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Welcome to Red Dead with Friends! We are a Red Dead Redemption 2 PC based discord community in which you can make friends, find people to posse up with and talk about the game!
For PC players, but welcome to all!

- Patch updates! (soon)

- Levelling system

- Make new friends

- LFG (Look for groups to play with)

- Roleplay (soon)

- Looking for staff

Come and have some fun with friends.
Welcome to ChristoCord!


We are a tech community whom is passionate about technology and helping you build/pick new parts for your new PC! We also have dedicated tech support to help with any tech problems and a dedicated, active staff recruit ready to help when you need it!

We also have community nights every Friday 9pm EST!
Large friendly Fallout 76 community (PC). PVP and PVE. Help given to those just starting out. Raids provided for those at end game. Events plainly listed for all. Rules are simply: Don't tear down your fellow guild mates for fun and no drama. We would LOVE to have you, we specialize in getting the newbies up and running and watching them develop their character into a strong effective Wastelander. Some of our community has also begun playing Red Dead Redemption 2 online together as well.
MyTech is a growing community focused on helping others fix issues that may arise with their computers or laptops. Our friendly team is always happy to help regardless of how small or large the problem is. We also help users build custom computers to get the best performance for the best price.
The PHANTOM ELITE Is A Casual Military Simulation Community In Grand Theft Auto Online On PS4/PC Established In April 17,2016. It Is Built From A Community Of Military Enthusiasts & Personnel Aiming To Provide Entertainment To Its Members Through The Enjoyment Of A Casual Yet Controlled Mil-sim Environment. The PHANTOM ELITE Milsim Offers Regularly Scheduled Semi-Realistic Training Exercises, Operations, Entertaining Engagements, A Command Structure With Opportunity To Grow, And A Friendly Respectful Community

[:] Community Website=
[:] Recruitment Website:
hi guys im a modder and i like to mod your account and drop you money bags ITS FREE AND LEGIT i have a paid menu so no worries

We are a Destiny 2 clan for PS4/PC players. Our diverse and friendly community has over 400 active guardians. We run PvP, PvE - really anything that gives us loot. So there’s only one question you need to ask yourself... are you happy in your clan?
This is a Minecraft Server.
Its a on going server has to offer to players: Support, tips, mc news and a friendly environment.
The main languages used in this Server are English, Portuguese and Italian !
Join now ! Have a Nice Day
Scrayper_ Owner
Nous sommes plus qu'honneur de vous présenter notre nouveau projet intitulé : Call of Duty : Mobile France !

Nous souhaitons faire agrandir notre communauté francophone autour du jeu Call of Duty : Mobile, afin de passer de bon moment ensemble !

Vous y retrouverez des concours et autres très prochainement sur le serveur ! Des projets vont également bientôt arriver sur le serveur afin d'accueillir de plus en plus d'arrivants ! Nous espérons tous vous voir bientôt, commandants !
Камерный канал по RDR2 !
Собираем гайды, делимся полезной инфой, помогаем друг другу.
Eris, get your rock off my map

Welcome to memeists unite, we are a small tight knit community of friends and we bassically sit and talk about video games, anime, and other stuff all day.


•self roles
•active VC
•friendly community
•staff that are friendly and know what they’re doing
•a lot of banter

I hope to see some people in the server!
Hello and welcome to the Sexy Endermen server!
Here we have many channels dedicated to uhh good and bad things like self-roles and hepititis (which I think is misspelled) and is of course for lewd images, gifs and memes!
BUT THAT'S NOT ALL YOU CREEP WE ALSO HAVE LOT'S OF GOODIES FOR YOU LIKE um I dunno but we like to uhhh skip around the block uwu
and yes I said uwu because there will be a lot more to come and if you have a problem with my uwuing then you can go to idgaf's ville and stay there for a bit
anyways the Sexy Endermen Server is a great place to stay full of mysterious game nights oooo (usually of steam games, minecraft, or roblox) and the tony bamanaboni bot which is always helpful for your music needs
Anyways this server is a good place for gamers and chatters alike!
Whether you're gay, straight, a complete and total weeb (no anime) as long as you aren't toxic you'll manage just fine!
I, Λiken The Cunt, am proud to unveil my server to you and just let you know that whenever you need some entertainment... I'll be right there to accompany youu
Notes: we are partnering with a server today so expect some more growth! :]

Looking for a diverse gaming network, in both titles and population? Welcome to a life in the clouds. We have 11 Java Minecraft servers (Modded, etc) and Bedrock (for console/mobile gamers), Gmod, Rust, Five M, and more. A fast growing community in the skies. Come join the chaos, and start your life in the clouds. We also have a hosting company of the same name.Cloud Chaos: Aim for the skies.™
✦ Nemesis Clan ✦
✦ Ages 15/16+ ✦
✦ PS4 ✦
✦ IE/UK/US ✦
✦ Discord ✦
✦ Need Mic! ✦
Welcome to TechCorps, a place where you have nothing to do other than talking about tech-related topics. If you have tech issues, this is the server for you! We have certified tech support members who will gladly assist you!

*Note that our server has certified tech support members who have at least 8 years of experience in the tech industry
Immersive roleplay through GTA 5 fivem. Fly into Los Santos with your friends and connect through activities and daily living in a big city! With over 25+ legal jobs and tons of illegal activies to do!

📌 Realistic bone system, limping when leg(s) are broken, Blurry vision from head damage, Internal injuries lead to blood loss, more weapon recoil when arms are broken.

📌 MDT / DNA / Bullet Casings for police for actual police work and solving crimes about murders, and shootings, while also able to put out warrants and BOLOs.

📌Custom heists and Robberies, All stores have robbable clerks and the ones in the city even have breakable safes in the back. 3 unique ways to rob banks at 7 locations across the map.

📌Hidden locations and Missions, tons of great RP to be made with people trying to find out hidden locations or doing missions with friends!

📌Jail break from the cities jail by blowing the power to the city, or get behind doors that would normally be locked!

📌Tons of great opportunities for players such as owning a business and managing employees, and striving to hold it together.
Hello Everyone,

We're a Gaming Community looking for any members to join.
We're still reasonably small and looking to grow so it becomes a second home for everyone, we don't mind how long you've played games or how bad/ bad you are, everyone is welcome no matter what! So come along and help us grow, we can't do it without you.
- We run our own Arma 3 and Minecraft Server
- Our friendly admin team will help you with ANY issues
- 1200+ other like minded people
- Very good at weeding out the toxic people
- We value your input to help us grow

Esta a procura de um servidor de Discord ?
Um servidor que Seja focado no Publico gamer em geral , Que não seja nem tão grande com toda aquela poluição sonora e crianças gritando mas também não seja tão pequeno quanto aqueles que você entra e a ultima mensagem foi a meses atrás?
Então vale a pena dar uma oportunidade para nosso servidor.
star wars Battlefront 2 timeless platoon part of the 401st coruscant guard. We are the PC players fight for victory and we need you.
Hello! This is a place where people can meat new teammates for various games, but especially Rainbow Six: Siege. You can promote your own server/social media here, and just have a great time. Thank you for your time!
DevHelp helps developers or new coders, program.
We currently have channels for:
And more soon!

I hope to see anyone join, even if you are not a developer, you are welcome.
Gaming Alliance - A game community
-Gaming teams
-Friendly fun community
-Build a community that will support smaller streamers.
Become an alliance member today.
Friendly community for all sorts.

Games, tech, cars, etc.

LGBT+ friendly

Dedicated channels to all available topics! (though open to more topics/hobbies)