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Welcome to Prison Escape! Here we offer:
>Friendly Staff
> Active Members
>OOC Chats
> Choose Your Own Adventure Style

You can play as a prisoner and try to escape, an officer and prevent people from escaping, a criminal and try to not get arrested, or a citizen. We look forward to seeing you here!
We are a Minecraft network looking for new staff. We have prison, towny, and smp and are expanding over time.
"Welcome you little children and parents to the Rosewood Academy for Delinquents! We are awaiting the child's arrival as we speak now from this silly recording. Here we will reform them to be the perfect child by the end of their high school years! We welcome you to look at our rules the minute you get on campus, and remember, have fun!"
Recording ended.
A furry prison server where we can rp in a prison environment, have fun and server our times . Or ensure inmates behave and punish them by sending them to solitary confinement. Keeping violent furs locked up safe from society in their 6 by 8 feet cells.
This server is about rping in Gulags (Siberian Labor Camps). You can play as prisoners or soviet soldiers protecting the camps. This server is set in the 1960s where the cold war is at it's prime.

*Create your own characters

*Bot Commands

*NSFW safe

*Friendly Staff

*Events everyweek

Hiring Staff members
Owner: Blyat Blyatrakov
Question or Help & Service: Brandough1030
Feedback is helpful
Welcome to draconic correctional, A semi-serious roleplay server

We are a state-of-the-art facility (RP server) where you can role play your time in prison where the weird and wacky happen daily! It is running by a teenage dragon hybrid, and has characters such as the angst teen clay, Or the relaxed and calm kitsune dragon kitsune!

We also have a commissary section where you can buy things like you’re not even in prison, we even have special jobs such as a cult, a VR game designer!
The prison is separated into both sci-fi and medieval wings. So, we only accept these kinds of inmates.

We also have a easy to understand hunger system and a economy system!

Come join now! Its better than most prisons. Trust us!

We are also LGBT+ and furry friendly!
New custom Network | Many Unique Features | Custom Plugins | Custom Clean Spigot | Custom Builds |

Minevele is a brand new server that is dedicated to bringing players a unique experience that have will ensure everyone to have fun. Our mission is to bring you the best of features and an amazing gameplay. Our developers are working hard 24/7 to ensure that the network is running properly and to ensure that everyone is satisfied. Our network also comes with a custom anti-cheat to ensure that everyone is playing fairly without any unfair advantages over the others players of the network. We strive to secure and improve our network 24/7.
Welcome new meat! Here is where you will spend the foreseeable part of your future, NOW GET IN LINE MAGGOT! this is an rp based around Kurth Station, a galactic prison floating inside an asteroid belt in alpha centuri. A place for the galaxies shiftiest people, so if you fit that description, or if you just want to check it out, welcome, and get in line.
Welcome to MarshWood! This is a Correctional Facility focused on Rehabilitating Prisoners during their stay!

You can play as a Prisoner or be apart of the prison staff!

This server holds Triggering themes, There are NO limits, so if you are sensitive or easily triggered please do not join.

This is a LITERATE role playing server, It is 19+ this is Non-Negotiable. This is a newer server with about 10-15 Active members so far, We’d love to keep it growing!

LGBTQ+ Characters are welcome!
(Human characters only!)

What do we offer? :

- A unique Prison experience!
- A wide variety of characters to interact with.
- A server you can be yourself in! We strive to have a Non-Judgmental environment.
- A quality Roleplay experience.

Drop by and say hello, take a look around and if you like what you say you’re welcome to stay a while!

Welcome to Litchfield, the first NON-RP Prison themed Discord server! you’re not here for friends but here to survive.
We’re a prison server, so join on your own risk.

What we include:
Custom Commands
Custom Roles
Secret Channels/Vc’s for your Cell Blocks
Packing Sessions😈
18+ Verified NSWF Channels😈
Fully stocked Commissary
Economy & Games
Roasting Sessions
Friendly Staff
Toxicity Allowed
Join Litchfield today Inmate😈

E-dating, E thots, E-girls and boys are more than welcome! Hope to see you there.

Welcome to SyndicateMC
In here your wildest gameplay dreams will become reality.

Enjoy our stabilized combination of unique gameplay with OG gameplay...

Features we offer:
Custom PvE features
Custom PvP features
Custom skills.
Dead Dream Network
DDN is a Minecraft Network with Towny , Factions , Skyblock and Prison!
We have active staff and a bunch of enjoyable plugins on each server
Welcome to Gigacraft! We are a small 1.14 Survival/Skyblock/Prison server if you want to join you can join by the IP!

Info about gigacraft!

We have friendly staff members and a friendly player base and we are always looking for staff members so if you want to join our staff team you can by joining our discord server if you want to buy something off our store you can also links are below!

Skyblock: Build your island up and make it to the top!

Survival: Make a base and play some 1.14 survival!

Prison: Mine until you can't anymore!

Discord server:


MineMC is an upcoming Minecraft Prison server discord. This discord will be used to do things within the server. I invite you to be apart of the community and join the discord server!
Bienvenue dans le camp Melnik.
Nous sommes en 2183, voici 35 ans, une Troisième Guerre Mondiale à éclater, une guerre opposant tout le monde à tout le monde.
Point important, dans cet univers, le 3ème Reich n'a pas été annihiler mais cantonner a l'Allemagne en 1945, le reste des nations engagées dans le conflit seront détaillés dans #🌐-nations-🌐.
Vous vous trouvez a présent dans un camp d'emprisonnement du Reich dirigé par la Division Elite, celui ci a pour utilité de cantonner toutes formes de prisonniers de guerre, selon certaines rumeurs, certains auraient des pouvoirs intéressant le Reich.
Toujours est t-il que le choix vous appartiens, vous pourrez être un prisonnier ou garde, a qui ira votre allégeance ? Le Reich ou la fuite ?

Le choix n'appartient qu'a vous !!!
:crossed_swords: ⚡ MYTHICVERSE ⚡ :crossed_swords:

OPSkyblock With Awesome feautures!
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Boss:crossed_swords:
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Auto Rank
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: PvP
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Economy
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Crates
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Events
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Updating..

Discord Invite:
This RP/ERP server is all about taking in as many female inmates as possible so they can follow all our commands or else they get punished. Whether you want to RP in a prison enviornment and want to be a female prisoner or a prison guard, look no further! This is still a growing server.


We offer:
- You can assign yourself to be rather a Prison Guard or Female Prisoner.
- All RP channels are NSFW marked
- Every new female prisoners will have their own prison cell RP channel.
- We make sure we confirm date of birth from every member coming in before they get to RP.
- More features coming soon.


If you wish to join and you are 18 and older, welcome! Lets have some kinky fun in this all female prison. Read the rules when you join!
We are a small freshly starting server who need people. We allow anyone one and we have 3 roles. Pets: are owned and fucked by anyone who wants them. Prisoners: must follow the guards say and try and earn money. Guards: may fuck anyone and boss around prisoners. And I am the warden ruler of the server I’m nice and sweet and don’t judge I also love giants
Welcome to one of the securest prison in America. The ADX Florence Facility prides itself on having a clean sheet in terms of escapees, well a lack of them. The facility has many types of prisoners like murderers and thieves. Most of the prison is on top of the ground, with the exception of the tunnels that let guards get to parts of the prison quicker. High Security is the highest level inside of the prison, only the most dangerous/mentally ill prisoners are held here.
You can be either a prisoner or a guard.
This server takes place after season 1 of the anime! I allow canon characters, OCs, even characters from other media, as long as they have a Nanbaka verse! Don't forget to follow the rules, and we'll all get along just fine!

CastawayMC is a hybrid prison server. You awake to find yourself stranded on a mysterious island, and no one seems to remember how they got there. Work your way up through the ranks by gathering resources and trading with villagers in hopes of getting your own personal island paradise!

A hybrid-objective game mode that combines the concept of a prison server with the fun of survival-islands. Gather materials and trade with local villagers for money. Hunt, fish, and fight to stay alive. Search for buried treasure in sunken pirate ships. Complete villager quests for unique, rare, and valuable rewards. Save up enough money to purchase your own island paradise!
__🔒Life Sentence🔒__

*’Welcome to Shujinba Prison, the most high security, and hidden prison in the whole world...’*

We are a new RP server looking for active members to start a life behind bars, desperately gasping for the fresh air of freedom, or serve under the law and keep the most bizzare of inmates in check.

•👥A vast amount of freedom in what you can be, and what your character can do! We allow almost everything unless it’s OP.

•✨A new server, ready to welcome anyone willing to be a member!

•🤖Fun bots to play around with! Pokecord, Mantaro, Rythm and more!

•👍A good handful of channels for both RP and chatting!

•🔤A class system to show the danger of an inmate/guard!

•🤩Loads more to come in the future!

P.S. We are a literate RP server. We prefer people who don’t one-line.
꧁༺A ʙoʏ's Pʀιsoɴ ғoʀ тнᴇ wᴇᴀκᴇsт/sтʀoɴԍᴇsт ʙoʏs ouт тнᴇʀᴇ. Noт suʀᴇ ιғ ʏou'ʟʟ ʙᴇ ᴀʙʟᴇ тo ᴇvᴇɴ мᴀκᴇ ιт тнʀouԍн нᴇʀᴇ ᴀʟιvᴇ .woʀтн ᴀ sнoт нuн? You'ʟʟ ʙᴇ oκ ...Jusт ᴅoɴ'т ᴅʀoᴘ тнᴇ soᴀᴘ

-Cooʟ Boтs
-Fʀιᴇɴᴅʟʏ Sтᴀғғ
-Hᴇʟᴘғuʟ Sтᴀғғ
-Eᴀsʏ Uɴᴅᴇʀsтᴀɴᴅιɴԍ
█ Welcome to... Detroit Penitentiary. █
- - - A role-playing server set in a jail / prison.

⠀⠀Remember when you were little and your parents warned you about what would happen if you didn’t abide by the rules? You’d crawl under your bed and hide when you heard the sirens of a cop car racing down your street, like screaming in your ear. We’re taught from a young age that it’s crucial to obey the laws. We’re taught that ending up in the back of one of those cars, with red and blue lights flashing over our head, is the worst thing that could happen to us. Then, somewhere down the line we start to find a thrill in being bad. Whether it’s stealing from your local gas station, trying your first underage drink, or simply cheating on your math test. Somewhere down the line we find a rush in doing things we aren’t suppose to. There are those who stick to the minor stuff, just looking for a tiny taste of adrenaline, like running a red light. Then you have the kids that turn into murderers, bank robbers, or drug dealers. Nonetheless, the law catches up to us all at some point, and that short rush doesn’t seem all that worth it anymore.
⠀⠀Residing in Detroit, Michigan is one of the highest ranked prisons in the entirety of the United States. All of the prisoners that reside at the Penitentiary have committed fairly serious crimes and are serving sentences that range from a minimal of one year to a maximum of life. They’re under almost constant surveillance, with security doing hourly checks in the cell blocks, supervised visitations, lunches, work, and activities. Every room has a guard at every hour of the day. Their rush of adrenaline has worn off and now they’re stuck behind grey walls and metal bars. Maybe we should listen to our parents after all.
⋯ What do we offer?
- Aesthetically pleasing and neatly organised server.
- Kind staff and community.
- Lit / semi lit role-plays.
- Role-play events.
- Fair rules for a great server experience.
- Each prisoner gets their own cell to role-play in upon TONS of other role-play channels.
- Make your own story and OC!