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The Unnamed Prison! We've got friendly staff who without a doubt be willing to help you with Brainstorming. We have events like no other! Spy Cards that Prisoners can get their hands on and more!
=======Bienvenue dans la prison de la Débauche et de la Dépravation========

L'ancienne prison ayant implosée suite à la destruction de l'ancienne IA, nous avons décidé d'en construire une nouvelle directement sur Terre. Pourquoi ? Pour punir les vilains prisonniers, créer de nouvelles races entre autre.

On y trouve les pires raclures de la Terre, des monstres en tout genre et un personnel plutôt... Spécial. Vous obtenez un ticket d'entrée.. Mais c'est un voyage à sens unique, pas de retour possible !
AHAHAH Pas de fuites possible ! Vous finirez vos jours ici comme les sous-merdes que vous êtes ! Après tout... Certains monstres et membres de la prison ont survécu.. Et se retrouvent ici avec vous ! La destruction de la planète n'a pas eu raison d'eux..
Vous pensez vous tourner les pouces et bailler aux corneilles ? Notre personnel et les monstres vous rappelleront bien vite la dure réalité de Votre situation ! Pardon ? J'ai mal entendu. Aaaah, le petit malin, si cela ne vous suffit pas ?
Regardez votre cou les cafards, vous voyez ce joli collier ? Vous ne pourrez pas vous en débarrasser ! Une jolie puce nous permet de savoir ce que vous faite.. En permanence !
Vous verrez.. Vous allez aimer les produits, les tortures, les punitions... Mais.. Sachez que si vous êtes serviable.. Meilleure sera votre situation. Même si vous devrez vous méfier de la sécurité. On ne peut pas faire ce que l'on veut non plus voyons..

La directrice du site, Lilith Von Hell
An 18+ ERP/NSFW server for those seeking master and servant relationships. Set in a fantastical high-fantasy, steampunk, renaissance world of airships, ancient futuristic weapons, emperors and monsters. The entirety of the server takes place on a little slice of paradise set on a high plateau overlooking the capital city of Aurora. Vast amounts of resources and hybrid-human lives were spent on constructing what was originally a prison.

Criminals, dangerous or undocumented magic wielders, unruly slaves, hybrid-humans and other unsavory types were sent here to wait out their death sentence. And you're certainly not limited to making characters exclusively for this world! A powerful anomaly allows a character from a completely different dimension to arrive at the prison, so feel free to let your wild side out without risk or ridicule with whatever character you desire. You do not need to understand the world to have a place in the setting.

-A tight-knit server with experienced mods and admins.
-Quiet with minimal pings.
-Freedom to explore your kinks and interests in story form.
-A lakeside resort and prison setting, giving the best of both worlds for masters and servants.
Sadists Arc is a place where everyone can meet all their fantasies due to the wide variety of people that roleplay there. From vanilla to bondage, and even the most dark themes and plots that can involve pain of many levels. It can be a heaven for both sadists and normal folk who just wish to have a good time. The place is well developed and the staff are kind and understanding. There are channels for every kind of roleplay and entertainment and very good out of character chats too where people can just chill and relax, and communicate with each other. Everyone is welcome to join and have fun at this prison ship themed server.
This server is strictly 18+ : You will be kicked if you are underage
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Welcome to MineCrime! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ABOUT US ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

We are a new established minecraft op prison server looking for new players to join! We are trying to build a NICE community with lots of players. JOIN NOW!

Are you interested in a minecraft prison server? Then MineCrime is the place for you. We execute monthly updates and keep our server updated with lots of small & big features.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ INFORMATION ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
Vous vous réveillez, encore une journée banale en vue. Mais au moment d'ouvrir les yeux vous vous rendez compte qu'au lieu d'être allongé dans votre lit douillet vous êtes recroquevillé en boule sur un sol en béton. Un garde viens et vous présente votre nouveau lieu de vie : Sous couvert d'un hôpital psychiatrique ce n'est au final ni plus ni moins qu'une prison où le personnel peut faire ce qu'il veut des patientes, considérées comme des esclaves sexuels. Bienvenue dans votre nouveau chez vous : un réel enfer, ou un paradis, dépendamment de si vous réussirez à faire tourner les choses à votre avantage ou non.
Welcome to Jungle Realms🌴

Your first question might be, What is this, or Why am I being invited here?🤔Well, the answer is very crystal clear🤯 Jungle realms is a Minecraft Java Edition server aiming for one of the best up-to-date plugins with tons of cool features that a player can experience. Jungle Realms is a fun, enjoyable server for all Minecraft players.

What do we offer? 🤔

💠Amazing Quality plugins 💠 👌

💠Fabulous Invite rewards 💠 🎁

💠Giveaways 💠 🎉

💠Good Community 💠 👪

🔶So why not join jungle Realms? We hope to see you on the server. Pass this message to your friends. Many more game modes such as survival are coming soon, stay tuned. 🥳

🦎 >Connect at via

🐍: > Purchase at

🦅 : >Join our discord at

🔶 Invite your friends and enjoy the fun together 🔶
This RP/ERP server is all about taking in as many female inmates as possible so they can follow all our commands or else they get punished. Whether you want to RP in a prison enviornment and want to be a female prisoner or a prison guard, look no further! This is still a growing server.


We offer:
- You can assign yourself to be rather a Prison Guard or Female Prisoner.
- All RP channels are NSFW marked
- Every new female prisoners will have their own prison cell RP channel if approved.
- We make sure we confirm date of birth from every member coming in before they get to RP to make sure they are all at legal age to RP.
- More features coming soon.


If you wish to join and you are 18 and older, welcome! Lets have some kinky fun in this all female prison. Read the rules when you join!
Join my prison or I'll shank you outside of it, but forreal join and play games with us.
Welcome to Orion. The universes highest security prison for the supernatural and gifted. We house the worlds most dangerous criminals! Lights out is at 9:00 pm. Start a fight, make a gang, heck even find romance, your story is up to you


Welcome for real this time! We are an all inclusive sever and LGBTQ+ Members are welcome with open arms!

We are a Lit and Semi Lit Server and would love to have you for our Bi weekly events!
Hier hebben we een minecraft server. Het is een prison server dus je kan hier veel minen.
Welcome to Lethean Network!
~We are a Minecraft community that strives towards bringing back the classical versions of server game modes with also adding new content!
~Join today and apply for staff!
SolarMines is the next generation wave that is coming in Minecraft. We have custom developed servers, tons of features and a lot to offer!

Join us and start interacting with the community. You won't regret it!
(1.8 - 1.16+)

IPs: (Hub) (Survival) (Pixelmon) (Prison)

i-Network consists of a Survival server, Prison server, and a Pixelmon server with even more selections upcoming in the future!

Little to ZERO lag; lag free!
A close-knit community
A helpful and understanding staff team
Online since December of 2012
99.9% uptime (1.12 - 1.16+):
Protected builds
Immense map size
PvP arena
Friendly community (1.12 - 1.16+):
Rank-Up Systems
Prison Cells
mcMMO (Forge 1.12.2):
Pixelmon Reforged Mod
Gyms w/ Gym-Leaders
Trainer Tower
Player Shops
Server Market
GTS (Pokemon Auction System)
Elite 4
The Futa Correctional Facility is a prison where the dregs of society, the evil, the misguided, and the wrongly convicted are rounded up and sealed away from polite society. This is your world now, and there is no escape from its walls. But despite the security of the prison at large, the prisoners are given relative freedom to entertain themselves. Sex is rife within the prison, both among the prisoners and the three wardens who watch over the domain.

This server is a passion project of a bunch of friends to create a playground to enjoy ourselves and meet new people in a themed RP server we loved. First and foremost, this is a place for friends to mingle and enjoy each other's company; second, it is a place for people to get their freak on in an interesting setting. Whichever you prefer to indulge, we hope you have a wonderful time at the FCF!
Hello there! If you want to join our server, I can promise that you will have a great time!

We have constant updates & development 24/7, both discord & minecraft! We have donor ranks and the purchase link is in our discord.

We have active staff on everyday!
We are also releasing our minecraft prisons Server IP and the Release Date on the discord server as well!

The owner & developer is on every single day! Don't forget to give them a friendly message about the server. Remember not to break the rules while doing so okay!

Enjoy your stay in our server!

Discord invite link:

This is a Roleplay server that follows the tried-and-milked-to-fucking-death concept of "Superhuman School RP". However, we took a twist on this with added realism and an overall darker tone on the world around them.

The server's lore starts with a mutation that was never repaired by the human body, prompting an investigation. Decades later this mutation materialized for the first time as two officers were killed by fire.
Almost immediately after, more attacks sprang up rapidly at a global scale. Each one vastly different than the last.

Years later, the people who mutated were captured and sent to specialized facilities. You are roleplaying as someone sent to the most secure of them all, the Alcatraz Island facility.
Here, you may roleplay in any way you like. You are not limited to being a hero.

You are encouraged to rebel. Question what is happening around you, what is going on behind the scenes, and why you are even being held rather than killed.
Of course, you may also choose an easy life.
Do not question, and you will be rewarded.
Enjoy your commodities, enjoy your time. Do not pursue unsolvable questions. Do not pursue what you do not want the answer to.

Your life is in your hands, and what you fight for is for you to choose.
Xento Network is a family friendly Java Minecraft network for all ages with HardCore Prison, and Factions and more game modes in the works
Version: 1.8-1.15
Factions features: Quests, Auction House, crates and much more to come!
HCPrison features: lucky blocks, crates, plots, and unlimited prestiges, with prestige rank mines

XentoNet is a small growing minecraft server network, we hope to see you!

Dans un monde où les humains et les hybrides vivent paisiblement depuis des décennies, cela va jusqu'à la prison. Bien évidemment, tout le monde ne s'entend pas mais cela est normal.
Dans ce monde, vous avez le choix entre :
- devenir un surveillant humain de la prison
- devenir un surveillant hybride de la prison
- devenir un détenu humain
- devenir un détenu hybride

C'est votre choix :)
Vous arrivez dans une prison situé sur une île après votre enlèvements par une milice privé. L'hélicoptère se pose et vous découvrez votre nouveau lieu de vie. La Luxuria Island, une prison où les gardes ont tout les droits, les prisonnières sont considérés comme des esclaves sexuelles. Il n'y a que des femmes emprisonné, pour le plaisir des gardes ou des gardiennes..
La prison n'attend que vous..
This is a prison roleplay server, play as a prisoner, a guard, a chef and much more. Come join and create your character then enjoy the fun.
Welcome to a state of the art prison where you can play as a prisoner or as a guard. The guards act freely due to the overseer not being the best. The prisoners come from the worst of prisons all sent here. join if you dare.
Alcatraz, the only prison known to be inescapable. This roleplay is set in an alternate dimension to ours, where different species live and powers are real. In this dimension, Alcatraz had never shut down, and the prison was surrounded by a magical border, From land, it looks like a normal island with nothing on it, as you get inside the "border" the prison is visible and ready to hold the worst prisoners, and house the best guards.

It's your life, your dream, for you to spoil your character or even make them rot in hell, a criminally insane to a shy boy, a strong female guard, to a warden who gets pushed around by anyone and everyone. Be whoever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want!

The wardens only message upon arriving was "Dont Drop The Soap"