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All Games 66
Our tastes are diverse ranging across various genres of anime and video games. We have members who play on PC, Switch, PS4, 3DS and more.

Come stop by and introduce yourself.
7 minutes ago
All Games 45
a gaming/chill server filled with immature but enjoyable kids. join at your own disposure
52 minutes ago
Anime and Manga 100
Our server is a fairly new chill place to make friends, share your favorite animes, games, pictures etc based on the anime MMO Log Horizon.
1 hours ago
Join to share your g2a goldmine reflink with others, let's get rich!
6 hours ago
All Games 14
Come along and join the enthusiasts network! | Brand new, need mods | Major help if I can grow this up!
14 days ago
Welcome to ***Sematic Gaming***, It's all about ***Gaming***, where a lots of people play games and have fun!
We have some greatest channels and roles, You can have fun playing your friends, or someone, or listen to a music in the voice channels!
17 days ago
All Games 6
Play with your friends on our Steam Discord Server!
25 days ago
All Games 19
A new growing discord server with the intent of becoming (hopefully) a well-known and respected community. You are welcome here to do as you please as long as you abide by our rules and regulations. Please enjoy your stay.
26 days ago
All Games 8
The Gem Box is an All-Game gaming community where we accept all ppl who want to play a game.
27 days ago
All Games 22
Are you looking for people to play with? An discord made for all games , well we have people just like you, looking for someone to play with! And if you what we are looking for new Mods and Admin
27 days ago
All Games 8
Hello! and welcome to Nibba Life 69. We're an aspiring group that is striving to build a big gaming community that contains various players from around the world. In order to do that we need your help so why not join?
We have plenty of people who have lots of game.
People who you can talk to and have fun times with.
Promote your social media if you wish :D
Meet new friends!
And become a true nibba in the future legitimate government, so join us!
33 days ago
Community 681
Russian-speaking Steam Community.
P.S. We have a channel for communication in English with Russian-speaking users.
42 days ago
This server is new! It's mainly for gaming.
League of legends.
and more!!
-You can earn 4 ranks, which:
Member, Member +, Legend and Well-Known member.

Legend has access to change his nickname.
Well-Known member has access to make his own voice channel. (Ask The owners)
47 days ago
Brand new community!


Kawaii emotes!

Participating in giveaways, movienights, avatar voting!

Music, nsfw, anime, karaoke channels!

Self roles, dere roles!

You can marry other players!

Come check us out~
48 days ago
All Games 113
We're a laid-back/social gaming community that loves to have fun! The majority of us play World of Warcraft, but a lot of us also play other games together too, and we are actively looking at expanding!

World of Warcraft
And more!
50 days ago
All Games 99
Welcome to The Lit Fam Gaming Discord! We are a collection of wonderful people, great game players and popular personalities - all who have come together to create The Lit Fam.
58 days ago
A Discord server for people to chill and play games together!
63 days ago
A chill discord server that you'll be able to play games and crack a cold one with the boys
68 days ago
All Games 7
We love to play games games games and more games! We also like to u know talk and use memes and be funny! Hope you enjoy!
80 days ago
Join on my cool server! ♥
It's the best place for gaming!
It isnt a big server with 1000 members.

gaming | level | fun | cool emoji
108 days ago
Just a server filled with people that originated from a guild on GraalOnline Era.
127 days ago