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We are the Radical Rightwave Party of the Conservative Republic! We are a staunch RadRight party/movement, meaning we uphold capitalism, cultural nationalism, and Republican tradition. We hold true to rightwing radicalism, Western traditionalism/naturalism, and Western conservatism

If you feel you align to any of these ideals then please feel free to come in and join us. We have respectable and serious members involved. We are also aligned as a party server to the Conservative Republic server.
Politicord focuses on politics as well as our various other non-political topic channels. Discussions happen frequently about current topics from around the world. Join us and assign yourself some of the 150+ available ideology, religious, and party roles.
Join conservative hangout and express your opinions with others who respect them.
Anyone is welcome regardless of age, sex , sexuality and political beleifs

We are a very organized group of people with a social ladder to climb. We have members of all kinds and different places.

We are looking new members to join us so we can continue our growth together as a community

Be sure to check us out.
A fantastic politics and discussion server, with amazing things such as:

🏛️ Self-Assignable ranks
📜 Various channels (memes, politics, philosophy, news...)
👪 Diverse Community
🎵 Music Bot

Come and have a great stay! We're sure you'll love it here.
Republicans is a highly active server for those on the right-wing who are tired of endless memeing and who eschew fascism, nazism, racism, etc. We have well over 500 active members, partnerships with several similar British and American discord servers, periodic planned discussions on major issues (Iran, Electoral Reform, North Korea, etc.), and a highly active general chat.

If you're looking for a more adult setting to discuss politics (and everything adjacent) then we're a good fit.
The Technocratic Union of America believes in Authoritarianism, American Exceptionalism, and Traditionalism. We oppose Socialism, Communism, and Nazism. We are typically centered Right Wing in the Right-Left Spectrum. We are looking for Americans of all kinds looking to become participating members.
Wanna relax and chat with new people?
Wanna be updated on Breaking News ?
This is the server for you!
Talk a little politics?
Feel free to join us!
Catch you on the flipside!
Only for Trump supporters.
No bad words.
No racism.
No sodomites and supporters (LGBT).
A civil place to have political discussions. You can express your views without being hated. We accept people of all ideologies and here to have civil discourse.
All are welcome we are open to most ideologies active Voice & Text Channels - Religion and Philosophy also featuring Darth Dawkins in voice chat.
Anyone is welcome to join and reach the ultimate goal of becoming the Republic Of U.S.A's new president.
fuck anime
come for memes and other fun stuff like discussing the role of anime in decomposing the brains of today’s youth
fighting to destroy the anime parasite from this earth

United Politics is an American discord server where all sides debate about political topics. Including various topics about our president and government. We support free speech, Donald Trump, Republicanism, truth, knowledge, and public debates. Join United Politics Today!
A discussion server for a variety of views revolving around world events and politics. People of all views are welcome and civility is encouraged. The server has a small admin team dedicated to enforcement of the rules and has a mock government. Join #worldpolitics today!
Welcome to Conservative LIVE. Our main goal is to get Conservatives connected. Our slogan is, 'Conservative talk, plain and simple."