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The MisFits Cluster: PS4 Ark Survival evolved

We are a brand new PVP cluster just wiped with a 6 man tribe limit ON the PS4 system.

No Admin Abuse
No Toxic Players
No Pay To Win
Custom Drops

UPCOMING cluster.
⃰. Ark-O-Rama - ๑’,~

We're an Ark themed server with lots of perks. We have 200+ members and we're trying to find more, active, ark players to join our server! If you're interested, here's what we have to offer;

»»------(¯🤖 Lots of bots to play with¯)------»»
»»------(¯💰 Server shop, server currency that ties in with game currency¯)------»»
»»------(¯💸 Donation perks that goes to keeping our Ark servers up¯)------»»
»»------(¯🎁 Lots of daily giveaways such as gift cards, discord nitro, game cards¯)------»»
»»------(¯🎊 Invite perks and rewards¯)------»»
»»------(¯🎉 Lots of events for server and in-game, trash-talking/toxic channel, memes, and more¯)------»»
link Link:
Welcome to S.A.G.

Okay.. yes I get it, it spells SAG but who cares?
So, whats up guys and gals, this discord server is meant for any and all gamers alike to join and chat away about anything and everything gaming.

Currently we are focusing on our ESO and Ark communities at this time... We are small but growing and could use help growing in numbers. We will eventually move to Monster Hunter World and Minecraft as well as any other games that peeks the peoples interest. We are an xbox/pc (windows 10) community but all platforms are allowed to join.
Minx's Lair has been transformed from many unfortunate events, being an old Ark Prim+ RP server/ Now we are a streamer's community with server sharing! Our community has many games we play including, but not limited to:

Ark Survival Evolved
Animal Crossing New Horizons
Conan Exiles
Rainbow Six
Many more!

Come chill and check us out, share your game server too! This is a NSFW server, you've been warned teehee~
Server for games, chatting, and events! We are currently also working on configuring D&D, and we are also interested in writing, we have lore made by one of the admins, and we are interested to let you in and maybe even add your own ideas or write for yourself!
Hey Welcome to Lite Hawk ark server!! Well what's in the Lite Hawk Server you ask well...
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++- PVP
- XP Rate is X5
- 3x Harvest Rate
- 40x Maturation
- 20x Taming
- Tribe limit of 3 Tribe Members (only!)
- Balanced Drops

-White Flag Rule
Absolutely no Admin Abuse!
- No Toxic players

You'll never find a server that'll guarantee you free flaco Armour and an Arg as a starter animal anywhere else! so come join Lite Hawk Today for fun, Adventure and lots of action today:)

Undying soft RPpvp ark server! Perfect for the PvP player! And the PvE player, who can enjoy the dangers of PvP, keeping the game realistic, while still fulfilling the fantasy part of what players enjoy! Also we host weekly events, and weekly give aways in discord! Come check us out!

We offer GFX and Video edits, if you can do GFX and Video edits and are looking for work, we have a section for it!

Max player level 150
Welcome to this gaming community! Most known as the MoonWalkers PS4 gaming community, where we hope to make everyone’s gaming experience the best! Some of the current games we have are:
ARK (cluster of 6 servers), MINECRAFT, GTA, WARFRAME, ROCKET LEAGUE, BL3, MHW, FORTNITE, and even some online/discord games, we always hope to continue adding more in the future. A special feature of our server, is having a special custom server currency, which can be utilized and made from trading and or games. The players are the main priority here, this community was made for the players, and we hope to make it the best community for gamers. Our area of expertise is being able to add new content, updates, and new ideas frequently.

Our background; We started off, and are still running PvE cluster for the game of Ark. There are 6 servers including Genesis in our cluster. The server admins are committed to keeping these Ark servers open and enjoyable for a very long time, which we still do to this very day. We appreciate you for your valuable time and reading this! 🎮😊

·Hello Everyone we are the new upincoming Ark Cluster Server on Xbox/Windows 10
·We are currently looking for new players and skilled players in this server everyone is welcome
·We offer a freindly Discord home/Active Staff
·Our stats are located in our discord

Some Facts About Our Discord:
·Active Staff
·A family enviorment welcome to anyone of any age/race or gender
·We just ask you are mature and follow rules

Discord Invite code is:

We Thank You For Reading This Have a Blessed Day!
Bienvenido a la comunidad NekoGaming!! Somos una comunidad de videojuegos dedicada a facilitar la busqueda de jugadores para poder jugar de chill. Contamos con una gran variedad de juegos y te estamos esperando. ¿A que esperas para unirte? Vamoos!!
Designed for a balanced pvp experience. Normal Dino and player levels. Our drops are loaded with weapons, saddles, bps, structures and ammo. Everything you need to jump right into the end game action. All maps. No weird rules, lots of freedom. 60x Gathering - Instant Tame - Shop - Raid Events - Season 2
Welcome to RIPerinos.
This is a nice and friendly Social/Gaming server :)

What we offer in this server

-Welcoming and friendly admins

-Gaming community

-Community of people that watch anime

-We also help people that wanna learn some stuff in games

-Earnable roles

-Friendly and active general chat

-Active members

So feel free to join and have fun in the server :D

[PC, PvE, NLD+ENG] Friendly community with lots of active players. Feel free to have a look around.

Rates: 10xT8xEXP4xH10xB

Max Wild Dino Level: 210, Custom stack sizes, Shop, Kits, Events

Currently Hosting: Ragnarok, Valguero, Genesis, Abberation, Extinction, Island
Soon to be Added: Crystal Isles, The Island with Extinction Core

Our servers are mainly aimed at those who enjoy breeding and building, our mods are tuned to these playstyles.
10 server PvP Ark cluster on PS4
「✦」19x , 10 man
「✦」8,000 members
「✦」300+ emojis
「✦」Color roles
「✦」Idle miner
「✦」Idle RPG
「✦」Box Bot
「✦」Friendly and helpful staff
「✦」In-game giveaways
「✦」Partnered with other Ark clusters
We are a International Gaming Community with 50+ members from all over the world. We have members from NA, EU, SEA, & ANZ making us one of the most active Mega Tribe on Mobile with members online 24/7

We are a Family first, Friends second, Tribe third. We have strict Morals & Prinicples and strive to be a positive influence to the Gaming Community

We are modeled after the US Marine Corps in terms of Rank & Structure but we run this like a Business

We strive to be a positive influence to our members and to the communities we are apart of, if you feel like you would be interested, please check us out
Hey there!
Join our discord server if you want to have fun with other gamers! :D
You can even discuss gaming or even up and coming games with eachother. You can have a chat with the Staff/Owner as they are often active as well!
- Cluster network with the maps Ragnarok, Valguero, Extinction, The Center, Abberation and Genesis (Crystal Island will comig on 4 of June) for small tribes (2 Player).

- Four language support (German, English, French)

- Custom Beacons on small tribes cluster.

- Custom Quest System in Ark. *** Disabled atm for rework ***

- Cross Server Chat.

- Item Shop in Ark.

- ORP (Offline Raid Protection).

- Taming, harvesting, breeding are on x10 on big tribe and x20 for small tribe.

- Turret limit in a range of about 30 foundations is set to 200, this avoids huge turret walls and gives the user a better gaming experience.

- Powerful hardware and 1 Gbit/s download and upload (6 Core Xeon with 128Gb Ram and 8 core ryzen with 64Gb Ram).

- slots per server is 70 players. ( 6 servers with 70 players each! )

[b]Small Tribe Setting´s[/b]
► XP x20
► Harvesting x20
► Taming x20
► Breeding x40
► Tribe Limit 2
► Allys are deactivated!
► Player Level Cap 150
► Wild Dino Level Cap 150

► Structures Plus
► Ressource Stacks
► Awesome Spyglass
► Editable UI
► Solo Farmkit
► Reward Vault

► Suicide
► Cross Server Chat
► Custom Quest System *** Deactivated atm***
► ORP (Offline Raid Protection)
► Tribe Log Relay
► Turret Filler
► Passiv Dino Protection
Looking for some new blood to join us, Smite, Apex, R6, Cod, and more.

Good Vibes only ( we check vibes at the door)
►Du suchst nach einem Multigaming Discord mit mehreren Gaming Servern?
►Du willst Bei Turnieren mitmachen in verschiedenen mit Preisgeldern?
►Du suchst nach neuen Mates mit denen Du zocken kannst?
►Du willst Werbung für deinen Discord Kostenlos und ohne Bedingungen machen?
Dann bist du bei Game X genau RICHTIG


In Folgenden Spielen haben wir unsere eigenen Gaming Server die nach und nach geöffnet werden:

►Garrys Mod
►ARK Survival Evolved
Steadily growing Ark server inviting you to join our amazing discord server! I can’t wait to see you there! WE DO NOT SUPPORT STEAM!
Fresh wiped 05/06!
Starter Griffin!
300x taming
Active/Friendly Owners!
Weekly events
And much more!
WHITE DROPS have starters!
This server is based off the popular game franchise "ark" And its a pretty well made RP server, With a pretty loose restriction on character creation and exploration, A friendly team of mods and me, The owner. As well as an interactable environment and a pretty thrilling plot as this isnt 'just some dino Island' no theres something else going on... Something that isnt right. Join the server and find out! (The server features meme channels, And some other basic discord stuff)