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The Greater German Empire is a National Socialist server with different kinds of stuff that can entertain other people. Are you going to join our march towards victory?
The Australian National Socialist party is basically a hub for Australian National Socialists and Fascists, here you can learn about the Ideology and what our views are, are we a real party, no, well not yet at least, if you ever feel as that you want to help us grow, then please be sure to Invite your friends and spread the word about our group,we are a friendly bunch of blokes and i think that you will like it here.
Home of the Cryzecian people.
Reichstaat Bayern is a National Socialist officer korps server under the control of the Greater German Empire with different kinds of stuff that can entertain other people. Are you going to join us on our march to victory?
The American Imperial Front is an Authoritarian Political Organization in the US for people who believe in a reformation of the Republic, and the commission of a Second Manifest Destiny.
We wish to make the US as mighty and glorious as the Roman Empire, every man as strong as a Spartan!
ℌ𝔞𝔦𝔩 𝔙𝔦𝔠𝔱𝔬𝔯𝔶! 𝔏𝔬𝔫𝔤 𝔩𝔦𝔳𝔢 𝔄𝔪𝔢𝔯𝔦𝔠𝔞!
Halt!, This is Brandenburg Sector One, a Puppet state of a group known the Authority, we are Technocratic Fascists. be sure to join the Authority as you arrive, Long live the Reich!.
Welcome, the Holy Germanic Union is a National Socialist and Fascist discord server made for Natsoc's and other right wing ideology's to join and have fun without the worries of leftism being there to ruin it. we have these to offer.
-A military with medals
-Bots such as Dank memer, rythm and notsobot
-Chats for posting flags, songs and art
- a music chat and much more
Fascism Nederlands/English server! We talk politics, wij zijn actief en zoeken meer fascisten in Nederland! We also have other fun channels that will make it worth. Je bent niet alleen, debates all over the place!
The German Empire is a Fascist Monarchy, we create Alliances with other groups, wage war and expand our Empire, we also will operate in Garry's mod, using a mod known as ACF, which allows for tank building and other things.

Will you Join the Kaiserreich and Protect the Fatherland?
The Nazbol Gang Headquarters!! Yeeeee boi! We are a server that promotes both fascism and Marxism! To fight our common enemie Capitalism! Our objective is too expand or marxism or fascism or Nazbol gang over server (Whit elections or whit revolution)! Join and destroy Capitalism whit your nazbol m8s.
A new political movement based upon Armenian Nationalism. We also accept Non-Armenians, but only as visitors. To join, you must be an Ethnic Armenian and an extreme nationalist. We are located in Armenia and the US.
A Jewish discord server aiming at advertising the ideology of truth, Jewish Fascism!
A server designed for Fascists of European descent, though we do accept learners. As this server is fairly new and unrefined, the rules are lax and the server small, though, it is likely to grow in parallel to member growth.
Politics Server, 150+ Members. Mainly third pos/fascism
-Epic Kaczynskipilled people
Join here in the Reich of Egypt
The Greater German Empire is a National Socialist server with its own military and other things that can keep other members entertained, are you going to join us on our march to victory?
A group for those of Slavic origin, wanting to continue the life of their ancestors.
All Slavic tribes are equal.
Welcome to the official military of the T.F.F.U we are currently looking for officers and soldiers DM me at President Emmanuel Macron#8074 if you want a high rank or just a normal rank.
Welcome to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs we are looking for a minister and a deputy minister also some staff members hope you have a great
Shitposting, retardation, fun times,low moderation, good times, the fuckin best times
Welcome to the Germanic Reich, a National Socialist and Fascist Community, here we like to goof around and meme whilst serving our Führer. come and join the Reich, you can mess with the bots or join the Military, whatever you like. Whatever happens in the Reich, stays in the Reich.