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The Grand Army of the Republic is a Star Wars: Battlefront II Xbox One community centered on everything Star Wars! We also have a dedicated milsim that we use to work together as a team to dominate the enemy. Join us in our fight against the CIS!
Hey ihr Helden!
Unsere Gemeinschaft ,,HeldenLiga" besteht aus PC Spielern die hauptsächlich in Battlefront 2, Paladins und Battlefield 5 vertreten sind. Wir suchen immer steht's neue Mitglieder und würden uns freuen, wenn ihr einfach Mal vorbeischauen würdet.
LG. Die HeldenLiga <3
A discord server for battlefront 2 to bring the battlefront 2 community together and play with each others. (all platform)
Unser Server bietet aktiven Star Wars Battlefront 2 Spielern eine Plattform auf der sie mit Gleichgesinnten Reden, Diskutieren und Spielen können.

Wir würden uns Freuen wenn du mal vorbei schaust.
A Roleplay based upon the Clone Wars era of Star Wars, specifically taking place in 20 BBY, a few months before Umbara.

🌟What this server includes🌟
→ A leveling system to determine ranks
→ Roleplay standards
→ Rules
→ Freedom of expression
→ Canon content
→ Rank based on activity (or spamming on a channel ig)
The purpose of the Star Wars Gaming channel is to bring together gamers who love Star Wars games and Star Wars related topics. Members can be anything from casual gamers and casual Star Wars fans to those dedicated to Star Wars gaming and are very involved with Star Wars films, cannon, etc. The server is to be mainly community driven, with multiple channels and chats for you and others on the server to play together and communicate, and that the community decides what it wants to do, not moderators (for instance: members decide to play Star Wars Battlefront II on a private server together and invite other members from the server to play). If you love Star Wars, and you do even a minimal amount of gaming, this is the server for you.

The server is not at all favoring one game or group of Star Wars fans over another. This is meant for people who love the topic of Star Wars to get together to play and discuss. This is NOT for members to fight over which game is the best and NOT to create a divide between members. Any and all people are welcome, and we do not discriminate against people.

The server IS NOT in any way affiliated with Star Wars, LucasFilm, or Disney. The server is purely fan driven and will not be used to advertise any Star Wars games, merchandising, or other products.