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The Hellhound Task Force (HHTF) is a relatively new PC-based global response unit that engages in light-hearted military roleplay (RP). Consisting of ground units, snipers, and an air force, the HHTF primarily stages large-scale PVP military simulation (MilSim) operations, provides regular member-only training sessions, and protects players from griefers in car meets and casual lobbies.

With a player base spanning 6 continents, from a diverse range of backgrounds, HHTF accepts applicants of any race and experience level who can exhibit maturity and professionalism. Recognizing that any player, regardless of current skill, can improve given the right opportunities, the HHTF has no level limit, and applicants will NOT be screened based on prior RP or MilSim experience, or on the amount of in-game money they possess.

Whether you’re looking for a military/security crew that can back you up against hostiles and provide you with the tools to become a more effective soldier on the battlefield, or simply want to experiment with RP and MilSim gameplay, then you’ve found the right place. Sign up now, the HellHound Task Force welcomes you.

Member Requirements:
- Must have a professional and mature attitude
- Be reasonably active on Discord or in crew activities
- Be capable of working with others
- Be able to follow orders quickly and without question
- Age of 15 years and above (exceptions can be made if one can show signs of good maturity)
- Have acceptable combat and teamwork skills
- Have at least a decent grasp of English

(Note: You do not need a mic to join)

Specializations Available:
- Rifleman
- Heavy Weapons Specialist
- Sniper
- Pilot
Hi! I made this server for me and my friends to look for people to talk to and to play PC games with. We want to build a fun and active community. The age demographic is mostly 14-18. The game we are currently playing the most is Apex Legends, and sometimes The Jackbox Party Packs 1-7, so join if you want to play one of those with us sometime!
⭐Currently looking for tech support! ⭐

MyTech is a growing community focused on helping others fix issues that may arise with their computers or laptops. Our friendly team is always happy to help regardless of how small or large the problem is. We also help users build custom computers to get the best performance for the best price.
This Server Is All About Helping Each Other Out In Games And Also Just To Make New Friends And Chill Out🙃
Trading of dino's of all type's. Everyone is welcome to trade here. (PVE PC ONLY)
Come find the odd color dino your looking for! Or sell dino's that you have.
Çukura hoşgeldiniz, and we have so much to offer you!
These things include but aren't limited to:
- Coding Support
- Ethical Hacking
- Over 500 Members
- Coding Projects
- Giveaways
- Coding Tutorials
- Ethical Hacking Tutorials
- Lots Of Fun Bots
and much more, join today
You should join GARP (formally known as Great American Roleplay) because they have active members, and very active staff. Their departments are amazing with custom liveries, eups, and best high command across all the departments. We have SAST,BCSO,SACD,SAFR and now DOT. Staff is friendly, helpful, and always there when you need them. The server itself has scripts that all civilians and LEO's love - including a tackle script and a fire script. There are Y-Maps, addon vehicles which are IRL (in real life) vehicles and custom stations for SAST ,BCSO, and SAFR. Roleplays are always ongoing with no set days and times. Server directors and the staff team get involved with roleplays, we are seen as more of a community and a family than just a server. We have and international appeal with members from England, Australia, and Canada. We are a diverse community that stands by our word when we say “We Make Roleplay Great Again,” and “You are a brother/sister.” When on GARP you will be treated with the utmost respect for all, the staff team are very quick and efficient when dealing with Fail RPers and trolls in general. They have a set policy of 2 warnings, 2 kicks, 2 temporary bans, then a permanent ban which can be appealed! They welcome all from all over the world, from different faiths & beliefs with a NO RACIST policy which is punishable. They also host server events which all are welcomed to, also they do giveaways of donator. They have an optional donating policy where if you donate $10 you get extra vehicles and boats. For more vehicles and a custom LEO and CIV vehicle of your choice! All in all it is a great server and community to be apart of where everyone is welcome and what you see is what you get which is respect, honesty, trust, and great roleplay and a place to express yourself and have a great time!

Amenities from GARP:

--- Active Directors and Staff

--- Blaine County Sheriff’s Office

--- San Andreas State Troopers

--- San Andreas Fire & Rescue

--- San Andreas Communications Department

--- San Andreas Department of Transportation

--- Donations to get unique vehicles like a Jacked up F-350, and hundreds more to be added daily

--- 300+ Civ vehicles and adding more everyday

--- personal LEO vehicles for cops who donate

--- Not only a community but a family that enjoys life together

MGBRP is a new community currently in its late beta phase, we are currently recruiting for all departments. We strive to provide a unique life RP experience where you live your life how you want. In our community you have the ability to play your character fully and enjoy the entire state of San Andreas. We provide serious and fun roleplay, we also have active staff who truly care about the community and work hard to provide the best experience out there. So come join us today!


Q: How old do I have to be to join?
A: You must be 13+ to join

Q: Is this a whitelisted server?
A: Yes we are whitelisted to ensure serious roleplay and provide quality roleplay.

Q: What departments and jobs are offered?
A: On the emergency services side we offer Los Santos County Sheriffs Office, Los Santos Police, San Andreas State Police, FIB, Los Santos Fire/EMS, Dispatch, more to come! As far as civilian we offer a lot of jobs and are continuously adding more and allow civilians to request more jobs be added.

Q: Why choose MGBRP?
A: There are many communities out there and we know that, but we offer a unique roleplay experience which is continuously developing and improving. We don’t just throw together a server that we want, we build the server with the help of the community. Sometimes building something truly does take a village… or guess in this case a community. At MGB we aren’t just a server we are a family and want to grow with you.


Be 13+
Enjoy serious roleplay
Speak fluent english

“For the community by the community!”
A place where me and my team can help fix any issues you have with your computer for free.
Update: We also will now be selling RDPs (Windows computers you login to with remote desktop connection) for $15 in bitcoin. They are way faster than a PC, and they are online most if the time. Faster and cheaper than a PC, you can't say that isn't a sweet deal!
PC Game Updates is a server, where you can find you favorite's games patch updates.
Join if you got interested.

Good to know: We use Patchbot to get these updates to our server, so if you don't see the favorite games updates and you really want to see those, then you can suggest it to Server Owner.
• we mainly play roblox games
• this server is new
• uh bye
✨This is a new server and friendly community✨
✨ We also play Siege, Among-Us, GTAV, Rocket League and more!✨
✨No toxicity✨
✨Chill server✨
✨edgy humor✨
Want a really fun roleplaying experience? Good, then join SADPSRP, we have active staff, active LEO and fire and ems.

Features in Krusty Burger :
- Giveaways
- Role leveling system
- Gaming voice channels
- Game/Event nights
- Meme/Music sharing
- And more, join today!
We are the unofficial Among Us Discord server! Find players, chat, and do much more here. Enjoy yourself!
|—| Rainbow Six Siege Squad & Teams |

[All Platforms]

Welcome to a only Rainbow Six Siege Server, we offer a lot, here are some now:

|———| What We Offer: |———|

> — Squad MatchMaking — {🔁}
Custom channels for everyone to meet and play with new players
> — Field League — {🏆}
FL is like pro league without the money, you play to get experience and to have fun!
> — Partnership — {🎖️}
Partnerships are available just need to be active, active staff, good rules and your good to go
> — News — {📰}
We have custom channels for News updates, from an official R6 Discord Server!
> — Self-Roles — {♻️}
Self Roles are optional, rank/level/region etc
> — Music — {🎶}
Custom Category for free music while playing R6
> — Emojis — {☢️}
Custom emojis, we are reaching out to get 100 normal and gif emojis for the future

Salut !
Voici un serveur d'hardware de plus de 340 membres qui vous aidera pour tout vos problèmes !
Sur ce serveur vous trouverez :

🖥️ Des Salons hardware pour tous vos problèmes. Vous serez aidé par des membres qui s'y connaissent et surtout par le staff ! Si vous avez une question ou un problème, vois avez juste à demander sur le salon adéquate 😉

💻 Un salon pour le développement est présent pour ceux qui ont des questions, des problèmes où pour aider d'autres membres justement.

👌Des salons textuels et vocaux propres et organisé pour discuter et rigoler avec les autres membres sans restriction.

🎺 Des bots de musique ainsi que des Salons vocaux sont à votre service pour vous détendre dans notre serveur

📯 Des giveaway et même un championnat annuel sont présents.
-> Dans ce championnat, des sessions avec des quizz hardware, des blindtest et plein d'autres amusement pour vous divertir sont organisés (en arrêt pour le moment)

👑 Et surtout Une communauté super cool et active qui grandi de jour en jour ⛑️ Et Un staff actif et compétent qui est là pour vous !

Viens sur le serveur on t'attend !

Je n'ai plus qu'a vous souhaitez une bonne journée. ☀️ Bye👋
Good day soldier,

join the IRF MilSim (for Ghost Recon Breakpoint on PC) to witness a complete new immersive and tactical military game experience.

IRF provides you with:
-Discord Role Play (if desired)
-Military Rank System
-Fix Settings To Ensure Immersion
-Uniform And Loadout Layout
-Self Designed Trainings
-A Variety Of Operator "Classes"
-A Variety Of Courses To Complete
-Self Written Operations
-A Great Multinational Community

You should bring with you:
-PC Version Of GRBP
-Mature Behaviour
-Microphone and Headset
-The Ability To Follow Rules In The Military Structure
-Willingness To Learn And Improve (If Possible ;-) )
-Dedication To The Game

If you are interested feel free to join and challenge yourself with our Basic Training, which is the first step into our little IRF cosmos...
See you in the field.

This is a reboot of the former IRF MilSim. Lessons learned and experiences made, we are happy to looking forward to an even bigger party with you all.
É um servidor para você que quer conhecer gente nova, jogar algo com os membros ou até só jogar conversa fora.
A única regra é não ser babaca/tóxico
Friendly Paladins-focused community where you can find players for ranked or casual modes, check your stats and even practice by joining us in fun custom game modes.
For those who like to express themselves we have 100+ emotes, mostly Paladins-themed!
We also have sections for other games such as Minecraft, Smash Bros, Rogue Company and more!
Hello we are a upcoming tech discord
We help people with there tech
We help people with part picker lists
We help people on troubleshooting
We are always looking for staff to help E.g.
Mods Pc Helpers

- All members of all ages are Welcome! (13+)
- All platforms.
- NSFW and Gambling (this is extra on the side for spare time such as waiting for games to load)
- Friendly staff, Get to know everyone and have a laugh.
- someone talking all the time so don't be afraid to join in on the conversation!
- No kid's are to be staffed due to safety reason's.
- make friends more Gamer's to add online - possibly meet your future partner
- Gaming updates (every platform included)
- Active staff, males and females, Don't feel like you're not the odd one here.
-Prizes to be won, Enjoy pushing you're limits try these tournaments/contest out amazing stuff to be given out, So come on down and battle for victory!!!

Any questions please just leave a message
Discord name: Marshy#5770