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Have you always wanted to be in a chill server filled with friendly members, dank memes and multiple genres of porn? Well, look no further! Two Forks Hotel has all that and more!
We have casual stuff to do here like play board games or UNO, or maybe have a debate about something dumb or maybe show off your art!
We also have much more darker stuff like dank memes, dark humour and multiple text channels filled with user submitted porn such as furry porn, hentai and anime porn as well as normal porn!
Imagine all that in one delightful server! So come and join Two Forks Hotel, you'll love it here!
The Empire is a server that mostly focuses on Nintendo and a bit of other games as well. Can't forget about the memes, that's why there is another name for this server "Hell".
We also believe in communism
We also have other channels like a anime/manga, art, NSFW channel and more.

If you consider joining this memey communist hell
All are welcome we are open to most ideologies active Voice & Text Channels - Religion and Philosophy also featuring Darth Dawkins in voice chat.
Welcome to the Anime Communist Party! Speak to fellow comrades about Anime, memes, games, or just how we are all starving!
welcome to the minecraft church of christ.
this is a server where we can spread the word of god. ree

1. Fortnite in any shape or form is forbidden. (Unless its a meme ;))
2. Follow the Standard rules.
-These rules Include:
-No 18+ In any way, shape, or form.
-No Roleplay.
-No harmful websites, IP grabbers, or anything of the sort.
-Do not send personal information about anyone without their consent.
3. Extra Rules
-These Rules Include:
-You must be straighter than that pole to be a part of this church. (Contributed by Archbishop BlueMoon)
-No Furries. (Contributed by Cardinal Asian Hoe - Serena)
-No Roleplaying

join us now. we have roblox memes
Welcome to the Soviet Union!

We have: Communism (Joke)

English And Russian chat

Self Assigning Roles

And much more to come!

Join the Soviet Union today, comrade
Just a server for Marxists, neo-Marxists, radical/materialist feminists, et cetera. Nonbinary-friendly and trans-friendly.
Welcome to the popes server, where you can go and enjoy chat without those nasty furries, feminists, bronies, flat earthers and othee sick mebers of humanity
Welcome to my gulag, where you can shitpost and say whatever you want without those gayass mods, and enjoy a clean chat without worrying about those nasty furries, LGBT people, bronies, feminist, flat earthers, pedos, weebs, fornite virgins, etc.. So come and have fun for the motherland! (Gamers are ACCEPTED)
Yes, you can actually buy and sell slaves in this historic server!
One of many servers descended from Anime Esports Gaming. We also accept any communists or socialists. Strictly no neoliberals/right-wing nutters.
Welcome all!
Join to debate
Join to hate
Join to chat about the capitalist fall
We have it all
Everyone is welcome to openly debate, chat, make friends, share music, games, and interest, learn, and more in Communism.
A fun place to hang out!

Warning: NSFW Channels are in this server
A cozy server with memes and s*itposts alike. Don’t let the name fool you, all people of all political ideologies are allowed here.
We are a far left server, we like to mock and make fun of incels, neckbeards and the alt right.
Priviet Comrade!
Looking for some fellow comrades to play CS:GO with?
Or maybe for some Anime fans?
This Server has Room for everyone! (as long as you are a communist of course)
If you don't join your a capitalist.

please dont ask why we made this, we were bored
Welcome To Yuri's house, this server is just a fun little server where you can semi roleplay inside it! its also just a server where you can chat with your friends and such. Join Today!
A Communist memer discord server made for fun and gathering others together, Join and enjoy us. Long Live The Motherland!
Join the server to get unfunny memes