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A friendly political discord server that dosen't discriminate against beliefs or values held by any individual.
Let's Agree is a server (like many others) dedicated to political discussion. Only we have made it our goal to actively help people understand and appriciate ideological differences. To see the people behind the ideas. We invite anybody of any ideology to join us in discussion. Please note that we are politically neutral and that the server itself endorses no ideology, rather promotes discussion among all!
Welcome to Political.
Political is a new politics server which is self evidently primarily for political discussion. Political is an average politics server that does not allow profanity or NSFW content to create a professional atmosphere for real debates. This server does not include a leveling system, to prevent the server from becoming a server about gaining status. The server does include self-assignable roles.
Welcome to my "vacation camp"!
I, Saäf will live my life serving this server and community. If you're looking for that hint of cancerous space because you came to the right place.
i made this sever so people can express the way they feel about certain political parties or a country's political state (just as a side not there is a section on LGBT ect ) so join if you feel the need to tell people about the way you feel about this sorta thing

-the owner 2019
- Art, Music, Game, and Cultural discussion.
- A "community" type server setup.
- Looking to stay relatively small (probably won't have any trouble doing that, haha).
- All are welcome to join.
- Political/Religious Discussion is hidden unless a user has a role (in case you'd rather remain non-controversial).
- We're Cajun Y'all ;)
Welcome to Nationalism and Nationalists Worldwide.

For discussion related to Nationalism and Nationalist politics. Open to all races, ethnic groups, religions, sexual preferences and sexes who are willing to support Nationalism, which is the idea contra the Nation-State that a Nation is comprised only of a single ethnic group which was also the group that founded it. We support Nationalism world-wide for all ethnic groups.

1. Abide by Discord Rules:
2. All contributions must be civil, fact/logic based, and informative.

The mission of this community is to promote Nationalism, discuss and debate Nationalist politics as well as other ideologies and political theories.

Everyone is invited to join the debate, no matter the affiliation or background.

The most ambitious goal of this community would be to instill Nationalist ideas, principles and values into individuals and bring active change into the political sphere, creating local groups, meetings and spreading our message into the real world.

In order to bring to life our mission civil debates and discussions must hold place inside the server, any hateful, violent or misleading messages and posts will be removed, well-mannered dialogue is very much appreciated.