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Welcome to the Red Army of the Soviet Union!
One of the only USSR servers on Discord that primarily focuses on the Red Army/Military concept! Our server consists of great aspects that will make you enjoy your time in our army.

⚡Over 100 ranks you can earn that were used during the Soviet Union!
⚡Over 50 medals you can earn through inviting people, promotions, economy, quizzes...
⚡Optional quizzes you can take daily that will test you on your knowledge of the USSR!
⚡Active and experienced staff to make sure everyone is being respectful and having a good time!
⚡ Fun events consisting of Activity Wars, Debate nights, competitions, and more!
⚡A very organized “Economy” setup where you can earn money to buy over 100 items!
⚡Question Of The Day (QOTD), Daily Polls, where you can debate and discuss various topics!
⚡Special ranks and restricted events only available to those who boost our server!
⚡Partnerships available to anyone with a server of 50 members or more!
⚠️ We are also on Level 3 Nitro!
We expand our servers’ activities everyday so that all of our members can enjoy their time here. We allow members to submit suggestions to help us come up with ideas to better improve our server! Come and fight for the Soviet Union. We hope to meet you soon, comrades.
ВС Советского Союза is a server dedicated to everything (well, mainly Soviet and Russian) military, from fighter jets to aircraft carriers to tank and submarines as well as much more. We also do some gaming on games such as War Thunder and World of Tanks.

Enlist today!
The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is a socialist government based server, where you can have fun in the community, talk with others, and even rise up the ranks easily. Come join us today!
Welcome to the Communist Party,
-Fun Bots
-Friendly Community
-Ranking system
-Weekly Events
-Active Chat
Hope to see you there!
This Community is the Soviet Union of the AFA.
This server is based on History, Military ranks, quality time with comrades and support.

we also try to make discord a better place...
aso there is many discord servers stealing this server's name, so if you are the owner of who stole my server's name, kiss my a**
a server thats semi-rp in denmark in an alternate universe where russia (ussr) over took the world
The Hot Lads Soviet Socialist Republic, shortened to HSSR, is a micronation and gaming server based in Europe.

Here you can play games with us, discuss politics, share memes etc.
Здравия Товарищ! Представляю тебе РП сервер дискорд - СССР, данный сервер является альтернативой. Пока что сервер находиться в Разработке и нуждается в Активе, надеюсь с Твоей помощью у нас всё получиться!
Welcome to the Belarusian Partisans also known as The Belorusskiye Partizany, a Group from the WW2 Roblox Game Eastern Front. We are an active group with open roles to those who wish to rise up the ranks fast. Please enjoy your stay!
Hi I'm the leader of this sever this sever has memes,some nsfw music, some history, roles, bots, a community, a streamer, and a welcoming owner me
Hello, Comrade. Glad you came along! Join the Iron Curtain today. We are in need of personnel.

Glory! ☭
Welcome fellow Comrades to Our Server! We are a chill meme server looking for fellow slavs. So join the Soviet family and support the motherland beside your Soviet brothers.
Welcome To German Democratic Republic!

We are A military Server
We are accepting everyone!
Server Ideology: Socialism

We can be newbie but no worries if you join we get bigger and better

Join Us, now.
The Soviet Union, officially known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was a federal sovereign state in northern Eurasia. Nominally a union of multiple national Soviet republics, in practice its government and economy were highly centralized. The country was a one-party state, governed by the Communist Party.

Roblox group:
Hello comrades!

I am Premier Malenkov. I own this server. We have a Military, Work Force, and much more! Join us, we need you!
We have invite competitions and a wall for invitation competition winners. Take a look, Comrades! It is great!
Hello comrade! You are tired farming potatoes and being sent to gulag? WELL THEN YOU ARE A WESTERN SPY. But if you think you are a real comrade not like these WESTERN cykas welcome to The Slaviet Union !

We offer
- Communism (of course)
- Lots of Bots and Entertainment!
- Nice Administration
- Over 30 Self Roles!
- XP Level system
- And just nice people to chat with!

Join now to be a part of our Slaviet MOTHERLAND!
This is a server where u can chill or participate in EPICO battles. Be active so you can gain levels and earn ranks starting with Private, Efreitor, Junior Sergeant, and so on. 👍☭
A Cold War Soviet Union RP server. Choose to either be in the Red Army or the KGB and alter the path of the war. That's... All I've got for a description at the moment ( =