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Pandacraft Network is a minecraft server, created early 2019.

Server IP: Releasing Jan 24th 6pm EST



We, have cared and always will care about our players. We CHOOSE to listen to them and improve from their feedback.

What are some of our server's features:
- Free /fly

- Throwable mine bombs

- Custom enchants that incude Excavate and Drill

- Token shop, which you can use to upgrade your equipment with

We will have a 50% sale until 1st March as a Release sale.

Hope to see you there
Sparentray Correctional Facility has been around for the longest time. It was created back whenever superpowers were discovered in humans, but that was a millennium or two ago. Once the leading military powers on Earth discovered that there were magically gifted people on the planet, they put laws and rules into order. Much like murder or robbing is illegal, certain restrictions were put on people's powers to keep them in check. Obviously, they didn't have the facilities to contain the gifted, so they called upon another place. Sparentray. Full of magic and life, Sparentray was able to make them a holding facility outside of Earth and at the edge of the dimensions border. The prison was put into a magic deficit. All powers get dulled upon stepping into the area because of the natural lack of magic in the area. Now, it has been expanded to be bigger and hold not only those from Earth but also those from Sparentray and surrounding dimensions where species have been accused of crimes involving their magic powers. To today, the prison still stands strong and is under maximum security lockdown, no getting in or out unless your time is up or just starting.
A very active prison rp server. Full of dragons, furries, scalies and aliens. Join the prison and decide to become a inmate or guard . Then enjoy the prison life. You are always able to just watch or talk about gaming, memes, life, or just random facts in the general. This is full of many nice people who would be more then happy to give you a fun time in both the erotic and clean way. And hey The more xenomorphs that join, the more xenomorph diversity there will be
This is a roleplay server set in St. Helena's Asylum For The Criminal and Insane. Play as a staff member ( a nurse, doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, psychotherapist, or a guard) or as an Inmate, patient or as an criminally insane We have a friendly community and everyone is welcome and hopefully you’ll fit in!
An American prison island with a mysterious Russian Warden.

We are accepting both prisoners and guards. When you enter, you may either choose to be a guard or choose to be a prisoner. If you choose prisoner, you select your name and a crime and one of the judges will give you a sentence and a security level. You could be locked up in low, high or maximum security.

We are looking for friendly people to rp in the Stonefall Island Prison
If in any case the Invite does not work, friend and DM CMOmega#4747

A huge war took the world by surprise, and when the powerhouse of a nation that was the United States wiped out everything East of Iceland, many thought it was the end of the world. However, as time would show, this was not the case. Over the next few years, many immigrated to the US and other areas in the Americas. No countries survived, and soon, most people in what was deemed as the deadlands fell to either gangs or became part of them. Once more, Europe, Asia and Africa became tribal areas.

In all the chaos, the US took charge, signing deals that would see them annex Canada and Mexico. This trend would continue until every remaining government was absorbed, forming the New World Order, or as most know it, the NWO. This p[process was complete in 2078.

Over the next few years, the NWO would become vastly authoritarian, a state ran by people who wanted far more control than they deserved. A military the likes of which had never been seen before was developed to defend the NWO's home territory, and deathsquads were made to take out any tribal fishing boats that got further away from shore than they liked. Soon, the NWO was on expeditions into the likes of Africa and Europe, in this time, they discovered something. People had gained inhuman abilities, all ranging in variety and power.

Though originally thought to have stemmed from radiation, the NWO soon found these people on their own soil, and were quick to set up the Utopia program. A vicious prison system for those with abilities. Though originally a research facility on a quiet pacific island, Utopia-14 was transformed into a prison in hopes that the prisoners would be able to figure out what a giant building was.


You may choose between playing a person with abilities or a guard / soldier character

This server is a work in progress and is open for some mods and assistants to help get the server going.
You may check the server out and try out for one of them.

We need wardens too. 💓
(You can get user controlled channels)


♡♡♡♡♡ No Hope For Escape ♡♡♡♡♡

This is a rough themed Erotic Role Play server.

Modern and human based, it is centered around an abandoned prison in a remote forest.
Some brave souls like to explore these buildings but nobody really thinks about it too much passed that.
Is it really uninhabited though?

You may play as a prisoner and have your filthy mind and body be exhausted at the will of your captor.
Or you may play as a warden and find a human to use as a vessel for your wildest and dirtiest fantasies.

The roleplay is flexible for wardens with the prison having no real owner and having the ability to take control of their own segments(Channels) to treat as they feel.
It just takes a character sinister and brave enough to take advantage of.


💟 Verification wall to help prevent nasty attacks.

💟 Emote reaction self role system using Zira.

💟 Sexual Interest and Personality roles that reveal or hide channels.

💟 Assistants to help with your roleplay.

💟 Image sharing channels.

💟 Enough channel info to help you on your way.


Join us and never leave!
The Elemental Network is a brand new Minecraft server looking to expand. We currently have a prison game mode and are working on adding more in the future. We have custom enchants, a crazy large and extravagant PVP, custom, affordable ranks, and much more! Come check us out by joining our discord server:, or joining the Minecraft server at or
Go check them out!
__Shujinba Zero__

*’Welcome to Shujinba City, where violence really is the only option...’*

We are a new RP server looking for active members to join the city of crime, where the mystical substance Chemical Zero has broke loose into the atmosphere, giving people once thought to be impossible abilities.

•👥A vast amount of freedom in what you can be, and what your character can do! We allow almost everything unless it’s OP.

•✨A new server, ready to welcome anyone willing to be a member!

•🤖Fun bots to play around with! Pokecord, Mantaro, Rythm and more!

•👍A good handful of channels for both RP and Non-RP

•🤩Loads more to come in the future!

**We are a literate RP server. We prefer people who don’t one-line.**
ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ



Welcome to The Prison! What are you here for?

The prison is a prison-themed growing discord server with 40+ members. Not only do we have a special channel just for weebs, but we also have...

♢ Entertaining bots!
♢ A cookie system!
♢ Active and polite staff!
♢ Gaming events!
♢ A supportive community!
♢ Invite events!
♢ Overall epicness!

The prison is for everyone! Crime enthusiasts, weebs, doomers, boomers, zoomers, crackheads, roleplayers (no nsfw), animal lovers, normies, etc.


Thank you for supporting The Prison! ⊂(•‿•⊂ )*.✧
We are a server that offers their players an amazing minecraft gameplay experience and we are aiming to become one of the most custom servers out there
We on EvolvedPrison strive to be the best semi OP Prison server in the minecraft World. Over here we have custom plugins that will help you on your journey to battle through the Prison to conquer the server! Battle out against staff and other nasty felons to be the baddest prisoner.
A furry prison server where we can rp in a prison environment, have fun and server our times . Or ensure inmates behave and punish them by sending them to solitary confinement. Keeping violent furs locked up safe from society in their 6 by 8 feet cells.
A simple Prison rp ripe and ready to grow, we are looking for new members to help us grow this server and would be glad if you would join us on this journey.
We offer in depth rp with a great story and events planned for the future in order to grow the lore of the server.
Bienvenue dans le camp Melnik.
Nous sommes en 2183, voici 35 ans, une Troisième Guerre Mondiale à éclater, une guerre opposant tout le monde à tout le monde.
Point important, dans cet univers, le 3ème Reich n'a pas été annihiler mais cantonner a l'Allemagne en 1945, le reste des nations engagées dans le conflit seront détaillés dans #🌐-nations-🌐.
Vous vous trouvez a présent dans un camp d'emprisonnement du Reich dirigé par la Division Elite, celui ci a pour utilité de cantonner toutes formes de prisonniers de guerre, selon certaines rumeurs, certains auraient des pouvoirs intéressant le Reich.
Toujours est t-il que le choix vous appartiens, vous pourrez être un prisonnier ou garde, a qui ira votre allégeance ? Le Reich ou la fuite ?

Le choix n'appartient qu'a vous !!!
Draconic Correctional Facility is located inside a wormhole which connects the dimensions of the Darkspel medieval dimension and the Sietnyas Sci-Fi dimension. The correctional facility is governed by the IDJA (Inter-Dimensional Justice Authority) who manages inmates who harbour questionable or unethical sentences in their own dimensions as well as to acting as a normal prison for them.

Due to the instability of the wormhole the correctional facility is located, there is a magical infection with no certain origin which is referred to as “corruption magic.” Corruption magic severely affects the mental state of anyone it infects with magical or abnormal properties such as spontaneous generation and control over fire.

Welcome to draconic correctional, A semi-serious roleplay server

We are a state-of-the-art facility (RP server) where you can roleplay your time in prison where the weird and wacky happen daily! It is running by a teenage dragon hybrid, and has characters such as the angsty teen clay, Or the relaxed and calm kitsune dragon kitsune!

We also have a commissary section where you can buy things like you’re not even in prison, we even have special jobs such as a cult, a VR game designer!
The prison is separated into both sci-fi and medieval wings. So, we only accept these kinds of inmates.
We also have a economy system!

Come join now! Its better than most prisons. Trust us! - We welcome all types of role-players. Including free form and one liners. This doesn't mean people can god mod and stuff however.
Hejsa! velkommen til "Ikon Craft" en ny server hvor vi spiller prison, hypixel og masserer af andre ting. vi har voice channels hvor vi hænger ud og chiller. DU har en stor chance for at få høj rank eller blive meget populær i serveren. >Men kun hvis du er aktiv.< Vi er meget venlige og ved hvad vi skal gøre for at få dig til have det godt i serveren og i voice calls. så gør mig en tjeneste og join, Join, JOIN!
Hello! I see you've stumbled upon my humble serve- Mk, I'll drop that lie. My server has NSFW Roleplays and more. We actually have a lot more fluff than we need, and this server has a slightly interesting story. This server was originally made for me and my friends so we could get our NSFW energy out. Then it began to grow. When we realized it was becoming more, we started branching out from being a prison to it becoming a whole city. Anyways, back to the server information.

This prison was founded by Roxanne Harvtston, the wielder of Invincibility and Strength, in the Red Oak Township, a place known for housing the gifted and unnatural. Most of her friends and family are either part of the staff or did something to end up behind bars. There are a few married couples and a few teenagers running around, but, oh well. Roxanne and her friend, Nicky Taylor, one of the first wielders of Super Speed, often focus on keeping the prisoners AND staff happy unless punishment is required. It's quite fun to think about. From dangerous officers and criminals to innocent people who were accused of wrong-doing, they all reside here. The schooling outside of prison grounds is wonderful, as are the people. From kind-hearted nurses to protective, gay couples, we have it all. The hospital definitely gets full after a few couples have sex... It's disturbing. The school is a literal Hell. Well, not literally, considering Hell is currently being run by Shorty Adler, one of the children of Satan, and her husband and daughter. There are definitely some LGBTQ couples here... A lot, actually.

Who will you be? A brave officer to keep the community safe? A sinful prisoner? A criminal trying to steal something? A normal civilian caught in the crossfire? Who knows... In the end, however, you're life could change dramatically...
The prison of bondage is a discord rp server this focused on bondage. There are four different levels: Minimum security, maximum security, solitary and the Psych Ward. Feel free to join!
Welcome to Alderam Prison-a place for the supernatural criminals to go. This prison is located in the middle of the ocean and is quite large and extremely difficult, near impossible, to get in or out of. Many secrets hide within the shadows and powerful beings roam the halls and scream from behind bars. Whether you're here to repent or give punishment, I hope you can handle your stay... Have fun~
The Warden
EtchSeeth prison, the underbelly of criminality and darkness. First established in the late 40s with no real plans of expanding by the Seeth family, it soon come onto it's own after a spike in criminal activity. The establisher of the merky prison, John Seeth was a man with a Iron fist, and even shadier dealings with his staff. John was the first establisher, he lived on the island the prison had been made on. John had two daughter, Rose, Age thirteen, May, age four, who were often isolated from his father's work for obvious reasons. During one fateful night, a riot had broken out in the cramped dingy Prison halls and all hell broke loose, which resulted in the murder of his daughter May. John, stricken by grief, blew his brains out in his office the morning after, casualties of many kinds. Rose never knew her mother, and there's currently no mentions of her though it was rumored she was on the island, and likely survived, but that's just speculation. Rose grew up, following in her father's footsteps, hoping for a less darker path.

The prison was soon dubbed the island of horror, Rose, had grown into her own in her older age, having a child with a warden, taboo, I know, she always felt something was off about this island. Soon enough after getting to old age, and having her child grow up, she passed, by circumstances unknown. Strangely enough, every bad event on this island was merely whispers, tales from long ago, the Seeth family is alive through generations, this island changes people. Will it change you? For the better? Or will you end up as the main star in a ghost story? Forgotten along the way, find out.
Welcome lovelies❤
Welcome to one of the most highest rating prisons in britan. The world in fact. But what is it that makes this place so secure?
Well, there are a few rumours but no one has be brave enough to tell the truth. The rumours say that there is a particular level of....punishment that leave inmates trembling.
^plays dramatic music^
If your a fan of torture, rape, sadistic play, bondage or even just the idea of roleplaying in a dark prison eenvironment, then this is the place for you.