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Come chill with some mellow Monster Hunter enthusiasts!
We are always up for a good roast or some side splitting laughs. Doesn't matter if you're noob or pro, so long as you're looking for a carefree place to find some hunting homies!
Ark: Survival Evolved ps4 server open to public. There are fun events you surley want to join. We have 3 maps avaible at the moment: Ragnarok, Center and Aberration. Island is probably comming soon aswell! Become patreon for exclusive rewards. Hopefully i see you there :)
Introducing a new RDR2 Online Discord community for all Red Dead Redemption 2 fans to join and be a part of. Feel free to chat about RDR2, other games, share memes, talk about other subjects such as food and sports, and also advertise your RDR2 or anything else. Be sure to join this community to keep in touch with others from the community, build reputation within the online community and find out new things about the game that you never knew.
To join just simply follow the link or copy the link and paste it into join server.
This server is primarily for PS4 members but everyone is welcome.
Once you get into the sever just read the rules and then verify yourself in the verification section.
Hi there! I am piratemcdavey. My server is one built for people who love video games, anime, D and D, and having fun chatting as well! We are accepting of all types of people and do not tolerate people who want to ruin a good time for others. I am also a tiwtch streamer.

I have a bot set up to do commands like, hug, kiss, poke and cuddle. People have a lot of fun with the commands.

I host a game night on Fridays and if I can get the interest for it I will host a movie night Saturday!

Features I will soon add is a bot that will implement a custom leveling system! Currently the ranks are in place, but I do it manually. I have ten custom pirate ranks with possibly more to come!

I also have a system for role if you want to add them to show what your gaming interests are! I will add more as they are needed.

I am also looking for server partners in order to help grow the community. We have a very friendly group of people. I hope you decide to join us!
Looking for people to play PS4 games with? Well then this is the right server for you. This server is for people who want to make friends and play games.
The server has a channel for games (#overwatch for example) so you can chat with people who play the same games as you. This also means you won’t get ‘spammed’ about games you don’t play/have.
Also no annoying mass mention about streams.
This server is active; every month the people who haven’t been seen will be kicked.
Besides gaming and talking about life we also have some fun bots like Pokécord and what’s a server without memes? The meme bot will give us some dank memes :D
„Elite“ ist eine Community, welche sich im Dezember 2017 als Clan unter dem Namen „Primo“ gründete! Zu der Zeit war der Clan mehr auf das allseits beliebte Fortnite konzentriert. Der Leistungsvergleich war nie unser Ziel, sondern viel mehr der Spaß und die Leidenschaft am Spiel. Das sorgte immer für eine freundliche und beinahe familiäre Gaming-Atmosphere.
Nachdem der Clan gewachsen war, hatten wir uns dazu entschlossen,
einen öffentlichen Fortnite Teamspeak zu eröffnen. Im Mai 2018 war es soweit.
Die ersten User benutzten unsere frisch erstellten Channel.
Vier Monate später war uns Fortnite nicht genung. Aufgrund unseres
Ehrgeizes und unserer Leidenschaft unsere Community zu vergrößern,
hatten wir uns dazu entschlossen, unser Konzept auf Multigaming zu erweitern. Und jetzt sind wir eine Gemeinschaft, die sich nach den Spielern richtet und weiterentwickelt. Jeder, der Spaß am Zocken und Quatschen hat, wird bei uns herzlich empfangen. Auch das Team sorgt dafür, dass diese Gemeinschaft zusammen gehalten wird, damit das Ziel zur angenehmen Atmosphere
gehalten werden kann.
PlayStation 4 Scene is a friendly community of all kind!
This server is for all PS4 Tenno out there! Here you can recruit for missions, trade, join or grow your clan, and help each other become a stronger Tenno. Players can even post their own creations in the server.
Come join in the fun of our PlayStation® Community, fellow gamer! Our server is a PlayStation Classic, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4-harnessing community that reaches out to all Discord Users that are interested in a variety of titles, consoles, and software for the PlayStation® platform!

🎮 What We Offer for You 🎮

○ Leveled Roles, Self-Assignable Roles, and Colored Roles.
○ Absolutely NO Bot DM Messages!
○ Free usage of social media (YouTube, Twitch, etc.) advertising.
○ Tips for Discord-compatible integration support for PlayStation®!
○ NO Mass-Pings!
○ Gamesharing opportunities.
○ Lobbies and diverse voice channels.
○ Free and easy-to-use reporting system.
○ HELP WANTED for Staff Members!
○ Development of Events and Giveaways in the future.
○ Multiple devices, consoles, and games of interest in PlayStation®
○ A friendly community that is welcome for all gamers.
We are a small overwatch server. It's still new but I'm hoping to create a loving community. LGBT+ friendly. Come join us if you want to be around friendly people and talk about overwatch and other things
The (WOA) Warriors Of The Apocalypse is a Fallout 76 Multi-Platform faction that believes the Post Apocalyptic world can make us stronger together. It has a fully functional ranking and channel system and I hope to be able to grow it strongly :)
A server that is dedicated to the GTA 5 gamer on the PS4. We take a minimalistic approach to the server so that players don't get overwhelmed by too many channels.If GTA is not on your mind, we have now expanded to include all the latest games such as RDR 2, Apex Legends, Anthem etc to mention a few.
Looking for a dank gaming server with some cool people to game with? Look no further, we’re your people. 🎧🎮 WE HAVE:
>ACTIVE AND FAIR MODERATORS (All moderators are 18+)
>PC, PS4, XBOX, and MORE CONSOLE Players!
***And much more! We're a small but FAST growing server and we are a TIGHT group of homies, so join us today!***
An honorable gaming community,
We play everything, Join in and be active with us! Request teams, discuss games!
what the HELL are you waiting for boi, join.
Battlefield V(5) Server made to aid in finding squads to play with on your designated system! Small but growing fast! Twitch Streamer! Streamers Welcome! Come Hangout!
Outcast is a laid back server. We are PS4 users (some PC) and currently playing MK11, For honor, and any recent PSPlus games. No we are not trash talkers, drama starters, or some kind of battle clan. We are just here for FUN. (Age 15 - 30. YOU MUST BE ACTIVE)
Hello! Welcome to LIBERTYS Hammer, I would like to extend a hand and invite you to become apart of my discord family. In this server we are trying to make peaceful, supporting and fun community.

This server is mainly an casual/political server. We want to bring people who love politics and game lovers together. There is no judging allowed in this server so be yourself!!

Here's what we have to offer:
-Friendly staff
-Food Porn
-Role Play
-Political Chat
- Custom Emojis

A place where we can be free to speak and share. However, do not exaggerate the use of bad words please.

This A place where you can shout the Cry's of Freedom!! MERICA!!

We hope you'll join our server. THANKS! 😊
Red Dead Redemption 2 Roleplay server, text and in game roleplay. In depth story telling, RP bot utilized. We aim for period realism and authenticity, strive for a friendly community feeling as well. Hope you join us!
Join the Apex Console Discord today! We provide a nice space for discussion about all things Apex Legends, where you can share your clips, content and streaming channels as well as LFG channels that are console specific to help you squad up and find players to help you out. Legend Mastery and Level roles are also available!
Hey ich (Hakan) stelle euch ein Server vor! Joint auf den Server wenn ihr gerne Fortnite schaut / spielt / spielen wollt! Man kann Leute finden mit dem man Fortnite spielen. Wenn du 2x 10€ gewinnen kannst dann kannst du ja auf diesem Server joinen. Wenn du aktiv bist gibt es mehr Geschenke! Liebe Grüße Hakan!
Greetings hunters! Are you in need of some help? Are you looking to challenge yourself as a hunter? Or perhaps you’d like to join up in a squad? Well the MH Veteran Squad discord is your one stop shop for all things MHW related. A majority of us are on PS4, and always ready for a great hunt.

Remember to bring life powders! Can’t help you if we cart ;)

No hunter rank requirement, we do prefer you have a mic that way we can communicate much easier.
We are a Destiny 2 clan for PS4/PC players. Our diverse and friendly community has over 400 active guardians. We run PvP, PvE - really anything that gives us loot. So there’s only one question you need to ask yourself... are you happy in your clan?