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Did You know that humanity has wiped out 60% of animal populations since 1970?
Did You know that 60% of all mammals on Earth are livestock, 36% are human and just 4% are wild animals?
You want to fight for something? Fight for the rights of wild animals and diversity of nature!
Ecological political philosophy to denote a nature-centered, as opposed to human-centered - anthropocentric, system of values.
Don't let yourself be absorbed by the leftist or rightist thinking (it only hurts the environmental movement), choose centrist way with us.
Drop any senseless ideology and become EcoCentrist.
As Centrists, we want to assert our program in any ruling political regime and that gives us a better chance to prevent ongoing destruction.
The Trump Republic is Discord's largest independent server dedicated to US President Donald J. Trump. We welcome mainly right-wing members but have a debate section for the purpose of debating opposing views so all are welcome.

We have active lounge and activity channels for Trump supporters to chill, and political debate channels to discuss current events and policy with fellow Trump supporters and those with opposing views.

Please note that members of the far-right and far-left are prohibited from the server, this includes anyone advocating for fascism, communism, any form of racialism and white supremacy.

The server is 13+ in accordance with Discord policy.
We are the Radical Rightwave of the Conservative Republic! We are a staunch RadRight server/movement, meaning we uphold capitalism, cultural nationalism, and republican tradition. We hold true to Right-wing radicalism, Western traditionalism/naturalism, and Western conservatism. You must be 16+ to join. This is NOT a LARP server for immature edgy or trollish behavior.

If you feel you align to any of these ideals then please feel free to come in and join us. We have respectable and serious members involved, and run a tight ship. Be forewarned our verification process is extremely thorough. If you are a Socialist: Marxist, Fascist, Nazi, Communist and/or Far-Leftist Reactionary/SJW or AltRight you're NOT welcome.
Прикључите се оснивању отпорашке групе и борби за очување наше културе, традиције, породице и образа нашег народа.
Welcome to Actually Trans! We are a Trans-specific group specifically focused on alternative viewpoints not normally accepted in the typical dogmatic left-wing LGBT community servers.
Hopefully you will stay with us and meet some wonderful new friends!
We specialise in free speech for everybody, so it's probably best that you're not easily offended or upset, but we welcome all kinds of people.

A political debate server focusing on the political compass, we are focusing on the interaction between all the four sides of the compass and try to have some healthy and interesting debates.
A server of Right Wing people from around the world no matter how far right wing. It's a political server.
We are the Conservative Republic, This is a place for conservatives to be conservatives and have discussions and debate and just chill and chat. We strongly oppose Socialists, Democrats, Communists, Monarchists, Theocrats, Totalitarians, Fascists, Liberals, and Progressives. We are currently not accepting anyone from the Left. The Conservative Republic Includes Capitalists, Republicans, Conservatives, Traditionalists, and many more Right-wing ideologies. We have a large and strict rule system, and if you get in trouble we have our own Court system.
Also, we have a large hierarchy ranking system and you must Respect Administrators and Moderators and don't act like a total Dick. You must be at least 15 years old to be in the Conservative Republic and We strongly follow Discord's TOS. Make sure to read the rules and give yourself some Ideology roles. Have fun :)
The largest UK politics discord server. A welcoming UK right-wing politics community with the best/worst memes, frequent voice chat/debate nights, and frequent guests visits from Conservative MPs.
AN UNIRONIC NAZI SERVER. All Nazis and Fascists are welcome. Join this server if You want to chat with fellow Nazis, raid opposing (communist, capitalist) and generally shit (furry, gay) servers and participate in other activities, like, sharing dank memes, making fun of the "Untermensch" and playing grand strategy games, where we play as the German Reich and take over the world.

Still don't think you want to join? Well, we also have:
- Cool Nazi themed emojis and gifs
- Rank-roles (level up Your rank in a branch and be rewarded with a role indicating what rank you are)
- A military branch You could join, thus getting access to the planning table, where we plan our raids
- An elite role for each branch, from a specific rank (gives You more benefits)
- You can be a part of the Schutzstaffel, from a specific rank (When You get to the SS branch, You will become a moderator)

I guess You could say we are also roleplaying, because we change our names to Nazis politicians and we are planning raids, but it's very fun. I put a lot of effort into this server and I hope you enjoy. Heil Hitler!
This is a Vetting server for Fascist, National Socialist, and other like minded people. We have connections to many big servers with hundreds of members. Join the server and answer a few questions and we will give you links to many of the Fascist/NatSoc servers we are connected to. (This is NOT the main server.)

- No degenerates
- No Communist or other related ideologies similar to that
-No Larpers
-No Role players
Welcome to The Capitalist Club! A small community dedicated to right-wing politics, friendly debates and economics. Consider paying us a visit!
A right-wing nationalist server who sometimes engages in gaming to secure an existence for the European People and also encourages the playing of Minecraft in order to destroy the Marxist scum.
Discord's largest politics server for right-wing discussion with over 16,000 users. Join for active debates, AMAs, shitposting, and general discussion.
A semi-political server where intelligent conservation is prioritized over-all, though fun is allowed and encouraged. Say what you want and express any ideas, but do not harass individuals and please be polite during arguments. You can be a trial moderator (we need to establish more of a staff presence) and help us improve the server!
The Order of Saint Edmund:
Saint Edmund was an Anglo-Saxon King who died defending against the Vikings. We admire him as a true English Saint, and a paragon of what every Englishmen, Briton, Anglospheran, and BOTer (British Overseas Territory) should aspire to be. Noble, Chivalrous, Pious, and most importantly, Patriotic. Our server is dedicated to the belief that the Anglosphere (UK, USA, CAN, AUS, NZ) not only have been, and are the greatest nations, but the achievements of their people have undoubtedly changed the world for the better! You do not explicitly have to be from theese countries, but simply have an admiration for them and their politics! Feel free to come and debate with us, or help our fledgling server grow! We base our design of a military order, so do not be confused by the many medieval references! Rule Brittania and God Bless America!
This server is a Right-wing server dedicated to Generation Z but people of all ages are welcome,

The server is about conservetism, nationalism and expression of free ideas, this means that free-speech is key.
We accept everyone from standard conservatives to people with an far-right ideology.
We are the Right-Wing Union! A politically right server with an extensive governmental system, active and welcoming community, and plenty of activities! Our core values encapsulate the ideas of people such as President Trump, Ronald Reagan and alike along with traditionalist values/ideas from people like Mike Pence, Winston Churchill, Ted Cruz, and so on. While we may seem like an “American” server we welcome conservatives from across the globe to join! And contrary to what our name might suggest, we allow people from the Left in too! We are NOT however a Far/Alt-Right/Far-Left server if you espouse racism, anti-semitism, or anything similar you are NOT welcome here and you WILL be banned and reported to TOS operators upon entering. You also must be 15+ to enter for maturities sake. Join us today using the link!
We are a group of Gamers, we are friendly and welcome new members.

All praise the Nick

And remember, israel first, always
Welcome to US Politics Debate!

We are a general debate server for any kind of topic, including frontrunner issues into today's political landscape. Any beliefs or opinions are allowed, just don't be a jerk.

We're growing and we're interested to hear your opinions!
- Degenerates (LGBT, Furries, Weebs)
- Roleplayers/Larpers
- Communists/Leftists
- Capitalists
- Globalists
- Anarchists
- Strasserists
- "Neo-Nazis"
- Libertarians

Profile pictures related to these topics are banned, too.
A nice, small hangout server for decent people. Mainly right wing users in this server. The moderation here is good, moderators know what they're doing.

You don't need to be British to join, but most of the users in this server are from Britain.

There's a variety of discussion channels for you to use. The rules aren't too strict here and the server has a decent amount of activity.
This is server about discussing politics, and it's a place where young people can freely express conservative views. Along with politics this server is also for gaming, chatting, and just having a good time.