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Leftist Bunker is a server for all leftists. Communists, socialists, anarchists are all welcome. We also have debates.
A server for Left Wing, Revolutionary, Radical, whatever your term is for those interested in or advocating a restructuring of society that's unique and distinct from Liberalism, Conservatism, Nationalism, and the like. While politics is the overall theme, feel free to socialize and hang out.

Other ideologies are allowed, but will not be given the same leeway. Fascism will get you kicked.
A server built on discussing political ideology from all sides (respectfully) with a theme of socialism. We host debates, have daily polls, and overall just have fun with each other and are looking to expand. We're open to all political ideologies, with the exception of nazis and fascists. The more people that join, the more active it is - that's the goal 👍
A server for Anarcho_Feminist (politigram) and any general anarchists! Just a chill place to hang out and such. We have lots of roles and server events, as well as a couple of debate channels.
Radical individualist discussion and debate for vagabond, negating minds. Egoists, Anarchists, Satanists, Punk Rockers, Nihilists, Sadists, and every other selfish lover of life, willful self-creator, and nameless iconoclast is welcome to participate in my project
This server is for leftists to engage in political, economic, historical, and philosophical debates and discussions. I welcome anyone of any ideology and am tolerant of everyone, but being a leftist would help.
It's not the right hole, but it's not the wrong hole. Just a small leftist community that you can chill at. Trying to keep things relaxed mostly.
this server serves two purposes.

1 a place to chill and have fun

2. to discuss the ideas within and contribute to a server library containing ideologies that lean left and lean libertarian also known as left libertarian / libertarian socialism / anarchist

So as long as you can act respectfully towards others, Your welcome here!
A server for politics and memes mainly, run by Communists. There are few rules on this server, other than obvious ones. Basically anyone can join.
Do you think someone should be sovereign over themselves? Do you think what I do with myself is more important than what a king or mob says? than you might be an Individualist!
that is all I have to say
Every Saturday there will be debate night.
All ideologies are welcome but trolls and raiders and not.
also one more thing. Free speech is welcome but nothing that violates TOS BC we're still abiding to others rules.
A secure and safe environment for Leftists of all variety, allowing for open and free political discourse and debates. Moderated by our professional staff team, we pride ourselves on our pro-solidarity policies. Lefty-Central currently caters for centre-left to far-left members, whilst also offering places within our community to (left-leaning) centrists and those new to politics.

With our pro-LGBTQ and solidarity policies, Lefty-Central caters for, and openly supports marginalized communities. The community also offers free and accessible leftist literature and resources.

We have recently re-vamped and re-themed the server after two years of sticking with the same one.
A leftist political/music/gaming server for anarchists, anarchism leaning individuals and other leftists.
Welcome to Left Gaming! We are a new, small server dedicated to gaming and left-wing politics. We welcome all lefties here!
Gaiaism is a far-left libertarian socialist political and social philosophy and anarchist school of thought which advocates the abolition of the state, capitalism, and centralized government in favor of common ownership over the means of production, direct democracy, and stateless societies/communes loosely connected via confederation. It also advocates for the abolition of gender roles and the concept of race. It could be considered a sub-ideology of Anarcho-Communism.
MarxU is a grassroots community for leftist solidarity, education and progress. Growing with time!
We are a leftist based community dedicated to discussing and debating world issues! We hold daily polls and host a huge online library! Currently at 420+ members!
A server free from any rules and accepting of all hyperindividualists and post-leftists. Tankies, rightists, and other spooks are not allowed!
A post-left anarchy server. Home to anti-civvies and accelerationists, post-anarchists and post-situationists, egoists and queer insurrectionaries. Join us if you hate all cops or want to learn to. Don't be shy—we're laid back and friendly, promise
Active and link is working again.

Mythology, AnarchoIndividualism, Anarchoprimitivism, Conspiracy, Health, Free-Speech. Not another left-leaning 'anarcho-communist' server.

Reasonable, but strongly anti-authoritarian moderation.
Political server open to all perspectives with strong rules for quality discussion. We focus on being humble. Do not come just to teach but also to learn
A server for Anarchists of all types to hang out and discuss beautiful, beautiful bread theory