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Welcome to the Anime Communist Party! Speak to fellow comrades about Anime, memes, games, or just how we are all starving!
We have a great community lots of fun and eat a lot we also fucking love communism because Shrek is the almighty god also lasagna ok besides that we would enjoy if you came to our amazing community
X-Community (XC) is a tech community and social movement working on using technology to fix major problems in our society.
Our primary goal is to create a new tech based, egalitarian society based on the ideologies of Communalism, Libretarian Socialism and Technostism.
A political community for all ideologies and tendencies to talk, meme, play games, hangout, meet some dope people and everything in between. Anime is protected here.
Fun casual server including role play and gaming, where all members are welcomed and respected. Administrative justice is present even though rules aren't strict.8 different bots, over 30 text channels and 12 voice channels for your utilization, and a section where individuals can request their own room with their loved one(s).
Don't know anything about communism? Know a lot about it and wanna teach others? Somewhere in between? Regardless, this server is for you!
A Server for Thai(s) who want to improve English-speaking-skill, talk about interesting stuffs such as arts, books, anime, etc. Welcome all nice people!
Welcome to the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
we are a nation based server
We are new and active server trying to reach the top.
We Hold Political Discussions and meetings with other nations
Come in and have fun
We talk about communism
And we have gathered people from all former yugoslav states.All on peaceful terms including albanians
Albanians and Kosovarians are much welcome.
Have you always wanted to be in a chill server filled with friendly members, dank memes and multiple genres of porn? Well, look no further! Two Forks Hotel has all that and more!
We have casual stuff to do here like play board games or UNO, or maybe have a debate about something dumb or maybe show off your art!
We also have much more darker stuff like dank memes, dark humour and multiple text channels filled with user submitted porn such as furry porn, hentai and anime porn as well as normal porn!
Imagine all that in one delightful server! So come and join Two Forks Hotel, you'll love it here!
We were raided on 12/22/2018 we are looking to rebuild make friends and grow as a community.

Please help us get back to what we where, a massive thriving community.
We are a community built on accepting everyone no matter belief or race. All are welcome to come and debate or chill and talk
Leftist Bunker is a server for all leftists. Communists, socialists, anarchists are all welcome. We also have debates.
This is the socialist state of Yeetbekastan and is apart of the Yssr and is a glory state too be in and has many things to do
This is the socialist state of Yeetonia and was fought for long and hard and has a cool and interesting history and has much to do so join and help the state grow
This is a communistic server, read the rules or be sent to gulag western spys stay starved Tovarishs.
Welcome all!
Join to debate
Join to hate
Join to chat about the capitalist fall
We have it all
Everyone is welcome to openly debate, chat, make friends, share music, games, and interest, learn, and more in Communism.
A great server with a vast community we’re still in the first stages of the server so it’s a little weird. Come on in anyone is allowed!SOYUZ NERUSHIMI RESPUBLIK SVOBODNYK
Join the YouTube revolution as we continue to grow for time to come!
Knights of Noobland. (KNL) (C). (Or Knights or herobrug) Is a community group. A roblox nation group were noobs can hangout. This group is one of the most powerful, with a roblox group, a active community and has loads of allies as well.

Attend gear battles , events , etc... Salute to the great union! Knights of Noobland!
We are just now starting out and need strong labors. Please feel free to join. We except anyone, everyone is equal under communism
Greetings from all zones. Welcome to the People's Socialist Republic of Albania, a nation-based server.
We welcome all into our ranks. Well, most people. No revisionists allowed!
We do have weekly events, political discussion, extreme memes and the like, as well as many a-bunker. Come on down and join us!
so basically we have level ups, we primarily use disboard to give us members.
Newcomers are always welcome in this server,,memes,life,other people,anything you want to talk about you can do it in this server.Our rules are not strict and they are pretty simple.