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A community of dedicated people willing to devote their time and effort into the ranks of the us army. Are you ready to face the russians? Or join them against the raging war between the two global super powers?

---OVER 150+ ROLES---
We are an up and coming military based discord server with people who will be going into the service, our main goal is to help people along their journey and to answer any questions people may have about military service. All walks of life are Welcome.
Military Themed Gaming community. This community is revolved rank structure and community bonding. Staff is needed with knowledge and competence for discord setup. Has full rank structure with auto-roles. Very Military Friendly and oriented.
Hey you! This is your Commander on the net!
Welcome to The Impact Zone soldier! Meet fellow comrades and make life long memories! Let's hang some rounds and watch out for incoming fire!

What we have to offer:

✯Gamer Paradise
✯No Creepers
✯Selfie Section
✯Voice Chats
✯Self-assigned roles
✯Dope bots
& so much more!
Sava Gaming presents! WW3 RP

Text roleplay with custom lore on World War Three. Serious military RP.
-Admins active 24/7
-Military rank system
-No training required
-No bots used for RP (D&D)
-A Different theater of war every month or so
-Naval, air and ground RP
-New server! Looking for admins and experienced players.
-Open to suggestions!

No NSFW and or gore.
Welcome to genesis! We are a WIP server looking for staff roles

(Although this is unneeded)
We have
-income system
-Fun bots
-Outter server chats
-Good staff
-Achivements and worthwhile to rewards!

Here's the lore
In the year 2157 earthlings have colonized most of the galaxy and for their next conquest they discovered an uninhabited planet that they named genesis. This planet was rich in materials and was earth like so of course they couldn't ditch it. But what they had in mind might've changes their mind before hand. After they made their departure from the colony ship. The inhabitants quickly colonized a continent of the planet. By 2165 the planet was fully colonized and to their contrary it was inhabited by strange creatures! But not all of it's history is good. The country of Kersuin declares nuclear war on Corwan. This devastated the land of the war field, including our rp locations. This left the land barren and both economies began to fall. Soon after that two armies arose. One hoping to unite the fallen countries and One striving to rule the land with a iron fist. These two militias are the Regalia and Strom detachment(WW2 reference if you get it). You are in the Regaliain army. Help us. With your qwerty and powers we can defeat the Strom detachment and bring back our mother countries! Together! For we are the Regalia. Planet's saviors, God's weapons.

Another disclaimer is that no. There are no cross country travel as it takes place in a patch of war land. Note also that everything is prone to change. Maybe in the near future I'll make a prequel rp that connects to this one about the Kersuin and Corwan war.

Join the Rebellion against the Khix Coalition of Systems today!

This RP takes place 10 years after earth was taken over by the Khix and used for resource farming. The Humans were able to successfully rebel against the Khix with the help of the brave people who defected from the khix, and push them off the planet.

Its time to strike back against the Khix! Join us in our adventure, and help us destroy this brutal coalition!
A Military rp, that takes place in its own world. Times were once peaceful. Everyone was happy, kids were playing in the yards. No one had anything to fear until two countries found a spot in the once beautiful ocean, running with rich oil. These two countries were Republic of Krieg and Republic of Canngo. They have made many threats to each other, and many compromises have been rejected for the exchange of the oil. These two countries have been fighting for years over oil and land. Later on after many bloody battles and life taking wars, Krieg and Canngo are at a stalemate, which stopped the fighting for now. They both are keeping there eyes out for whoever makes a step in anyway, while they also plan to make that very step. It all depends on these two countries, or will one make it out alive or will both parish in flames.

- Active Server
- 24/7 Staff
- U.S. Military System
- Navy and Army Ranks
- Navy and Army Branches
- Special Forces
- Missions
- Training
- Jobs

Make sure you check us out!!
Hello and welcome to [The New War]WW3 text rp server! We hope you enjoy your stay and thank you for serving in this devastating war, protecting the peace and rights of the people.
What we have to offer!
-Great place to chill and hang with others!
-Friendly staff members willing to listen to your suggestions and help you along your way.
-Bots you can use for casual/entertainment purposes when you arent on the battlefield.
-Much more will be added as we grow.
Lore: From 2019-2034the world was already in chaos. Constant tension and conflict between nations lead many to believe that war was imminent and those people were right... In 2035 Russia who had already taken a part of eastern Ukraine began it's push into the rest of Ukraine. However the remaining part of Ukraine had joined NATO 2 years ago and we all know how military alliances work(for those who dont Ukraine's allies declared war and after this Russia's allies also declared war on NATO). The 3rd World War had now begun. Timeskip 5 years ahead to 2040 which is the present. The war has raged on for 5 years and its evident. Cities destroyed, areas full of dead bodies and the war shows no effort of stopping any time soon, both sides in an apparent stalemate. Who will "win" this war? Will you be one of the few and proud who decided to step up when their country needed them?
Hello, we hope you try out our sever and have some fun (still in progress of making it).
High IQ server, must be over 8000 IQ to join, no brainlets allowed.
This server is a Rp for Grand theft auto 5 for ps4 only. This is a military rp where we will train and go on "raids" (going on servers and killing the shit out of some people). Looking for people serious about the rp. If you want to ask questions. Join the server and ask the owner anything you'd like.
Recruiting for a Military Crew for GTAV on PS4! Infantry, Armored, and Air Firce divisions available! To apply, connect to our discord server and follow the instructions provided.
You wake up. The airforce plane you took over just landed welcome to Vietnam. In this RolePlay you get to choose your branch. Or even which side of the war your on. We are new but active and adding new locations weekly. We have plenty of options and things to do and hope you enjoy your stay!
American Civil War II takes place in an alternate history. The branching point of our history begins on October 26, 2001, when then-President George W. Bush signed into act the Vanguard Act, which essentially gave federal investigative agencies (such as the FBI, NSA, and the DEA) carte blanche when they were combating “terrorists.” Federal agents were given the authority to surveill freely as long as they could claim that the subject of their investigation was suspected of being a terrorist. Officially, terrorists were defined as “a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.” Internally, these agencies were allowed to investigate anyone who could influence the population, including journalists, celebrities, politicians, and ordinary citizens.
Kazakhstan Goverment Was Replaced by Extremists one In A Coup,And it began Supporting And Protecting Various Terrorist Groups Which The World SuperPowers Responded With War.But it seems there is more to it other than 'War on Terror' Because All the Sides Are Equiped With State of the Art Weaponry and their Tactics Seems Like 'Conquering' Instead of Insurgent Suppression.

The Military Archives isn't directly related to any specific military, it's just people who want to talk about most things military, from weapons to vehicles, tech to CBRN equipment and more. We have channels for each subject area as well as other channels for general conversation and bot stuff. We're not overly strict either - just keep it civilised.

All welcome regardless of background or age.

This server is for people who enjoy War Thunder! :D
We have several roles, activities and other things on the server you might enjoy. When we grow bigger we're planning on having tournaments and events ^-^
A new friendly roleplay server set 50 years into the future, a war has started a year ago and all of the countries joined or were conquered by one of the three factions, The Soviet Galactic Empire, The Fourth Reich or The Alliance
In 1892, a secret meeting took place at the heart of the British Government, a meeting designed to combat a threat that was threatening to plunge the British Empire into chaos. At the meeting were two of the greatest men in British history; Prime Minister William Gladstone, and Professor Abraham Van Helsing.

The previous year, Van Helsing and his friends Jonathan Harker, Arthur Holmwood, John Seward and Quincey Morris had pursued the greatest monster in history, the legendary Count Dracula, across Europe, finally laying the vampire to rest in the mountains of Transylvania, a story of such bravery and horror that it was immortalized forever in the pages of Bram Stoker's 'novel.' On their return to London, the survivors swore a pact that they would always be vigilant, that if the threat of the supernatural was again to threaten Britain, they would be ready. From this pact, ASUNDER (Anti Supernatural Department) was born.

-Join this server if you would like to roleplay as a individual part of a secret service during the modern times-
Welcome to Numbers Stations discord server. This server is part of or Numbers Stations Research and Information Server. This server is for discussion of numbers stations and military stations on shortwave and other radio bands. Users are free to post logs, questions and sightings about these stations and help with any radio signal in general. Server also provides any possible help with radio learning, radio receivers and radio history.
In general discussion channel discussions about politics and religion are permitted in civil manner, also about gaming, books, collections and music. People who don’t like these discussions or are distracted by them are free to mute these channels. For this reason, related posts should be kept in these channels alone.
People who make relevant numbers stations and military station recordings and wish to store in our recording database must contact in private message @Zahav Matthew 10-34 to apply making an account. Members who are active enough and have made some noticeable contribution to community can be promoted to staff members with special rights.
Welcome and have a pleasant stay!
Our main site
Our database
Numbers Stations calendar
The year is 2036 AD. California has split from the United States as a secessionist state, as have Texas, the entirety of New England (all states above New York), and interestingly enough Montana. The remains of the USA are in shambles as legion after legion of soldiers are sent out to the secessionist republics in an effort to recapture its hard-earned territory, and as a result several wars have broken out. California and Texas have gained the support of Mexico in the war, a country with hopes of aligning itself with riches in the years following the wars. The remaining USA and Canada have Allied against Montana and New England, however Canada has displayed interests in annexing the new countries for it's own territory. China and Brazil have allied with the US as well.

Setting up a military was relatively easy for the new Californian government. Under president Gordon Kendall, a force consisting of about 200k soldiers have been battling the US armed forces. California and Texas have allied with each other, as have Montana and New England. Within the 10th Californian Division consisting of about 11,000 soldiers, you fight along the border with Nevada and Oregon to secure your territory. Life in the Sierra Nevada mountains along the border and the sweltering deserts of the inland empire along eastern California isn't forgiving, and many soldiers leave their life behind on the battlefield. The USA's forces may only number 700 thousand, a mere shadow of what it once was, but they're not letting up until every one of us dies. Let's kick some ass, soldier.
It’s the year 2203 and the U.S is at it’s dire moment. The rise of the militia is growing higher and higher, we’re in the midst of a civil war and it’s the federation vs the militia. Both sides with it’s pros and cons, join this war zone and choose your side. How bloodthirsty can you get?
The United States Marine Corp has open enlistments!
Get trained, join the Military Police, roleplay! Hiring HRs.
Fairly New.