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Einfach Joinen ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Wir haben Voicechats für :
Und einen Allgemeinen Voicechat
Gamers Rising is a server dedicated for those that are interested in Gaming and socializing,
With a focus on Making friends.
We accept people for who they are.
We currently offer:
- Self Assignable roles ✔
- 24/7 Ark Server ✔
- 24/7 Rust Server ✔
- Safe space to make friends ✔
- NSFW Chat ✔
- Plenty of bots, including Pokécord, IdleRPG, DiscordBallZ, DankMemer ✔
- Friendly staff ✔
I created this Discord as a way to break free from the stigma of joining other gaming servers that make you feel like just another number.
I was sick of every other server kicking or banning people for merely disagreeing with the staff or having unpopular opinions.
Those who join here will not be kicked or banned for who they are or what opinions they have you will be valued because you are unique.
We simply ask you follow our rules and you will be an ideal member here.

Gamers Rising Staff.
Yeti's Playground (Y.P.G) We are a friendly and welcoming group of people. Our Dev team works hard on creating and maintaining the game servers our members play on. We currently run a ARK Server, Arma 3 Exile server and a Dayz standalone server. Outside of these servers we also play a variety of games together. We do community events and even do server events. We consider ourselves a family. Small but always growing. So feel free to step into our home, and allow us to welcome you with open arms. For anyone who suffers with anxiety of depression. Some of our oldest members have suffered with similar troubles. Allow us to offer you an environment where you can relax with beautiful people. And laugh till you cry.
This discord server is for buying and advertising boss fights on Ark Survival Evolved! We support the all Ark gamemodes and the following gaming platforms:

Xbox One

== Come take a look! Find great people with great deals! ==
Iron Point
A place to call home, a place to live, explore, and grow
Looking for somewhere to build and expand?
To make new friends?
To learn new content?

Where does everyone meet?-
Here is the official Iron Point server-

What maps do you have?-
Currently we have two servers up and running strong:
Valguero: A brand new map, with some of the best views will ever see, surrounded by mountains instead of an endless sea, wyverns, griffins, and even the new deinonychus!
Ragnarok: One of the most diverse maps for Ark, Ragnarok includes a huge map size, tons of perfect building spots,Wyverns, Griffins, and a stunning and varied environment!

What settings do you have?-
Wild dino levels=300, with tek, wyvern and rock drakes reaching 390.
Harvest amount 5x
Xp Multiplier 7x
Taming speed 10x
Wild dino consumption rate 2x
Mating interval 0.01 (about every 18-20 mins)
Baby Mature speed 50x (about an hour and a half)
Hatching 50x

What are the server ip addresses?-
Valguero map-
Ragnarok Map-

What Mods do you use?-
Currently, here our mod collections through steam
Valguero map mod list:
Ragnarok map mod list:

How Do I join?-
1)Go to steam
2)In the top left, click “view”
3)In the dropdown from “view”, click “servers”
4)In the servers menu, click onto the “favorites” tab
5)In the bottom right, click “add server”
6)Enter the ip address of the server
7)Add this address to fav, and you will have the server on your fav server list in ark!
Welcome, To The Orion Gaming Community Discord server!
- 100+ Members!
- Well moderated
- Self Assigned Roles For Specific Server Updates And Easy Access!
[We Call Him RoleBot]
- Active, regular members!
- Upgradeable Chat and Beta Access Ranks!
- Monthly Community Events [There Are Prizes, Trust Me]
- Approachable staff! 🙋‍♂️ [Dont Be Afraid To Message Us]
- Active Voice Channels.🎧
- Gaming, Memes, Music & much more.🎮🐸🎵
- Dedicated Space Engineers Hardcore Survival Server /w Mods!👨‍🚀👩‍🚀
- Dedicated Ark Hardcore Survival Server /w Mods!🌲
- Community Warframe Clan, Looking Forward To Railjack Am I Right?🌑
- Planned Starbound Server Soon!🌠
Come say hi!👋🙋‍♂️👽
Willkommen auf dem ARK-SideOfMagic Cluster !

Verschiedene Welten...
Bewohnt von unterschiedlichen Stämmen; die ein einheitliches Ziel haben.
in friedlicher Einigkeit werden hier viele Abenteuer erlebt,neue Freundschaften geschlossen und einander geholfen.
Doch Vorsicht...
Auf manschen Welten wohnen mystische Wesen,von denen nicht alle freundlich sind.

Und mansche sogar tödlich...

Bist du bereit für das Abenteuer deines Lebens?
Dann komm zu uns!

Teamspeak und Discord zur Kommunikation und Infomationsaustausch sind vorhanden!

Für Nähere Infos, besuche uns doch.

Wir freuen uns darauf, Dich/Euch bald auf unseren Server begrüßen zu können.
Discord server to Ark Survival Evolved server
[Indigo Universe][X10][Struc HP+Turret DMGX5]
----------Server Settings----------
#Map:The Ragnarok&Valguero
#Stats x10, some stats balanced[Fair play][Solo easy]
#Max player level 199 (Custom level system)
#Max wild dino's level 200
#Fast tame&hatch times
#Quick forge
#Gamma setting open[Type "GAMMA 3.5" in console for better view in dark areas]
#Trees and plants regrow next to structures
#Rock Elemental is untamable
#All Tek items open
----------Server Mods----------
#Custom Level System
#Unlock Haircuts and Emotes
#TCs Auto Rewards
#Better Reusables
#And much more..
----Ragnarok Connect----
#IP Address =
----Valguero Connect----
#IP Address =
:link:Server mod pack here:
:link:WEBSITE[You can download mods manual from here right side of website]
:link:Indigo Universe on BATTLEMETRICS
:link:Ragnarok - Ark Expansion Map
:link:Valguero - Ark Expansion Map
This server is for Ark Survival Evolved on mobile. However we also invite PC and console players to but the focus is mainly ok the mobile version as not much attention is drawn to it till now. You dont need a tribe, but if you're in one custom roles are a must to show what tribes you're in and servers (mobile only).
BraveMania is ARK Discord Server that Manages
ARK UnOfficial Dedicated Server PVE 20 Mods.
Join and Check Server Info for details , Enjoy!
Hey ! nous sommes un serveur français voulant agrandir sa petite et récente communauté afin de pouvoir faire des événements sur les jeux proposés sur le serveur ! Alors, si tu souhaite venir jouer tranquillement ou try harder un jeu je t'en pris tu es le/la bienvenu(e) ! On aimerais également commencer des événements sur ARK alors si ça t'intéresse je te laisse te faufiler sur notre serveur ! A toute suite ! ^^
Bonjour à tous :) Toute les informations sur notre serveur sont sur notre discord. Nhésitez pas a aller faire un tour .
History of Insula Draconis
Everything Started when world's unk own had been discovered. Humans left Earth to populate and experiment on other planets.

Two such worlds were found and separate genetic engineering began happening on both "island" planets. On one the dinosaurs they chose were a mixed bag. Some were genetically modified to hold an intelligence much similar to humans. In some cases they could even form their own language that humans could learn.

On another planet everything... Went well tits up. It started off much like the other "island" but ended up much worse. Genetically enhanced humans we're inplanted with a device on their arms to link themselves to a database of exact copies of the original. Clones.

Life evolved much different with changing genetics to make such animals as dragons, griffons, living machinery and even collosal titans. This world is much harsher and no one is safe, not even from their own kind....

On est les Saka !

c'est un serv pour jouer entre amis surtout et prêt à la discussion :)
pas de jeux spécifiques on joue de tous (r6 ww3 ark lol starbound stickfight monster hunter) et recemment a ark de façon chill sur un serv chill pve/pvp

Pas obligé de jouer tous cours vous pouvez venir seul ou avec des amis simplement pour parler ou passer le temps
évidemment pas besoin d’être timide mais si vous l’êtes on est pas super nombreux donc pas de quoi avoir peur
il a quelques bots pour le fun aussi genre bot son bot leveling et sous demande je peux en rajouter Pk pas ?

en parlant de lvl vous ne verrez que 1 ou 2 chans (pour éviter d'avoir n'importe qui genre un bot spam etc

faite une petite présentation et je vous mets directe les droits ou simplement envoyer des messages si vous passé lvl 2 vous pouvez avoir directe l’accès (plus vous avez de lvl plus vous avez de droits

On est aussi amateur d'anime/manga !
Bienvenue !
Dutchsurvivalnetwork Online community For Gamers and Creators. feel free to join the community and make new friends.
BRAVEMANIA ADULT ABIDA is an enormously 24/7 Adult Nsfw & Gamers Active Server with Friendly Expert Community Channels Present for Gamers, Pornstars, Models etc
We're a friendly server of people who just want to have fun while playing ARK: Survival Evolved. We're a new server, so we're obviously gonna have some problems along the way, but we'll work through them!
Boon Community is a small but active growing community where you can select your own roles and find people to play games with while having a good time. As the owner of the server im really against pinging everyone unless it is IMPORTANT! i also like to host random events and just get the community together and have some fun!
Hey! Sizyxs Server is for our PVE server on the New valguero Map. Friendly admins with logging on. Clusters and events coming soon!

Harvest - 15x
Taming -20x
XP- 30x
Max wild dino is 300

Mod List:

Server ID:
Ark Ps4 unofficial server. 5x gathering, 15x breeding & maturation, 5x exp. A fun mix of pve and pvp with admin hosted events every Friday. Weekend color events as well. Join our discord for more information.
50xboosted/S+/fastflyers/tekdrops/easyfarm/stackingmods cluster

We have fair admins

Fair players

Multiple servers

Friendly discord

Fast taming

Easy resources

Good drops

Join us
A friendly ark server that supports different platforms.