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Belle Reve was established back in 1987 after there was a 200% rise in criminal activity. The most insane and notorious criminals were sent here. Anyone who enters… does not leave. This secretive prison is located in the Atlantic ocean in the middle of nowhere. The only way to get there is by plane. The only way out is death. The guards there are equipped with 500,000 volt taser (average taser is 50,000), metal batons, electric handcuffs, and ghost pepper pepper spray that will blind you for at least an hour. They also have advanced kevlar and helmets. They do 12 hour shifts, constantly in rotations with each other so inmates can never predict where the guards will be. They say that no one has ever escaped but rumor has it that 1 person escaped, but no one knows for sure. The prison has the files of every prisoner ever there. Belle Reve is known for its brutal treatment on it’s inmates and it’s careless actions towards them.
Welcome to the Asylum. Where you can play as a Patient, Civilian, or a Staff Member and explore the world of a real Asylum. We have other things besides roleplay so enjoy and take your time.
Welcome to draconic correctional, A semi-serious roleplay server

We are a state-of-the-art facility (RP server) where you can roleplay your time in prison where the weird and wacky happen daily! It is running by a teenage dragon hybrid, and has characters such as the angsty teen clay, Or the relaxed and calm kitsune dragon kitsune!

We also have a commissary section where you can buy things like you’re not even in prison, we even have special jobs such as a cult, a VR game designer!
The prison is separated into both sci-fi and medieval wings. So, we only accept these kinds of inmates.

We also have a easy to understand hunger system and a economy system!

Come join now! Its better than most prisons. Trust us!

We are also LGBT+ and furry friendly!
__🔒Life Sentence🔒__

*’Welcome to Shujinba Prison, the most high security, and hidden prison in the whole world...’*

We are a new RP server looking for active members to start a life behind bars, desperately gasping for the fresh air of freedom, or serve under the law and keep the most bizzare of inmates in check.

•👥A vast amount of freedom in what you can be, and what your character can do! We allow almost everything unless it’s OP.

•✨A new server, ready to welcome anyone willing to be a member!

•🤖Fun bots to play around with! Pokecord, Mantaro, Rythm and more!

•👍A good handful of channels for both RP and chatting!

•🔤A class system to show the danger of an inmate/guard!

•🤩Loads more to come in the future!

P.S. We are a literate RP server. We prefer people who don’t one-line.
Welcome to Prison Escape! Here we offer:
>Friendly Staff
> Active Members
>OOC Chats
> Choose Your Own Adventure Style

You can play as a prisoner and try to escape, an officer and prevent people from escaping, a criminal and try to not get arrested, or a citizen. We look forward to seeing you here!
MineMC is an upcoming Minecraft Prison server discord. This discord will be used to do things within the server. I invite you to be apart of the community and join the discord server!
This server is a chill server for people to talk in and get to meet new people. For a small amount of users we have an active chat that normally have conversations happening. We are open to all people, we are also able to help people with personal problems if they want to talk, all you have to do it DM a member of staff.
There is a prison/asylum located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This place holds many strange things. The people here are strange and the things that go on are strange. When prisoners started showing up they started manifesting abilities. Some were as harmless as being able to levitate objects and some were as dangerous as being able to shoot fire. These powers have a flaw to them. It makes the user weak to one thing. It could be that they are weak in the presence of water. The Asylum went through some rough patches, but they are now at their peak. You are now emitted you could be a prisoner or a guard the choice is yours.
Basically, this is a roleplay set on a prison like island where people with powers are kept. Pretty simple. Anyway, this server is a WIP atm. Have fun here!
English and Spanish Speakers welcome!
¡También damos la bienvenida personas latinas y españolas!

The official discord server for the PS3 and PS4 Valen Prison Servers. We effectively take minecraft prison and make it fluent on consoles, where it has to be staff managed rather than by pluggins. We have a user friendly community with staff glad to help users with queries, and an idea board for anyone to post their suggestions for the discord or the server itself.
PLEASE NOTE: When you join you must post your PSN gamertag in the Verification channel and if you use PS3/PS4. This will give you access to the rest of the server once staff verify you.
Mineunited Network is a minecraft gaming network that offers many different servers. From our normal survival server all the way too our soon to come kingdoms server. With updates weekly we strive to bring the user the best experience possible
--- ---
-- Minecraft Server! --
Upcoming OP Prison server!
-Fun community!
-$0.50 Buycraft Currency per invite!
-Friendly staff!
-High enchantments!!
-Cheap ranks
-Well moderated
Welcome to Discord State Prison!!!
We Roleplay and do our jobs! Come through the intake and become a prisoner, or become a Correctional Officer!
Come join us!
Welcome to Sietnyas Milltary Corrections centre
A Sister Server to Draconic Correctional
Where the unlucky ones go.

CastawayMC is a hybrid prison server. You awake to find yourself stranded on a mysterious island, and no one seems to remember how they got there. Work your way up through the ranks by gathering resources and trading with villagers in hopes of getting your own personal island paradise!

A hybrid-objective game mode that combines the concept of a prison server with the fun of survival-islands. Gather materials and trade with local villagers for money. Hunt, fish, and fight to stay alive. Search for buried treasure in sunken pirate ships. Complete villager quests for unique, rare, and valuable rewards. Save up enough money to purchase your own island paradise!
An 18+ prison server with a hidden story about cruel experiments and possibly corruption, shall you risk your life and dig deeper? Or enjoy your stay...
Hello, all!
Welcome to Concrete Walls; a roleplay server based around the prison system within Colorado.

!Beware: This server is, by design, NSFW. Sensitive topics may be within!

The location is set in a prison named the "Sterling Correctional Facility", where many prisoners are undoubtedly unhappy with the treatment they receive on a daily basis. Therefore, it may soon be inevitable that a few free souls try to break themselves free.

The Roleplay is based around a season-by-season basis, beginning with the first section where all the prisoners are to begin hatching a plan to break free from the prison along with their allies. Be careful who you make your friend, and remember: keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

☑ NSFW Server: mixed-sex prison.
☑ Permadeath: Realistic flow of the roleplay, no guarantees of survival.
☑ Friendly Staff: Supportive and approachable staff.
☑ Fair Rules: All bases covered, no need to worry.
☑ OC Limit: Emphasis on realism and care, encouraging members to value their OCs.
☑ Roles: Choose to be an FBI Agent, Guard, Prisoner or one of our other available roles.
☑ Evolving Roleplay: The server evolves and grows with the members as time goes on.
☑ Looking for Staff: Open to enlisting the help of dedicated members.

We sure hope to see you soon!
We're a community generalised in the San Andreas Multiplayer gaming genre, specifically roleplay. We're a medium roleplay server, variating in many different aspects. The role of this gamemode is set in Bullworth Academy, to which; multiple users have mapped us custom content and we've added a new class genre of different features of plugins. I'm therefore glad to say that we're a dope community full of new academy students.
This is what happens when someone has too much free time on their hands. This server is a cringy roleplay server except that you're in a prison and you're a prisoner following the orders from the guards (currently the mods/admins, will change if server gets decently big). If you have too much time in your hands, I guess it wouldn't hurt to join.
Sunny Days Prison is a prison roleplay server. It’s a relaxed roleplay, all forms of speech accepted. We’re open to all, just follow the rules and you’ll do fine. Have fun!
Silverwing, a large high-tech correctional facility floating through space, often known as one of the most dangerous prisons ever to have existed. Most inmates that are unlucky enough to be sentenced to Silverwing don’t survive the first week. All of those who have been declared a universal danger to all living species, are banished to the steel constructs of Silverwing prison. No one has ever escaped, no one convicted leaves alive.

- Bots
- Active Owner
- Laid-Back
- Accepting
- Small/Medium Group
Welcome to the Twisted Insane Asylum. This is a server involving a Insane Asylum. So if you just wanna have fun Roleplaying either as a patient or a staff member you can definitely do that. We do have other things as well so take your time and we hope you guys enjoy your stay.
This is once again one of Ectoplasm's creation and he's proud of it, this is a server about a prison in a universe where there's the possibilty of anything happening within the prison, and its literally everything

The year is 2XXX, The World is living at its peak of technology, entire city's became floating islands, the world is currently a Dreamland, however you decided to fuck up and now you are in the Outer Heaven, a prison designed for keeping extremely dangerous prisoners inside, The Warden is a living machine that keeps an eye on literally everyone, The guards are some of the most elite trained to ever exist, the prison has 4 Zones, The High Security Zone, which is basically a normal high security prison, it is located in the sea level, The Asylum, located 3 floors under the HSZ, The Containment Zone, which has extremely dangerous criminals that pose danger to the entire world, this zone is 8 floors Bellow sea level, and there's the Outer Inferno Zone, This Level contains the Most Dangerous prisoner to ever exist, Ryan Cooper, who happens to be the brother of the Warden

Now here's the catch, not everyone in this prision commited a crime that big, this prision is also a place that they keep people's with weird mutations that give them some sort of special ability or superpower, the guards also have these weird powers and they are not allowed outside of the facility, as it is in the middle of somewhere on the west coast of Europe, most probably the mediterran sea, but prisioners from everywhere are kept inside of the place