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this is a place for people who feel slavs inside, for talking and planning how to make the best thing happened in history, the USSR be great again Leftist server to hang out and talk about capitalism, socialism, anarchism, etc. Also love to joke around and have a bit of fun. Oriented towards communism.
Leftist Bunker is a server for all leftists. Communists, socialists, anarchists are all welcome. We also have debates.
Welcome to the Anime Communist Party! Speak to fellow comrades about Anime, memes, games, or just how we are all starving!
A political community for all ideologies and tendencies to talk, meme, play games, hangout, meet some dope people and everything in between. Anime is protected here.
Hello, we are The Lasting Dawn ☭, we accept furrys and Bronys, lots of 4chan and LOTS of Communism. edgy humor and slurs are allowed. argue and rant all you want just remember not to make it last for a hour. Enjoy your stay!
Although the server may seem to be Russian, according to all the translated names, it is actually a normal English Discord Server. Anyways, welcome to the amazing land of the communist empire! Here we have fun, gaming, friendships, memes, and much more! We are always trying to improve the server so any feedback is OKAY when you join at any time OwO
Fun casual server including role play and gaming, where all members are welcomed and respected. Administrative justice is present even though rules aren't strict.8 different bots, over 30 text channels and 12 voice channels for your utilization, and a section where individuals can request their own room with their loved one(s).
Hello! We are a community made of beautiful comrades! We have memes and stuff!
Join this Communist Hangout place, this is just for jokes, you don't need to be communist, just don't cause trouble or be annoying.
This is a community group which is related to game development, Coding and other computer projects. This is also a community together defending the name of a nation of KNL. Our community has a loyal leadership and a loyal section of people. Beautiful community were you can make friends with and you're welcomed!

A group with allied friends and a group willing to open and expand to other communities while holding the roleplay-nation element.

You can mess around with bots and have fun with friends. You can even apply to become a military member and help defending the group.

It is a mix of gaming and pride. We're also related to a roblox-orientated community. We have a group in roblox and we make games there. We host events together and have fun and even do partnership events with other groups. There is so much to see! this community has a valuable history and it will always be secured within the true loyal people of the great KNL union.
A relaxed community server with a communist theme, come on over and check it out!
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in the soviet union but on a discord server? not really but we have jokes about communism and more and meet like minded epic gamers.
This is a small "communist/debating(?)/anime server!
We are looking for nice new members, that are like-minded people.
We hardly have rules, but please follow discord ToS
This is a communistic server, read the rules or be sent to gulag western spys stay starved Tovarishs.
|| Remade from a server by Koopa#6584 that he deleted in a temper tantrum||

Welcome to Strife in Solaris, a science fiction-themed RP server!

The year is 2332. Earth has been all but destroyed—the great catastrophe of the 21st century burned it nearly to a crisp, leaving the planet a sandy wasteland still humming with pockets of radiation and prowled by deformed mutants and bloodthirsty raiders. Luckily, most of the population was evacuated in time by the world superpower, the Dominion of Atlas. Now, humanity lives scattered about the solar system in colonies, space stations, and ships.

Many other moons and planetoids are still being colonized, new factions forming and falling almost constantly as humanity establishes a new home in the stars. Welcome to the constant conflict over space—welcome to Strife in Solaris
This is Greece.Yugoslavian State controlled by yugoslavian generals.We are a nation.And we are looking for greeks,former yugoslavians to join.Come in and have fun
we talk about stuff a lot and racing too.
Welcome to the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
we are a nation based server
We are new and active server trying to reach the top.
We Hold Political Discussions and meetings with other nations
Come in and have fun
We talk about communism
And we have gathered people from all former yugoslav states.All on peaceful terms including albanians
Albanians and Kosovarians are much welcome.
come and join, the rules are lax so you can just chill and have some fun. We are chill if you are chill.
The Motherland is a pro-communist and dank meme Discord server dedicated to the art of raiding. Join the Revolution!