later on after many bloody battles and life taking wars, Krieg and Canngo are at a stalemate, which stopped the fighting for now. They both are keeping there eyes out for whoever makes a step in anyway, while they also plan to make that very step. It all depends on these two countries, or will one make it out alive or will both parish in flames.

- Active Server
- 24/7 Staff
- U.S. Military System
- Navy and Army Ranks
- Navy and Army Branches
- Special Forces
- Missions
- Training
- Jobs

Make sure you check us out!!
I thought it might be a good idea to get the online USNSCC community together in one place. So I made a discord server. Come hang out and chat about anything Sea Cadets related! Even if you're not a Sea Cadet you are welcome here!
This server is for people who enjoy War Thunder! :D
We have several roles, activities and other things on the server you might enjoy. When we grow bigger we're planning on having tournaments and events ^-^
The Military Archives isn't directly related to any specific military, it's just people who want to talk about most things military, from weapons to vehicles, tech to CBRN equipment and more. We have channels for each subject area as well as other channels for general conversation and bot stuff. We're not overly strict either - just keep it civilised.

All welcome regardless of background or age.

Come buy, sale and talk about Military Surplus and Militaria collectibles with fellow collectors and reenactors. Come join our ranks and preserve the gear, guns and the history of wars past
This server is made for the cadets of America to find and meet other cadets from around America and the 5 branches of the US military. Come talk, play, and meme with other cadets to relate to.
Just join and later you will see what happens next.
Join the Kingdom of Greece! We are a community for Greek and non-Greek nationalists, imperialists, anti-communists and more! We have entertainment, bots, active staff, organized military, police and government! Also open for alliances! Ελλάς Ελλήνων Χριστιανών!
This a Russian Military Server
We have :
Bots Fun
And more stuff!