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We're a friendly community for gamers, anime, and general chatting. Competitive gaming is welcomed along with gamers who love PUBG, League, and Overwatch!
1 hours ago
Our tastes are diverse ranging across various genres of anime and video games. We have members who play on PC, Switch, PS4, 3DS and more.

Come stop by and introduce yourself.
2 hours ago
Hey salutations a toi, tu cherche un discord tranquille et animé avec des événements, pour jouer ou tout simplement parler c'est ici.
N'hésites pas a nous rejoindre pour un max de fun et de délire
Da poutou l'équipe NVOB
12 hours ago
We talk about games a lot, but we're not limited to it. Small, non-toxic community where we talk about whatever. Most people are PlayStation gamers but some, like myself, have Switch and PC too. Also, I really like Persona.
9 days ago
The #1 Fortnite & Competitive Players community.
50.000+ in the PS4 Community.
Enjoy your time.
Looking for a duo/squad? Join here!
10 days ago
This server is for Master_Of_Chaos's Twitch stream, YouTube fans, and Master_Of_Chaos's friends. advertise promote or help streams out by watching them Support 4 Support

This server is for Master_Of_Chaos's Twitch stream, YouTube fans, and Master_Of_Chaos's friends. advertise promote or help streams out by watching them Support 4 Support

11 days ago
Brand new gaming server meant for anyone!
Multiple YOUTUBERS are in this server!
Fortnite, MC, COD, anything else is welcome!
Join here:
12 days ago
Hello! This server is for people who want to play multiplayer of the upcoming Fallout 76 on the PlayStation 4! Hope to survive with you guys in the wasteland!
16 days ago
This is basically just a community server but we play games and send me mes
17 days ago
The Gaming Lounge - Per game channels, game discussions and more.

Our bot will help you with getting access to the channels for the games.

Join now!
18 days ago
Welcome to Gamers' Hideout! You won't regret joining us! Here's what we have to offer:
A range of supported platforms like PS or PC;
Friendly and chill members;
A music bot;
No trolls;
A meme channel;
Rewarding roles given after inviting others;
And so much more!
18 days ago
The Lurk is a new Discord Server for adults looking to PC Game. We are a chill group looking for new members to game, share memes, music, and much more. We need Mods, and are always accepting new users. We are friendly, and will welcome anyone.
19 days ago
We welcome you to RPG Time! Here, you can talk to new people and play tons of your favorite games with other people! We hope enjoy being with us!
20 days ago
Advert Central is a free-for-all advertisement server, allowing people to find what they're looking for, or promote their business/project. Join today to get your word out.
25 days ago
This English Server is a Gaming Community for everyone! You can have fun, play with friends and even find new friends! Join now to support us.

Our features:
- Fun Bots!
- Polite and friendly staff!
- Music!
- Memes!
- Channels!
40 days ago
This is an brand new server about gaming come and meet new friends there is
Free Talk
Private Channels 2-6
Fortnite Rooms
Pubg Rooms
CS:GO Rooms
NSFW Chat (18+ ONLY)
Age role
You can ask for your own private room and also your friends . :D
Come meet new friends and get some Victories.
40 days ago
This is a chilled put battlefield community and is welcoming anyone to enjoy there time in the server
41 days ago
This is a new server revolving around anime, NSFW and I don't even know. Just join I guess. Ill tell you about how pathetic I am. We have a darker sense of humor and we're active. Memes are accepted and may be spammed.
44 days ago
We are fun folk who play ps4 and love to talk. Satirical.
44 days ago
Ich stelle unseren Discord Server erstmal vor:
Wir supporten für Fortnite/PokemonGo und Minecraft!
Wir haben ein freundliches Team, jede Menge Minigames (coinflip, schreiben mit einem Bot, etc., ein Reportsystem, ein Selfrole System) und einen gut strukturierten Server mit Bots, news, report systemen, level systemen, eigene Kanäle für VIP Ränge und Vielem mehr!
Joint jetzt und habt Spaß! (Leßt euch bitte den #regeln und #news Channel durch, dann seid ihr informiert!)
49 days ago
Brand new Dark Souls/Soulsborne focused server looking for active players on all systems. In need of members! Currently looking for capable staff as well.
52 days ago
A community of Rocket league members. We're planning on to increase our membership. We're here to give a space for fellow players to challenge each other to 1v1's, trade, or simply discuss the upcoming of rocket league.
69 days ago