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Communism is a Discord Server dedicated to communism, socialism, anarchism, anti-capitalism, the far-left & the study of the theory & practice of Marxism.
A server for politics and memes mainly, run by Communists. There are few rules on this server, other than obvious ones. Basically anyone can join.
Are you addicted to anime so much that you wanna become them? Are you such a pathetic loser who can’t get any friends because you have the cancer that is weebism? Are you such a failure in life that you desperately rely on other people aka communism? Lol you’re on Discord of course you are. Say hello to the Anime Communist Reject Headquarters. Pretend to be your favorite anime character (or make up your own) and come talk to the other lonely weebs here. Embrace communism with vodka and weaponry. Who needs food when everyone has tanks? We got some bots that you can play with as well if you're into them (I'm warning you, don't talk to Miki or I'll fecking kill you). I’m the owner, Urgei, and I’m a totally real oncologist (that means cancer doctor). I got my PHD (Pretty Huge Dic) that I totally didn’t steal off the black market, so I’m trustworthy, right? I’ve only killed like 6 patients this year (might be 7, Idk if that one girl survived) but I think you’ll be fine. I’ll always be open to any suggestions, so enjoy our stupidity I guess.
Hello and welcome comrade! If you are a gopnik or a Slav this is the perfect place for you we have memes we have bars come and join now comrade
The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is a socialist government based server, where you can have fun in the community, talk with others, and even rise up the ranks easily. Come join us today!
We are a tight-knit community of leftists who have come to be disillusioned with the constant lies and propaganda being spread about the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea). We are a small community and are looking for new members!
Join to spread the Global Revolution! We're looking for new members who are active, are looking to understand more on Marxism-Leninism and we have some Peoples Commissars positions free! Join Today!
Welcome to

If you are a Imperialist, you know what's up.. Come to our server, here's a list of things we got:

🇷🇺 - An Epic General Chat
😂 - Epic Staff And Owners
👌 - Several Epic Fun Bots
💦 - Epic NSFW (if ur into that)
🔫 - and an epic massive army to take over the world

wHaT aRe YoU wAiTiNg FoR? CoMe CoMrAdS!
A political debate server for Communists of all kinds. From Anarchist To Authoritarian. Marxist to Utopian. We accept all. You don't even have to be communist to join. So come with us to improve the world.
☭ Welcome to the Reunited Soviet Union ☭
We have...
- A bunch of communists come and join the fun.
- A Leader is choosen every month it could be you one day.
- Bots and Such.
- Two Reconised Languages!
- You can join the Military here.
- And other stuff that wont fit here

The Reunited Soviet Union Needs Citizens so come and help
Hello, please join the CCCP. We are a part of the CCCP (Discord Alliance). We hope to grow and I (Wetness/Daddy Stalin/Diplomat#9997) will serve the people!

2-Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic
3-Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic
4-United States of Communist America
5-The Socialist Republic of Arstozka
6-The Red Army
7-Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic
8-Kazakhstan Soviet Socialist Republic
9-Socialist Cuba
10-Essence of Pyongyang
Welcome to Slavic Union, a comfortable server without any specific topic, although we like fun, vodka, friends and serious political discussion.
Hello we are a new server, we are friendly dont allow any discrimination by any terms. We welcome everyone who seeks to join we have active helpful staff. If you want to make friends help us grow and enjoy together in our server feel free to join! We are also slavic so if you are a slav pay us a visit!
Leftist Bunker is a server for all leftists. Communists, socialists, anarchists are all welcome. We also have debates.
The theory circle is a small (but growing) community of people dedicated to broadening their knowledge of political theory and philosophy through weekly readings, discussions, and written assignments. From Adorno to Freud, Marx to de Beauvoir--we seek to engage with a variety of theorists and a variety of topics. While weekly reading is the structural basis of the server, one of the largest goals is to develop each member's "critical base," from which they can respond to the ideas of others AND express their own ideas in a coherent, well-rounded way. If you're interested in any of the above, join us in theory circle
• It’s now the 21st century (20th if you are American) and the Soviet Union has fallen. Sadly, 28 years have passed since the Union has fallen, but we haven’t given up and the communist party was formed in nations. The Red army [TRA] is a communist discord server that tries to reform the communist ideology to the discord server. Here we have:

-An Army Role System
-Auto-Time Roles
-We have m e m e s
-Some Epic slav Bois
-Daily updates to the server.
-A system that you can alliance (partner) with us!
- We have a french, Russian, Italian, Spanish, German chat for users!
-We have color roles (including self roles)
-Political parties roles


If you wanna partner with us then first join the server and then read the Alliance of partnering rules!

Let the motherland live in our hearts!
This server is mainly focused on Left Nationalism and discussion between ideologies claiming to be anti-capitalist and revolutionary. We accept anyone (even pro-capitalists). Don't hesitate to participate. We mainly debate but also have polls, we share political/historical movies, documentaries, videos, shitposts...etc.
We are a leftist based community dedicated to discussing and debating world issues! We hold daily polls and host a huge online library! Currently at 375+ members!
It's not the right hole, but it's not the wrong hole. Just a small leftist community that you can chill at. Trying to keep things relaxed mostly.
A server where like-minded individuals can discuss socialism and what it means to them. Everyone is welcome!