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Каталог серверов — это место, где вы можете найти большое количество серверов, сгруппированных по различным тематикам. Нравятся игры? Есть множество каналов с серверами по самым разным играм! Хочешь уютного общения? Таких серверов здесь очень много - выбери себе по вкусу! Всегда хотел поучаствовать в РП или же отдохнуть, слушая музыку и развлекаясь? У тебя есть и такая возможность. У нас, в каталоге, ты можешь отыскать сервер по духу, какие бы жесткие критерии у тебя не были!
Wanting to have your realm get more members?
Looking for a good realm to join?
Do it all here, completely free. No drawbacks, fees, or other advertisements getting in your way.

Welcome to the Minecraft Realm Hub, the original non-profit discord server dedicated to providing realms with no catches or fees. All of our services are completely free and are easy to use. Have your realm advertised without the cluster of other advertisements getting in the way of your well-deserved recognition.

Our server is always striving for a larger and better advertising platform. Join today with the link below!
The JJCommunity is a Growing minecraft community on minehut! we are currently working on 2 servers and the JJCommunity will no longer will called the JJCommunity. wanna decide what its gonna be called? join the server!
Welcome To Eggs Advertisments.
Eggs Advertisments is a great way to grow your server and also have a good time chatting with new people.
Eggs Advertisments has the following features:
• 31 advertisments channels for bots, server advertisments and social media
• Some bots for fun
• chill, small community
Join today and start growing your servers.
We are a fun minecraft discord! We have multiple modded servers, currently One Piece and Pixelmon. Join now, we're waiting for you!
Welcome to the HorizonCraft
Horizoncraft is a Upcoming Minecraft bedrock server.
-Custom Emojis
-City Roleplay
♤You find yourself stumbling into a hallway. You walk down it, and see a lounge. Don't be alarmed, they're friendly. Come, sit down. Stay for a while!

- Links to various servers and server types.
- Friendly staff.
- Bots to have fun playing with.
- Discussion about several topics, including Anime, Games, and Memes.

In our world, being chill is the way to have the most fun! ♤

Note:This is the PUBLIC VERSION of a previous server of mine.
`Hey 👋
I am talking to you!
If you like fun or just want to chat/make friends maybe join its free (or not ? ) 🙂


And nice place to hang out with friends and relax!

-Just chat!

🎉 -give aways

👪 -friends

🎮 -games

🎵 -music
--------------------------------------- **NEW**
📋-advertising your server! As much as you want! :D

And also advertise social media platforms!





We are looking for partners and staff

⚔️ -good staff `
Central Advertisement Hub is a place where you can advertise things like servers! We can advertise something you want! If you need advertisements then this server is just for you. Contact with other people who are advertising things and also discuss things with me to advertise something! Currently looking for people and staff.
Welcome to MS Advertising
The best place to advertise and gain quick and new members/customers!

What we provide:
~a place to advertise your (legal)server/shop/socials for free!
~A big list of categories(roles) you can follow or ping with your advertisement
~A special VIP role for supporters
~Guaranteed new members or customers.
~Friendly staff
~A chill place

We're relatively new so make sure to join!
Join up👇

╰─ ✧ dior's portal · ✦ˎˊ-☽

✦ i. ┊➹ . . . cute space theme/layout៸៸

✦ ii. ┊➹ . . . simple ticket system + fast masses/partners៸៸

✦ iii. ┊➹ . . . 50+ servers to mass with!៸៸


We are a community special for helping people with building server or just helping with bot administrating and else !
About what we get for makeing and helping , we can ask for pay , in some cases like building from 0 a server or other cases (warning ! Some cases can be free).
We hope we can help you with anything and maybe we will become friends.
Although there are a few other NSFW discord server directories out there this one is the best organised so it will be the easy to find what you are looking for.
Hello, this is Discord server based on making servers for other people with affordable 1$ on Steam Items.
Проект серверов SCP SL здесь вы увидите, хорошую администрацию, отличных игроков и отличные сервера.
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ 𝗔𝗿𝘁𝗵𝘂𝗿'𝘀 𝗣𝗼𝗿𝘁𝗮𝗹. ˚୨୧⋆。˚⋆
・ᴬ Welcome to my portal, I'm a PM
🌸 :: 20+ servers to partner with
🍼 :: Non-toxic servers.
🎀 :: Tickets and mass partners.
**Network Solutions** Founded on April 1, 2020 by President/Founder Isaac Clark.
We believe in three things; Product Quality, Ensure Satisfaction of our Members & Customer, and Professional Services. With 24/7 support, we're able to meet the expectations that we set for ourselves. Core belief that we give 110% effort in our work no matter where we're at and what department we're in.

- Logo Designing (for servers/companies/and businesses)
- Web Applications
- Server Documents (rules,, guidelines, penal-codes, etc.)
- FREE Advertising
- Partnership Packages


📌 Chance to win prizes and products

📌 Participate in our *challenges*

📌 Get involved with the other people in the server with *Questions Of The Day*!

📌 Jump into the **Deals Of The Day**!

📌 Want to become apart of the **Network Solutions** Staff team? Check out the benefits we offer 🙂

Welcome to World of Private! We are the largest discord server around World of Warcraft emulation, server promotion and news exchange. We offer many different channels to promote your server, find new team members, sell your services and much more! Join us today and become a part of World of Private!
Sloth Gaming Hub provides a central place to find others that want to play the same games as you.
Whether you're looking to play a well-known game with 10+ people, start a session of a strategy game with ~5 people, or play a little known game with only a couple others, you should be able to find that here.

Games are added based upon community requests. We also do regular tournaments where the prizes are game keys!
Welcome to Neoflow Services!

At Neoflow Services, we care about you and your server's needs. We sell custom made bots and servers, plus we give a place for you to sell yours! We also educate people on how to do these themselves, so spread the word! We are also a friendly and welcoming community, and many friends are made here! Talk about what you want as long as it's not offensive. Check out our features below!

- Many services sold
- Learn skills
- Great staff
- Loving, non-toxic community
- Partnerships
- Fun bots
- On-site demos

Join us now!