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This is a brand new discord it is about...
Lots of giveaways 🎁
Legit trades!🔫
Active staff ✅
Nice community 🙂
If you like this stuff then you should join!
------Kings STW Trading------

-New and upcoming server
-Easy to find your way around
-Recruiting new staff members
-Save The World based server
-Giveaways coming soon
A discord server built on Fortnite save the world community. We have trading channels, rep channels and much more come join our server and grow with us!!!
We are a growing Save the World Trading community that do Daily Giveaways!! We welcome all people who enjoy trading and doing missions within Fortnite Save the World, we offer a variety of different services such as Trusted Middlemen, Taxis, Crafters etc.
We look forward to seeing you in the server!
Save the World for Dummies is a fun gaming server for those who want to make new friends and chill while playing games and we encourage all ages to join.

What do we offer?

➤Active community, friendly and caring staff
➤Custom Bots
➤Regular events & giveaways
➤Memes, Music, Taxi's and Trading
➤Custom server emotes (insert custom emote)
_______—==**Mystical Trading**==--_______
🤖Box wars
🤖discord rpg
🤖akinator and more!
Friendly and active staff
from all around the world 🗺
So practically online 24/7
🎉 At least 2 every month
🎉 Legit
🎉 good rewards
Main rules
*Scamming is not allowed
*Selling of any kind is not allowed
*Scammers get Scammed IS allowed
**One of the rare servers which allows Scammer get scamming**
Forntite community
This server is an English fortnite community that likes to help each other. Our server is a Save the world (trading) server and a battle royale server!

We have different things on this server:
-General chat for every topic
-Games chat for games
-Save the world trading chats for PC, ps4 and xbox
-Save the world voice channels for in-game and trading
-Save the world taxi chat, pricelist-guns chat and a report scammer chat
-Battle royale voice channels for duos, trios and squads
-Battle royale game chat
-Battle royale 'looking for squad' chat
-Setup-music chat for your own music
-A nice rank system

There are many roles on the server of which 50 belong to the rank system.
the next roles are the most important ones:
- @VIP
- @Moderator
- @Administrator
- @Inviter
- @Save the world
- @Battle royale
- @Trusted Trader
- @Muted

In the server is a separate chat where is told what role what content.

important Bots:
Fortnite stats
Reaction Role

We hope to see you in our community!
A discord server built on Fortnite save the world community. We have trading channels, mission grind channels, apply for roles channel and much more come join our server and grow with us!!!
Welcome to 💎 Crystal Trading 💎 Server

►🎉◄ Making Giveaways

►🚕◄ Cheap Taxi Service

►👮◄ Cheap MiddleMan Service

►🤝◄ Helping people with their Mission's

►🤖◄ Auto Price-Helper

►🦋◄ Lots of bots To have Fun!

►❤️◄ And many more!
Welcome to JD's Fortnite Server ✓
A Discord server for the players of Fortnite - Save the World.
A happy place with happy staff in a happy server.

"Why should I join this server?"

We Offer:-

> Safe Trading with verified trusted traders with bot controlled reputation feedback.
Challenge Experiences!!!
> Active staff!
> Self Assignable roles!
> Wide range of interactive bots!
> Save the World Mission Alerts!!!
> Save the World Llama Update Alerts!!!
> Taxi services
> Events!
> Memes!
> Giveaways!
> Music bots!
> Gamer friendly!
> A suggestions area!
> There's even QOTD!
> Partnerships • Affiliates
> Different kinds of activities!
> Battle Royale Section with Scrims
> Gaming • Comp Teams • Events
> Regular additions & Updates!
> Voice Channels • Hidden Channels
> Meet new friends in a non-toxic server!

Don't believe us? Well join our server and check it out!
This is a trusted Fortnite save the world Trading channel.
It allows you to trade in Fortnite STW easily
A brand new save the world server!
What we want:
New and active staff
What we plan to achieve:
Strong active community that is always willing to help each other!
Giveaways will be starting soon, make sure to join us and check it out!
**__Welcome to Panda Trading!__**

We are a Fortnite: Save The World community where you can come and trade with **__nice__** and **__legit__** people! Do you want to avoid getting scammed by those pesky scammers? __Come and join us!__
**__What we have to Offer:__**

➤ **A Non-Toxic Community** 🚷⚠️
➤ **Very Welcoming People** 👋
➤ **An Active Community** ☕️
➤ **A Variety of Services For STW** 🤵
➤ **A Trading System** ♻️
➤ **Battle Royale Channels** 🔫
➤ **Other Games Channel** 🎮
➤ **Plenty of Helpful Bots** 🤖
➤ **Partners** 🤝
➤ **Giveaways** 🎁

**__And lots more!__**
Pings: **@everyone @here**
*So what are you waiting for?*
**__Come and join us at Panda Trading today!__**
🍌Banana's STW Server🍌
4000+ members

Banana's STW Server is a fortnite save the world devoted server with massive giveaways and events and safe trading chats, we are dedicated and devote our time to help our members grow and contribute to the Save The World Community! We strive to ensure that all of our members can trade safely and build a positive environment for everyone. Our server features and channels will expand as our server grows. Our staff team is built with professional players to assist you when needed. We look forward to see you joining on our community! 🍌

🍌 Overview Of Server Channels 🍌
 • 🎉Giveaways🎉
 • 👉Role Promotions👈
 • 💎 Edit Wars Event 💎
 • 💬 General Chat 💬
 • ✔ Trusted Chat ✔
 • 👅Memes Chat👅
 • 🔊 Spam Chat 🔊
 • 🎙Events VC🎙
 • 🎶 Music VC 🎶

🍌 Save The World Content 🍌
 • 💵 Trading Chat 💵
 • 🔫 Weapon Trading 🔫
 • 🛠 Crafter Shop 🛠
 • 🛡 Trusted Shop 🛡
 • 🔱 Middleman Service 🔱
 • 🚕 Taxi Service 🚕
 • 🚀 Missions Help 🚀
 • 🔔 SSD Help 🔔
 • 💴 Trading VC 💴

🍌 Battle Royale Content 🍌
 • ♠ BR Duos VC ♠
 • ♥ BR Squad VC ♥

🍌 Unique Features 🍌
 • 💲Price Check Bot 💲
 • 💀 Scammer Proof 💀

🍌 Announcement and Partnership 🍌
 • We have plans to add more BR dedicated Channels, as well as adding roles that allows members to assist others with SSD and Missions etc.
 • We have recently added an Anti VPN feature where all players who have been IP banned are unable to create alternative accounts to rejojn back in order to ensure the community's safety
 • If you are interested in partnering with us and your server meets the following requirement please let us know

1,000+ Server Members
Fortnite Related Content

🏆 Join Our Banana's STW Server Now 🏆
We are a Trading and giveaway server we host daily giveaways and hope you will come join us help us grow and become a big friendly server we also introduce invite rewards
This is a Gaming server based around a ton of games and our mission is to make discord a fun place for everyone. Come check us out!

Brand new Trading/Giveaway server with 1000+ Members!

•Daily Giveaways🎁
•Middle man service👤
•Taxi service 🚕
•SSD Builders🔨

•Trusted PayPal & Gameflip Shops 💰

•Weapons & Materials Trade Chat💎
•Battle Royale Chat

•STW Materials Price Bot
•Daily Item Shop Bot
•STW Daily Llama Bot
•FNBR Patch Notes Bot
•Rank & Reputation System

Friendly Mods & Users. Don’t Be Afraid To Talk In Chat!
5000+ members

A nice friendly discord server to meet new people and easily find help for their SSD's in fortnite STW or just chill and talk about anything,
A discord server for the players & traders of Fortnite Save the World.
🙏. I hope you have fun😜
This is a save the world community built on trading and helping each other mainly on save the world!!!
Trading Universe is a Save The World based trading server. Even though the main focus is on trading, there are still channels related to mission help, middle man, taxis, and even battle royals channels too. When you are in this server, you will have the best and safest trading experience you have ever had.