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Fully customizable Hytale Discord Bot! Get all the latest Hytale Blog posts, videos, and tweets. Host giveaways, welcome new members, give invite rewards, collect donations, and much more! Download at
Join the official Discord of Canreal - The Hytale MMORPG and contribute your ideas to the development or get to know our community!
You can find more information about what Canreal is at our website and in our forums at
Our server is mainly a community server where members can chat and chill with other members. But as we all know gaming is a discord user best friend so there are specific categories for each gaming platform. The server is also very organized, there is a free-to-open/close feature meaning that you can open/close any categories as many times as you want (Not just close, make them disappear, yes, like you’ve never seen them) let's say you only want the social part, so you open Social category and closes the other one you don't want to see or don't want to be notified of. And of course there are levelling , moderation, fun and musical bots (6 in total) and streaming, video, musical categories are also free-to-open/close, a very organized server. Did you ever wanted a clean and safe environment?, well our server has Dyno and Carl bot which takes care of that. You are given roles automatically as you reach new levels. Well, Snowy Valley wishes you a warn welcome!
Welcome to the official Discord of! Search Hytale Names and check their availability and see what type of names other Hytale Fans are searching!
The Official Hytale News Discord for Hytale News Youtube. The largest Hytale Community discord with a growing community everyday!

You can follow us @HytaleNewsYT on Twitter as well as our YouTube Hytale News.

A Discord Community with 8,500+ Members as well as a YouTube channel with 45,000+ subscribers. Join the community now!
Palandriel ist ein Hytale-Serverprojekt, das die grundlegende Idee, den Adventure-und Survival-Aspekt, des Spiels aufgreifen und nicht verfälschen will. Es sind verschiedene Features geplant, die es den Spielern ermöglichen sollen, mit anderen Spielern zu interagieren, aber auch miteinander zu wetteifern.
Dazu sollen unter anderem eigene Dungeons, eigene Items und Mobs, ein eigenes Wirtschaftssystem u.V.m. beitragen.

Du willst Teil unseres Projekts werden? Dann trete uns bei! Wir freuen uns auf dich!
Hytale Brasil é um servidor da comunidade com foco na base brasileira do jogo. Temos notícias, sorteios, eventos, ótima moderação, etc.

Venha participar!
This is a server made for the Elite Gaming YouTube channel:
Things in this discord server:
Place to promote yourself
Fun bot commands
& much more

Note: this server was made today!
🌳 Dębownia to serwer dla społeczności, widzów i przyjaciół IZenT'a, powiązany z moim kanałem YouTube oraz tematyką gry Hytale.🌳

🔥Oczywiście mile widziany jest każdy!🔥

💬Dlatego dołącz do nas już teraz

💬 Naprawdę polecam serio

💬 wow git serwer 11/10

Pozdrawiam serdecznie, mam nadzieję że widzimy się na serwerze 😎

Kliknij teraz > <
Clover est un serveur de jeux proposant du Minecraft et du Hytale.
Il fut fondé le 01 septembre 2019, par Kaysuto.

Encore en développement et a ouvert plusieurs modes de jeux en bêta comme le nom l'indique, donc normal si vous trouvez des imperfections mais tout sa est temporaire.

Le serveur propose des grades payant sur son site à obtenir directement sur le serveur, mais aussi un système de grade gratuit dans le PvPFaction avec le /boutique à voir une fois en jeu !

Nous proposons aussi un discord dans laquelle vous pourrez suivre l'actualité dans sa plus grande globalité, si c'est pas magnifique tout ça !
Il contient plusieurs types de salons, pour apprendre, rigoler, partager vos créations et bien d'autres encore !
➡️》Hallo Hytale Fans! 👋

➡️》Dit is de Hytale community van Nederland 🇳🇱, België 🇧🇪en Luxemburg! 🇱🇺

➡️》Blijf op de hoogte van al het nieuws dat met Hytale te maken heeft, praat met de community en verstrek de wachttijd, maar houd je ten alle tijd aan de regels! 📌

Hey! This is a Hytale community discord server, created and owned by Grim.

Here you'll be able to theorize, talk, and overall have fun.
We're always open for suggestions, so if you have any, let us know.
Hytale Italia è la prima comunità italiana dedicata al nuovo titolo in uscita dai colossi di Hypixel, noto server popolare di Minecraft. Le persone che hanno creato quel server hanno deciso di spiccare il volo oltre i confini del gioco di Mojang e hanno annunciato un nuovo gioco, Hytale.

Subito dopo l'annuncio del gioco, il nostro team si è messo immediatamente al lavoro per garantire il miglior punto di ritrovo italiano con notizie e una community dove poter discutere del gioco, ma anche divertirsi con la community stessa, infatti sono presenti moltissimi canali e mini giochi! ~ Server fondato dal 07-12-2018 ~
ExoTale ist ein deutsch sprachiges Community-Netzwerk für das bald auf dem Markt erscheinende Spiel Hytale.

Neben dem Aufbau unserer Community, planen wir ebenfalls das Eröffnen eines Game-Servers mit vielen individuellen Mini-Spielen und Features.

Wenn wir dein Interresse geweckt haben und du auf der Suche nach einer freundlichen Hytale Community bist, dann trete doch unserem Discord Server bei!
The Great Library was created out of a thirst for information during the earliest days of Hytale, we wanted to create a place where people could learn to their heart's content about the world that Hytale beholds. The Librarians and I share a strong passion for Hytale and hope to create a sincere, honest and kind community that shares the same passion- so if that is you, welcome home, we're glad you've run into the community.
This discord server is a community hub for an upcoming Hytale Server. While we are developing our server concept, we also seek for a big community.

You are nicely being asked to join us when you are interested in Hytale and our network we want to build up.
[Futuro Servidor de Hytale (Forcetale)]

Servidor dedicado a crear la comunidad más grande de habla hispana en hytale, ademas de tener todas noticias y novedades en español y mucho más sobre hytale.

Desde el primer momento de su lanzamiento vamos a empezar con la creación del servidor y que puedan disfrutan de sus minijuegos, eventos, sorteos, etc.

Los esperemos :D