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Hello, we are X-Plane Development Pro!
We are a new scenery and livery making dev team that create payware quality freeware. Our current project is Southampton Airport (EGHI) and we should be looking to finish this within the next month! We will also be looking for new developers that are ready to get hands on with projects. If you are interested to become a dev, please contact @Joelymole in the server and he will pass you over a link to fill out a short form about your skills with developing! We openly accept requests for airport scenery and liveries, but please note, we will not be accepting major airports or complex liveries at this stage as we are still getting to grips with developing.

We also are happy to partner with other developing servers to create a large community between us all
Thanks, the Dev Team - XPDP
VET-DETTA is a Realism FPS Server.

- Custom Server Hosting
- Tech Support
- Friendly Community
- ARMA / DAYZ Clans
Join us to see the progress of ME-OS, an operating system simulation game with many fun games and utilities inside! By joining this server, you can help decide important features in the game, give suggestions and feedback, and have fun with others!
We are a community who want to have competitive racing and general discussions about Assetto Corsa Competizione for Xbox One.
We are trying to put together a 60 driver league ( 3 lobbies tailored to your skill level ) when private lobbies are supported on Assetto Corsa Competizione.
Shattered Liberty!

A horrible tragedy (details undetermined) has left the human race in shambles. All across old America kingdoms and nations have risen in a world without access to electricity and gunpowder. In New England an American successor state makes it's attempt, in the Great Plains hordes of post apocalyptic Native Americans ravage those who they share borders with, in old Texas a republic has risen and fights to build a new future North of the Rio Grande! These along with many other unique factions now fight for dominance among the ruins of the old world.

Join today to make your own faction!
Welcome to Wuh- I mean Worldwide Basketball League where we will serve all your 2k20 needs when you don’t want to play MyCareer!

So please come join us at Worldwide Basketball League to watch your player grow into either a total disaster or maybe even rival white MJ himself!
Bienvenue dans l’antre des turpitudes de la démocratie et des rouages du débat politique... j’ai nommé Politica.
Politica, c’est un serveur de débat politique fondé sur des critères de bienveillance et de respect mutuel de chacun. Mais surtout, c’est un serveur démocratique axé sur un système politique inédit, mêlant démocratie directe, éléments français, anglais américains et grecs anciens. Une myriade d’influences pour vous offrir une large gamme de postes variés. Serez vous président, sénateur, archonte ou un simple ecclésiaste déterminé à faire valoir vos idéaux au sein de cette grande ruche qu’est le monde de la politique ?
Alors, passionnés d’actualité, de politique, de débat ou simples curieux et amateurs d’expérience originales, Politica n’attend que vous ;’).
Virtual rada is Ukrainian parliament simulation. You can fight corruption together with Zelensky, move Ukraine closer to Europe inside Soulidarity, join Opposition Platform to stop the war, and even more! Don't worry if you know little about Ukrainian politics, everyone's welcome here! Join!
Why hello there! Global Sim is a semi-historical geopolitical roleplay where you can play as sovereign nations or puppet states. We are currently on the 6th iteration of GS, starting on the 1st of January 1936. Will you join the Allies and defend Liberty and Democracy? The Axis, and assert your dominance over the World? Or a whole nother faction, and become a player in the world stage? We hope to have you here soon!
A US government simulation.
- Start as a US representative.
- Play as republican, democrat or independent.
- Regular elections.
- Run for higher positions such as speaker, senator or president.
- Participate in debates.
- Vote on legislation.
- Join the president's cabinet.

New features get added as time goes by and more members join. We are looking forward to having you on our server!
Welcome to the Vanilla Hotel & Resort Discord Server! We're a chill, new hotel in which is pretty chill and would love if new members could join. Moderators and admins needed!
*.-.Hi! My name is is Luka! Welcome to group Animal Crossing : Pocket Camp!
In this group we do a lot of stuff:
1. Play together.
2. Have fun.
3. Do Design Contest in Animal Crossing : New Leaf.
4. Share some memes, haha!
5. Always nice to anyone!
6. Listen to music!
7. Share some stuff. ( Like a Animal Crossing Amiibo or any merch like a Nendoroid of Isabelle. )
8. Play ROBLOX!
*.-. We would like to see that you have fun and enjoy our server!.-.* - Bear Tomo (HoneyBeeLuke)
Discord Nations is a role-play/simulation server where you take up the role of the leader of a country and run it to rise to the forefront of the world. Run the economy, military, and political events while interacting with other players. Create alliances and strategize your supremacy at the forefront of your nation.
US Politics Simulation
:star: Start off as a City Councilman!
:star: Run for state house, US House, Senate,Governor, and President!
:star: Campaign during election season!
:star: Debate smart people
:star: Write and vote on legislation
:star: Play games
:star: Share memes
:star: Meet good people
Welcome to United States 1940!
This United States Government Simulation will start in January 1940. In this server, you can:

-Roleplay realistically
-Experience the 1940s
-Serve in Government
-Become a politician
-And so much more!

Join today!
This server is based around the game Snowrunner an off-roading game for xbox, ps4 and PC. This game is amazing and my server is full of helpful tips and friendly people, my server is looking for staff and new members. Also when we hit 50 members i will be doing a nitro giveaway for people in the server so invite you friends to win some free nitro!
Dies ist ein Bundeswehr Discord Server bei dem es um unsere Roblox Spiel geht. Wir freuen uns auch über Support oder vielleicht ja sogar einen Daumen hoch bei unserem Roblox Spiel
Salut, a tous tu est Français et tu aime Farming et le Rp !!
Alors ne cherche plus , rejoins nous dans notre aventures.
Nous sommes un Petit serveur avec des joueur régulier .
La partie est ouvert casi 24/24 .

Si ça intéresse ton ticket :
A tout de suite .

PS: Nous sommes sur PC
- 🎮 Full of MINIGAMES!
- 🎶 24/7 RADIO!

Welcome to the discord of Vlambulance!

I play a huge variety of games of Strategy, SIM & City Building Games like Banished, Two Point Hospital, Crossroads inn, Ostriv, and a bunch more!

After every series i will (If possible) give you a tour of what i created and give it a score /10 if it is worth buying and at what price i would buy it!

I made this so that members of my fanbase can network with each other and find like-minded individuals to befriend.
Definitely give this page a quick look through just so that you can make the most of your time while you're on this server!
Join our BitLife App Community (BAC) Discord server! Another place to chat with other Bitizens. We have bots that will allow you to adopt/disown your pet, drink at Bar Taps, play in the casino, lottery, get married or divorced, make friends, post challenges, events, and more!

BitLife iOS and Android updates:

BAC Facebook Group: