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The Arktagon is a homegrown community of tribes surviving in Ragnarok, a PvPvE environment with no restraints. Enjoy a friendly and helpful community with active non-abusive administrators and a stable server. Presently, we have one mod active (Structures Plus), 1.5x XP multiplier, 1.5x taming multiplier, and 2.5x harvesting multiplier. Lastly, tenants of the Arktagon are able to enjoy an exclusive environment tailored to them. Our rules are simple - play hard, play nice, and play responsibly!
This server is for people that play official pvp on ark on xbox so if you play official join and invite anyone you know that plays official pvp
Hey! Welcome to our server, here you can view our server settings, meet our community and vote for seasonal content!
Extinction Dino spawns
Valguero map
Breeders paradise
Monthly Purges
On est les Saka !

c'est un serv pour jouer entre amis surtout et prêt à la discussion :)
pas de jeux spécifiques on joue de tous (r6 ww3 ark lol starbound stickfight monster hunter hots ww3 mordhau)

Pas obligé de jouer tous cours vous pouvez venir seul ou avec des amis simplement pour parler ou passer le temps
évidemment pas besoin d’être timide mais si vous l’êtes on est pas super nombreux donc pas de quoi avoir peur
il a quelques bots pour le fun aussi genre bot son bot leveling et sous demande je peux en rajouter Pk pas ?

en parlant de lvl vous ne verrez que 1 ou 2 chans (pour éviter d'avoir n'importe qui genre un bot spam etc

faite une petite présentation et je vous mets directe les droits ou simplement envoyer des messages si vous passé lvl 2 vous pouvez avoir directe l’accès (plus vous avez de lvl plus vous avez de droits

On est aussi amateur d'anime/manga !
Bienvenue !
Boon Community is a small but active growing community where you can select your own roles and find people to play games with while having a good time. As the owner of the server im really against pinging everyone unless it is IMPORTANT! i also like to host random events and just get the community together and have some fun!
This discord server is for buying and advertising boss fights on Ark Survival Evolved! We support the all Ark gamemodes and the following gaming platforms:

Xbox One

== Come take a look! Find great people with great deals! ==
Talkative, active members. Giveaways will be announced shortly. We are chill to everyone and enjoy talking about anything.
4 Horsemen is a new up and coming PS4 Ark PvE Community which holds events and aspects of everyday Ark. Pick your team mates and help us though the whole ark story, we are a PvE server so come join us today.

How do you join? Use the link below to join the community and start your life in the 4 Horsemen. You could be with us today!

We look forward to seeing you in our community!
undefined :video_game:Gamerz Reef :video_game:

Whats we offer.
~ 24/7 Active chats and voice chats :clock12:
~ Accepting anybody from anywhere :earth_africa:
~ Multiple bots for different uses :satellite:
~ 23 Game Servers:video_game:
~ Self assignable roles :clapper:
~ Partnerships with no requirements :bar_chart:
~ Looking for Administrators and Moderators :wrench:
Our First of many Tournaments.

Hello Gamerz Gamerz Reef is starting our first Small tournament to kick start our new site. Read more about and join here.
Also create your teams.
Hey Sie sind herzlich zum Dragoon Guards Discord eingeladen
Einige Infos zu dieser Zwietracht
Wir sind eine Community von Ark-Servern, aber diese Spiele erscheinen auch für Path of Titans und Day of Dragons
(Die Ark-Server sind modifiziert und wir haben fast jede Karte)
Die meisten Leute auf dieser Discord sind Deutsch und Englisch
Mit dieser Einladung sind Sie herzlich zu unserer Community eingeladen
A PC server for ARK: Survival Evolved for the Land of The Lost server! Friendly community, cool admins and casual PVP server as a whole with a PVE rules map for builders and PVE players. Reasonable rates, quality of life mods and always working to expand!
It is an Ark Game of Thrones server. What more is there to say...? Perhaps you could join and see for yourself...
Wir sind ein Deutsches Discord Server, mit Kompetenten Admins und Sucher des Moderators.

Wir haben viele Auswahle der Kanäle mit Spielen, bis hin zu Chill Loungen.
Uns würde es Freuen wenn du unserem Server Betreten würdest.
Und du hast Bock an unserem Projekt teil zu haben? Dann melde dich doch bitte beim Besitzer des Servers.
Bei Provotzionen und Beleidigungen, Melden sie sich an dem Owner oder Moderatoren
Severed Sanctum is a gaming community that comes together over multiple games. We offer RP, Realism and even D&D style RP and adventure for people!

We do require authentication via our dyno bot (welcome dodo)!

Our current servers are Two Isle Servers, one Ark server, and one Conan Exiles Server. We will be adding Day of Dragons, Path of Titans and Emberfall Servers when the games are released.

Happy Gaming!
BraveMania is ARK Discord Server that Manages
ARK UnOfficial Dedicated Server PVE 20 Mods.
Join and Check Server Info for details , Enjoy!
Ark Ps4 unofficial server. 5x gathering, 15x breeding & maturation, 5x exp. A fun mix of pve and pvp with admin hosted events every Friday. Weekend color events as well. Join our discord for more information.
XO Survival is ARK Discord Server that Manages
ARK UnOfficial Dedicated Server PVE 20 Mods.
Join and Check Server Info for details , Enjoy!
BRAVEMANIA ADULT ABIDA is an enormously 24/7 Adult Nsfw & Gamers Active Server with Friendly Expert Community Channels Present for Gamers, Pornstars, Models etc
This is a Discord for an unofficial Ark server called ArkAvitUK, everyone is friendly and all you have to do is ask for the server name
Welcome to the Tronopolis! We are a network of gamers that shut down in 2016 with approximately 200 members. Today we are bringing it back and are already 100+ strong! Feel free to come hop in and be in a network that is honestly and truly ran by the people who plan in it. We host servers too! Just vote and well look at hosting it!
Ask People to play with you on:
PC, Xbox, or Ps4
you can host your own server with nitrado or whatever and ask people to join it, or host a non dedicated server and just fool around, possibilities are endless in this server. dont be afraid to ask to play. you dont need to speak but it'll make it way easier, or just use chat. your choice.