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We are a political server consisting of the left, which mainly discusses in-depth on theory, praxis, and topics that involve the left spectrum.
Though we have channels for foolery, the normal channels are mature and serious. With the server, we have a youtube channel as well and plans to possibly impact the world.

Non-Leftists allowed.

If this server sounds interesting to you, click on the invite and the rest is history.
Reading theory, bashing fash, having gay sex and being degenerates are the things we do. If it's up your alley join and have some fun.
Server for educating those wanting to learn about the left
We offer access to advice from well read socialists and a selection of suggested readings and works
Friendly server baised on Yugoslavia and international friendships. Welcome and enjoy yiur time but remmember follow the rules and dont discriminate.
Ⓐ International Leftists ☭

We are a growing community that want to unite any type of leftist and we accept all the leftist ideologies. (Social Democrats included)

Many channels for all the type of subjects and debates

Fair moderating who listen to the community and many decisions are taken by voting

Events and activities include games, quizzes and community disco.

Heavily against any type of racism, sexism, homophobia.

Roles for most leftist ideologies.
A server for debates, lectures, and education on different Communist/non-Communist ideologies, we will also have movie nights
The Federation Of Soviet Socialist Republics
A far left discord nation formed by @ᛋᛋSanityMindzᛋᛋ
We are a server who has been deleted and reformed many times
we have a long history of raiding,conquring and protests
we are a glorious communist nation with its own regulations and politics
we do not allow anyone to form an opposition against
the government
The Pizza Rat Cult is a cult made by friends for friends. If you are reading this you have been gnomed.

Part 1: The beginning

The Pizza Rat Union is the fomer Pizza Rat Cult turned international. The cult started when I was in a substitute art class and the best sub to date put on some obscure anime movie instead of work. I got on my phone and messed with my friend. My friend @Refugee Crackhead made a server and I took his phone and transferred ownership to myself. We started with 9 irl friends and a few people from a Lapse: A Forgotten Future discord which died, those being @Follower RowanSkie, @Follower Anonguy and @Follower Enrico_Ssz. Over the span of a couple months I went inactive and forgot about this place, before I found out about other servers and got into some. We partnered and thats how I got my initial members. @Councilor Boneless, @Follower Hentai, and some @Real life friends which left helped me figure out the initial server. We got to 40 members and stayed there for a couple weeks.

Part 2: The rise and fall

I found out about Userphone, which I used to find more servers and ally with them, and we quickly got to 100, then 130 members! But something happened. Some people disagreed with my opinion that "Gachalife is cringe" and "Bronies are horrible" and we managed to lose 30 members through arguing and the battle between the loyalists and the invaders. I handled things badly and went inactive for another month before using userphone to get 30 members, and then messaged some rat servers to recruit from and ally.

Part 3: The Union

I had a thing for communists for a bit, and renamed the server from "The Pizza Rat Cult" to "Pizza Rat Union" and made it communist. After I messaged all those rat servers I met @Pretty Fat Emperor Rat who asked me to join him in his rise of unifying all the rat cults. I joined him in his crusade and turned my rat union server into a actual union of rat servers, it was glorious. And that's where we are now, welcome to the union Comrades! And remember, HAIL PIZZA RAT!
✯・。 ✯・。 ✯・。『 🇷🇺 Putin's Community 🇷🇺 』。・✯ 。・✯ 。・✯
୨୧ ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ ୨୧
╰┈─➤ Friendly, Putin Fans and an active Community.

We are almost on Level 2 Server Boost!

━━━━━━━━━ What we offer ━━━━━━━━━
👌 → A positive, friendly community that is inclusive to all
🛡️ → Helpful staff, active owner
🤖 → Fun bots such as Mudae, Dank Memer and more
😁 → Memes channel for all your meme needs
😉 → 200+ Emotes
😎 → Putin Fans
🆙 → Activity Level Roles
🎥 → Social Media
🇯🇵 → Anime - Manga
🎮 → Gaming
🌐 → Politics
⚔️️ → Military
🎲 → Roleplay
🔞 → NSFW
🤝 → Partnership
🎉 → Giveaways
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The year is 84 A.R. (After Revolution) within the east asian super state of the People's Republic of Sa Yên, a utopia that all prosper in. During the Glorious Revolution at the hands of Revolutionaries, Southeastern Asia was liberated from the rule of tyrants and corrupt politicians. Today, Sa Yên makes up all the former Asian territories, unifying the Eastern peoples under one Glorious Flag, and one Great Leader.

You are a citizen within this glorious nation of Sa Yên. Through the generosity of the great leader, you enjoy freedoms that other nations do not, such as the Greater American Union and Europa. While the life you live is peaceful and secure under the watchful eye of State Security, around the world, many threaten the utopia that has been established!

As a citizen you are called to bring glory to Sa Yên and the Great Leader! Whether it be through the hard work of your labour, or on the battlefield fighting for those freedoms your comrades at home enjoy.

Glory to Sa Yên!

OOC: Sa Yên is a paragraph - multi paragraph roleplay that is designed to give the player a deep look into life under a dystopian communist regime. This world is hard and leaves little room for mercy. Because of the graphic topics that will be addressed within the roleplay, this is an 18+ server. While the roleplay focuses on the average civilian life within the regime, players have the option to join the military and engage in a story that will take them outside the nation.

If you are looking for a gritty rp that will give you a deeper look into the world of a communist regime, come join and bring glory to Sa Yên! Glory to the Great Leader!
We're an active political server, with the goal of providing a space for left wingers to discuss and share opinions.

We offer:
-Political discourse channels!
-Weekly debate topics!
-An active community!
-Multiple Off-Topic channels for non-political discussion!
-Obtainable staff positions for well behaved members!
-Multiple meme channels!
-A short and easy vetting process!
-Self-assignable roles!

If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, give it a shot and visit us!
Reading and discussion group for those interested in critical theory, continental philosophy, political economy, feminist theory, psychoanalysis, and the like. Bonus points if you can build an orgone accumulator from scratch. Bonus bonus points if you write Adorno/Horkheimer fanfiction.

We are the Soviet Union!
Our Glorious Leader Talyanochka, Kerikov and Alexander standing by our side. Our server is all about communism and are currently looking for military personal. Comrades from all over the world are here! Glory To The Soviet Union!
The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is a socialist government based server, where you can have fun in the community, talk with others, and even rise up the ranks easily. Come join us today!
United Anarchism is a server for anarchists of all types to get together and discuss ideas, network, debate, share literature, or just chat. We look to build a light-hearted and friendly environment, for all types of anarchists.

Non anarchists/left libertarians are also welcome, but are asked to remain respectful.
This is a Leftist community, that's POC and queer friendly. We take a hard stance against fascism and oppression of the people. As long as you're cool, we're cool.
We have a wide range of sources on various topics for all to enjoy! From works of Marx on dialectical materialism to historical sources on modern communist history! Be sure to join to harness the power of knowledge!
Welcome to the official ✨Fabulous✨discord! Here you can discuss all content as you wish, Anime, Steven Universe, Smash bros, Memes, anything goes! If you need anything from the mods, please ask for us by @ ✨Empress✨, @ Admiral, @ Commander, @ Captain, or @ Moderator
You can see what each channel is for in the channel description at the top of the window. And don’t forget suggestions are welcome!


- No personal attacks or harassment. If you are just joking, that's fine, but do remember the Golden Rules: Racism/sexism/anyisms will not be tolerated.
- No spamming in the voice or text channels.
- Keep drama in dms.
- Do not post NSFW content of any kind in any other channel other than Specified NSFW ones.
- (For admins or other high-ranks) Abuse of power is not tolerated. In order to become an admin you have to show skills of responsibility, know your main tasks in the server, and wait for an application to be released.
-If you would like to join the steven universe channel head to # assignable-roles and press @💠DA💠 (Diamond authority). Doing so will give you that role and give you access to the Channel.
-A Smash ultimate bot is under production here! And a role system is being set up.
-If you do not want to see anything nsfw related ask an admin or go to # assignable-roles and press “no nsfw” the role @Priests will be given to you (note you will lose access to the nsfw channels with this role).





This server seeks to unify left-libertarians. Mutualists, syndacalists, communists, and socialists are all welcome. We are all against unjust hierarchies and the government. No right wingers or statists are allowed.

We are usually very funny and chill. We post memes while also staying mature in channels designated for that. We allow anyone who is against the government while maintaining socialist or communist beleifs. There are no tankies, chuds, or liberals welcome.
A server built on discussing political ideology from all sides (respectfully) with a theme of socialism. We host debates, have daily polls, and overall just have fun with each other and are looking to expand. We're open to all political ideologies, with the exception of nazis and fascists. The more people that join, the more active it is - that's the goal 👍
War group in roblox we like joe from family guy and communism!/about
✹ Deutsche Demokratische Republik ✹

The German Democratic Republic (Deutsche Demokratische Republik, DDR) is a historical mock-government community founded by Germans and based on the East German state which existed from 1949 until 1990.
Labor Zionists is a server for the discussion of Zionism and the Israel/Palestine conflict from a leftist perspective.

Everyone is welcome to participate in discussion and learning, regardless of Ethnicity, Nationality, or Religion, so long as they are able to follow the rules and have civil discussions. Non-leftists are also permitted.