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List n Find just about anything here!
- Advertise almost Anything!
- Social Media
- Websites
- Servers
- Services
- YouTube

and more!
¿No tienes dónde publicar tú servidor de Minecraft?
Pues estás de suerte, aquí puedes publicar tú servidor de Minecraft sin problema, crea tú mensaje y envía nos tú IP, cuánta más gente se una a nuestro discord, más posibilidades tendrás de que se unan a tú servidor de Minecraft!.
This Is The Shell Of The Former Soviet Yeetion As I Have Lost My Main Account And We Have Too Rebuild So Please Helps Us By Joining Nad Inviting People Thank You
Friendly low pop servers with a good group of people. There is someone hanging out in discord most of the time.
Exo Advertisement Central

Hi there! If you're reading this, you're most likely a faithful Discord user.

You're probably here because Discord's the largest online platform right now. You'd like to find those with similar interests, join them, and have fun.

Or as the owner of a Discord-based community, you're seeking to expand it. You want to find more people with similar interests, and make the perfect match with them.

What we offer:

| Categorised advertising channels to best fit your needs
| Friendly and helpful staff
| Access to text and voice chatrooms
| Reaction Roles
| Music
| Unlimited Advertising no cooldown
| Partnerships for all kinds of servers we accept all severs but you must be following discord’s tos
| Server Events
| Staff Applications
| Bots
| Custom Bots
| Weekly Giveaways
| Advertise Anything. I mean anything.
| Paid Advertisements
| {New} We allow Invite for rewards servers.
| Special Advertisement channels for active people.
| We have Server of the week
| Much Much more coming and already in the server

And much more!

We are pretty organised so if you need something we will be right with you.

Check us out! Find the perfect server for you, or start growing your community today!

Server Info:

Giveaway Info: Giveaways are hosted every 300 Members or 350 Sometimes.

Event Info: We host all kinds of events and they are very often hosted.

Applications Info: We are always hiring but our Trial Moderator Applications get pretty full so that’s rare too get.
A G-Mod community that focuses on Star Wars Imperial RP. We try to cross canon and legends stories where they make sense. The goal is to make a fun and accurate experience for people to enjoy.
We are a 24/7 Network Server and strive to be a community that is friendly, competitive, and helpful!
OPFactions, Factions, Kingdoms, Skyblock, Prison, Kitpvp, Creative

With a lot of in-game features Like Crates, AuctionHouse, SupplyDrops, Quests, Custom Enchants and more!

What are you waiting for? Come join the fun today! IP: PLAY.PRIMECRAFT.ORG
𝄖 𝄗 𝄘 𝄙 𝄚 Enthix Network™ 𝄚 𝄙 𝄘 𝄗 𝄖

We are Enthix, a community for gamers with big gaming servers.
Our community is the most important to us, we always are listening to you!

Our servers:
🔲 We have Minecraft servers
🇬 We have Garry's Mod servers.
🚘 We have FiveM servers.
🔫 We have CS:GO servers.
☣ We have SCP:SL servers.

Why join this Discord:
🎉 We do weekly giveaways.
🚀 We give good support.
🤖 Custom bots.
💸 Money by inviting people.

Our links:
🔗 Discord:
🔗 Website:
𝄖 𝄗 𝄘 𝄙 𝄚 Enthix Network™ 𝄚 𝄙 𝄘 𝄗 𝄖
Ophidian Advertising is an Advertising Server. We want to help you by allowing you to advertise your server in ours, to get more members! You can partner your server with ours, and do many more! Ophidian Advertising is a great community, we hope you join!
Lookingclap forclap amotherfreakin clapPHP dev

toast radioactive white_check_mark radioactive white_check_mark radioactive toast

Pmsg me and ill inv u
Ok updated discord picture

Also added new emojis
Ass u can see;3
Announcements, no longer avaible to guests ^^^
Server will be getting a re-modeling
And new staff will be equinted.
÷×=×÷=×÷=×÷=×÷=×÷=×÷=×÷=×÷=×÷=×÷=×÷=×÷=×÷=×÷=× | ÷=×÷=×÷=×÷=×÷=×÷=×÷=×÷=×÷=×÷=×÷=×÷=×÷=×÷=
Ik, the server is disapointing in terms of quality.emoji_14 ◇ >new staff, online and ready to assist youemoji_7
thats why i have decided to make these changes.
What is to come? ---------> emoji_5 ◇ >More Organized spawn/ Re-Modeling Of Spawn

I hope to see you in future updates and i hope i met your exoectations in quality where a proper server should be

>Bluelite SkyblockMP< A More Professional Server* SEARCHING FOR BUILDERS, APPLY IN DISCORD PROVIDED;3
Custom Discord Servers is a place where you can get moderation and management for your discord server, or you can get one tailored to your needs and built from scratch!
A place to hang out, and see if you can find other people to play with. As well as Gmod supports and server devs.
Looking for a server to advertise your server, social media and more? Then you should join Fantasy Advertising!

Fantasy Advertising hosts giveaways and events, you can also advertise your server and social media. Such as, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and more!

-Giveaways and Events
-Staff applications
-And More!

Server invite:

What are you waiting for? Come join now!
Hello, we are a new minecraft Server that has prisons skyblock and survival releasing next week we are also currently in development of factions and kitpvp so come join our wonderful kind community
want a free discord server with your specifications and don't want to put in the work? Free Server Developing is the place for you! Just put in a ticket and our staff will respond to it ASAP! We are also looking for staff so if you want to create for others come join our team!
》 Self-Promotion
》 15+ Self-Promotion Categories
》 Mature & Friendly Staff Team
》 Giveaways & Events
》 Partnerships
》 Paid Partnerships
》 Advertising Boards
》 Easy to use -report feature.
I CAN HELP YOU WITH YOUR SERVER WITH UP TO 4 BOTS, RANGING FROM SELF ROLES TO ECONOMY TO NSFW STUFF!!! Just slide me a dm and a invite link to your server and ill help just tell me what you need help with and i gotcha! This Server Is All Ages And IS NOT MEANT FOR CHIT CHAT!!!
Welcome to the Minecraft Community. Find a friend to help you with your next big server using our large community.
Dot-Tech LLC's discord server is meant for people who are interested in hardware.
The server includes:
- Flash sales
- Giveaways
- Exclusive giveaways for inviters
- A friendly community to discuss topics
Gamers Rising is a server dedicated for those that are interested in Gaming and socializing,
With a focus on Making friends.
We accept people for who they are.
We currently offer:
- Self Assignable roles ✔
- 24/7 Ark Server Cluster ✔
- Safe space to make friends ✔
- NSFW Chat ✔
- Plenty of bots, including Pokécord, IdleRPG, DiscordBallZ, DankMemer ✔
- Friendly staff ✔
I created this Discord as a way to break free from the stigma of joining other gaming servers that make you feel like just another number.
I was sick of every other server kicking or banning people for merely disagreeing with the staff or having unpopular opinions.
Those who join here will not be kicked or banned for who they are or what opinions they have you will be valued because you are unique.
We simply ask you follow our rules and you will be an ideal member here.

Gamers Rising Staff.
A Part Of A Discord Community
On this Discord You can find People to play Minecraft with and also servers to play on. You can promote your own servers and services for Minecraft to make them be found and also help others achieve and report things like scams and things to do with Minecraft.