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An American government simulator where everyone is welcome, we encourage everyone no matter the ideology to join. Have some fun, and join us today!
Welcome to Alpha Politics. we are friendly to all peoples except homophobes, transphobes, nazis etc. just come in and discuss politics and chill
We're a friendly community where we welcome all political ideas from across the globe! This server strives to be a place for anyone to discuss their political ideologies in a friendly/peaceful way with others. We also have a growing friendly community full of amazing people!
We've created a game called “Virtual Congress” (VC) on Discord. You start out as a member of Congress that can create and vote on legislation and nominations to the cabinet. You could also be attorney general, solicitor general or in the supreme court.

You also can run for president or try to become a leader in Congress. It’s a fun way to debate policy or create policy and see how other members think about it.
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The Right-Wing Union is the FASTEST GROWING server for all things Right-Wing!

With an:
Excellent Community ✅ Games ✅
Debates ✅
Daily Polls ✅
Bot Games ✅

And more, you'll always have something to do here! If you want to talk politics with like minded people or just hang out, this is the place for YOU! Left-Wingers are welcome too but will have limited access to the server.


(Alt-Right members are prohibited.)
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Politicord focuses on providing an unbiased place for people of all opinions to discuss their views freely while promoting peaceful discourse.
The Trump Republic is Discord's largest independent server dedicated to US President Donald J. Trump. We welcome mainly right-wing members but have a debate section for the purpose of debating opposing views so all are welcome.

We have active lounge and activity channels for Trump supporters to chill, and political debate channels to discuss current events and policy with fellow Trump supporters and those with opposing views.

Please note that members of the far-right and far-left are prohibited from the server, this includes anyone advocating for fascism, communism, any form of racialism and white supremacy.

The server is 13+ in accordance with Discord policy.
We are the Conservative Republic! This is a place for conservatives to be conservatives and have discussions, debate, just chill and chat. We strongly oppose Socialists, Democrats, Communists, Absolute Monarchists, Theocrats, Totalitarians, Fascists, Liberals, and Progressives. We are currently not accepting anyone from the Left. The Conservative Republic Includes Capitalists, Republicans, Conservatives, Traditionalists, and many more Right-wing ideologies. We have a large and strict verification and rule system, so make sure to follow it.

Also, we have a large hierarchy ranking system and you must respect Administrators and Moderators and don't act like a total dick. We strongly follow Discord's TOS. Make sure to read the rules and have fun!
A welcoming server to discuss your political opinion. No one will be banned or muted for expressing their views.
Just a laid back server for gay conservatives, libertarians, and Republicans.
We're 18+, but not a sex or fetish community. We just want a community of mature individuals. As a result, we have significantly less drama than most other political servers.
Are you tired of seeing Congress sit around and do nothing? Do you feel that you can run it better? Join the United States Congress Simulation. In short time, you can become a Congressman, Senator, or even President of the United States! Join now and make the difference you've been waiting for!
A debate server that allows all views and supporters of political parties in the UK and the USA.
We have:
- Debates
- A chill, general chat
- Roles for supporters of political parties

All views are welcome, except for any hate speech!
Welcome to Debate Central! Our server is focused on debating topics such as religion, politics, drugs, or any other topic you can think of. At Debate Central people of all backgrounds and ideologies (Including Neo-Nazis and Neo-Fascists) are welcome as long as you follow the rules. There are 200+ roles to choose from including political and religious roles. We also have things such as levels, level rewards, nitro boosting rewards, and more! The server has just come out of Beta and is fully released! Join today and I guarantee you will have a good time.
This is a open and fair server to talk politics, our mods are not out of control like other servers. We’d love for you to join and share your opinion.
New global political debate server. Very active voice chats and NO BORDER WALL! We don't ban anyone for their political views, we respect everyone's options.
We are the Radical Rightwave server/movement, meaning we uphold unrestrained capitalism, cultural nationalism, and republicanist tradition. We hold true to Right-wing radicalism, Western traditionalism/naturalism, and Western conservatism. You must be 16+ to join. This is NOT a LARP server for immature edgy or trollish behavior.

If you feel you align to any of these ideals then please feel free to come in and join us. We have respectable and serious members involved, and run a tight ship. Be forewarned our verification process is extremely thorough.
We are the Republican Party of a political simulator called U.S Politics Simulator. Join us to grow our party, engage in debate, run for office, and rise up the political ladder.

Join us for:
Movie Nights
Debate Nights

And more!
We are a community for political and religious debates, you can debate everything related to politics, and you can choose your political view, we all are interested in your political beliefs so join us! And show me your skills!
Welcome to the Democratic Hype House!

We are a political tiktok account that favors the Democratic Party! But this server is for anyone!

You can debate, chat, and meet new people!

This is a safe place, and we want everyone to have a good time so respect is key!

We are also currently accepting debate mod and chat mod applications!
The Model Republican Party is a political party that is a part of Reddit's /r/ModelUSGov political game. We campaign to win seats and pass legislation on both the Federal and State Level. Reddit account required to play.