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We're just a small group of generation z anarchists who just vibe a bunch. Really nothing special going on here.
Howdy folks, welcome to a server where no one is treated better than anyone else, a platform of free speech! Our staff team can keep eveything under control like a cowboy in a stampede, and folks make sure you follow all the rules so we don't get into trouble with the law (discord)!
As stated, this is a server for all the leftist furries out there!

We strive to be a welcoming and safe environment for lgbt+ and other marginalized people

Hidden within the Mystic Forest,far from any human eye, is a vast sprawling home to many creatures. It is a place full of magic and mystery. You are one such creature and you can explore the secrets of the forest, fight invaders, or simply lead a peaceable life. There is no wrong way to live, the Mystic Forest has a place for everyone.
Ⓐ International Leftists ☭

We are a growing community that want to unite any type of leftist and we accept all the leftist ideologies. (Social Democrats included)

Many channels for all the type of subjects and debates

Fair moderating who listen to the community and many decisions are taken by voting

Events and activities include games, quizzes and community disco.

Heavily against any type of racism, sexism, homophobia.

Roles for most leftist ideologies.
This server seeks to unify left-libertarians. Mutualists, syndacalists, communists, and socialists are all welcome. We are all against unjust hierarchies and the government. No right wingers or statists are allowed.

We are usually very funny and chill. We post memes while also staying mature in channels designated for that. We allow anyone who is against the government while maintaining socialist or communist beleifs. There are no tankies, chuds, or liberals welcome.
United Anarchism is a server for anarchists of all types to get together and discuss ideas, network, debate, share literature, or just chat. We look to build a light-hearted and friendly environment, for all types of anarchists.

Non anarchists/left libertarians are also welcome, but are asked to remain respectful.
A server built on discussing political ideology from all sides (respectfully) with a theme of socialism. We host debates, have daily polls, and overall just have fun with each other and are looking to expand. We're open to all political ideologies, with the exception of nazis and fascists. The more people that join, the more active it is - that's the goal 👍
Welcome to our anarcho-pacifist server ^.^

If you're looking to make the world a better place politically, then you've come to the right place!

We believe in peaceful and creative solutions for today's politically complex and unjust world. Come here to learn, help us think and find people like you ^.^

Please be nice to everyone and don't attack people with different points of view, this is the basis of society after all. Pretend like the server is your commune.
We're a friendly left leaning community server with an active voice chat! The server is a safe space for LGBTQ+ and minority communities, and the vibes are good all around!
a server where Anti-Civilization Anarchists, Anprims, and Environmentalists and Transhumanists, Futurists, and Techno-Fascist come together to debate and shit on each other
Socialism 101 is an educational socialist hangout server, focused primarily on educating already left-wing people, whether they be Marxist or Anarchist.

Socialism 101 also welcomes any non-left winger, as long as they are willing to learn and discuss their beliefs in good faith.
This server is a place for discussion on the left, free of contradicting conservative views. Anyone on the left, socially or economically can join.

The server is LGBTQ friendly, so don't join if you can't handle that.

This server is aimed at general political discussion, and the creation of leftist memes. We will also be doing activism and promoting leftist ideas online.

No bigots are allowed to join.
A nice little community for anyone who's a centrist or a leftist to hang out and talk. We are a multilingual community, primarily English and Spanish.

Do not join if you are right of center please.
Hiiii c: This server is for World News, Discussions, debate, and also memes. Not much Else to it, :)

We've got
- lil crunchy guys
- big lads
- self assignable roles
- ducks with knives
- like 8 raccoons

A server for anarchists of the post-left/post-structuralist/nihilist/anti-civ variety and related philosophical/political outlooks. Those looking to learn about these tendencies are also welcome but please make it clear!

We primarily provide a community with discussions related to the aforementioned and resources for further learning.

The reading group is currently exploring The Technological Society by Jacques Ellul.
AnarchoChat is an anarchist and anti-statist left-oriented server, dedicated to building a place for anarchists and other left-libertarians to discuss theory and praxis, chat with one another, and generally just hang out. We're also dedicated to establishing a system of direct democracy within the decision making process of the server, seeking to implement the ideas of anarchism within the organization of the server itself so that all may have a say in the way it is run.

We do not allow people of authoritarian or right-wing ideology, and liberals and social democrats will have only limited access. If you're an anarchist or otherwise anti-statist left, then we'd love to have you!
The year is 2025. With the devastating pandemic in 2020, people completely lost faith in the establishment. They armed themselves, raided the capitol, and overthrew the government. Now, five years later, there are no states, there are no cities. Instead, there are anarchist communities where people work, eat, live, fall in love, and eventually die. There has been no attempt to go back to a republic. People seem to like living close to each other and working for each other. There is no currency, people simply trade for goods. Everyone gets housing, healthcare, and basic needs such as food, water and clothes, entirely for free with no strings attached. For special items like gaming consoles, chocolate, etc, people have to trade items. Most join unions of people that have the same interests/specialised skills, a few become moderators who help keep the order at Community meetings where all the unions get together to discuss several issues such as resources, trading with other communities, etc. This particular anarchist community has the misfortune of being located right next to a Hoppean commune, Stormfront, an ethnostate full of anarcho-capitalists and crawling with nazis. Both communities don't trade resources and they have remained peaceful... for now. Welcome to the new world order. Be kind, be useful, and most importantly, hold others accountable.
Welcome to Leftist Anarchy! This server is a place for left-wing anarchists to discuss their views and hang out. We have self-assignable roles, NSFW channels, music channels, venting, and more!