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Political server discussing all various types of world issues and events, past and present. Our member ranges from the centrist to the radicals! Join to rethink your world views and be exposed to all different kinds of ideologies. This server is not recommended for the feint of heart. Genocide denial and conversations like it are common. More or likely you will get offended, and verbally abused.
Не хочешь ли ты, сударь, принять участие в глобальном РП? Каналы каждому по вкусу, политика, игры и информация об их раздаче в Steam и EGS. Наличие нескольких ботов, в том числе и экономических, обсуждение глобальных проблем и даже хентай. Присутствуют принципы демократичности в нашем небольшом государстве.Мы настаиваем на посещении наших владений в формате тур-поездки, в результате которой Вам представятся возможности отдыха, развлечений и ознакомления с нашим сервером. Buona fortuna!
The reich that never fall
The rise that never fall
The leadership that very wack
We unite as one for the Cyberism
For the Cyber United
→→Привет дорогой друг←←
Хотим пригласить тебя на наш сервер: Рейхс-комиссариат Италия.
В данной рп вселенной Италия являеться Вассалом 3 рейха. На данный момент, она нуждается в людях.
Наша цель: Набрать 100 участников и создать более менее рп государство, где основной упор уходит на внутреннию политику и дипломатию, чем на бессмысленное разведение войны и расширения своих границ.
Welcome to Library Politics!! This a political server of lightly political discussion and easy going chat be sure to follow the rules!!
Dies ist ein Politischer Server für politisch interessierte Jugendliche in Österreich.
Der Server ist da zum Diskutieren oder einfach zum Reden.
Der Server wurde von Jugendlichen für Jugendliche gemacht!
русскоязычный сервер для политического рп.
ждём всех
Добро пожаловать всем, интересующихся политикой и философией. Здесь ваше мнение будет услышано, рассмотрено и деконструировано.
The palace of the caliph

Welcome to the palace of the caliph! This is a place where you can find players with whom to discuss everything and almost anything! This server's primary goal is to educate any open minded person about what others believe.
Our Features:
•video games
•movies and more.....
Moreover, we have a team that listens to everyone's issues and will give advises for any person who seeks help. I hope to see many of you come to this server to make it grow and work together!
A fun and accepting place to discuss and debate current political issues and differing opinions!
Ahoj! 😀
Tohle je Andrej Babiš Gang server. Jsme chill server se SFW a friendly komunitou. 😘
🤠 Na našem serveru nabízíme:
1. 😎Přes 40 super babiš emotes!😎
2. 😍Super channely!😍
3. 🎲Zábavné eventy!🎲
4. 🤖Přes 10 skvělých botů!🤖
A další. Těšíme se na vás, na našem Babiš serveru. 😀

this is lax discord server free speech server but you attack people character and slander them but there social consequences what you say and if you attack people character slander them you will go to gay furry chat but you must be civil you can agree or disagree we won't ban you but we will torture with cringe and anyone you until you learn your lesson it were draconian were you would be punish for something stupid we have legit reason for example randomly calling some pedo or natzi dog struggle snugger Stalinist because i or some agree or disagree with you insult are OK but don't attack some one character just have fun with political discussion don't get nasty or threaten some one life please just don't enjoy your god given right be civil
Server Discord Ufficiale, del Fronte Nazional Sovranista.
Si Dialoga su argomenti di carattere Politico, Economico, e su tematiche di Attualità!

#FNS #SonoLiberoDiPensare
Hey everyone!
Do you are interested to politic or to political roleplay? Then you have to visit our server:

International Politics

On this awesome server you can be a part of the government or become the president of YOUR country - Why not?

Your country, your decision!

Your can trade and make friends around the globe or fight for a autocracy. Start a new World War, make important country groups and make your state great again ^^and other cool things you can do. But you also have to manage your treasury, defense, reputation etc.

》Become the president of your country 🤵
》Manage your country 🔧
》Conquer new territories ⚔️
》Make enemies or friends 🕺
》fantastic shop system 💰
》Many events 🎉
》Make your own story 📝

♦️ Join the server now, to be a part of this exciting rp story ♦️

Servidor focado em discussões políticas de distintas ideológias/ideais/doutrinas. Não somos uma panela, então não repare em um número pequeno de membros.
Pedimos para que leiam as regras para que não sofram punições futuras.
Deutscher politischer Server, demokratisch, aber jede Meinung wird toleriert. Ihr haftet für eure Inhalte!
This is an growing fun nationrp server where you can create an great nation (as long as it isn’t too big) and rp as it! So why not give it an try and join today
Welcome to Politinations!
Here we combine politics and roleplay together to bring to you the most enjoyable country roleplay experience. Whether you want to try out new government structures, fight epic battles, or work together with other nations, this server is always there for you!

Note: We don't have lots of people as of right now, but that means the desirable countries are still open! Join now!
Welcome to 2019 World domination! A new nation roleplay based on our days! Be the leader of your country, attack enemies and conquer the world!