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◈───◈ Electric Gaming Community◈───◈
The Electric Gaming Community is welcome to everyone, whether you play games,watch tv shows and movies or you simply just want to chat and have fun.
We have:
❋12k+ Members!
❋Daily pokecord,pubg,steam key and giftcard giveaways!
❋100k+ messages every 24hrs!
❋Tournaments and Leagues with CASH PRIZES!
Our server consists of: Pokemon, Steam,Pubg,Fortnite,DA2,ROS,Realm Royale,Minecraft and Roblox players, anime watchers, manga readers, netflix enthusiasts, fun bots to play with and much more!
SO what are you waiting for?
Join the Electric Gaming Server NOW!!!!
Come chat with the creator of forthcoming otherworldly point and click adventure game, The Mystery Of Woolley Mountain and other like minded adventure game fans! Get exclusives, freebies and other wonders in our server!
This is just a small server for playing videogames, nothing special. If you want to play with us, feel free to join.

Side note: Your name may or may not change into two nouns.
Here at JJ games we sell cheap accounts and cheats. Wide range of games and Rust and Rainbow six Scripts. We also just got in fortnite hacks
Join this friendly gaming server for:

-Steam game giveaways
-Game competitions and events
-Server minigames
-Meet new people
-Daily question
-Awesome staff

(We are also available for partnering. Just DM @Jellytortise88#1949 on discord)
Want some free game? They're are free for a small amount of time and it's completely legal!
Then FREE GAMES Temporarily is made for you!
What is it? It's a Discord server made to notify you when a game is free for a small amount of time.
On multiples platforms like Steam, GOG Galaxy, etc.
Warning: Offers are not always there, most of the time they last 48 hours.
Are you interested? Then Join us!
Have fun with your future games.
A Group for Anime and Gaming fans alike, everyone's welcome here!

We have custom bots, a leveling system, color roles, and we focus on a casual environment where you can play games and chat.
Super Chill Relax Advertising server with only 4 rules!
Your more then welcome to join our Gaming/Youtuber/Streamer/ Discord server!!!
Including CSGO Stats bot and Fortnite Stats/Shop Bot

:star_and_crescent:Open Partnerships!
:star_and_crescent:Gaming Stats!
:star_and_crescent:Looking For Active Staff
:star_and_crescent:Laid back community!
:star_and_crescent:Self promotion channel!
:star_and_crescent:Fun bots!

Server Link:
The Gaming Gods community is a brand new community that focuses around Rust servers. Join us today to find out more, and feel free to visit our website at!
to find and play with new people and have events and stuff like that
Steampunk, arcane and roleplay. Adventure awaits in New Cog city. Make your mark on a story that you help create.

Were a new fantasy steampunk server looking for people to fill our ranks and help us create stories. The setting may be mine but the story belongs to everyone.
Our tastes are diverse ranging across various genres of anime and video games. We have members who play on PC, Switch, PS4, 3DS and more.

Come stop by and introduce yourself.
Trade leftover steam keys or items in the safest way possible! Set up a trade today and talk with one of the best communities around! We do giveaways of various Steam games! Stop by to check it out!
A new server meant for Gamers to make new friends and have fun.

-Role choosing mechanism
-Multiple voice chats for people playing together and music
-Different chat channels for conversation and memes
-Events regularly to get promotions
-Music and Minigame bots
Were a gaming server and a chilling server so if you like gaming and talking to people this is the server for you we don't care what you do just don't post any core besides that go crazy
Community for truckers, street racers, Steam users and My Little Pony fans.
We also have a giveaways section if the topics above don't interest you! :)
If you're looking for a dead cancerously terrible community, you've hopefully found what you're looking for.
The Dark Utopia Discord Server is an open and welcoming community that revolves around playing video games & memes.

There are also other sides to the server.
Like the NSFW aspect.

** :star:You have been invite to "All of Us" **
**This server is about anime ! But everyone can came here !

☆ ══════════ ༺๑ღ๑༻ :star2: :first_quarter_moon: :star2: ༺๑ღ๑༻ ══════════ ☆
► __☆New and welcoming community!☆:hugging: __
► __☆New and welcoming community!☆:hugging:__
► __☆Music Bots☆ __
► __ So Much Fun With Us!:GWcorsairBully: __
► __ New and welcoming community!__
► __ AND MUCH MORE!!!__
Hey, This is a server where you can chill , talk, play games and also trade . looking to grow this server and also able to watch twitch videos of csgo pros :) hope you enjoy your stay